The six ‘wives’ of Sun Myung Moon

Updated July 5, 2021

▲ Moon with children of his from three different mothers. This photograph was taken on January 5, 1965 at the Chongpa-dong Church in Seoul. Moon Sung-jin (mother Choi Seon-gil) is on the left. Moon Hee-jin is on the right (mother Kim Myung-hee). The younger children in the photo are Ye-Jin and Hyo-Jin. They are standing in front of their mother, Han Hak Ja.

The Sunday Journal USA published two articles in Korean about the failing Moon ‘dynasty’.

Sunday Journal USA Vol. 877, April 18, 2013 (part 1)

Sunday Journal USA Vol. 878, April 25, 2013 (part 2)

Here is an extract from part 2:

전격취재 2

통일교故문선명일가의 ‘상상초월한타락상

한학자와의 사이에 14명 자녀 중 4명이 비명횡사
나머지 자식들도 불운의 삶 ‘정신병, 마약중독, 섹스광’

문선명씨의 첫 번째 부인은 최성길씨와 1945년 4월 28에 결혼했으며 슬하에 난 아들이 문성진 (1946.4.9) 씨다. 1957년 1월 8일 문선명씨의 소위 통일교 교리인 피가름 교리 (혈통복귀의식)로 인해 최성길씨와 이혼한 것으로 알려지고 있다. 문씨의 실제적 장남인 성진씨는 1973년 7월 18일 통일교의 주요한 멤버인 김원필씨의 딸 김동숙 양과 결혼했다.
문 씨의 두 번째 부인은 김종화씨이며 이 때 혈통복귀의식으로 인해 김씨의 남편인 정명선 씨의 고소로 인해 문선명씨는 징역 5년을 언도받고 평양 대동 흥남 감옥에서 형을 살았다 (1948년 2월 22일). 그리고 문 씨의 세 번째 부인은 김명희 (1955. 6.30) 씨이며 문희진씨를 낳았으나 사망하고 말았다. 김명희씨는 당시 Y대 대학생이었으며 처녀로 통일교의 교리인 혈통복귀의식을 받아들여 문씨의 세 번째 부인이 된 것으로 알려지고 있다. 그러나 1969년 8월 1일 열차사고로 세상을 떠났다. 문씨의 네 번째 부인인 최원복씨는 통일교에서 큰 어머니로 불리고 있다.
문씨의 다섯 번째 부인이 현재 통일교 총재인 한학자씨다. 슬하에 모두 134명의 자녀 출생했으며 그 중 4명이 사망했다. 그리고 한학자씨외에 또 한 명의 부인이 있다. 말하자면 문 씨의 여섯 번째 부인인 셈이다. 이름은 최순화씨며 처녀 혈통복귀의식을 통해 박사무엘을 낳은 것으로 알려지고 있다.


“Shocking Report – part 2

The family of the late Sun Myung Moon (of the Unification Church) is ‘more corrupt than you can imagine’

Four of the 14 children of the marriage with Han Hak-ja died in accidental deaths. The remaining children lead unfortunate lives: ‘psychosis, drug addiction, sex mania’

Moon Sun Myung married his first wife, Miss Choi Seon-gil, on April 28, 1945. [She was 19 when she was first introduced to Mr Moon.] They had a son, Moon Sung-jin, who was born on April 9, 1946. It became known that Moon Sun Myung and Choi Seon-gil divorced on January 8, 1957, on the grounds of the so-called Unification Church pikareum doctrine (a ceremony to restore the blood lineage [through ritual sex]). On July 18, 1973, Mr. Moon’s actual first son, Sung-jin married Kim Dong-sook, the daughter of Kim Won-pil, an important Unification Church member. [Kim Dong-sook was born on January 30, 1955. There have been many reports that Moon was her father. She was listed as a ‘True Child’ when she visited Moon in 2012. She could only be a ‘True Child’ if Moon was her biological father. There is no family resemblance between Dong-sook and the wife of Kim Won-pil.]

Mr. Moon’s second wife was Mrs. Kim Chong-hwa. At this time, after being accused by Kim’s husband Chong Myeong-seon of being involved in a ceremony to restore the blood lineage [pikareum], Moon Sun Myung [and Kim Chong-hwa were arrested on] February 22, 1948 and he was sentenced to 5 years in prison. He carried out the sentence at prisons in Pyongyang, Daedong and Heungnam. [Charges of bigamy have also been mentioned by the Los Angeles Times and other sources. Mrs Kim Chong-hwa spent one year in jail at the same time as Mr. Moon. See below.]

The third wife of Mr. Moon was Miss Kim Myung-hee (June 30, 1955). [This date seems to be the date of their marriage – not long before her departure for Japan. Three Korean scholars reported that Moon married her. UC publications in Japan state that they had a marriage ceremony.] She gave birth to Moon Hee-jin [on August 17, 1955 in Tokyo]. He later died in a train accident [as the train approached Maepo station in Chungbuk Province] on August 1, 1969. It was known that Kim Myung-hee was a student at “Y” University [Yonsei University in Seoul]. As a single woman, she took part in the ceremony to restore the blood lineage [pikareum], according to Unification Church teachings, and she became Mr. Moon’s third wife. [A Japanese FFWPU / UC publication, The Chūwa Shinbun, states they had a marriage ceremony in Korea in 1954. See issue dated September 12, 1992. Perhaps the UC gave 1954 as a marriage date to give the impression that the couple were married before their child was conceived.]

Mr Moon’s fourth wife, Mrs. Choi Won-pok, was called the ‘Great Mother’ within the Unification Church. [She joined the UC in 1954. She was also known as ‘Second Mother.’]

Mr Moon’s fifth wife is the current Chairperson of the Unification Church / FFWPU, Han Hak Ja. She bore 14 children, but four of them have died.

And there was one more wife in addition to Han Hak Ja. She was, so to speak, sort of like Mr. Moon’s sixth wife. Her name was Miss Choi Soon-wha. It was known that through the ceremony to restore the blood lineage [pikareum] she conceived and gave birth to Samuel Park [who was born on January 28, 1966 in the US].”

Moon’s first wife – Choi Seon-gil

催先吉  최성길

J. Isamu Yamamoto wrote about Moon’s wives in 1977. He was surprisingly accurate:
“His first wife was Choi Seon-gil, who bore him a son. His second marriage to a Miss Kim is referred to by some Koreans as an arranged marriage. His third wife, Kim Myung-hee, supposedly bore him another son.” from page 21 of The Puppet Master: An Inquiry into Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church by J. Isamu Yamamoto.

▲ Choi Seon-gil in 1954 or 55

▲ Choi Seon-gil in August 1992

An interview with Mrs. Choi about her arranged marriage to Teacher Sun Myung Moon when he was 25.

I met Mrs. Seon-gil Choi, the former life partner of Sun Myung Moon, at a relaxing coffee shop in Seoul. As I waited, an old woman with gray hair appeared in front of me. At first she kept a stone-like expression on her face, but as time went by, she began to speak more and more. She seemed to understand some Japanese and began to smile at my jokes. I stated, “I heard that Sun Myung Moon’s first wife had died.” In response, with a somewhat lonely expression on her face, Mrs. Choi said, “I was told by my friend that I was reported to be dead even in the USA and in Japan.”

Mrs. Choi now lives alone in a house close to the Seoul Olympic Stadium, where a mass wedding was held by the UC last year. She has no family members. Her son, Sung-jin, 47, born out of her marriage to Sun Myung Moon, has been with his father since their long ago divorce [on January 8, 1957], and has never visited her house, she told me.

Mr. ‘A’ told me, “She has been receiving 400,000 won (about 50,000 Japanese yen) each month. From this year, the amount she has been receiving, from some official in the UC, has been increased to one million won per month. She seems to have been living on it. She has been getting by with that money every month; she may not even want that support money. When I was shown her bank passbook, and saw how little money she had been withdrawing from it, I felt a lump in my throat.”

As we sat in the coffee shop, I asked her what she thought about Sun Myung Moon. She answered, “When I recall the situation at that time, I still feel my head starting to pound, and I feel I may go crazy.”

Despite her unpleasant memories she responded to my questions, one by one, with sincerity. She shared about her first encounter with Sun Myung Moon, and about his relationships with many other women.

She even revealed the interesting story of how those around Moon have misrepresented his academic record as a “graduate from Waseda University” to encourage her to marry him.

Mrs. Seon-gil Choi was born into a wealthy farmer’s family in Jeong-ju, now in North Korea, in 1924. She was 21 when World War II ended. It was around that time that she was presented with an opportunity for a formal introduction to a prospective marriage partner, the 25 year old Sun Myung Moon. He was from the town of Jeong-Ju, the same as her. He was said to be “a graduate from Waseda University.” She related, “A matchmaker arranged the meeting with Moon. There he told me that he had graduated from Waseda University. Also, I had a favorable impression of his appearance, unlike that of now.”

At that time in Korea, it was said that any Korean who had graduated from Waseda University was considered to be among the very elite. According to the brief biography of Sun Myung Moon in the literature of the UC of Japan, it was written that he had been “admitted to the School of Electrical Engineering in the Department of Science and Engineering, at Waseda University.” However, since 1974 his academic record had been reported to have been a fraud.

In response to the claims of fraudulent records, the UC defended the records by saying, “We held an inquiry in Seoul and found that the school he graduated from was the Waseda High School of Electrical Engineering. It was a simple error on the side of Japan, and Sun Myung Moon should not be blamed.”

However, in our interview, Mrs. Choi testified clearly about her matchmaking meeting with Moon, “He deceived me by saying that he had graduated from Waseda University.” Mrs. Choi found the truth about Moon’s “academic record” many years after her divorce from him. In other words, her testimony proves that what the UC of Japan claimed to be a “simple mistake” was actually proclaimed as the truth by Moon’s followers from the time of his youth, and for a long time after that.

Moon stayed in Mrs. Choi’s parents’ home for the three days following their matchmaking. I replied, “Of course, and from that first night on?” To my rather rude question, she nodded. Mr. ‘A,’ who was with me, said rather disgustedly, “In Korea, there could be no ruder thing than that! What an arrogant person he is!”

Married on March 1, 1945, Mrs Choi gave birth in 1946 to Sung-jin – Moon’s first son. Her “happiness” at the birth must have lasted only for a very short time.

What was “the truth about the decision to divorce”?

I asked Mrs. Choi, “Well, after all, what was the reason for your decision to divorce?” Mrs Choi replied clearly to my question, “My husband made relationships one after another by deceiving those women. I kept thinking that I couldn’t bear such a life any longer – so this was the reason for my divorce.”

Moon’s second wife – Kim Chong-hwa

金鍾和 or 金鐘華,  김종화. Her husband, Chong Myung-seon (or written Chung Myeong-seon) 鄭明先, was a businessman who worked in a nearby sock factory.

Los Angeles Times September 3, 2012
“Moon … problems with the North Korean government, which jailed him [in 1948] on charges of bigamy … He was freed in 1950. Moon’s first marriage, to Choe Sung-kil [Choi Seon-gil], ended in divorce in 1957. He had a son [Sung-jin] with her and another [Hee-jin] with Kim Myung-hee, who lived with Moon during the 1950s. In 1960 he married Han, then a young disciple.”

How did Moon’s relationship with Mrs Kim Chong-hwa begin? 
Mrs. Kim Chong-hwa was married to Mr. Chong Myong-sun. They lived in Kyongchang-ri, which was a northern suburb of Pyongyang, with their son and two daughters. They first met Moon a few days after his arrival there in June 1946.

Michael Breen: “A few days after his arrival in Pyongyang, he [Moon] met Kim Chong-hwa and her husband, who lived nearby. She was the women’s group leader at the Somunae-pak Church, one of the largest Presbyterian churches in the city. She would become his main follower in north Korea. ‘A great preacher has come from Seoul,’ she told her husband’s cousin, Kim In-ju, also a Presbyterian…”

“In January, 1947, he [Moon] moved to the house of Kim Chong-hwa and her husband, Chong Myong-sun, who had become the leading members of his small group.” Sun Myung Moon, the early years 1920-1953, pages 72 and 81.

Yong Jin-Hun (Director of Education – Unification Church World Mission Headquarters) confirms that Kim Chong-hwa 金鍾和 and her husband, Chung Myeong-seon 鄭明先, were both followers of Moon in 1946-1948 in Pyongyang. See his ‘Course for Re-launching Providence’ presentation.
slide 8 – Members who were spiritually led: Chung Deuk-eun, Kim Jong-hwa, Chung Myeong-seon, etc.”

The wedding of Moon and Mrs. Kim Chong-hwa was originally scheduled for March 1, 1948, (lunar calendar) but Moon decided to have it on Sunday February 22. The March date is confirmed by three people: Ok Se-hyun, Yong Jin-Hun and Michael Breen.

Yong Jin-Hun’s ‘Course for Re-launching Providence’ presentation
slide 14 – Misunderstanding about Heaven’s Feast: Scheduled to happen on March 1, 1948

Sun Myung Moon:
[Kim Chong-hwa is the only person who fits this description]:
“There was a woman who was an important figure in the providence [in Pyongyang]. I visited her house for a year and a half and witnessed to her husband and all the other members of her family. The husband might have wanted to kill me, but he couldn’t do anything.” LINK

Moon sent Mr. Cha to invite Moon’s parents and family to the ‘special day for Heaven’.

Michael Breen: “Meanwhile, in mid-February 1948, Chi Seung-do said she had received a revelation that March 1 would be a special day for Heaven. Moon, who was always responsive to his followers’ spiritual experiences, said they should prepare to celebrate the day, and asked Cha to go to Jeongju and invite his family. Cha took the train and stayed at the Moon’s home in Sangsa-ri for three days. At dinner the whole family, including the relatives, gathered and Cha told them that their son was the returned Christ. Cha felt that Moon’s grandfather accepted what he had told them, but that the other relatives were skeptical. In fact they were critical. They had expected Moon would become some kind of leader, and now that Korea was freed from Japanese control, he could become a politician without getting into trouble. He could even be the president one day, some relatives thought. But what was he doing claiming to be the Messiah? The Messiah was coming in the clouds, as the Bible said. It had never even been suggested the Messiah could be a person other than Jesus. It was as if he was disposed to cause trouble. They grumbled against him: “We were expecting him to become a traitor, but he’s become a traitor in the religious sense.” But, still, he was family, and they were worried about him.
Cha returned to Pyongyang on February 28 with Moon’s mother and brother, to find that Moon had been arrested by the police on February 22.” (pages 86-87)

Pak Chung-hwa: “Furthermore, Mr. Moon said that he had received a revelation from God, and decided to have a marriage ceremony with Kim Chong-hwa. It would be the Marriage of the Lamb. The believers were noisily preparing for the ritual by collecting rice and making rice cakes, and making bedding and clothes.”

Hagiwara Ryo:
“Sun Myung Moon was first arrested by the security police on August 11, 1946. He was detained for three months at the Daedong police station [in Pyongyang] on the charge of causing social disorder, for alleged sexual immorality. On February 22, 1948 Sun Myung Moon was arrested for a second time by the 内務省 Ministry of the Interior [not 内務署 the Interior Department] for his coerced marriage with a married woman, Mrs Kim Chong-hwa. On April 27 he was sentenced to five years in Heungnam prison.”

The Life of Sun Myung Moon – the Messiah of a Perverted Sex Religion (1991)
page 70   LINK

Ok Se-hyun’s Testimony published in Tongil Segye in September 1977
Mrs. Ok [or Oak] was born in Pyongyang, North Korea. She was a deacon in her Christian church, and her husband [Elder Woo] was an elder in the same church. [Mrs Ok started following Moon in 1946.]
“Mrs. Chi Seung-do (one of our famous Grandmas) came to us and made preparations for a heavenly feast on March 1, 1948 (by lunar calendar). The next day, because of my spiritual thirst, I visited the church and found that Father, Kim Won-pil and two other sisters had been taken to the police station by some police detectives. Mr. Kim Won-pil was released after four days, and the two sisters also were released after two days. Because we didn’t give the police the materials prepared for the feast, some sisters, including myself, were also put into the prison. Two days after my imprisonment, Father’s hair was shaved off.” LINK

Moon’ own words: “…they decided to report me to the authorities. This is how I came to be jailed for a third time in my life. This occurred at 10:00 AM on February 22, 1948.” LINK

Moon arrested while performing a ‘coerced marriage’
Japanese wikipedia
While the Unification Church claims he was charged for “disturbing the social order” Moon was actually arrested [on February 22, 1948] for adultery/fornication. Other reports say he was caught by the police while performing a suspicious ritual with Kim Chong-hwa, the wife of a businessman. The husband took Moon to court and Moon was sentenced to five years in prison [at Heungnam]. It is said that the wife was also found guilty and the two [Moon and Mrs. Kim] were both imprisoned.

35.- 教団では社会紊乱罪だと教えているが、姦淫容疑で逮捕された、または実業家の人妻、金鍾和(キム・ジョンファ)と怪しげな儀式をしているところを警官に踏み込まれ、強制結婚の現行犯で逮捕され、夫の告訴による公判で懲役 5年の実刑。 相手の人妻も10ヶ月の実刑となり共に収監されたなどとも言われる。-世界基督教統一神霊協会の年表

Sun Myung Moon’s own words:
“While I was in prison [in Heungnam], Mrs. Kim was incarcerated. Mrs. Kim was in the position of Rachel. … Grandmother Pak was in the Leah position.” LINK

Moon claimed to be restoring Jacob’s course. His words imply that he had relationships with both Mrs. Pak and Mrs. Kim Chong-hwa – who were in the positions of Jacob’s two wives, Leah and Rachel.

Pak Chung-hwa in Shūkan Bunshun magazine,
October 28, 1993
One founder of the Unification Church, Mr. Pak Chung-hwa (81), made a shocking confession. He was formerly a close confidant of Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

In prison because of an uproar over marriage with a married woman.

Mr. Pak sat up straight and started speaking in fluent Japanese.
“I belonged to the North Korean Second Brigade Second Battalion of the Ministry of the Interior. Some of my subordinates were involved in an illegal business in 1949. I received a sentence of three years imprisonment for the crime of dereliction of duty. At first I was in prison in Pyongyang, then I was transferred to Heungnam special labor camp. Here I encountered Sun Myung Moon. He was serving a prison sentence of five years. Sun Myung Moon and a married woman, Kim Chong-hwa, were accused of putting society in turmoil and charged with the crime of falling into moral disorder.” (pages 205-207)

Michael Breen: In Pyongyang, his followers did not keep in contact with each other. The only member who could have held the others together in Moon’s absence was Kim Chong-hwa, who had been sentenced to eighteen months in prison at the same time as Moon, but she had been unable to reconcile her faith in Moon with God’s apparent inability to prevent him from being sent to prison. She was released after one year, and was no longer interested in him or his followers. (SMM book, page 105)

Pak Chung-hwa – interview in Shūkan Gendai magazine
November 13, 1993
Mr. Nakamura Atsuo: After you were released [from Heungnam] did you meet Mrs. Kim?
Mr. Pak Chung-hwa: “I was not able to meet her straight away after I was released. Later, I met her [in Seoul] and we talked. I asked her and she admitted, at that time, she had sex with Moon. She spoke to me with tears streaming down her face: “I committed a crime that is not permitted, even if I confess it until I die. Moon is a big satan. I hate him so much I want to kill him.” However, she was not the only married woman who was a victim – there were other women.” LINK

A second person, Kim Kyong-rae 金景来, also interviewed Mrs. Kim Chong-hwa in Seoul:
“The police of the North Korean puppet regime arrested Sun Myung Moon [in Pyongyang] on the charge of bigamy/sexual immorality. The reason was the husband of a certain Mrs Kim [金鍾和 Kim Chong-hwa] made an accusation to the police. The husband now lives in Seoul. At that time Moon said that he and Mrs Kim should marry because he had a revelation from God, although Moon still had a legal wife [Choi Seon-gil in Seoul]. When the police stepped in Moon was in the middle of doing this coerced marriage with the woman follower, Mrs Kim. The police arrested them. Mrs Kim was sentenced to ten months in prison. Moon was given a sentence of five years and six months. Mr Kim Kyong-rae interviewed this Mrs Kim in person and collected this information, and then wrote this report.”
from The Real Face of the Principle Movement – What is the group doing? The clash between the reality and the weirdness.
by Yamaguchi Hiroshi (published in August 1975) pages 163-164

In Japanese:

何をする集団なのか その不気味さの実態を衝く   (1975年)

Elder Woo, the husband of Mrs Ok Se-hyun, told his story to Pak Chung-hwa in Pyongyang in November 1950:
“My wife, Ok Se-hyun, was also an enthusiastic elder of our [Presbyterian] church.
However, this young man that came from the south [from Seoul to Pyongyang] with his strange preaching, and, for several weeks, my wife began attending his meetings. Until then we were a harmonious couple, without any problems. Now she has suddenly refused that we sleep together. I have tried to persuade her, but because the children are older now I don’t want to make a scene in this house. I am a Christian and a church elder. I have spent a long time talking to her, but she will not listen at all.
“She has been a wonderful wife, but now she is taking money for Moon Yong Myung. At first I noticed some small amounts. If we were poor it would have been a problem, but life has been good to us. Then it became larger and larger amounts. I have prayed very hard that we can get along as a couple as we did before, but my prayers have been in vain.
“Then one day they were all arrested by the police, including my wife and this young man. Since the face of Elder Woo is well known in Pyongyang City, I had ways to find out from the police station the reason for their arrest. The young man and a married woman named Kim Chong-hwa had been arrested. She already had a husband and children. She and the young man were about to start their wedding ceremony. They called it the ‘the Marriage of the Lamb’. The people nearby found out about it and thought it was strange, so they notified the police. Because Ok Se-hyun was also there, she was arrested. Since my face is well known I could not go to the police to negotiate for the release of my wife, Ok Se-hyun, so I asked my nephew to go.
“I was relieved that at least the young man himself, Moon Yong Myung, was in prison. It was a long way for my wife to go to the Heungnam prison camp. At first I stopped her from visiting, but then she didn’t listen to me and she went anyway.”

Michael Breen: [Moon was trying to leave Pyongyang in December 1950 as the Chinese army approached from the north.] “At 3 p.m., Mrs. Ok arrived with the news that her son, a second lieutenant in the south Korean military police, had arranged for the family to go in an army truck. “You must come too, but we must hurry. They’re waiting at the Sudokyo Bridge,” she said.
Moon, Kim Won-pil, Moon Jong-bin and Ok arrived at the bridge one hour later. Ok’s son was not happy to see that his mother had brought Moon. Her family, who were Protestants, had resented her association with Moon from the start. (Her husband was a Protestant church elder and became a minister in Busan after the Korean War.)
“Can the person who destroyed our family ride on this truck?” he said. “Impossible.” He refused to let Moon on board. Ok was upset and embarrassed.
“It’s all right,” Moon said. “You go, and we will see you in the South.”
Mrs. Ok climbed aboard and the truck drove off. The three men were now left with no choice, but to walk to south Korea.” (SMM book, pages 117 and 182)

The tears and anger of Mrs. Kim Chong-hwa
Michael Breen: Moon sent Pak Chung-hwa to meet Kim Chong-hwa in Seoul seven times, before Moon finally accepted that she would not return. (page 182.)

This is what Mr. Pak related about one of those visits to her:
“It was because of the incident with the married woman, Kim Chong-hwa, that Sun Myung Moon was imprisoned. When I was released from Heungnam prison, [around August 1, 1950] before Mr. Moon was released, he said to me “Go and visit the home of Kim Chong-hwa in the Kyongchang-ri neighborhood of Pyongyang, and tell her that I am well and hopeful and I want her to wait there.”
When I was discharged from prison I went there immediately, but I was unable to find her. [Her house was empty. The family had already moved to Seoul.]
She had become an ardent follower of Sun Myung Moon even though she was a married woman with children. She lived together with Sun Myung Moon in the same room. Finally there was a commotion when she had the ‘[Marriage] Ceremony of the Lamb’, and she was arrested and sent to prison for one year. Even so, according to the theory of the principle, a woman should be married in order to become one of the six Marys, but a woman should be a pure virgin to have the ‘[Marriage] Ceremony of the Lamb’. Why did he choose a married woman with a husband and children? This does not fit his own description. And besides, Sun Myung Moon had left a child [a son] and a wife behind in Seoul [when he left there in June 1946].
When I finally arrived in Seoul and looked for Kim Chong-hwa, she was living in a nearby village, Rimun-dong (里門洞). She was attending an established church and working there diligently as a deacon. Her husband, Chong Myung-seon, was running a shoe store called ‘Colombia’.
When I visited Kim Chong-hwa, she talked with deep regret about that earlier time. “Satan tempted me and I committed forbidden sins which cannot be forgiven, even if I confess them until I die.”
She did not know that Moon had changed his name from Yong Myung Moon to Sun Myung Moon.
“As for Yong Myung Moon, he is an outrageous big Satan. I was completely deceived. He is a bad person who led a lot of people like me to sin. Mr Pak, if you don’t quit and get away from him soon, by all means you will later come to regret following Satan.”
While saying this, she cried many tears, and while still crying, she told me in more detail about her time in Pyongyang.
“I only have deep regret about my own actions. Why didn’t my husband get angry? He merely bore a grudge against me for what I did. Why didn’t my husband say anything or demonstrate when he saw his wife and that man sleeping together, every day in the same room, and having sex in the name of restoration? Later I came to know he really loved me. Then I realized I had committed such a great sin.”
I asked Deacon Kim Chong-hwa again: “Back then, didn’t you feel pangs of conscience about having sex with this other man every night when you had your children and your husband?”
She said: “At that time I really believed he was the second coming of the messiah. I was crazy about the man. When I had sex with that person, I didn’t feel any guilt at all. I was in such a state of mind that I just thought I was going to heaven.”
“Yong Myung Moon is now in Seoul. Do you have the desire to meet him again?”
With a stern expression and wide open eyes, she said:
“I committed a great sin, and I am now clear about that. Yong Myung Moon is the great Satan. Using very persuasive words he rapes virgins and married women like me. He plunged a lot of people into the depths of sin. Why would I meet such a person again?”
She continued:
“If I see this person again, I want to disable him from ever committing such a crime with us [women] again in this world. I hate the man enough to want to kill him.”
She was on fire with anger.”

Finally Kim Chong-hwa moved to the US. (Michael Breen, page 182)

Dan Fefferman:

“There were charges in North Korea that Father’s group practiced sexual orgies. These are denied by the UC.”

Moon’s third wife – Kim Myung-hee

金明熙   김명희   キム・ミョンヒ

Kim Myung-hee. This photo was taken in 1954 (or possibly early 1955). Hee-jin was born on August 17, 1955 in Tokyo. 

From All God’s Children (1977) by Jo Anne Parke and Carol Stoner. page 55:

“The Reverend Moon has reportedly been married to three women. Church spokesmen acknowledge two of the unions, saying that Moon was ultimately destined to find the right mate to be the “perfect mother” for mankind. … Reports of Moon’s second marriage come from a group of Korean religious scholars including Dr. Sa-hun Shin, a professor at Seoul National University; Dr. Y.H. Jyoo, a teacher at Konkuk University, and Dr. M.H. Tank [Myeong-hwan Tahk], a lecturer at several Korean Christian seminaries. The scholars conducted careful research and say Moon also married a Ms. Myung-hee Kim, who bore him a second son [Hee-jin].”

The Chūwa Shinbun, a newspaper published by the Unification Church in Japan, printed this answer for the FFWPU / UC members on September 12, 1992.

“Teacher Moon resumed his missionary work in Busan, and was reunited with [his first wife] Ms. Choi Seon-gil. However, she could not understand why Teacher Moon loved his disciples more than he loved his own wife. She voluntarily gave up the position of ‘True Mother’ and divorced him. For Teacher Moon this divorce was the worst outcome. However, for Teacher Moon there must be a ‘True Mother’ together with the messiah. He knew this very strongly. In 1954 he married Kim Myung-hee, but she had a very unfortunate incident while staying in a foreign country [Japan]…”

The Sunday Journal USA of April 25, 2013 gives a date of June 30, 1955 – this appears to be a marriage date for Sun Myung Moon and Kim Myung-hee.

Note: Sun Myung Moon and Choi Seon-gil divorced on January 8, 1957. Therefore Moon’s marriage to Kim Myung-hee was bigamous. Perhaps the UC gave 1954 as a marriage date to give the impression that the couple were married before their child was conceived.

▲ Kim Myung-hee with Hee-jin in 1960 or soon after. At around this time she was forced to give her son to Moon to be raised by others. Sun Myung Moon registered the boy as his own.

She said that at the age of 13 Hee-jin was inspired to go and join in a summer witnessing campaign. He was traveling alone to the area by train. As the train approached Maepo station in Chungbuk Province, Hee-jin leaned out of the train. The train was still traveling at some speed. His head hit a track-side post. He died on August 1, 1969. (see Today’s World magazine December 2011 page 7 for the date. Location from a document by Michael Mickler. Other details from Kim Myung-hee.)

Allen Tate Wood visited Korea in 1970, where he had personal meetings with Sun Myung Moon. From his book, Moonstruck: A memoir of my life in a cult:

“Moon had had two previous wives, but they had turned against him. One, [Kim Myung-hee ] however, had come back to the fold, we were told, but no longer as his wife. She was now merely a faithful follower. In 1969 Moon’s thirteen-year-old son [Hee-Jin] by one of these women [Kim Myung-hee] was killed, decapitated when he put his head out of a speeding train. This boy died because the Korean church was not faithful enough.

Mrs. Choi and the other mediums saw a red tide pouring into Korea. It was a sign that the communists were again about to try to take over all of Korea. Moon called for everyone to work. He called three times, but they did not help him. After the third call, he picked up a stone and put it in the gap in the wall—the demilitarized zone—through which the red tide was pouring. That stone was the life of his son, sacrificed for the sake of South Korea.” (pages 120-121)

For further information please read these three articles about Kim Myung-hee:

The Lie that Kim Myung-hee was Raped in Japan

Moon’s third wife, Kim Myung-hee, who lived in South Korea

Mr Pak Chung-hwa was in the same room as Moon and Kim Myung-hee. He describes what happened in this interview.

Dong-sook was born March 7, 1955. Apparently her mother died before 1960 in unknown circumstances. Dong-sook was raised by Kim Won-pil and his wife.

▲ Above left: Dong-sook

▲ In this photo from about 1961, Dong-sook is sitting on the floor next to Choi Won-pok.

▲ Dong-sook resembles Sun Myung Moon. Who was her mother? There have been reports that she died before 1960. If that was the case, then her mother could not be the wife of Kim Won-pil in whose family she was placed. Dong-sook has little resemblance to Chong Dal-ok.

▲ At Hyo-jin’s funeral in March 2008. From the right: Ye-jin, Dong-sook, In-jin, Un-jin, Kwon-jin, Kook-jin, Hyun-jin, Sun-jin, Hyung-jin, Yeon-jin and Jeong-jin.

Did Moon marry his own son to his own daughter – even if they did have different mothers?

Two Moon followers both pregnant in 1955.

Moon’s fourth wife – Choi Won-pok

催元福   최원복   チュ・ゥォンボァ

She was called “Great Mother” or “Second Mother”

하나님의 날을 맞아 축복 기도를 하고 있다.

Giving the benediction on [the first] God’s day [in 1968].

Choi Won-pok is on the right. Moon said “He stood in Adam’s position and Mrs Choi stood in Eve’s position.” Han Hak Ja is on the left.

Sun Myung Moon on his return to Korea in October after his 1965 world tour on which Choi Won-pok accompanied him while Han Hak Ja stayed in Korea. Moon is on the left, holding the hand of Hyo-jin. Walking behind him is Hee-jin who was born in August 1955 – his mother was Kim Myung-hee. Han Hak Ja (in the light clothes) and Choi Won-pok (in the dark dress) are holding the hands of Ye-jin. In the back is Lee Deuk-sam holding baby In-jin who was born that August.

Lee Deuk-sam  李得三  이득삼  was the mother of Choi Soon-wha whom Moon had just gotten pregnant during his three month stay in Washington, DC, that spring. Soon-wha, also known as Annie Choi, would give birth to Sam Park on January 28, 1966.

▲ Choi Won-pok with Sun Myung Moon at the Cheongpa-dong Church in about 1966.

Sun Myung Moon’s fourth wife, Choi Won-pok  NEW

Moon’s fifth wife – Han Hak Ja

韓鶴子   한학자

Sam Park referred to Han Hak Ja and Hong Soon-ae in his July 2014 testimony: “The only criterion [Moon] gave to finding his new bride was that she be a “nobody” and a girl where parental approval was unnecessary. As a teenager, Han Hak Ja was smart, hard-working and pretty, but unfortunately for her, she had a mother [Hong Soon-ae] who was both ignorant and unkind. In many ways, Han Hak Ja was a victim of circumstance, since she was the illegitimate product of an affair between her single mother and a married man, with whom she attended the same sex cult prior to her joining the UC, where she ended up working in the kitchen as a maid. Since Han Hak Ja’s biological father didn’t claim her as his daughter, parental approval was never an issue.”

Sam Park video transcript (July 2014)

‘어린양 혼인잔치’ 라는 결혼식을 미치고 재림주인 문선명과 함께 신부 한학자는 춤을 추고 있다.

▲ The bride Hak-ja Han dancing with Lord of the Second Advent, Sun Myung Moon after the “The Marriage of the Lamb” ceremony [in 1960].

“Once the vows of matrimony were exchanged, Moon as Perfect Adam could not let himself fall into the same trap as the first Adam. He “snatched her out of the Satanic world” and taught her to obey. Since Adam fell by being dominated by Eve, he had to reverse the precedent by achieving complete domination over his wife. Obedience training went from formation to growth and perfection, to the point where, after three years, he says, she would sacrifice her life if he so ordered.” Robert Boettcher, Gifts of Deceit (1980), page 37.

Soon-ae Hong, the mother of Hak Ja Han

Moon’s stand-by bride and 23 earlier rejections

Moon’s sixth ‘wife’ – Choi Soon-wha 

催淳華   최순화
She was also known as Annie Choi in the US

▲ Choi Soon-wha is standing close to Moon in this 1965 photo. She is wearing a white coat and a lilac headscarf. Nine months later she gave birth to Sam Park. (birth certificate) Sam was conceived in the house of Bo Hi Pak who is standing on the right. Mrs Pak is standing on the left.

According to Hong Nansook, Moon’s ex-daughter-in-law, Moon’s present wife and other family members, including Moon himself, Moon acknowledged that he had “providential sex” with women in his role as the Messiah. Rev. Moon … fathered an illegitimate son out of wedlock. This son of Rev. Moon is Sammy Pak. He grew up in Colonel Bo Hi Pak’s family in the USA as his adopted son.
In the Shadow of the Moons. My Life in the Reverend Sun Myung Moon’s Family,
pages 72-73

Annie Choi’s story by Mariah Blake 
(Annie Choi was also known as Choi Soon-wha):
“As it turns out, Moon didn’t always live up to his virtuous teachings, either. In April [2013], I [Mariah Blake] spoke by videophone with Annie Choi, a soft-spoken, 77-year-old Korean woman with ruddy cheeks and thick silver hair. Choi, who joined Moon’s church along with her mother and sister in the 1950s, alleges that she engaged in numerous sexual rituals—some involving as many as six women—beginning when she was 17 years old. Her story, which is consistent with the accounts of several early followers, supports the claim that Moon’s church started out as a sex cult, with Moon “purifying” female devotees through erotic rites.

By 1960, when he married Hak Ja Han, Moon was touting marital fidelity as his religion’s foundational ideal. But Choi maintains she stayed on as Moon’s mistress until 1964, when she moved to the United States. The following year, Moon made his inaugural visit to America. By the time he left, Choi says, she was carrying his child.

News like this could have sunk the fledgling American project. But Bo Hi Pak made sure that didn’t happen. According to Choi, who has never before spoken publicly about the experience, Pak’s wife stuffed her mid-section with cloth diapers and pretended that she was pregnant. When it came time to give birth, Choi says that Pak accompanied her to the hospital and passed her off as his wife. The following day, he dropped her off at her empty apartment and took the baby back to his home. Later, Mrs. Pak brought Choi some seaweed soup, but Choi told me that she couldn’t eat it. “I just sat there crying, with my tears falling in the pot.”

Choi stayed in the United States to be near her son, Sam Park—the same young man In Jin had fallen for during her teenage years. (By all accounts, she was unaware that Sam was her half brother.) Then, at age 13, it dawned on Sam that the kindly “aunt” who visited periodically was actually his mother. “Suddenly my life made a lot more sense,” Sam told me in April, when we met in Phoenix, where he and Choi live.

Bo Hi Pak later approached Sam and his mother with a contract. As a sign of their “mutual love, affection and respect,” it read, Sam, Choi, and Pak would release one another—and the Moon family—from “any and all past, present or future actions,” including those arising from inheritance claims. In return, Sam and Choi would each receive $100.

Alleging that they were victims of “theology-based” racketeering, Sam and Choi are now suing the Paks and Moons for $20 million. Neither the Unification Church nor the lawyers for the Moon and Pak families responded to requests for comment.

Sam Park’s existence was an indignity that Mrs. Moon had to endure.”

For the full article (the above is an extract) see:
The Fall of the House of Moon – By Mariah Blake, The New Republic

Videos related to this article.

Moon had two women pregnant at the same time in 1965.

▲ Choi Soon-wha with Sam Park. A year or two later he discovered the friendly ‘aunt’ was his mother.

▲ Two photo fragments have been found. When put back together, Choi Soon-wha (also known as Annie Choi in the US) is seen standing close to Moon. This photo was taken around the time of the secret 1964 wedding between Moon and Choi Soon-wha, held at the Unification Church headquarters in Chongpa-dong, Seoul. Hee-jin Moon is crouching down and looking up at his father. His mother was Kim Myung-hee. Kim Won-pil and Kwak Chung-hwan are standing immediately behind Moon. Kim Young-whi is behind Choi Soon-wha. Choi Won-pok is on the right. Kim Young-oon may be standing next to her. They all knowingly hid Moon’s bigamy. LINK

Sam Park shared his story in this July 2014 video

“My mother’s involvement with Rev. Moon started in 1953 when, at the age of 17 years old, he forced himself upon her and took her virginity. At the time [pause] my father said that because my mother was destined to be his eternal bride or the “True Mother” in UC parlance, he had to have sexual relations with her to reverse what the … Forgive me because I am going to bring up UC / Moonie terms. Some of you might know it if you follow the church, but a lot of you won’t – just indulge me because there are a lot of Unificationists out there who may see this and it will probably help them. My father said to my mother that – he basically raped her – that he had to have sexual relations with her to reverse what the Archangel Lucifer did to the young Eve. Rev. Moon taught that the biblical Eve was seduced by the Archangel Lucifer when she was 17 years old which was the real reason for the Fall of Man as described in the Bible. That is how Moonies think about the Fall of Man.

One cannot understand the context of our involvement with my father and the Unification Church movement without first becoming aware of the central role my mother’s family (the Choi family) played from the inception of his nascent spiritual movement. For both Moonie and non-Moonie alike, the implications of this “hidden history” of the Choi Family are compelling and significant.

When my father first met my grandmother in 1953, he knew from her name that she was going to be a very important person to him. Her name was Deuk-sam Lee and literally translates into “attaining the three” which is quite an odd name even by Korean standards. But to any Moonie, her name was significant because it represents the central mandate of the Divine Principle (the Unification Church belief system) which was the three blessings depicted in Genesis 1:28, which is to be fruitful, multiply, and to have dominion over creation.

Owing to the Choi family affluence, my grandmother was the primary financial backer of the nascent UC movement donating several million dollars throughout the 50s and 60s. In fact, there probably wasn’t a soul who wasn’t helped by grandmother in the early church days which is the reason why she was such a beloved figure within the UC. Counting in today’s dollars, a million dollars from the mid 1950’s would equate to approximately $8.5 million dollars today. In addition to selling her million dollar mansion in the early 50’s and donating the proceeds to the Church, she continually donated significant amounts over the decades up even up to her passing in 1973.

My grandfather, Sung Mo Choi [see links below], was a substantial businessman in his era. He was a self-made millionaire by 26 (back when a million dollars really meant something) and despite making and losing a fortune three times, by the early 1950’s when my grandmother joined the Unification Church, he had firmly laid the foundation for the Shin-Dong-Ah group (which was the Choi family owned conglomerate) to grow into the multibillion-dollar enterprise it became. As my grandfather’s business expanded, his influence reached into the corridors of power in Seoul, Korea. On many occasions, he was sent at the personal request of the President, at that time, Park Chung Hee to lead trade negotiations with the US in Washington, D.C. During the Park Chung Hee years, he had a direct phone line to the Blue House, hotline as they call it, and was head of the organization akin to the council of economic advisors in the U.S., and he closely advised the President on economic policy.

My grandfather built an elite business group and became the second richest man in Korea, as judged by tax payments, behind Byung Chul Lee, the founder of the Samsung Group, who was a close personal friend of his. It’s kind of ironic but when they, the wealthiest men in Korea, met for lunch, they would mostly end up talking about their family and kids, and not business. In some ways, this epitomized the type of man my grandfather was. Despite all his success and power, what really mattered to him the most was the well-being of his children and employees. At heart, he was a humble and noble man and was considered to be the most ethical businessman of his generation, and that is a fact my mother and I are most proud of – especially being Korean with corruption as it was, and basically still is today.

Given the family’s standing, it’s easy to see why my father was transfixed on gaining the support of the Chois. With my grandfather’s support, the corridors of power [i.e. the Blue House] and finance would have been wide open to his nascent movement. There is no telling how high he might have risen with the right backing. For my father, the Chois were the jewel in the crown for the fulfillment of his Messianic vision. To non-Moonies the following is nonsensical so again bare with me, but my father told my mother repeatedly that God was trying to “consummate” all of human history through the Choi family. He believed that my grandfather stood in the historical archangel position, my two uncles (my mother’s younger brothers) stood in the historical Cain and Abel position and my mother and her older sister (who both joined the Church soon after my grandmother joined in 1953) stood in the historical Leah and Rachel position.

My father believed he had to model the life of the biblical Jacob by marrying two blood sisters and have 12 sons with the sisters and their handmaidens. Like Jacob, my father planned to first marry the older sister (my aunt) in 1960 and then seven years later, divorce her and then marry the younger more favored sister, who was my mother. In the years leading up to 1960, most everyone in the church knew about my father’s marital plans to marry both my aunt and my mother, and acknowledged my mother as the future “True Mother” of the Unification Church. According to my father, if he was going to get his mission right, he needed to get these crucial relationships within the Choi family right, by modeling what the Biblical Jacob did.

Unfortunately, due to my father’s over active libido, which resulted in several unintended pregnancies with other woman, my aunt’s faith in my father eroded and culminated in her leaving the Unification Church soon after her official engagement to him in late 1959. All this stuff hardly anyone else knows. This is the hidden history which, for good reason, they have tried to keep quiet, because it completely … it’s anathema and it contradicts what they have been teaching the people from 1960. After my aunt broke off their engagement, my father went into a tailspin. A relationship that he cultivated over seven years, which was central to his mission, simply evaporated. Rather than acknowledging his own responsibility, he blamed my aunt and the Chois for failing him, which is the typical Rev. Moon Modus Operandi of passing the buck and blaming everyone else except himself. However, he had a dilemma, he had to keep to the “heavenly schedule” and be married in the spring of 1960, when he was 40 years old. Moonies believe the number 40 holds significant cosmic importance, so he needed to quickly find a bride in a short period of time, about four months. … ”

Read the full story here: Sam Park video transcript (July 2014)

Moon used a ‘Honey Trap’, a beautiful woman, to ensnare Sam Park’s very rich grandfather. Sam’s uncle explains what happened to the Choi family.

Sam Park’s grandfather had a very bitter experience – The Choi family’s entanglements with Sun Myung Moon

▲ On the right is Choi Soon-wha 催淳華. Moon’s intended bride in 1959 was Choi Soon-shil 催淳實, who may be sitting on the left and also be in the individual photo. (The identity of Soon-shil has not been confirmed.) The two young women sitting together is a section of the photo below. Moon is standing in the center:

One of the sisters was known as ‘Future Mother.’ Moon saw them as being his Leah and Rachel wives to himself in his role of restoring Jacob’s course. Moon planned to marry Soon-shil while he was still 40. In January 1960 he would be 41 by the Korean way of counting age. In about October 1959, after a big church meeting, Soon-shil decided she could not go through with marriage to Moon and left. Moon was furious. He had to quickly find a new bride. He missed his goal of holding “The Marriage of the Lamb” before he turned 41.

Michael Breen explains about the intended bride:

“Deuk-sam Lee – already married. Left husband. One daughter was intended as Father’s bride, the other became mother of Sammy Park.” (December 20, 1998)

Moon and Choi Soon-shil arrested in July 1955

Eu Hyo-won diary entry for July 13, 1955
I was sent by a detective to the Chong No station. Already Teacher [Moon] and Sung-sil were there. … Eu Hyo-min and Eu Hyo-yeong were with them too. …

July 15, 1955  경향 신문  Kyunghyang Daily News
“ 催淳實 Choi Soon-shil = (女信徒 a female believer) 淫行媒介 being instrumental in the conduct of immoral sexual acts.”

Kirsti L. Nevalainen:
The wives of Sun Myung Moon
1. Choi Seon-gil 1943-1957 [engaged 1943, married 1945, divorced January 8, 1957]
2. Ms Kim in North Korea [bigamous marriage to Sun Myung Moon on February 22, 1948.]
3. Ms Kim Young-hi [Myung-hee, bigamous marriage to Sun Myung Moon, the date of June 30, 1955 has been given. Kim was the mother of Moon Hee-Jin, born August 17, 1955 in Tokyo.]
4. Choi Won-pok (lived with SMM from the 1950s to 1977 in South Korea and the USA) She was considered to be a “Second Mother” and a member of the True Family.
5. Han Hak-ja 1960-present
Change of Blood Lineage through Ritual Sex in the Unification Church
ISBN: 978-1439261538  (page 18)

How “God’s Day” was established on January 1, 1968

Moon’s theology for his pikareum sex rituals with all the 36 wives

Sun Myung Moon – Restoration through Incest

Ritual Sex in the Unification Church – Kirsti L. Nevalainen

Moon, ‘Six Marys’ and the Virgin Bride

Moon had a girlfriend from at least 1941. She introduced Moon to Kim Baek-moon!

Moon flirted with many girls and women for most of his life. He said to one husband about his wife, “She belongs to me first.”

Sun Myung Moon – The Emperor of the Universe

The FFWPU / Unification Church and Shamanism

The FFWPU is unequivocally not Christian

A Korean perspective on Moon and his ‘Fall of Man’ teaching

Sun Myung Moon’s theology used to control members

Moon’s Theology of the Fall, Tamar, Jesus and Mary
1. Graham C. Lester: Jesus, Judas and Mary
2. Sun Myung Moon said he “came through the fallen lineage” and had original sin.
3. How did Moon remove his original sin? & Finding the “wife of Jehovah”
4. Kirsti L. Nevalainen explains about “the wife of Jehovah” in Pyongyang in 1946
5. Ruth A. Tucker, PhD: Moon’s Other Gospel of Sex Rituals to “Womb Cleanse”
6. Three testimonies about Sun Myung Moon’s pikareum sex rituals
7. Sun Myung Moon: “God himself nursed Adam and Eve”
8. Tamarism is a key theology upon which Moon based his mission
9. Graham C. Lester: Five of the many ways in which the Divine Principle view of the Fall is nonsensical
10. John H.: Sun Myung Moon’s Divine Principle Theory Applied

The Moons’ God is not the God of Judeo-Christianity