Sun Myung Moon – Emperor, and God

Sun Myung Moon copied the Enthronement Hall of the Korean emperors. The sun and moon motifs symbolize his power over all the people and the elements.

Updated January 8, 2021

The Enthronement Hall of Kyongbok Palace, Seoul.

The Sun and Moon Screen which a background for the throne chairs formerly belonging to the rulers of the Empire of Korea. Such a screen with the Sun and Moon symbolized the physical sway which rulers held over the elements, as well as over the lives of their subjects. The screen still remains in the empty Enthronement Hall, although the Yi family which reigned for over five centuries has given way to democracy.

Sun Myung Moon frequently uses such a screen:

▲ The Moons dressed in royal robes wearing Shilla crowns in front of a Sun and Moon screen denoting the Moon’s Lordship. The food offering is in traditional shaman style, as shown below.

Both of the Moon’s crowns have shaman motifs featuring Cosmic Trees and deer antlers. The seven branches on the Cosmic Tree indicate the wearer could travel through the seven levels of heaven. The pinnacle of each of their trees represent the residence of the chief shaman deity.

extracts from the book Rev. Sun Myung Moon by Kim Chong-sun (1978)


Numerous articles about Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the controversial Korean preacher, have recently appeared in periodicals and newspapers in the United States. These articles dealt mainly with the way in which Moon proselytized and recruited his followers, and paid less attention to his native cultural and religious background in assessing the dynamics of his movement. Therefore, this work incorporates discussions on shamanism, which is the indigenous Korean religion, as a key to the source of his religious tenets and cult activities. … Although this work utilizes a great many journalistic accounts, its approach is anthropological and sociological as well as historical, in order to broaden the student’s understanding of this most curious movement of our time. …

MOON AND KOREAN SHAMANISM (extract from Chapter 5)
Korea’s legendary founder was called Tan’gun. He was known in folklore as an extraordinary shaman, endowed with miraculous powers, and a bringer of many benefits to his people. Tan’gun means the “King of Sandalwood” because his father, who married the mythical “bear-woman”, descended from heaven through a sandalwood tree on Mt. T’aebaek. This tree is a familiar symbol for the “world tree” or “cosmic pillar” which can be found in many ancient shaman cultures. Tan’gun set up his royal residence in P’yŏngyang ([close to] Sun Myung Moon’s birthplace) and bestowed the name Chosŏn (the Land of the Morning Calm, or Korea) upon his kingdom. Tan’gun was said to have ruled for 1,500 years and then returned at the age of 1,908 to Asadal on Mt. T’aebaek, where he became a mountain god. The legend is interesting in that it reveals the old tradition that Korean kings were also shamans. From antiquity to the present, the shaman has been a key figure in Korean life, and any study of Korean history warrants a close investigation of shamanism. In Korea the links between evangelical religions and shamanism are particularly strong because shamanistic beliefs have persisted down to contemporary times.

Shamans are said to have contact with the animal world, the realm of sky, the realm beneath the earth, and the realm of the dead. The shaman masters the spirits through incantation and ritualized chanting and dancing to induce ecstasy or invoke curses. The Oxford Universal Dictionary defines shamanism as “the primitive religion of the Ural-Altaic peoples of Siberia, in which all the good or evil of life are thought to be brought about by spirits which can be influenced only by Shamans.” As descendants of the Tungus tribes from Siberia, the Koreans have been practitioners of animistic shamanism for many centuries. Within the Korean home, individual members of a family have presided as shamans, and the occupational shaman is sought out as a healer, a fortune-teller, and an emissary who can contact the realm of the spirits. Words, songs, music, and art are the shaman’s tools, which can be used either to heighten or deaden awareness.

▲ Siberian deer.

Considered to be the oldest religion practiced by mankind, shamanism was particularly strong in Northeast Asia, but it is a phenomenon that has been endemic to all hunting societies. Shamanism, moreover, persists as a technique for manipulating human behavior in countries throughout the world. Among the Tungusians, who lived in a hunting society and depended upon the reindeer for survival, the shaman healer wore a headdress that incorporated the reindeer’s antlers.

The most impressive artifact that gives evidence of a relation between the Siberian shamans and the Korean rulers is the gold crown excavated from Kyŏngju, the ancient capital of the Shilla Kingdom, that bears a mark of resemblance to both antler and “tree-of-life” patterned headgear worn by the Tungus. …”
– from Rev. Sun Myung Moon by Kim Chong-sun

▲ Diagram of Shilla gold crown showing three cosmic trees and two deer antlers.

extracts from the book Folk Art And Magic – Shamanism in Korea (1988) by Alan Carter Covell:

“Every crown discovered at Kyŏngju displays tree-shaped ornaments rising from its headband. Normally three such forms stand upright. These stylized trees, with branches jutting off at right angles, represent the World Tree or the Cosmic Tree, which was a major symbol across the whole northern Siberian Steppes. In nature one species, both very beautiful and unusual, the white birch, became a special symbol for Shamanism. Today very few white birch grow in south Korea, but further north where the winters are much more severe the birch is common. It grows in a northern latitude all the way across Eurasia from Finland and the Scandinavian countries to northern Korea.

The birch and its special significance to northern-type Shamanism may be very ancient. Professor Li Ogg of the University of Paris has pointed out that the first component of the name “Tangun,” Korea’s traditional founder, is “tan” signifying a variety of birch. According to the ancient story, Tan’gun was born under a birch tree on the slopes of Whitehead Mountain, on the border between Manchuria and present-day North Korea. Such a cold climate would produce many white birch.

The Cosmic Tree in itself represents the central pillar of the universe in Siberian Shamanism. Its roots are planted in the underworld, its trunk in the world of man and its branches in heaven, so the shaman may visit all three realms. This would explain why all the crowns of Silla’s shaman-kings display tree designs rising from the circlet, which was itself decorated with waves to represent the ocean or the under world.

On the golden crowns unearthed from Kyŏngju’s burial mounds, the number of branches varies slightly. Most have seven ends, three on each side and the top end branch, although two crowns among those so far discovered have nine. This may be explained if the number of branches refers to the levels of heaven. Some tribes had seven and others had nine levels of heaven in their mythology. The uppermost branch became the residence of the chief deity.”

The Moons claim dominion over America in 2004. The Cosmic Trees are prominent on both crowns.

“A Shamanist tale survives about a “Goddess of the Tree of Life.” She sits amongst the branches of the Cosmic Tree, controlling the fate of men. This magical tree has a million leaves, with each man’s fate written upon one leaf. When the goddess causes a particular leaf to fall, that human being dies.

The jewelry excavated from Kyŏngju evidences two shapes, both of which are similar to the shape of a birch leaf in real life. The long pendants with so many golden leaf shapes clinging to their strands suggest a reflection of the power of the shaman-king over the multitudinous lives of his subjects. Earrings also often have birch-leaf shapes as their decoration.

This jewelry suggests a belief that the shaman-ruler controlled the life and death of his subjects, as, indeed, he did. During the fifth century Shamanism was the state religion of the Silla Kingdom; it was merely the accepted thing that the king, who was the highest shaman in the kingdom, also took the lion’s share of the treasures available, thus ensuring the blessings of the spirits.

The presence of antlers fabricated from gold on most of the major crowns unearthed in Kyŏngju would seem to be another link to the nomads of the northern steppes, where reverence for the reindeer, especially the stag and his antlers, was universal.

The Altai not only used the reindeer as a chief source of food, but they nominated him as a constellation and a magic animal. Ceremonies grew up around this creature’s most notable feature, the antlers. Reindeer became associated with the movement of the sun through the sky. One legend records that a reindeer held the sun between his antlers.

The fact that the reindeer was believed to have been a celestial animal made his antlers into powerful talismans, by associative magic and thus their use on the ruler’s crowns in Silla-period tombs.”
–  from the book Folk Art And Magic – Shamanism in Korea (1988) by Alan Carter Covell

▲ Shilla crown from Kyŏngju

Shilla crowns and a Sun and Moon screen

The Cosmic Trees are prominent.

A traditional Korean shaman altar. There appears to be a pig’s head on the small table to the left. The Three Spirit (Sam-shin or Sam-bul) and Seven Spirit (Chilsŏng) deities are on the wall, and most likely the Mountain God (San-shin) is between them.

Cheongpyeong altar with golden thrones and a Sun and Moon screen – January 1, 2006.

Another Sun and Moon screen for the Moons – 2004.

It is official Family Federation for World Peace and Unification / Unification Church teaching that Moon is God. Rev Jin-hun Yong of the Education Department explains that Korea is God’s hometown and God was born in Jung-joo (just north of Pyongyang) – which is where Sun Myung Moon was born.


A portable Sun and Moon screen screen being used in a hotel in the USA – 2009

The Moons in 2006. Are the crowns based on a variation of the Cosmic Tree?

Shaman tactics to promote Sun Myung Moon

World Leaders Speak: The Messiah Has Come – Remarkable Revelations from the Spiritual World

The FFWPU / Unification Church published this book in 2003. It is purported to be messages from world leaders who have died and since communicated from the spiritual world. They all convey messages about the greatness of the Sun Myung Moon and the Divine Principle.

The book starts with a message from God. Then Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Mohammad and Socrates give messages, followed by Communist thinkers and politicians, 12 journalists and finally 36 former US presidents. The book concludes with Richard Nixon giving three cheers of Mansei to God, True Parents and the former American presidents.

Shamans seek to build teams of helpers in the spiritual world to assist them with their activities on earth. It would appear that this is what Moon is attempting to do by publishing such books and taking out full page adverts in major newspapers around the world.

The Washington Times, December 30, 2001

Ceremonies have also been held in different countries for these ‘spirit people’ and other ‘patriots.’ By doing favors for these spirits, through ceremonies and publicity, etc., Moon may be thinking he can call upon their assistance for his so-called ‘Providence.’

Shamans establish relationships. They use their knowledge and abilities to connect with ‘powerful spiritual helpers.’ The shamans can then demonstrate or negotiate power, control, authority and boundaries – but they must maintain and build their relationships with their helpers in the spirit world.

Shamans claim to receive knowledge from the spiritual world. They learn what their helpers require and can supposedly offer. Certain etiquette is necessary to maintain and enhance the on-going relationship. There are levels and types of intimacy and reciprocity – and there are hierarchies.

Each shaman must also face their own first public performance. These occasions also form and cement relationships with the shaman’s wider human community.

Some demonstration of ability is important, whatever tasks particular shamans desire to achieve (e.g., healing, hunting-knowledge, or opposition to other shamans or sorcerers). Shamans are also public performers, and need to impress.

It is remarkable that Moon’s first ever public speech was in the US in 1972. He never spoke at a public meeting in Korea before that. When he spoke in the West he often seemed to be battling the spirit world with vigorous karate chops.

Some of the ‘Spirit World messages’ published by the FFWPU / Unification Church contain factual errors about known events. Some messages contradict other messages. They could all have been invented by people who did not do sufficient historical research.

(Reference for some of the above points came from Shamanism: A Reader (2002) by Graham Harvey.)

Here is an example of a letter from the “spirit world” supposedly channeled through a Mrs Kim Young-Soon.

A Letter Presented By Jesus To True Parents
May 22, 1998
Father, my name is Jesus. Though I am not worthy, you have given me so much love, concerned yourself for my sake, and prayed for me so often. Even this is such a tremendous blessing for me, and yet you have even given my wife a home that is far more than she deserves. How can I ever repay you for all your kindness?
My wife is a woman who is far better than I deserve. Truly, I am awestruck. From this point on, my wife and I will uphold your will and work to make an offering of our lives as a beautiful family. I will attend Heung-jin Nim, offer my prayers and hard work for the sake of the direction of the True Parents and the providence of restoration.
Also, Father! There are vast numbers of Christians here, but their hearts have been closed. Now, you have narrowed the gap between us and Heung-jin Nim, who is able to establish the same flow of cooperative relations as on earth. We will work hard now on the basis of this spiritual backing and foundation.
The name of “Jesus” is always being made to stand out on earth, and no words can describe how ashamed I feel before you, Father, because of this.
Father, please forgive this sinner (in the sense that the responsibility was not fulfilled). Some day, your resentment will be resolved. Christians on earth will begin to have dreams about the wretched appearance of Jesus in the spiritual world.
Father! I truly thank you. I love my wife. Thank you.
I pray that the Parents may have long life and good health.
Jesus, who was born in Nazareth of Judea [??] sends this letter from the spiritual world to Father.

*I am very sorry, Mrs. Kim, to trouble you so often. (This is in reference to the letter that I sent to Mr. Chang.)

Links to many of the “spirit world” messages are here:

Book 5 Life In the Spirit World and On Earth
Chapter One – A Letter Of Offering To True Parents
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The spirits of significant historical figures, including military leaders, in ‘providential’ nations were liberated to mobilize them for Moon’s purposes. This is a Korean shaman tactic.

The Identity of Sun Myung Moon (1)         LINK

by Myung-hui Kim

Picture section page 6

Concerning the issue about the statement made by Sun Myung Moon, “Confucius, Buddha and Jesus are my subordinates” which was published in the “Sermons of Sun Myung Moon” (No. 182 page 29 and No. 184 page 64).

When this statement became an issue, an apology was made about how it was the “editor’s mistake,” but you can find many thoughtless words and ludicrous statements such as “Even God is under my thumb,” and “Christianity is an organization of idiots” (January 1, 1969) all over his published sermons.

Sun Myung Moon Speech No. 182 (1975. 3. 15)

At least several billions of spirits that lived on the earth gathered in spirit world and are being mobilized to lift and help Sun Myung Moon of the Unification Church. Do you know what that means? When you show the name ‘Sun Myung Moon’ to any advanced spiritual medium and ask him or her to pray for Moon, the medium first prays and then naturally starts to praise him while praying. Do you understand? It is like that. That is why unless the spirit world becomes unified, the earth cannot be unified. In fact, we have Sun Myung Moon standing here who has the ability to unify spirit world. Even Confucius, Buddha and Jesus are my subordinates. Just yesterday a Buddhist came before me and said “Buddha ordered me to pray 24 hours for Sun Myung Moon so I had no choice but to comply…..” Even Buddha will be at odds with heavenly law if he does not cooperate. In the future the communist world will also completely disappear. (page 29)

Sun Myung Moon Speech No. 184 (1975)

That is why you should be in a position where you can subjugate creation and subjugate the angels to unify into one to receive cooperation from heaven. You must come to grips with how the spirit world has already come under the command of Sun Myung Moon of the Unification Church. That’s right. Buddhist spiritual mediums came up to me and bowed. Do you think a believer of Buddhism, a believer of Confucianism would do such things? Confucius and Buddha, the whole lot of them are my pupils. Do you know what that means? Pray about it to see if I am lying.

All this is why I am trying to resolve the global problems. Such a fierce fight should take place to base our responsibility on rules and principles so that we can pass the upper realm of hope. Formation was the era of offering creation, next was the growth era followed by the current era of the adopted child where the history of Jesus is that of attempting to restore the adopted child, he himself did not attain completion as a son. That is why he had to return. After returning he would have to subjugate the angels and subjugate the world of creation before standing before God. No one can enter heaven without standing before God. He is in the briefing room of paradise right now. Christians stupidly shout with loud voices even though they don’t know what they are talking about, but I say go ahead and die and see who is correct. (page 64)

[Sun Myung Moon thought Buddha came from China, when in fact he came from India.]

Comment from one person who looked at the above translation:

All the references to the Unification Church in this piece talk about Tongil-gyo not Tongil-gyohwae, so strictly speaking, the English should read Unification Faith or Unificationism (or Unification Religion?) rather than Church.

Shamanism lies at the heart of Sun Myung Moon’s church, even if it uses a Christian signboard.
Ancestor liberation, bowing to pig’s heads and marriages between dead people and the living are some examples.

Shamanism: The Spirit World of Korea
Any understanding of the so-called New Religions of Korea would be difficult without some knowledge of shamanistic influences upon them.

The shamanic ‘Holy Grounds’ of Reverend Moon
Sun Myung Moon made 120 ‘Holy Grounds’ around the world to connect those nations to the shamanic powers of the Korean Guardians of the Five Directions.

Hananim and other Spirits in Korean Shamanism
an extract from the book, Korea: a religious history by Professor James Huntley Grayson

Soon-ae Hong, the mother of Hak Ja Han
The mother of Hak Ja Han Moon was in a sex cult. In 1957, after she joined Moon’s church, she together with another woman were jailed for beating a mentally-ill boy to remove evil spirits. They killed the boy.

Black Heung Jin Nim – Violence in the Moon church
Black Heung Jin Nim was the name given to Cleopas Kundiona from Zimbabwe. He claimed to be the embodiment of Moon’s son who had died in a car crash. Reverend Sun Myung Moon approved him as his son, but there was a lot of violence in the Unification Church before Moon sent Cleopas home. In Zimbabwe he set himself up as a messiah and abused UC members who had not been warned of his dangerous behavior.

Shamanism in Moon’s family – his brother and sister were possessed by a ‘tiger’

Sperm in the Holy Wine of the Unification Church

Moon: “It is not me that decided D-day, which is January 13, 2013. The God of Night and the God of Day decided it together and so nobody can change it.”

The Chong Gam Nok prophecy in the Divine Principle has nothing to do with Moon

Sun Myung Moon: The Emperor of the Universe

Fear and Loathing at Cheongpyeong   NEW

World Domination

In order to rule the world, Sun Myung Moon had to start with Korea.

Sun Myung Moon’s One-World Theocracy

The Moon Organization and the KCIA – ‘Privatizing’ covert action

“Moon used to play golf regularly with Kim Jong-pil”

How Sun Myung Moon’s organization helped to establish Bolivia as South America’s first narco-state.

Sun Myung Moon’s desire to take over the League for his own financial and political ends

Fraser Committee Report on Moon org.:  “these violations were related to the overall goals of gaining temporal power.”

My experience within the hierarchy of the Moon cult during its years of expansion in Russia and in the CIS

Press Release on the Moon church by the Department of Communication, Nizhny Novgorod province, Russia

Sun Myung Moon was eager to infiltrate the European Parliament

Group Founded by Sun Myung Moon Preaches Sexual Abstinence in China

Mongolia – Battleground of the Han and Kwak groups

Robert Parry’s investigations into Sun Myung Moon