Kim Baek-moon talked about “sexual union with God.”

Kim Baek-moon was Sun Myung Moon’s teacher in 1945-46.


淫教のメシア•文鮮明伝 written by 萩原 遼  Hagiwara Ryo (1991)
The Life of Sun Myung Moon – the Messiah of a Perverted Sex Religion
193 pages including 96 photos    ISBN: 978-4891880668

▲ photo: Sun Myung Moon and his wife giving a celebratory prayer. From “All about the 1800-couple International Mass Wedding of the Unification Church.”

From The Life of Sun Myung Moon book cover:
“The Unification Church proclaims itself to be Christian, but where on earth can you find a Christian church which defines as an important ritual the number of times and positions to be taken for the first times of sexual intercourse? The Unification Church knowingly misrepresents itself as Christian to lure innocent young men and women – who do not know about these things – to join. They become firmly tied to Sun Myung Moon through these sex rituals. It is evident that the Unification Church is a religious group whose core doctrine is ‘manipulation of people through sex’.” …… quote from the book

Front cover (small text): “The Unification Church mass weddings are an exceptionally bizarre group event. Their pikareum doctrine is based on extracting the blood of Satan and then injecting the pure blood of the Holy God. This pure blood is given through the Messiah having sexual intercourse with female believers.” …… quote

Back cover: “Kim Baek-moon talked about ‘sexual union with God.’ He defined this “sexual union’ ritual as the atonement ceremony and he called it the ‘physical ceremony’ [pikareum]. He was Sun Myung Moon’s teacher, and he advocated the spread of this ceremony as a religious practise. Likewise, Moon’s bizarre ‘theory of restoration’ teaching was a completely secondhand use of Kim Baek-moon’s restoration principles.” …… quote

“A middle-aged woman was begging to be Moon’s partner. In other words, she was trying to become his wife. However, Moon has the mission of completely restoring many women. To make the middle-aged woman understand this, Moon vigorously…” …… quote


▲ Sun Myung Moon and wife walking between the seventy two couple followers who are attending them. From the book of Tahk Myeong-hwan, “The Reality of the Unification Church.”

Hagiwara Ryo’s book contains 60 pages of supporting documents from other authors.
Table of Contents:

Additional Information / Original Sources   p.129

I  Empirical research reveals the state of the Unification Church   p.130
The truth about the Unification Church – a criticism of “The Word” and the main educational teachings by Professor Tahk Myeong-hwan 卓明煥

II  The True colors of the Unification Church mass marriages   p.142
A focus on the symbolic functions of the religious rituals of the Unification Church by Professor Chong Chin-hong 鄭鎮弘   p.144

III  In response to Professor Chong Chin-hong’s “From the Perspective of Religious Studies”   p.167

IV  The Complaint of Mr. Kim Myung-hui 金明煕   p.170

Afterword   p.190

page 70
Sun Myung Moon was first arrested by the security police on August 11, 1946. He was detained for three months at the Daedong police station [in Pyongyang]. The charge was for causing social disorder, for alleged sexual immorality. On February 22, 1948 Sun Myung Moon was arrested for a second time by the 内務省 Ministry of the Interior [not 内務署 the Interior Department] for his coerced marriage with a housewife, Mrs Kim Chong-hwa. On April 27 he was sentenced to five years in Heungnam prison.

The author and contributors to this book originally wanted to publish it in Korea. Due to the favorable attitude of the Korean government to the Unification Church at the time, this was not possible. Therefore it was published in Japan. Mr. Hagiwara may have been Korean; he was certainly fluent in Korean and was an expert on Korea.

Information on this book in Japanese (with the above text)

The Divine Principle ‘parallels of history’ predicted the messiah would come in 1917. He did. His name was Kim Baek-moon, born on October 19, 1917. Kim wrote the ‘parallels of history.’ Moon stole them. That is why 1917 does not match up with Moon’s 1920 birth.

There were exactly 400 years from Martin Luther’s 1517 declaration to Kim Baek-moon’s 1917 birth.

Note: This chart is based on one produced by the Unification Church / FFWPU. It has been modified and a photograph of Kim Baek-moon has been added.

Kim Baek-moon

Stories were related at the Unification Theological Seminary in Barrytown that Moon used to look for papers in Kim Baek-moon’s trash during the time Moon was with Kim in late 1945 to mid 1946.

Some early Unification Church members who were very familiar with Kim Baek-moon’s teachings, or whose relatives had been Kim’s followers, have confirmed that the ‘parallels of history’ were developed by Kim. In Korea this is no secret.

Kim was born on October 19, 1917 (according to the lunar calendar) in Gyeongsangbookdo (North Gyeongsang Province). Kim was the second son. In his childhood, he lived in the countryside near Taegu and his dream was to become a medical doctor.

Kim traveled to Wonsan in 1934, where he became a disciple of Paek Nam-ju. Paek spoke of three providential ages. Paek and Kim were familiar with the 1924 revelations of Kim Song-do (1883-1944).

In 1935, Kim Baek-moon went to Chulsan with Paek Nam-ju to meet Kim Song-do.

Paek Nam-ju called his church, in the mountains near Wonsan, the Israel Monastery. Kim later used the same name for his church in Pajoo, Kyunggido, out of respect for Paek.

Kim Baek-moon began to teach his disciples his ideas in 1940. (This was explained by Shin Hyōn-shik 申鉉植, a follower.) Kim entered Joseon Theological Seminary in Seoul in about 1942. He studied there for three years.

Kim Baek-moon had an experience with Jesus on Gangsan mountain in Gyeonggi Province in 1946.
“It was around this time that there occurred a phenomenon which Kim’s later followers would consider to mark the real beginning of the history of the group. They say that on March 2, 1946, the Holy Spirit came down. Jesus is said to have appeared, and Kim began receiving continuous revelations concerning Korea’s apparent role as the new chosen country. He received the revelation “You are Israel.” He asked God what this meant, and received the answer that he had the mission in the future to spread the new teaching throughout the world…. According to Kim’s elder, Shin Hyon-shik. Shin said that from this time, Kim began compiling his revelations into a comprehensive theology.”
Michael Breen, Sun Myung Moon, the early years, pages 69 and 173.

In 1977 Moon’s cousins had never heard of Moon’s experience with Jesus on a mountain. 

Frederick Sontag Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church (1977) page 78:
“It is interesting that his [Moon’s] two cousins to whom I talked knew nothing of the “Easter revelation experience.” This does not mean it did not take place, but it does mean that for a while he kept his own counsel about his mission. … His family reported him as quiet, serious, and given to spending time alone. On Easter morning in 1936, when he was sixteen, Moon reports later in life, Jesus appeared to him and told him he was chosen to attempt the completion of Jesus’ mission.”

Did Moon steal the ‘mountain encounter with Jesus’ narrative from Kim Baek-moon and use it for his teenage ‘encounter’ story and his own claim to have authority from Jesus?

▲ Kim Baek-moon standing in front of the thatched roof of his Israel Monastery in about 1946.

Kim’s experience with Jesus in 1946 decided the course of his life. Kim said that he received his mission from Jesus in this revelation. It was to proclaim the enlightenment given there and the Second Advent of Christ. Since then, in his church, March 2nd has been celebrated as the day on which heaven was opened. 1946 was defined as the first year of the Completed Testament Age.

Kim explained, “From 11:23 a.m. to 12:00, March 2nd, 1946, on the mountain of Gangsan, in Gyeonggido, Korea, I met Jesus Christ who manifested himself directly.” [This was during a worship service with 33 faithful members present.] Then Kim promised to publish the book, Fundamental Christian Principles, in front of Jesus. That grace gave him the spiritual power to start to write the book.

Kim Baek-moon held “the wedding of the Lamb” on December 25, 1953. In this ceremony, Kim was the bridegroom. His wife’s name was Kim Jeong-ae.

Kim wrote three books. He regarded the three together as the eternal Gospel mentioned in Revelations 14:6 – the new truth which people sought in the era of the fulfillment of God’s Will. The books represented the three stages. The first book is the formation stage, the second is the growth stage, and the last one represents perfection.

聖神神学  성신신학  (Seongshin Shinhak)  479 pages
Theology of the Holy Spirit  1954 January 25

基督教根本原理  기독교근본원리  (Kidokkyo Keunbon Wonli)  844 or 885 pages
Fundamental Christian Principles  1958 January 1

信仰人格論  신앙인격론  (Shinang Inggyeogron)  366 pages
Theory of Character Formed by Faith  1970 September 30

In the first book, Songshin Shinhak (1954), the fall of man is described as being caused by the sexual relationship between Eve and the Archangel Lucifer. Page 436 is interesting.

第二節 創世前世界到의榮華〔内容〕

On page 436 of Kim Baek-moon’s first book it is clear to see the three stages of restoration are mentioned in the fourth line from the right.

이三大原理란   第一 創造에原理   第二 墮落에原理   第三 復歸에原理이니이

The second book, Fundamental Christian Principles (1958), is the largest work at 844 pages. It consists of three parts; the Principle of Creation, the Principle of the Fall and the Principle of Restoration – expanding on the ideas mentioned in the first book.

第一篇 創造原理
第二篇 墮落原理
第三萹 復歸原理

These three things are exactly the same as what is written in the Japanese Divine Principle (1966).

Fundamental Christian Principles showed the way for the perfection of individual character and indicated the way for the unification of all religions (pages 24 and 841). This book also revealed Kim’s special status, which he believed Jesus had given him.

Kim never had a very large following, but he was respected and supported by various leaders of society. He had influence. He died on December 22, 1990.

In the 1990s there were still disciples of Kim witnessing to him as the messiah – and quoting the same Bible verses used in the Divine Principle to promote Moon as a messiah.
▲ This was Kim’s Israel Monastery in 1955.

Kim Baek-moon used to call the Unification Church the ‘dragon cult,’ referring to Moon’s birth name which was Moon Yong-myung, 文龍明. Yong means dragon. And Kim called Moon a thief.

Christians often say the dragon represented satan. That is why Moon changed his name to Sun Myung Moon in about 1946 or 47 while he was in Pyongyang. The official name change documentation was done in Seoul in the 1950s.

The Divine Principle was ‘discovered’ in 1924

“In 1924, Kim Song-do’s church minister was arrested for adultery. She was shocked and prayed deeply about how a man of God could make such a mistake. Satan appeared to her and mocked her. Then Jesus appeared in her prayers and told her that adultery was the root of sin. He also said that his crucifixion had been the result of the mistrust of his own people, that the Second Advent of Christ would occur through another man and that he would appear in Korea. She wrote Jesus’s words out on twelve large strips of paper six foot long by one foot wide. She was told to teach what she had learned. Her minister said it was the work of the devil, but her story got round and soon many Christians began to visit her. As interest grew, the Presbyterian Church expelled her.”
Michael Breen: Sun Myung Moon, the early years 1920-1953,  page 75

In Korean:
First Kim Baek-moon gave a sexual interpretation of the Fall of Man, then Moon Sun Myung, Jung Myong Suk and Park Yoon Sik taught the same ideas

Where Moon got his theology

Kim Seong-do and the roots of the Divine Principle

Chong Deuk-eun – Great Holy Mother

Chong Deuk-eun’s book, The Principle of Life (Korean)

Moon had sex ceremonies with the wives of all the first 36 couples

How “God’s Day” was established on January 1st 1968

Moon and Young-oon Kim both followed Yong-do Kim

Young-oon Kim – it all ended in flames and tears

Moon had a girlfriend from at least 1941. She introduced Moon to Kim Baek-moon!

Elder Park Tae-seon was another pikareum messiah

A brief critical examination of the Divine Principle theory of history

UC theologians are deceiving members and covering up for Sun Myung Moon