Six Marys Chapter 1

Updated December 14, 2020

The Tragedy of the Six Marys – Sun Myung Moon is the real Satan!!

The Man I Met in Prison

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▲ I vowed to accept both joys and sorrows with Sun Myung Moon until death. The author, Pak Chung-hwa, is on the right.

I Believed “The Second Coming Christ”  14

I had been in charge of railway security in Haeju, Hwanghae-do, North Korea since May 1947 as a company commander of the first squadron in the second brigade, which was a part of the Department of the Interior. I was promoted to battalion commander of the same brigade on December 1st in the same year, and moved to a bigger base in Sariwon. I graduated from a technical college in Sinkyung, Manchuria (now part of China), majoring in civil engineering during the Japanese occupation of Korea. Therefore, I was a promising member of the elite in North Korea due to my career in the Japanese military.

On May 7th, after I started my job there, a strange, minor incident happened. A company commander of the second squadron named Hue Jung was arrested because he was being bribed by local vendors in Hwanghae-do, and participating in the black market that sold North Korean goods, such as female hair, to South Korea. He was sentenced to ten years in prison and, as his superior, I was also sentenced to three years in prison. I was imprisoned in Pyongyang first and then moved to a special laborer prison in Heungnam. It happened when I was 35, on February 2, 1949.

Heungnam Special Laborer Detention Center  15

When we were transferred to the center, we were tied in pairs just like cattle, for fear of our running away, and put onto a train. After a journey of about 24 hours without any food or water, we finally arrived at a large area like a school playground at around 4 am. We were guarded with tight security by many prison guards and police. It was the notorious Heungnam Special Laborer Detention Center. It was a labor camp that was known to stop a baby crying.

We were assigned to a cell with 32 prisoners. We were offered breakfast at 7 am. The breakfast was a small rice ball made with bean, millet, barley, and corn. It was very loose. Dinner, which was the same as breakfast, consisted of a mixed-grain rice ball and a bowl of salty soup. Even though I had not eaten all day, I had no appetite. While I was thinking about my future, another prisoner snatched up my food quickly, without asking me. In that moment I felt the reality of the prison. At 8 in the morning, we were all called out to line up in the prison yard. There were about 1,500 prisoners lined up. The chief of the prison, who was wearing a star, explained to us about the rules of the prison and what our tasks were going to be. And then we started. We were tied by our hands in pairs and moved forward in four rows. There were prison guards standing in front, and to the left and to the right sides to inspect us. Tying us in pairs by our hands was to prevent our escaping. It was about 4 km from the detention center to the nitrogen factory where we had to work. Every day after that, in good weather or bad, we had to walk back and forth from the prison to the factory.

We were assigned our daily workload to fill up 1,300 bags of nitrogen fertilizer per ten man team. There was an inspector to measure the weight of each bag. The order of the work was: first a prisoner opened an empty bag, and then two prisoners began to shovel the fertilizer into the bag. When the bag reached 40 kg, another prisoner put the bag onto the scales. It was tied with a straw rope. The remaining six people carried the bag. Since the work was done by ten people in a team, anyone’s negligence or clumsiness caused trouble. When there was trouble, we were badly scolded by the manager. Therefore, we encouraged each other, and took care of each other. We had no time to even blink our eyes.

Our work started at 8 in the morning and went on until 5 pm. We had a 30 minute lunch break, so our total working time was eight and a half hours every day. My body had become emaciated because of my six month imprisonment in Pyongyang and the hard labor in the camp after that. Furthermore, the cruel treatment towards the prisoners was unbearable. I had to desperately endure it, and I could not tell whether I was living in a dream or in reality. But I tried to keep my spirits up in order to survive. After the inspection of the daily workload in the evening, our work was finally over. Then we had to walk back to our camp which was about 4 km again.

Working in the fertilizer factory at Heungnam.

At that time I could barely stand. After another inspection at the prison yard, more precautions were explained to us by the guards. Those who were allowed to meet visitors went to the visitors’ room. We could go back to our rooms. In the small cell, with 32 prisoners, we could not even lie down. Our bodies were dirty and sweaty. We smelled bad. I realized that real prison life had started. Dinner was like breakfast. It was a rice ball made with mixed grain and salty soup. I felt no appetite but I had to eat it.

All the other cellmates looked terrible because they were also tired. The things they had been charged with were all different. Bedtime was 10 pm and we had to sleep tangled up with one another. We could barely lie down in that small room. The toilet was in the corner. In the morning, there was always a fuss because everybody wanted to use it. In that way, I became used to the hard labor and I made up my mind to do my best until the day of my release. My hands and feet got calloused [or very swollen]. But my problem was tying the bags. I could not learn to use the straw rope well. While others could tie two bags, I only could do one.

Feeling the cold looks of my team, I felt sorry for them. The most difficult thing to cope with was the hunger. Sometimes I thought about stealing the powder made of mixed grains that was given to my cellmates by their visitors. I was so hungry. But I had to stop thinking about stealing because it was stealing. I was so hungry that I spent many nights just looking at the powder. One morning there was a fuss because someone had stolen grain powder.

When they found out who the thief was, he was badly beaten. It was hell. Almost every day there was a fuss in the group of more than 30 people. That was the last feature of being human. There was a prisoner who died trying to swallow a bean because of hunger. There is a saying that the most difficult thing to cope with in the world is hunger. I realized how important eating was. A bowl of grain powder was worth the equivalent of a suit. Any inmates who received anything from outside the prison could meet their needs, but others who did not had a hard life in prison.

Prisoner Number 596 – Moon Yong Myung  20

My work skill had not improved and the leader of our team assigned me rather easy tasks such as opening the bags, or shoveling the fertilizer. However, I was still clumsy at my work. One day when I was having trouble handling a 40 kg bag, one of the members of our team, who had a robust physique and was in his 30s, came up to me and said, “Let me teach you.” He finished his part skilfully and taught me how to handle it. Thanks to him, I could finish my task to meet my workload. Fortunately, I was still healthy at that time.

It was a good experience. He seemed to have come to the prison about six months earlier than I had. He taught me a lot of things such as bartering in the prison, and details about the prison. It was like meeting Buddha in hell. I felt a certain hope in the midst of my despair because of his warm-hearted behavior, even with the terrible hard labor in the prison. Since he belonged to another cell, I had to go back to my room alone. But I could not sleep well because of my hunger. The only comfort for me was to see him again in the morning at the workplace.

Since we could console each other through our communication, I looked forward to seeing him every day. Whenever I was on the ground at 8 in the morning, I hurried to find him to sit behind him. Then I could walk to the factory with him, our hands tied together after the inspection. Before I met him, walking to the factory was a terrible chore, especially on a rainy day. But it became something I looked forward to, to walk to work with him. About 20 days after I met him, I had a strange dream.

There appeared a white-colored old man in my dream, and he said, “Do you know who that is who helps you and takes care of you every day?” I answered, “He is a very kind and good man, and I want to be with him and to work with him.” Then the old man said, “He is the messiah that you have heard of in the Bible since you were a child.” Then the old man disappeared. I stood up quickly and looked around my cell. But there was no one there but my cellmates sleeping. In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus Christ prayed for the last time before his crucifixion, and then, after three days, he returned in physical form. Following that for 40 days Jesus appeared in various places.

I thought of the story in Acts (1:10-11) “And while they were gazing into heaven as he went, behold, two men stood by them in white robes, and said, “Men of Galilee, why do you stand looking into heaven? This Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will come in the same way as you saw him go into heaven.” I thought about the return of Christ. I could not sleep well after that dream. Thinking about it, I barely finished my breakfast. Next morning I sat behind him as usual. I was going to ask him about my dream. Before I mentioned anything about it, he suddenly spoke to me about my dream. “You had a dream last night? Did he tell you who I am?”

I wondered how he knew about my dream, and I answered that it was about the return of Christ. Since then, out of respect, I started calling him “teacher” – even though he was 29 and was seven years younger than I was. He began to call me “Chung-hwa” after that and our friendship became deeper. He was Yong Myung Moon and his prisoner number was 596.

I was appointed to be the overall group leader  23

One morning about 15 days later, I was called to the office of the warden. My prisoner number was 919. I was a little worried about being called. When I met the warden, he told me to take the position of chief in charge, because the existing chief was going to be released. There were about 1,500 prisoners in the prison. The team leaders took charge of ten prisoners, and the captains took charge of 18 team leaders. As a chief, I had to handle 15 captains and make many important decisions, such as the job assignments.

I became the representative for all the prisoners. The warden seemed to have checked my experience and background as a battalion commander and decided that I was the perfect person for the job. I was hesitating at first, but I decided to take the position through being encouraged by Mr. Moon. As a chief, I could know many new things. The job most wanted by the prisoners was cooking. The next jobs were handymen, lathe workers, and the last one was working at the factory. Even though the lathe work was hard, the workers could have a chance to learn a skill. Working at the factory had no benefit to the prisoners.

It was the worst hard labor. With a chunk of rice ball and a bowl of salty soup for a meal, it was too difficult to endure such hard work. Through malnutrition and fatigue about 100 prisoners died every month. By a simple calculation, we would all die within a year. Therefore, about 100 new prisoners were transferred to Heungnam prison every month.

After I became the chief, I could have more free time. When I had a chance, I would meet Mr. Moon to talk with him. I tried to give him easier jobs. I believed that he was the return of Christ for me, since he had surprised me by knowing about my dream.

One day one of the captains, Joo Heung-shik, told me a strange story. One of his prisoners got sick and told him about his serious illness. The prisoner had been the captain of a big ship. He had sailed around the world during the Japanese occupation of Korea. After the end of the war, he had lived in Yeosu. When he visited North Korea to see his relatives, he was arrested for a crime. He had given a map wrapped in silk and with a note written in English to Joo Heung-shik. After the prisoner had died, Captain Joo brought the note to Pastor Kim Jin-soo for translation. The note said: “There are tombs of children in Yeosu. In the tomb of the third child, there is a box full of jewels that is worth more than $1,000,000. Since I will die soon, I will give it to you and you can find it later when you go back to the South.”

After Captain Joo told me the story, he suggested that I find the box of jewels, because I would be released earlier than he would. Since it was an interesting story, I told it to Mr. Moon. Later on, I lived in South Korea again but I never visited Yeosu and forgot about the story.

Two years later, when they were in Busan, Mr. Moon and a friend went to Yeosu. They were desperately trying to find the box. It seemed that they could find the cemetery but could not find the tomb of the child. Mr. Moon never told me that he had visited Yeosu. Later, when I found out about his visit there, I wondered how, if he were the return of Christ, the Second Coming of Jesus, the Messiah Sun Myung Moon, he could not find the box! This is the subject of this book and my confession. But at that time I was an ignorant person. I only had respect for Yong Myung Moon.

Why did Eve hide the lower part of her body?  26

As a chief, and wearing an armband to show it, I could have more free time after inspecting the prisoners and assigning them their work. During my free time, I used to talk about religion with Mr. Moon. I realized that Mr. Moon’s knowledge of the Bible was unconventional considering his childhood baptism and his work as a Sunday school teacher in a church during his youth. Some of the stories even made me resistant. For example, he told me that John [the Baptist] was killed because he did not do what he should have done. Since I knew that John was a great saint, it was a shock to me. He even told me that Mary had not done what she should have done. He then told me that Jesus was not predestined to be crucified.

The more shocking news I heard was on that unforgettable day of Saturday March 29, 1950. On that day it had been raining since the morning. We were walking to the factory like wet rats – tied in pairs as usual. After we arrived there, I inspected the prisoners and assigned them their work. At that time Mr. Moon was doing a rather easy job – he was putting straw in the bag. It was usually done by the older and weaker people. Mr. Moon called me over to discuss something and we went to the warehouse. We sat on a pile of straw to talk. We looked at each other. As the chief of prisoners, I could enjoy such freedom. Nobody could complain about it.

Yong Myung Moon was charged with the crime of social disorder and sentenced to five years in prison. His prisoner number was 596. My prisoner number was 919. I had been sentenced to three years in prison. These two prisoners were talking to each other. Number 596 was talking and number 919 was listening to him and writing notes.

The issue of the day was Genesis in the Bible. The account in Genesis was that God created the first man out of clay, and into him He then “breathed” the “breath of life.” God named him Adam and placed him in the Garden of Eden. Then God created a woman out of a rib from Adam, to be his companion. She was named Eve. God then commanded the man, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” But the crafty serpent seduced the woman and persuaded her to eat fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden, and then she made Adam eat it as well. The eyes of both of them were opened, and they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves.

God’s purpose in creating Adam and Eve was to breed sinless children from them to populate the world. After they had transgressed, God banished them from the Garden of Eden. They could not return. From then fallen Adam had to toil to eat, and Eve had to endure pain in childbirth. Adam lay with his wife Eve, and she became pregnant and gave birth to Cain. Later his younger brother Abel was born. But Cain attacked Abel and killed him. Cain became the first criminal in the world. This is the usual interpretation of Genesis.

Mr. Moon told me that this interpretation was wrong. Therefore, all the Christians of the world were wrong. His interpretation was as follows.

The serpent that deceived Eve was the Archangel Lucifer. Lucifer deceived Eve into eating the forbidden fruit. In other words, Lucifer had a sexual relationship with Eve. Eve, who had then lost her virginity, then had sex with her husband, Adam, before she got caught by God for defiling her body by having sex with Satan. Her sin was to eat the forbidden fruit. Then why did Eve hide the lower part of her body with fig leaves when she was caught by God? When we get hurt, we put a bandage on the wound. By the same logic, Adam and Eve had sexual intercourse which caused a wound – she hid it with fig leaves. Before she transgressed she did not feel any shame about her nakedness. Her sexual intercourse caused her to hide her naked body.

When a man tries to have sex with a woman and succeeds, we still say that “I plucked the fruit.” This kind of expression came from the story of Adam and Eve. When a newly-wed couple spend their first night together, it is usual that they feel a little shame even though they are legally married. It is because the Archangel Lucifer had sex with the immature Eve and caused her sourness 6,000 years ago. When we eat unripe fruit, we feel sourness. The Archangel Lucifer felt the same sourness when he had sex with Eve.

The Lord God’s purpose was to breed sinless people for the world, but the Archangel Lucifer destroyed His plan. When Cain killed Abel, the breeding of sinners began. God couldn’t endure it any more. Generations later God sent a deluge to destroy the earth saving only the righteous Noah and his family. He then destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with fire. But God could not save humanity with those punishments. Through the body of Mary, he sent Jesus to save the world.

God’s purpose in sending Jesus to our world was because God’s original plan with Adam 4,000 years earlier had failed. He could not build a world of sinless humans. By sending Jesus to the world as a second Adam, God tried to achieve his purpose of creation.

Jesus and six women  30

Jesus had lived with Joseph for three years working as a carpenter. He began his ministry as the Savior at the age of 30. As the second Adam, Jesus needed to find 12 disciples to fulfill the purpose of the Lord God. But first he had to have sexual intercourse with his mother, Mary, to restore what had been taken away by the Archangel Lucifer at the very beginning. However, Mary did not understand the providence of God. She thought of Jesus only as her physical son, and so she never gave him the chance to have sexual intercourse with her.

One miracle Jesus performed was to create wine from water at a wedding in Cana. [John chapter 2] When there was no wine left, Mary discussed it with Jesus. Mary, who already knew that Jesus could turn the water into wine, asked Jesus to do that. And Jesus said to his mother, “Woman, what have you to do with me?” Jesus’ sexual intercourse with Mary was to claim back what the Archangel Lucifer had taken away at the fall. In other words, Jesus could not purify his blood through a pikareum ritual since there had been no sex between mother and son.

Later Jesus gave much love to Mary and Martha, and they also respected him. Jesus decided that he would marry Mary Magdalene in order to achieve the purpose of creation. However, this Mary was already engaged to Jesus’ disciple Judas. Despite this Jesus loved Mary Magdalene and this incurred the jealousy of Judas. Jesus planned to marry Judas to Mary’s younger sister Martha, while he himself married Mary Magdalene. Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 silver coins, but the truth was that it was because of jealousy.

One day when Jesus was traveling [in Samaria] with his disciples, he arrived at the village of Sychar. He was thirsty. While Jesus was resting by the well, a Samaritan woman came to the well to draw water. Jesus asked her for a drink of water. “If I drink the water you give me, I will feel thirsty again. But the water I will give you will flow in your body like spring water forever.” Jesus told the woman, “Bring your husband.” When the woman did not answer, Jesus said “You cannot answer because you have had five husbands.” (This is Mr. Moon’s own telling of the Bible story [in John chapter 4.]) Jesus tried to have sexual intercourse with the woman, but he failed because his disciples did not help him.

One day the Pharisees brought a woman who had committed adultery before Jesus. If Jesus commanded them to forgive the woman, it would be against Moses’ Ten Commandments. If he commanded the people to stone the woman to death, he would be contradicting his teaching of forgiveness. It was a difficult question to answer. Without saying a word, Jesus just wrote some words on the ground [with his finger]. [Then he stood up and said] “If any of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” One by one the people around him slowly disappeared until only Jesus and the woman remained. Jesus said to the woman, “Woman, where are they? I do not condemn you either. Go, and sin no more.” [This story is from John chapter 8.] At that moment Jesus should have had sexual intercourse with the woman, but he failed to do that.

When Jesus visited the house of Simon the leper, a woman who had lived a sinful life in that town brought an alabaster jar of expensive ointment. She began to wash his feet with her tears. Then she wiped them with her hair, kissed them and poured the ointment on them. The disciples condemned the woman for wasting the expensive ointment. [This story is from Matthew chapter 26.] Jesus said, “Do not blame her. She has done a very beautiful thing to me.” Jesus tried to have sexual intercourse with her, but he failed again.

Jesus was crucified to take away the sins of humankind. We all believed that. But we do not understand the ideal of God’s purpose of creation well. The reason for sending Jesus to mankind was to restore what had been taken away by Lucifer at the beginning. Mary did not understand that, She did not give Jesus a chance. The first thing that was needed for the restoration of God’s plan could not be done. Jesus was crucified at Golgotha and he ascended into heaven.

During Jesus’ final prayer (in the garden of Gethsemane) he said, “My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will.” [Matthew 26] That was not because he was afraid of death, but because he did not have a chance to have sexual intercourse as the second Adam, to get back what was taken away at the fall. If we were all to be saved by his death on the cross, he would not have prayed like that. Jesus failed in body but succeeded in spirit. But he left unfulfilled restoration work to be done at the time of the Second Coming.

Where will the messiah come to us? Will he come to us over the Mount of Olives? No, he will not. He will come from a small country in the East which has four clear seasons. It is the country of Korea. The Second Coming will take place when the third Adam comes. The providence of God that could not be fulfilled for 6,000 years must be completed. The blood of humankind that was defiled by Satan must be cleansed. The real intention of God is to make a world where no sin exists. This is the responsibility of the Second Coming and the true Adam and the true Eve who can make the world clean by fulfilling the marriage supper of the lamb.

“Blood purification” through pikareum sex relay  35

Having been born in a Christian family and baptized as an infant, I could not understand Mr. Moon’s assertions. However, because of what I felt was my divine revelation (in my dream) that Mr. Moon was the real messiah, I was attracted to his words. I asked him, “How can you do such things? What will you do to make heaven?” He answered that it was the pikareum return ritual with women that Jesus could not finish. First we have to claim back six women, six Marys, because Lucifer took a woman away through sexual intercourse. This is our mission, and our responsibility. It is to be completed even at the risk of our lives.

I was surprised to hear this. I asked him. “Sir, it is too risky to have sex with six married women. You could be killed by their husbands. Even if they didn’t find out, it would be against Moses’ Commandments. Even in this country adultery is a crime. How can you do such a thing?” He answered, “Don’t worry. The world will soon become immoral. The time will come when no bystanders will interfere if a couple has sex on the street. It will be like shaking hands in the future. It will not be a strange thing.” At that time, people’s thinking will change too. There will be no jealousy about adultery. Women will come forward to have sex with other men. At that time we have to do the pikareum blood exchange to purify the blood that was defiled by Satan.

This ritual has some rules that need to be kept. To purify the defiled blood of married women, the pikareum ritual requires sexual intercourse three times with the messiah. Furthermore, sexual intercourse with six Marys is required for rebirth – a total of sexual intercourse 18 times. After the six Marys pikareum return ritual is completed, the messiah should marry a virgin, who has been chosen as a new Eve. This is called the lamb feast, or marriage supper of the lamb. A new Adam – the messiah – and Eve will become the true father and mother, and their children will be pure with no sin forever. Therefore, we can restore our world to the original world that the Lord God tried to create 6,000 years ago. 

“But Sir, there are more than five billion people in the world who were poisoned by the Archangel Lucifer with the blood of Satan. Can you do the pikareum blood exchange for all those people?” He answered that the restored woman may have sexual intercourse with other men. And the restored man can have sexual intercourse with other women three times to restore them. Those restored women can have sexual intercourse with other men. However, the restored ones can’t have sexual intercourse for seven years. That is an essential requirement for restoration. But now the period with no sex can be reduced to seven months, and then to seven days.

But there are many different races, skin colors, and languages in the world. I asked him how we could restore them. Mr. Moon said, “If we can meet the requirements, it can be done regardless of the difference of race, nationality, and language. People around the world will come to pray in the country of the messiah, where people wear white clothes and the sun rises from the east.

At that time the world will become one great family regardless of race or nationality. When a Korean wants to visit Africa, he or she can stay anyplace in Africa. They will be able to use anything in that house. They will be able to eat anything, as if they were in their own homes. The Africans will be able to do the same thing in Korea. Nobody will complain. Secular laws will mean nothing to them. All the goods in the world were originally owned by our Lord God. They were stolen by fallen people. We will no longer have any financial difficulties. We will be able to travel to any place in the world, using every possible means of transportation.

The labor we 1,500 prisoners have to do for a living will be reduced to three hours’ work. People will work for fun, not because they have to earn a living. People living in cold places such as Alaska can live in warm places like Hawaii if they want to. If they feel tired of those places, they can live in Korea or Japan where four distinct seasons exist. They will be able to freely enjoy life. This time will definitely come to us. Mr. Moon explained that the ideal society in which people are sons and daughters of the true Adam and Eve is the ‘Ideal Wonhwawon’. It was like hearing about Utopia for me. I was in the middle of enduring a hard prison life. I was just listening to his dreamlike story.

Using my position as chief, I tried to have as much time as possible to listen to Mr. Moon’s stories. In retrospect, it must have been a good chance for him to spread his ideas.

Later I realized that his creation theory, and his restoration theory were actually taken from the teachings of Kim Baek-Moon and Lee Yong-do. In the sweet name of the pikareum return ritual, he ruined a lot of women’s lives through his unprincipled sexual activities. He destroyed too many women’s lives. He is an evil threat to society. Even I, who am now disclosing the truth, had to do the pikareum ritual following Mr. Moon’s directions. I was so ignorant that I could not see the truth at that time.

The Heretic Who Caused an Uproar in Pyongyang  41

On that day I went to the quiet warehouse with Mr. Moon, after I had given each prisoner their task, to continue our talking. I asked him about the reason for his coming to Pyongyang, and what he had done, and the reason for his being charged with social disorder that had caused him to be sentenced to five years in prison. I had surely received a divine revelation that Mr. Moon was the messiah. In my understanding, the messiah is the one who comes for the Day of Judgment. The duty of the messiah is to judge people whether they are righteous or not. That is what the Bible teaches us. I asked Mr. Moon why he had to suffer hardship in the prison. He explained everything to me for a long time.

The first arrest and imprisonment  42

Mr. Moon was attending the Israel Monastery when he was living in Sangdo-dong, Youngdeungpo-gu, Seoul. He was being taught the principles of the Bible by Kim Baek-moon at that time, and soon became addicted to Kim’s teachings. Mr. Moon said that he was ordered by God to go to North Korea. According to him, it was on June 6, 1946. At that time Soviet troops were stationed in North Korea, and all of the North was being communized. Mr. Moon crossed the 38th Parallel to Pyongyang carrying a backpack. He left his wife and child in Seoul.

In Pyongyang he met a woman named Chong Deuk-eun. They decided to build the second Jerusalem in Pyongyang together. Mr. Moon was 26 and Chong was 40 at that time. Those two decided to teach the doctrines at Chong’s house in Pyongyang. Within a few days about ten enthusiastic followers gathered. Mr. Moon started his first teaching of his creation theory. He taught them that Lucifer had deceived Eve, and that Jesus’ death by crucifixion was because of Mary’s not having sexual intercourse with him. He taught them that Jesus did not come to the world to die. With his death, only his body disappeared and he would return to the world.

Mr. Moon’s followers were Chong Deuk-eun, Ok Se-hyun, Ji Seong-do, Jung Sun-ok, Kim In-ju, and Kim Chong-hwa who were female and Kim Won-pil, Jung Myung-sun, and Cha Sang-soon.

The women are said to have cried when Mr. Moon shared with them his interpretation of the Bible. Many neighbors seemed to have felt strange about the fact that a young man from Seoul made women cry. It seemed that anyone who listened to his lecture – that someone had to ease the anguish of God which happened 6,000 years ago – had to cry.

Under the communist regime, it could not be allowed. Neighbors and church believers, especially many pastors and elders, considered Mr. Moon to be a heretic. Because of their reports to the police about his strange meetings, Mr. Moon was arrested on August 2, 1946. He was imprisoned for 100 days in Daedong security office. During that time, he was tortured and badly abused. However, he was released because there was no proven criminal act. He had become seriously emaciated, but he recuperated with the help of his followers.

Sentenced to five years in prison for causing a commotion by marrying a married woman  44

After that Mr. Moon stayed in the home of an enthusiastic follower, Kim Chong-hwa, in Kyungchang-ri. She lived with her husband, Jung Myung-sun, and three children. Mr. Moon seemed to apply his principle of pikareum at the house. He attempted to have sexual intercourse with women who were married and had children, with the excuse of the story about Lucifer. Saying that he was called by God, Mr. Moon prepared for the “marriage supper of the lamb.” The believers made rice cakes, robes, and bed covers for the ritual. This young man from Seoul gathered people every day and they spent nights praying and singing hymns loudly. They lived together as husband and wife under the same roof, even though she had a husband and children. Because of the commotion they made, the neighbors in the village could not endure it.

The villagers made a report. Mr. Moon and his followers were all arrested by the police on February 22, 1948. Mr. Moon was sentenced on to five years in prison; after some time in prison in Pyongyang, he was transferred to the prison in Heungnam on June 20th.

I was told later that Kim Chong-hwa was sentenced to one year in prison and that Ok Se-hyun was released after two months because of the efforts of her wealthy husband. A few years later, I happened to see Kim Chong-hwa in South Korea and I could hear the real story. It was a very interesting story from a woman who had lost her faith [in Mr. Moon] by that time.

The Korean War and the air raid bombing  45

By the 1950s, the security at the prison became tighter. The efficiency of the production in the nitrogen factory was under pressure. The daily workload increased and we could not meet it. The daily working time was also increased by one hour. It was hell.

Every day about 100 prisoners died. No day had passed without death in the prison. But the replacement quota from the Pyongyang prison was tightly maintained. It was around May when we realized that a lot of young prison officers had disappeared. People kept saying that there was going to be war because ships from the Soviet Union returned with a lot of arms such as anti-aircraft guns. The security in the prison became tighter. The war started on June 25th.

I heard that the North Korean troops overran Seoul three days after the start of the war. There were concerns that young prisoners would be sent to the battlefield. On August 1st, a UN aircraft made a reconnaissance flight over the factory for about 30 minutes. Because of my military experience, I told a prison officer that the factory would be attacked, and advised him that we should withdraw to the camp. However, he did not listen to me and so we had to continue to work at the factory. Without a doubt, there would be an air raid soon. The B29 bombers came and savagely bombarded the factory for about four hours.

The prison officers were at a loss as to what to do because most of them had been farmers. I told them that according to international law the camp would not be attacked. They all followed my advice and we went back to the camp. At the factory we had about 8,000 workers including 1,500 prisoners. Only 70 prisoners were killed while 3,700 civilian workers lost their lives. It was a horrific air raid. When I checked on Mr. Moon, he was safe.

The fertilizer factory at Heungnam after the August 1950 bombing.

The “Pardon” by Kim Il-sung  47

I was freed after the great air raid thanks to the pardon of Kim Il-sung, the leader of the People’s Republic of Korea since its foundation in 1948. I shed tears as I looked up to the sky. The difference between the inside of the prison and the outside world was so big. It was around 10 am [when I was released]. What I saw after the bombardment was indeed tragic. It was even worse than I had expected. At the factory there were many corpses. I felt sorry because Mr. Moon was still laboring at the factory. When I visited him there, he told me to greet Kim Chong-hwa in Pyongyang. She was the woman who had to be imprisoned due to her marriage to Mr. Moon. The communist troops had been able to succeed in conquering Seoul because of their sudden attack. We were now at war. I hitch-hiked to Pyongyang on a military truck.

Chapter 2