Pak interviewed about Moon’s “SEX relays”

Chung-hwa Pak interviewed about the “SEX relays” of Sun Myung Moon

▲ Mr. Atsuo Nakamura 中村敦夫 is top left.

▲ The group photo is of the Unification Church at the time it was founded in 1954. Sun Myung Moon is in the center of the front row, Mr. Pak is in the back row on the left. The close-up top right is also of Mr. Pak 朴正華.

週刊現代 Shūkan Gendai magazine

November 13, 1993  pages 42 to 45

Mr. Pak was interviewed by Mr. Atsuo Nakamura who once a member of the Japanese diet (parliament), a novelist and a very well-known actor in Japan.

Special report: Pikareum. This is the reality of it!!

In the Unification Church I have witnessed all about the “SEX relays” of Sun Myung Moon – Mr. Chung-hwa Pak (former aide to leader Sun Myung Moon)

Mr. Atsuo Nakamura said that the “Mass Weddings are pikareum ceremonies.” On May 31 [1993] the Unification Church said his claims were groundless and made a criminal complaint. But now in front of Mr. Nakamura is a living witness to the pikareum.

Mr. Chung-hwa Pak was himself was a practitioner of the pikareum (chiwake) sex relay. In fact, he said he was a witness to a situation where Sun Myung Moon did it with a woman.

■ Chung-hwa Pak. He is now 80 years old, born in 1913 in North Korea. Mr. Pak was an officer in the military and had to take responsibility for the crimes of his subordinates. In 1949 he was arrested and questioned, and then sent to Heungnam special labor camp in North Korea. There he met Sun Myung Moon (who at the time was known as Yong Myung Moon). He was serving a five-year prison sentence for disturbing the social order. Thereafter Mr. Pak came to know Moon and quickly became a devoted follower, pledging to be his disciple for life. He was a Unification Church founder member. Mr. Pak worked as his right-hand man, and to support the church financially, with the goal of building an ideal society. But later Moon excluded him from activities, and Mr. Pak questioned the teachings and in about 1962 became estranged from the Unification Church. In 1983 he was suddenly asked to come back to the Unification Church and to visit Japan and give a talk there as a living witness to the “impressive story of Sun Myung Moon.” However, Mr. Pak has now decided to write this book, The Tragedy of the Six Marys (published by Constant Friend Publishing / Koyu Publishing) even if doing this was for him like writing his last will and testament.

Nakamura: Up to now, in various places, I have been saying that the core of the doctrine of the Unification Church (The Family Federation / The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity) is that to cleanse the blood [from original sin], Teacher Sun Myung Myung had to have sex with the female followers. We have been saying that this is in the ritual of “pikareum.”

Mr. Nakamura remarked: On May 31 this year the Unification Church said that on the contrary such a ritual or teachings about it do not even exist, and now they will lodge a criminal complaint against me because of my groundless slander.

However, one of the leaders of the Unification Church, and a founding member, has now given a decisive testimony in this “pikareum” controversy. The words came out of the mouth of a person who was a close confidant of Sun Myung Moon. It is Chung-hwa Pak, who is in front of me today.

▲ Mr. Chung-hwa Pak gave an urgent press conference on October 26, 1993.

❖ Here is some additional information about the photo:

From left to right: Professor Myeong-hwan Tahk from Seoul (An expert on Korean new religions who has been quoted in media all around the world. He was murdered by a cult member a few months after this photograph was taken.), the Korean lady who translated, Mr. Hyo-min Eu (A founder member of the Unification Church; one of the first 36 couples “blessed” by Moon; he left the UC in the 1970s.), Mr. Chung-hwa Pak, Mr. Atsuo Nakamura (Member of the Japanese parliament, novelist and a very well-known actor.), Professor Asami Sadao of Tohoku Gakuin University in Sendai (He taught there for more than 40 years.) and Yoshifu Arita (At that time he was a well-known journalist. He also later became a member of the Japanese parliament.). Unfortunately the photograph was damaged when it was cut out of the magazine.

Pak: We also hear in both Korea and Japan, and in other countries, that pikareum does not exist. But the Unification Church is lying about it all. I actually saw Moon do pikareum sex with female followers. Also, on the instructions of Moon, to my great shame, I had sex with female followers. I have obtained testimonies from numerous women followers who had sex with Moon, but in the end they were abandoned by him. They dedicated their bodies and souls to him, and gave their property. Then they were thrown out, discarded, and are now mired in miserable situations. It is totally ridiculous to say pikareum does not exist.

Nakamura: Mr. Pak, in 1949 you met Moon for the first time behind prison bars, but had Moon been imprisoned before that for doing pikareum?

Pak: Because that was before I met him, I did not experience or witness it myself from that time. But he was doing it. I heard testimonies from women who had been his partners, and I heard it directly from Moon’s mouth. I can say it was true.

“He forced / threw himself into the home of a married woman [going in without permission].”

Nakamura: Please can you explain in more detail.

Pak: In 1946 Moon received a revelation from God and crossed into North Korea, abandoning his wife and child. He said he went there to evangelize. He taught his principles and gathered several women followers. He said if they believed in the principle, there would be no salvation unless they kept their position with Moon, even if it was not pleasant. One such person was a married woman called Chong-hwa Kim. It is unbelievable, but Moon started living in Chong-hwa Kim’s home. Her husband and three children also lived there. Moon began shamelessly cohabiting with her as if it was acceptable (or even a good thing to do) even though she was married. He started making preparations for a marriage ceremony. He made a fuss in the middle of the night about marrying Kim.

Nakamura: Because of that incident, in 1948, Moon ended up imprisoned in Heungnam special labor camp.

Pak: Yes. Because of this uproar the local residents notified the police who arrested Moon, and he was sent to the prison camp. At the time, Moon was strongly and deeply attached to Mrs. Kim. When I was discharged from prison before him, Moon asked me to contact her and he gave me instructions to give her.

Nakamura: And after your release did you meet Mrs. Kim?

Pak: I went to meet her straight after my release, but I couldn’t find her. [She had moved out of the Kyongchang-ri neighborhood of Pyongyang and gone to Seoul.] Afterwards, I went to visit her again. I met her and we talked. I asked her and she admitted, at that time, she had sex with Moon. Chong-hwa Kim spoke to me with tears streaming down her face: “I committed a crime that is not permitted, even if I repent for it until I die. Moon is the Great Satan. I hate him so much I want to kill him.” However, she was not the only married woman who was a victim.

■ “Six Marys” Why did Sun Myung Moon choose married women, one after the other, to perform “sex evangelism”? According to Mr. Pak’s book, the reason is Moon’s peculiar interpretation of Christianity. Adam and Eve were the first human beings. Eve had sex with Satan and so all mankind became descendants of the devil. Therefore God sent Jesus Christ to earth as the second Adam. The mission of Christ was to take Eve back from Satan who had stolen her. To do this Christ must have sexual intercourse with six married women, including Mary his own mother, in order to cleanse the blood. (Moon called it “the return.”) But Jesus Christ left this world having failed to save even one married woman by doing “the return” [pikareum] with them. So God sent Sun Myung Moon to earth as the third Adam. His mission was to cleanse the blood of six married women, namely the Six Marys. This was to be done by sexual intercourse with Moon three times [formation, growth and completion]. Through a kind of relay sexual intercourse with these Marys, humankind could be cleansed and saved and brought back to God’s side for the first time. It was Moon who preached this “Principle” to Mr. Pak.

Nakamura: Now you say Six Marys, so Moon must have also taken away many other wives.

Pak: He did take them away. I escaped from North Korea to the South and later I moved to Busan. I can assert the following things. I can assure you that Moon clearly said to me that he carried out the Six Mary [providence]. However, in fact it was not just six. Moon might say “You’re one of the Six Marys” but he went on to change the women one after another. Most of the women who were whispered to be one of the Six Marys were wealthy women, such as the wives of men with property. In other words, it was money that Moon was looking for. At that time there were many female followers who said, “I am Mary,” “I am also a Mary.” I personally think there were actually about 60 Marys.

Nakamura: Mr. Pak, when did you actually witness, with your own eyes, the return ceremony, the so-called pikareum?

Pak: In 1954, when the Unification Church was founded in Seoul, I was living together with Moon and the Six Marys – who had received “the return” – and other founding members.

Nakamura: Together with married women?

Pak: Yes. When they are brainwashed by Moon’s “Principle” they do not like to have sex with their husbands anymore. This is because one of the things Moon teaches is “You must not sleep with your husband who is on Satan’s side.” They all lived in the church making bromide photographs [to sell], which was the main economic activity of the church in those days, or did other work. The Marys did “the return” work with other male followers to increase the number of owners of pure blood.

❖ Photo added:

▲ Myung-hee Kim (right) with a friend cutting up the bromide photographs which the church sold in the 1950s.

Nakamura: Did you see Moon doing sexual intercourse for that?

Pak: Yes, and it wasn’t rare either. And I also heard the chuckling and cackling of the women I knew to be in Moon’s room. I am ashamed that I, together with them, participated in such a thing. I have to admit that I did it. I did “the return” with a woman called Shin-hee Eu [ 劉信姫 ]. It was according to the teachings of Moon’s “Principle.”  Later Moon advocated that she do “the return” with the male follower Deok-jin Kim [ 金徳振 ]. [Deok-jin Kim wrote many of the Unification Church ‘Holy Songs.’] Mr. Kim then did “the return” with other female followers. The chain of doing “the return” spread from one after another. I knew of 70 people who were in the chain.

Nakamura: So in that way the sex chain expanded like a kind of relay.

Pak: Yes, at that time I firmly believed it was the sacred mission of this relay to cleanse the blood of humanity.

Nakamura: When you were doing the “the return” did you wear special clothes or make solemn ceremonies?

Pak: There was nothing like that. Moon asked us to participate and it was just… In retrospect it was like an immoral party.

Nakamura: Looking at it from a psychological point of view, do you think the women, or yourself, had some resistance to what Moon was doing? Although Confucian morality is very strict in Korea, I think it is your national character to think that adultery is a crime.

Pak: That is certainly so, but I did not think about such things at that time. The spirit was strange. [We were not in a normal state of mind.] For the women who believed there was no such resistance. The situation was that the women just flung themselves at Moon.

“While I was sleeping I heard a panting voice next to me.”

Nakamura: Mr. Pak, in your book ‘The Tragedy of the Six Marys,’ there is a tragic university student called Young-hee KimShe also gave her virginity to Moon… (Out of consideration some people are given pseudonyms in Pak’s book.)

[Her real name was Myung-hee Kim 金明姫. The Unification Church have acknowledged her and her son, Hee-jin Moon, and published photos of each of them together with Moon.]  

Pak: Her case was a miserable one. She was an excellent student at the prestigious Yonsei University in Seoul. When the university president, who was American, was about to return home, he gave her a scholarship for one year of university tuition. However, her aunt was a follower of Moon and she embezzled the money and gave it all to him. So Myung-hee Kim went to the Unification Church to protest, and when she was there she heard some of Moon’s “Principle” lectures.

Nakamura: And the tragedy began from there.

Pak: Yes. That night, after the lectures were over, we all went to bed. The five married women who had physical relationships with Moon were on one side. Kim Myung-hee was sleeping at the far side of the room, the furthest away from Moon. I was sleeping next to Moon, and I fell asleep, but was suddenly awakened by something like gasps and panting voices coming from Kim who was on Moon’s bedding. Indeed I was very surprised at this. I do not know which one of them started it. I just earnestly pretended to be asleep.

Nakamura: And so Kim became pregnant, is that right?

Pak: Yes, she became pregnant with Moon’s child. There was also a male student attending Yonsei University who was a passionate/diligent follower. To keep himself out of trouble, Moon made the two of them stow away [on a fishing boat from Busan] to Japan. He promised to send them money, but that was just for show. Moon just threw them both away. Without any money, such as remittances from Moon, they suffered in poverty. Myung-hee Kim gave birth to the child in the room of a small (cheap) apartment. They could not go to the hospital because they were stowaways [and did not have passports. The young man helped Myung-hee Kim to give birth.] Neither of them knew what they should be doing. He cut the umbilical cord with his teeth. [Hee-jin Moon was born in Tokyo on August 17, 1955, very soon after their arrival there.]

❖ Two photos added:

▲ Myung-hee Kim with Hee-jin Moon

▲ 문 교주와 김〇〇 처녀 잉태 출생, 문희진 어린이와 문 교주처 한학자와 함께 한모습

A picture of the young Hee-jin Moon with religion founder Moon’s wife Hak Ja Han. Hee-jin’s parents were religion founder Moon and virgin 〇〇Kim.

[〇〇 Kim is Myung-hee Kim. The two photos above must have been taken after October 2, 1959 which is the date when Myung-hee Kim and Hee-jin Moon returned to Korea from Japan after four years there. Moon then took Hee-jin away from Myung-hee Kim.]

Nakamura: In addition to her, did Moon do the “the return” [pikareum] with other virgins?

Pak: Yes, I assume there were a lot. Moon’s mission was said to be the restoration of the first Six Marys through pikareum, and then to pick one virgin to marry. The virgin represented Eve. He would then hold “The Marriage of the Lamb” (a formal marriage) with the virgin Eve. Moon who is the Lord of the Second Advent would then become, together with his bride, the “True Father” and the “True Mother.” However Moon demanded to have relationships with some virgins. Thus a woman called Lee Seong-wha (a pseudonym) who was a devoted follower had her virginity taken by Moon and became pregnant. Lee Sun-cheol (also a pseudonym), her sister, was also robbed of her virginity and became pregnant.

■ There is no doubt that Mr. Pak Chung-hwa was one of the founding members of the Unification Church, said Professor Asami Sadao of Tohoku Gakuin University, who is familiar with the problem of the Unification Church.  So pikareum was done very early on [in the history of the Unification Church]. It is demonstrated by the example of Sun Myung Moon with the female university student which happened right next to Mr. Pak. He held his breath while he observed what was going on. It may be said that many researchers have investigated and produced documents and articles, but nothing so far has been proven by a witness account so clearly as by Mr. Pak’s vivid testimony.

■ The Unification Church refutes Mr. Chung-hwa Pak’s “pikareum” exposure in this way: “It is entirely unfounded and the contents are forged. The founder of the Unification Church was Sun Myung Moon alone. Mr. Pak’s name is linked to the Unification Church of Korea in certain places, but he is not the founder. Opponents have intentionally twisted the teachings around to claim there is a “pikareum” ceremony. Mr. Pak is trying to put his own sin on to Rev Moon.”

– Unification Church Public Relations Department

These things can only now be told because we have the government of Kim Yong-sam

Nakamura: Mr. Pak’s book is based on his diaries and notes from 30 years ago. He has kept his continuous manuscripts from that time. He has an enormous quantity of handwritten notes: 6000 sheets of paper, each filled with about 200 characters. However, Mr. Pak could not make this information public during the previous administration because it was deeply tied to the Unification Church in the interests of anti-communism and other things.

Pak: That is true. We now have a moderate government and the president is a Christian elder. So now I must publicize these facts. Unless I do this, I won’t be ready to die. If the book can help open the eyes of Unification Church followers, I would not regret dying tomorrow.

Nakamura: I would like to express a heartfelt tribute to Mr. Pak’s courage.

[After Mr. Pak’s book, The Tragedy of the Six Marys, was published, the Unification Church dropped the legal case they were pursuing against Mr. Nakamura. It is interesting to note that Mr. Pak was never sued for his book, or for any other reason. Over time the book’s contents have been substantiated as more and more evidence has come to light. This magazine, Shūkan Gendai, was not sued for this report.] There are many other magazine reports.

The full Japanese text of the Pak-Nakamura interview

from Sun Myung Moon’s Life In His Own Words

Sun Myung Moon himself confirms some points from Mr. Pak’s interview:
(This description fits the experience of Mrs Chong-hwa Kim): “There was a woman who was an important figure in the providence. I visited her house for a year and a half [1947-48] and witnessed to her husband and all the other members of her family. The husband might have wanted to kill me, but he couldn’t do anything.” LINK

Moon: “…they decided to report me to the authorities. This is how I came to be jailed for a third time in my life. This occurred at 10:00 AM on February 22, 1948.” LINK

Newsweek June 14, 1976 p. 43
In 1948, Moon was arrested in North Korea for what his followers say were his religious and anti-Communist activities; his opponents maintain he was jailed for practicing ritual sex. … Seven years later, after he had fled south during the Korean War and founded his Unification Church, Moon once again ran afoul of the authorities [in July 1955]. According to the Rev. John E.W. Kim, a Presbyterian pastor whose church was near Moon’s church in Busan at the time, “Part of Moon’s theology was that women converts could only be purified by sleeping with him”

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