Where Moon got his theology from

Where Moon got the concepts for the Divine Principle from

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Pascal Zivi was interviewed on video in Tokyo in the mid 1990s by Steven Hassan. The videos have been available for a while, in one part or five parts. (Links below) However, they are not always easy to understand, partly because of the Japanese pronunciation of Korean names. The material is very important. Here is an edited and expanded transcript of the second video, with a little of the beginning of the third video included here.

This web page explains some earlier origins:
Kim Seong-do and the roots of the Divine Principle

How did Mr. Moon make the Divine Principle? Which books and teachings was the Divine Principle based on?

This photograph of Mr Pak Chung-hwa 朴正華 (Japanese パクーチョンフ, Korean 박 정 화 ) was taken on November 30th 1993 in my hotel room in Seoul. Mr Pak was the man who had fractured his left ankle in Pyongyang and had travelled with Mr Sun Myung Moon 文鮮明 and Mr Kim Won-pil 金元弼 from Pyongyang to South Korea in 1950.

Mr Pak brought me a book which in Korean is called 生의 原理 and in English it is called The Principle of Life. It is funny that the book of Mr Moon 文鮮明 is called the Divine Principle, and the book of one of the people who taught Mr Moon is called The Principle of Life. The book was written by a woman called Mrs Chong Deuk-eun 丁得恩 or 鄭得恩. (Her name can also be written as Chong Tuk-un in English. In Japanese it is pronounced Te Toku-on.)

In some official books of the Moon church, she was given the pseudonym of ‘Park Un-nyeo’ 朴雲女. In Japanese it is written パク・ウンニョ.

Mr Moon first met Mrs Chong Deuk-eun in Pyongyang in the summer of 1946 when he travelled there together with Mr Kim Baek-moon 金百文. (His name is pronounced Kim Yaku-bun in Japanese.) Mrs Chong had visited Mr Kim Baek-moon in Seoul in 1945. She had hoped that he would follow her. Mr Kim Baek-moon is mentioned in her book.

Mrs Chong dictated the main part of her book to a faithful follower, Mr Pang Ho-dong 方好童, in 1947 at Samgak Mountain 三角山 ( 北漢山 ), which is just north of Seoul. The book was edited by a man named Mr Om Yu-sop 嚴攸燮 and published on July 5, 1958. Mrs Chong was known as “DaeSeongMo” 대성모 “Great Holy Mother” 大聖母. She claimed to have the lineage of God, and to be the “wife of Jehovah”.

The Principle of Life has three sections:

一  創造論      1. Discourse on Creation            page 11

二  復歸役事   2. The History of Restoration      page 36

三  生의 原役  3. The Principle of Life               page 55

Mrs Chong Deuk-eun’s book contains many ideas that were incorporated into Mr Moon’s Divine Principle which was first published as a book in 1957. The notes for Mrs Chong’s book were written down in 1947 – ten years before Mr Moon’s book was published. [Copies of her notes had been passed around and Mr Eu Hyo-won had a copy on his desk when he was writing the 1957 Divine Principle. Mr Lee Yo-han probably also had a copy since he had been Mrs Chong Deuk-eun’s assistant pastor!]

▲ In this photograph taken in Busan in the summer of 1952, Mr Kim Won-pil is in the back row on the left. (Clayton O. Wadsworth, a US Army chaplain is in the back on the right.) Mr Moon is with Mrs Chong Deuk-eun. He is standing right behind her. If you look at the photograph which is printed in the front of Mrs Chong’s book (below), you can see that it is the same person.

▲ Mrs Chong Deuk-eun 丁得恩 or 鄭得恩

The Unification Church Sabo magazine published the Busan photograph and named Mrs Chong Deuk-eun in the caption.

She was a mystical (spiritual) person. Her teaching was very simple. She said she was the wife of God, and that she must find a young man and have sex with him. This sex would purify the young man and he could then be the new messiah.

Do you know who is the new messiah, and who slept with this woman? Mr Pak Chung-hwa told me. Mr Pak also wrote about this sex with Mrs Chong Deuk-eun in his book called The Tragedy of the Six Marys. It was Mr Moon who slept with this woman, Mrs Chong.

In June 1946 Mr Moon left his wife and went to North Korea to meet “the wife of Jehovah”. He met Mrs Chong as soon as he got to Pyongyang. She had a very small group there. Now I forgot the name of her group, but I will tell you later. [After 1947, or after the Korean War, it was called The Great Sacred-Heart Prayer House 大聖心祈禱院.]

Mr Moon was put in jail in Heungnam in North Korea in 1948 and there he met Mr Pak Chung-hwa. I have Mr Pak’s testimony. I interviewed him. Mr Pak told me that Mr Moon told him that he had a sexual relationship with this woman, Mrs Chong Deuk-eun, and Mr Moon was purified and he was then qualified to be the new messiah.

[Mr Moon’s relationship with Mrs Chong Deuk-eun is confirmed in the PhD thesis of Mr Choe Joong-Hyun, called The Korean War and messianic groups: Two cases in contrast, Syracuse University, 1993. Mr Michael Breen mentions Mrs Chong Deuk-eun in his book, Sun Myung Moon, the early years 1920-53. Rev Yong Jin-Hun of the Korean FFWPU Education Department mentions her in his presentations about Mr Moon’s life.]

▲ Mr Pak Chung-hwa 朴正華

Mr Moon had a sexual relationship with Mrs Chong and he told Mr Pak Chung-hwa – and Mr Pak told me two years ago. I have his testimony recorded on an audio cassette. And also Mr Pak explained about this problem in his book called The Tragedy of the Six Marys – the real Satan is Sun Myung Moon!!
( 六マリアの悲劇―真のサタンは、文鮮明だ!! )

If it could be possible to translate The Tragedy of the Six Marys into English, it would be very interesting for the young people in America. And the funny thing is that when you read the book written by Mrs Chong Deuk-eun you can find 17 very important points that are exactly the same as what you find in the Divine Principle.

Steven Hassan: Can you tell us some of those?

The true family, the four position foundation is not the thinking of Mr Moon, but it is the thinking of this woman, Mrs Chong Deuk-eun. For example, Eve made love with the archangel, you can find the same teaching in her book, this woman. (Pascal points to the photograph of Mrs Chong Deuk-eun.)

And I want to show you some more interesting photographs – these are photographs of her book, the real book which she wrote. Mr Tahk Myeong-hwan 卓明煥, who was murdered, had a copy of her book and he permitted me to take these photographs of the book. It is not a big book. It has just less than one hundred pages.


▲ Mr Tahk Myeong-hwan 卓明煥 (July 8, 1937 – Feb 18, 1994)

Steven: Tell us some more parallels, the four position foundation…

The fall of man is the same. Also the three steps, formation, growth and perfection. You find exactly the same thing. You can also find that Abraham made a mistake, and also that all religions must become one. And other points like this. It is amazing. It is difficult for the young American people to read her book and understand. For young Japanese people it is easier because older books in the Korean language use the same characters. Even if you can’t read the Korean hangul characters, if you look at the Korean hanja characters, they are the same as Japanese kanji characters and so you can understand very easily that it is the same teaching.

And there is one important thing that I want to show you. Here in the introduction to Mrs Chong Deuk-eun’s book you can find that the name of Mr Lee Yo-han is written. Mr Lee Yo-han has been a member of the Moon church since the very early days. He joined in Busan in 1952.

Mr Lee Yo-han 李耀翰 or 李要漢

He is now in Japan, in Hokkaido where I live. He is the leader of the Moon church in Hokkaido. But this man is a deceiver. Mr Lee Yo-han says that Mr Moon is the new christ, and so on, and he teaches the Divine Principle. He says that Mr Moon received this new truth in revelations from God. But before Mr Lee joined the Moon church he was not only a member of Mrs Chong Deuk-eun’s group, he was her assistant pastor. Mr Lee has not spoken about Mrs Chong Deuk-eun to the Moon church members. He has not explained to the members that many of the ideas in the Divine Principle came from his former leader and teacher, Mrs Chong. They did not come from Mr Moon’s struggles and God revealing things directly to Mr Moon. The story of Mr Lee Yo-han is interesting.

▲ Mr Lee Yo-han with Han Hak-ja (the wife of Mr Moon)

There is a funny thing about the family four position foundation. I just told you that Mrs Chong Deuk-eun was the wife of God. She was looking for a young man to have sex with and to start a family four position foundation with. And what did Mr Moon say? I am the new christ and I am looking for a young woman who can be the new Eve, and together we can make the family four position foundation. Mr Moon just took the teachings of Mrs Chong Deuk-eun and put himself in the central position. Do you understand what I mean?

There is further information about her here:
Chong Deuk-eun – Great Holy Mother

LINK to the Korean: 의 原理 – Inside Chong’s book

Steven: But if I was an American member of the church, I would say, how do I trust Pascal? Why should I trust Pascal?

I would say, do what I did. Go to Korea, meet the people; start to understand exactly what the church is. I think it is very important – I know the young American Moonists believe in Mr Moon – but I think truth and belief (or faith) are different things. I can say I believe this, I think this, but the truth might be different to what I believe. Even if I say I believe this, the truth, or reality, may turn out to be different. I think it is very important for the young people who hear my voice, and see the information that I show to them, it is very important for them to start to understand and to think why did the Moon Church in America not explain these things. Many times I said to the Japanese Moon church members, if you don’t believe me, go to Korea. Go by yourself, look and speak to many different people. You have the book; there are people who can tell you. If one person explains certain things to you, you can think, hmm maybe this person is lying. But when you see different people in different parts of Korea, telling you about the same thing, showing you many different pieces of information. And when you try to discuss with the Japanese Moon Church, and they say, we didn’t know, this is just a lie, I think we must think again about exactly what the Moon Church are saying. I think it is very important for each person to see for themselves, to think for themselves, and not just listen to what the Moon Church say. You must verify everything. And for myself, I am going around the world to try to find many information about the Moon church. What is important for me is to find the books, find old pictures from the Moon church, and to meet people and to interview them. To do this I went to many different countries and so I had the chance to discuss with many different Moon church members and with former members. I think it is very important to understand that when you have a chance to discuss with different Moon church members who were there in the early days, Korean, American or European, they all say almost the same thing. And of course if you don’t understand Japanese or Korean sometimes it is difficult.

Mr Moon said I have the new truth. I wrote the new truth, the Divine Principle, only me, no others wrote what is written in this book. The book was first written by Mr Moon in 1951 and 1952 [in Busan in two notebooks]. And later the book was first published in Korea in 1957. The first time it was translated into Japanese was in 1966. But we can find a book written by another mystical [spiritual] person, a long time before Mr Moon wrote the Divine Principle telling us the same thing. And we know Mr Moon was a member of this group, I think it is difficult to say … this is not the truth, this is a lie. You must remember what Mr Moon said to you, that only he found the new truth, only he wrote the new truth and this was between 1951 and 1952. But it you find some person wrote a book a long time before with the same things, I think you must re-evaluate, think again about what Mr Moon said. I think that is very important.

Steven: You said you had actually talked to a woman who said she had sex with Moon.

Yes, I showed you her picture before. She was interviewed on Japanese national TV and I gave you the VIDEO. Her name was Eu Shin-hee 劉信姫. She was the cousin of Eu Hyo-won 劉孝元 who wrote the 1957 Divine Principle. She said she did not understand everything about Moon herself, but she trusted Eu Hyo-won and his brother. She joined with her husband and she put their children in an orphanage. When she saw how Mr Moon used women, she left the Moon church, but by then she had lost all her family. She lived a poor and lonely life. Her testimony is HERE.

▲ Eu Shin-hee is on the right of this picture, taken in 1954.

Steven: Did you talk with any other women who had sex with Moon?

No. Just one. But I can introduce you to another person who has spoken to different people.

Now Sam Park’s mother, Soon-wha Choi known as Annie Choi in America, has given her testimony in two magazines. She spoke of sex rituals with Mr Moon.
Mother Jones
The New Republic – The Fall of The House of Moon

Soon-wha Choi give birth to Sam Park in Washington, DC in 1966.
You can read his testimony HERE     VIDEO HERE 

I want to show you one more thing. It is a book written by Mr Kim Baek-moon 金百文. In Korean it is Mr Kim Baek-moon. First I want to show you this picture. Mr Moon said he was in the Israel Monastery in 1945, and he met a man called Mr Kim Baek-moon. In the Japanese Moon church they say that the Israel Monastery was the biggest church in Korea. The most powerful Christian church in Korea during this time. But I went to the church of Mr Kim Baek-moon. I went to the Israel Monastery. This is the Israel Monastery.

▲ This is a picture of Kim’s Israel Monastery in 1955.

Steven: You are kidding. It looks like a little house.

And here is one of the last disciples of Mr Kim Baek-moon with me. For two days he gave me lectures on the teachings of Mr Kim Baek-moon. The name of this man is Mr Shin Hyōn-shik 申鉉植. This is him with my friend, Mr Tahk Myeong-hwan, on December 3, 1993. Mr Shin’s Japanese was perfect. We discussed in Japanese. Mr Tahk Myeong-hwan spoke Korean with Mr Shin.

Here is the niece of Mr Kim Baek-moon at the Israel Monastery. She is the one who is walking in this photo. I discussed a little bit with her too. She said to me that Mr Moon used a lot the teachings of her uncle.

Steven: What was the teaching of the Israel Monastery?

Of course. Here is another picture of the Israel Monastery.

This is Mr Kim Baek-moon when he was younger. He was born on October 19, 1917 and died on December 22, 1990. Mr Kim also wrote the parallels of history, which concluded in the year of his birth, 1917.

Note: This chart is based on one produced by the Unification Church / FFWPU. It has been modified and a photograph of Kim Baek-moon has been added. This has been done based on the fact that several members of the 36 couples, who were formerly followers of Kim Baek-moon’s Israel Monastery, openly stated that Kim devised the ‘parallels of history’. The couples said that Moon was the person who took the Divine Principle to the world level, and that was what mattered. Kim, as a young man, studied with Baek Nam-ju in Wonsan in North Korea. Kim may have got some of his ideas for the parallels from Baek who wrote about three providential eras. Kim’s theology was much more developed than that of Moon. Kim Baek-moon claimed to be the messiah, and wrote his books to demonstrate that he was.

Mr Kim Baek-moon wrote three books. The first was called
Theology of the Holy Spirit  聖神神学  성신신학  Seongshin Shinhak
479 pages. It was published on January 25, 1954

The second book was
Fundamental Christian Principle
基督教根本原理  기독교근본원리  Kidokkyo Keunbon Wonli
885, or another edition was 844, pages. It was published on January 1, 1958

The third book was about what kind of faith you have to have
Theory of Character Formed by Faith
信仰人格論  신앙인격론  Shinang Inggyeogron
366 pages. It was published on September 30, 1970

I want to tell you something that one of Mr Kim Baek-moon’s last disciples explained to me.

Here are the three books of Mr Kim Baek-moon. (1954, 1958 and 1970)

Mr Moon explained about the three stages, formation, growth and perfection.

The three books of Mr Kim Baek-moon represent the three stages. The first book is the formation stage, the second is the growth stage, and the last one represents perfection. All together this is the new Bible. That is exactly what Mr Moon said about the Divine Principle – it is the new book for the completed testament age.

In Mr Kim’s first book you can read about the fall of man which was the sexual relationship between Eve and the Archangel Lucifer, and on page 436 you find three principles about how you can step by step become reborn as a new man, become a perfect man. In the second book these ideas are expanded. In the last book it explains how if you follow this faith (Mr Kim’s teachings) you can really become a perfect man. That is exactly the same as what Mr Moon said.

Mr Kim Baek-moon began to teach his disciples about his ideas in 1940. I was very interested in this question and so I asked Mr Shin, the disciple of Mr Kim Baek-moon, about this. That means it was a long time before Mr Moon wrote the Divine Principle.

▲  第二節 創世前世界到의榮華〔内容〕

This is page 436 of Kim Baek-moon’s first book which was published in 1954. It is clear to see the three stages of restoration are mentioned in the fourth line from the right.

이三大原理란   第一 創造에原理   第二 墮落에原理   第三 復歸에原理이니이

If you go the the website of the Japanese Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (世界平和統一家庭連合) about the teaching of Divine Principle, you will find they are still using Mr Kim Baek-moon’s ideas.

( 復歸 are older kanji for ‘restoration’, which can now be written as 復帰 )


The Japanese Moon church call these ideas 三本柱 the three pillars (of their faith).

Steven: So Mr Moon stole everything

If you want to say stole, yes. Mr Moon used many things, he used different books. He also used the book of Mrs Chong Deuk-eun, which was written a long time before. It was written down in 1947 and published in 1958, but you must remember that Mr Moon had spent a lot of time with Mrs Chong in Pyongyang between July 1946 and February 1947. Mr Moon also used the teachings of Mr Kim Baek-moon. He used these and put them all into one teaching. He called this teaching the Divine Principle. When you read the Korean language and when you see the Japanese Divine Principle, you understand very quickly that it is the same teaching.

I want to show you something. I have the book with me. I have all the books in my house.

This is part of the table of contents of Mr Kim Baek-moon’s second book,
基督教根本原理 Fundamental Christian Principle.

第一篇 創造原理
第二篇 墮落原理
第三萹 復歸原理

These three things are exactly the same as what is written in the Japanese Divine Principle.

I. The Principles of Creation (This is the principle of the beginning when God created everything.)

II. The Principle of the Fall

III. The Principles of Restoration

原理講論  The Japanese Divine Principle book

1:第一章 創造原理  The Principle of Creation

2:第二章 堕落論  The Human Fall

3:第三章 人類歴史の終末論  Eschatology and Human History

These three things are not the thinking of Mr Moon, but of Mr Kim Baek-moon.

When you see [and compare] these other different books and information and documents, it is very difficult to say exactly what Mr Moon wrote by himself. Very difficult.

Steven: Because there is so little.

Yes. What I heard from Mr Pak Chung-hwa, Mr Eu Hyo-min 劉孝敏 and another former member of the Moon church, was that from these different teachings Mr Moon wrote two note books (I have pictures of them in my house – I can show you, or send the pictures to you in America).

Mr Moon’s teaching at that time was called 原理原本 Wolli Wonbon, The Original Principle. It is important to know that the notebooks did not have chapter headings or section headings. Those were all added later, and of course they make the 1952 teachings look more like Mr Kim Baek-moon’s 1954 book. Mr Kim Baek-moon had spent three years at a seminary and was more educated and more organized than Mr Moon.

▲ Here is a picture of one of the notebooks. They were written between 1951 and May 1952. A few hand written copies were made. Mr Moon asked Mr Kim Won-pil to make a copy. You can read Mr Kim’s copy HERE.

Mr Moon gave these two small notebooks to Mr Eu Hyo-won. Over a period of four years Mr Eu Hyo-won really took his time and organized the ideas and wrote the Divine Principle. Mr Eu said that when he was writing the Divine Principle sometimes he had questions for Mr Moon, but Mr Moon was not able to give clear answers. The Divine Principle was first published as a book in Korea in 1957.

I have a friend who is a former member of the Moon church in Japan. His name is Mr Taguchi Tamiya 田口 民地. He was an early member when the Moon church was established in Japan. He had the chance to many times meet Mr Moon and Mr Eu Hyo-won, the man who wrote the Divine Principle. He met them together, and there is one very important thing he remembered. In 1968 when Mr Moon came to Japan with Mr Eu Hyo-won, Mr Taguchi asked a question about the Divine Principle directly to Mr Moon. And Mr Moon answered: “You know Mr Eu wrote the Divine Principle, and Mr Eu is with you, ask the question to him. He knows better than me.” And Mr Moon left the room and Mr Eu Hyo-won then explained everything. I have a lot of different information (stories) like this.

Steven: Did Mr Eu Hyo-min explain why he left after being a follower for so long.

The man who wrote the Divine Principle, Mr Eu Hyo-won died. But his cousin, Mr Eu Hyo-min, the man in the picture which I showed you before, explained to me, you must understand that the first followers of the Moon church were really – maybe it is difficult for Americans to understand – they really believed if their wife made love with Mr Moon they would then be able to have a baby born free from original sin. Mr Eu Hyo-min, Mr Pak Chung-hwa and every former member said that they really believed this.

The wive’s wombs would be ‘cleansed’ through pikareum (in Korean), or chiwake (in Japanese). This sex ritual meant having intercourse three times with Mr Moon – formation, growth and perfection.

▲ Mr Sun Myung Moon 文鮮明 and Mr Eu Hyo-min 劉孝敏 in the 1950s

But, Mr Eu Hyo-min told me, why do children born without [original] sin still commit sin? And he saw many children, and his own children, and the children of the first 36 couples, when he saw those children lying and doing many bad things, just like normal children, he said – just a moment a baby born without [original] sin can commit sin? He began to see Mr Moon using money and doing many very strange things. And he said the problem with Mr Moon, he does everything except what is written in the Divine Principle. Mr Eu Hyo-min and many other former members said they were very surprised because Mr Moon’s teachings were so different from what Mr Moon was actually doing.

Steven: For example…

For example with money, with respect to people and many things like that. The big problem was when a baby was born, and growing and growing, they were committing sin. And for Mr Eu Hyo-min this was one of the biggest problems. What Mr Moon said about being born without sin and not committing sin, and what the reality was were too different from each other. The reality was so different between what Mr Moon said, and what was written in the Divine Principle, and what Mr Moon was actually doing. When many members who were true believers saw this, they began to have doubts. And the doubts became bigger and bigger – and they started to do some research. Then they started to understand about Mr Kim Baek-moon and Mrs Chong Deuk-eun, and about many other things like this. Then they decided to stop going to the Moon church.

To be continued

When Steven Hassan was in Japan, his friend and colleague Pascal, had just returned from a fact finding trip to Korea and came back with photos and other documentation on Sun Myung Moon’s cult. Pascal is a Frenchman who went to Japan to study judo, fell in love and married a Japanese woman. He became a Christian, is one of the leading exit-counselors in Japan.

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