Moon explains pikareum

Pikareum – Sun Myung Moon’s sex theology explained in his own words from his speeches

Updated May 7, 2021

Sun Myung Moon demonstrates sexual intercourse


What was Sun Myung Moon’s secret pikareum sex ritual?
In Korean pi = blood and kareum = separation. ‘Blood separation’ refers to dividing the blood from the ‘satanic blood’ introduced by the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. According to Sun Myung Moon, the fall was caused by the Archangel Lucifer seducing Eve in the spirit, and she in turn seduced Adam in the flesh. This sexual intercourse produced a bloodline tainted by the ‘original sin.’ All mankind allegedly carry this sinful, satanic blood.

It should be remembered that Adam and Eve did not actually exist as historical figures. The ‘Fall of Man’ story in the Book of Genesis is allegorical and has been interpreted in many ways. Moon was not the first to suggest it was sexual sin. It should be noted, according to the Bible, that Adam and Eve were husband and wife before the ‘fall’ and Lucifer was described as a serpent before Adam and Eve were tempted.

Sun Myung Moon said that to reverse the illicit sex that caused the original sin, sexual intercourse had to be performed with a sinless man in a ritual called pikareum. The process is also called ‘womb cleansing’ – consequently no contraception should be used. He said Jesus was the second Adam and that he was the third and sinless Adam. He said that pikareum had to be done three times, with himself, to purify the women. This represented the three stages of ‘formation, growth and perfection.’ He also said that there had to be a witness for the process to be valid. The reason for the witness was to ‘remove the element of shame.’ This is because Adam and Eve hid from God in their shame at having ‘fallen.’

Sun Myung Moon personally performed pikareum with all the wives of the first 36 couples which he ‘blessed’ in marriage (the detailed theological justification is here), as well as every wife from the 72 couples and the 124 couples. This has been confirmed by Gil Ja Sa Eu, the wife of President Hyo-won Eu who wrote the 1957 Divine Principle. They were among the first three couple to be ‘blessed’ in 1960. Those 36, 72 and 124 couples all became known as Moon’s tribe, or ‘the Royal Couples’ from the ‘Holy Weddings.’

Pikareum purified men and women had a duty to restore others in a ‘sex relay.’

Today in the Unification Church (and the Sanctuary Church of Hyung Jin Sean Moon) a very similar expression, ‘change of blood lineage,’ is used. The words are slightly different but the meaning is the same. When Sun Myung Moon’s mass marriages became too large, he introduced the ‘three day ceremony’ which symbolized pikareum. The couples themselves had to do three days of ritual sex in different positions.

It has been reported by a number of people, including the Unification Church leader Zin-Moon Kim, that Moon had sex with representative virgin wives of each mass wedding. It is not known when Moon stopped doing this.

The words of Sun Myung Moon

“God has to be educated. People will say that I am a heretic, but it is true. God doesn’t know about love—He hasn’t experienced it before. God has no sexual organs, so until a man becomes one with God, he cannot experience making love to a woman. Through me, God has done this.”
(Sun Myung Moon
 “God’s Day Morning Address,” January 1, 1990, page 2.)

“… If you can understand about Tamar, you can understand the whole Principle. Whom did Tamar have a relationship with? Her father-in-law. How could a baby born out of such a relationship inherit the blood lineage of Israel?…The woman named Tamar had a relationship with her father-in-law, Judah. According to the law in those days, a woman who committed adultery had to be stoned to death. Tamar’s first husband had died, and then her second husband had died also; but she knew God loved the blood lineage of her husband. She knew she had to protect and continue that blood lineage. For Tamar, her personal dignity was not a factor. She was only concerned about preserving the blood lineage which God loved. Since she loved that blood lineage, she stood in a providential position and she was able to establish the proper condition of heart. With such a heart, she had a relationship with her father-in-law.”
(Sun Myung Moon, October 13, 1970, Seoul, Korea)

“To create a new life you have to give more than you did at the outset. [Father draws a womb with a fetus.] The fetus asks, where is my original world? Where can I belong? It knows that it is in a fallen mother’s body. The seed came from a fallen father, fallen seed from fallen love, life and lineage. The fetus goes through agony. God will hear it. Will God pity the fallen mother’s body? We’re talking the entire human race, not just one woman.” (Sun Myung Moon, December 19, 1999, Belvedere, Tarrytown, New York, US)

The dispensation begins centering on the mother’s womb

“Through the fall, we have inherited the blood lineage of Satan. … because man and Satan had an illicit relationship, Satan became illicit lord over man.  … Cain and Abel received evil elements when they were within Eve’s womb.

… Therefore, a more thoroughgoing dispensation had to begin, centering on the mother’s womb itself. Thus, God’s third dispensation again began within the mother’s womb. The first mother, Eve, fell, abandoning God the Father through disbelief, and instead she welcomed Satan as her father and put him in the position of God. Therefore, Tamar, who had to restore the position of Eve, had to demonstrate absolute faith in God. In a reverse way, Tamar had to walk with God the Father. She had to forget about her pride and honor, even being ready to give her life. … The standard of victory gained in the womb of Tamar was handed down from generation to generation through the tradition of Israel, the descendants who believed in Judaism.” (Moon, April 1972, Paris, France)

Beyond the womb to the Father

“Up until today, Christianity had only a spiritual father and a spiritual mother. Therefore, True Parents had to come on earth, and we must walk the course of physical, as well as spiritual, rebirth through them. Conditionally, or symbolically, we must re-enter the mother’s womb in order to be born anew. In Christianity up until today, the Holy Spirit has been taking the role of mother. We are born again on the spiritual level through the mother, the Holy Spirit, and the father’s spirit, Jesus’ spirit.

Of course, we were born from our mother’s womb. However, even beyond the womb, our life originated from our father’s seed. Before the fall, the life of a son or daughter would certainly have started from within Adam’s body, as one seed. The seed which becomes a son or a daughter exists within the father’s body itself. By tracing back to mother’s womb, the blood lineage could be changed and restored, but we have not reached father yet. Therefore, up until today, Christians have been longing to go again to their Father, the Lord of the Second Coming, who is the origin of new life.” (Moon, April 1972, Paris, France)

Removing fallen nature and original sin

“Then why do we need the Messiah? What is his purpose? He comes for the purpose of salvation. In order to be saved, man must go back to the point which connects us to God’s love. How are we to accomplish that? People have inherited satanic blood and have become substantial beings who have nothing to do with God’s blood lineage. … Man’s original sin must be removed; the blood lineage from Satan must be changed. But fallen people cannot do it by themselves; therefore, the Messiah is necessary.

Who has to do the work of eliminating the satanic blood lineage deep within man, which was inherited through generation after generation? If there is anybody who can do that, it is the True Parents. True Parents must become one with the love of God, establish a good reciprocal standard with Him, and love the world as if it is theirs. Otherwise it is absolutely impossible to remove fallen nature and original sin. Therefore, parents of evil and parents of goodness have to struggle and compete with each other for love, but the love of the True Parents will endure. Satanic love will be removed from man; the blood lineage will be changed. …

Where is the change of blood lineage done? On the individual level, man has to go beyond the boundary of life and death. The individual has to go through life and death situations for the sake of God and the future dignity of man. That becomes the standard of faith. …” (Moon, October 13, 1970, Seoul)

The starting point is man’s seed going into a woman

“A person is born through a man’s seed going into a woman. Where does the way of reversal begin? It is within the woman’s womb. The condition must be established so that history is reversed in the womb. For complete restoration, the starting point is the seed which exists in the body of a male. The condition must be established in which the seed within a male is united with God’s love. Without establishing that condition, complete reversal of the blood lineage cannot be established.

Religion must follow God’s way. That is why a world level religion must teach the necessity for rebirth. Therefore, Christianity has become a world religion both in concept and in reality. It teaches that everybody must be reborn, just as Jesus told Nicodemus, ‘Unless one is born anew, he cannot see the kingdom of God.’ (John 3:3)” (Moon, October 13, 1970, Seoul)

The feelings of a man influence his seed

“The foundation of resurrection has not been understood so far. You must establish the condition to inherit the heart of history; otherwise the start and motivation for resurrection is not fulfilled. You must understand that.

Then for the blood lineage to be reversed, conditions must be established so that the seed which is going to become a future child enters the bone marrow of Adam and connects with God’s love. Otherwise, you cannot be born anew as God’s child. This teaching is founded on the Bible, which is God’s word.

The emotions or feelings of a man do have an influence upon the seed in his flesh. When a man feels happy, that feeling of happiness affects his own seed. Likewise, when he feels sad, that feeling of sadness affects his seed.

The realm of total perfection cannot be achieved without a condition for restoring fallen Eve. … That providence must involve the womb of a woman. It is there that the solution to the problems of history must be found…” (Moon, October 13, 1970, Seoul)

You have to become an absolute object

“Since man contains the seed of life, he should plant it in the deepest place. Does woman contain the seed of life? (No.) Absolutely not. Then if you desire to receive the seed of life you have to become an absolute object. In order to qualify as an absolute object you need to demonstrate absolute faith, love and obedience to your subject. Absolute obedience means that you have to negate yourself one hundred percent. It is the place of investing and forgetting. The absolute zero point. When you as object, come to the point of absolute negation, then your container is absolutely empty. Then when subject is ready to give, the subject would begin also from absolute zero point. The place of love connection takes place at the point of absolute negation, absolute zero point. In order to seek absolute love you cannot have consciousness of self. When you have absolute faith in God you don’t exist, in a way. You totally give yourself in faith. This concept of absolute refers to two becoming totally one. There is no separation and no individual, just two becoming absolutely united.The process of recreation has been a long and torturous course for Heavenly Father. God has been seeking his true eternal love seed. Satan’s seed is an imitation. It is not genuine. God’s seed is unique, unchanging and eternal. How can humankind change their imitation seed back to God’s original, unique, unchanging and eternal seed? How difficult God’s position is.”
(Moon, August 4, 1996, Belvedere, Tarrytown)

Husbands are in the archangel position

“Husbands are in the archangel position, which means they don’t have the seed. Therefore the wives must absolutely unite with True Parents, so that the husband can be restored. The archangel cannot have the seed of life.”
(Moon, November 29-December 6, 2000 South American tour)

From God’s own bosom

“You must take the first steps on the foundation of clear understanding; otherwise you will be accused by Satan, who will say, “Hey, where did you come from?” You should be able to say, “I came from the Garden of Eden before the fall, from God’s own bosom.” You must be able to give a testimony, saying, “By myself I am not worthy to stand here, but because of the approval of the person who stood here, I am standing here. The building was built by a world famous architect, but ownership can be transferred. I have been given the ownership.” If you speak to Satan that way, he will have to surrender.”
(Moon, October 13, 1970, Seoul)

Absolute harmony with the sexual organs

If humanity were to go beyond the traditional categories of virtue, religion and any other human norms, but were absolutely in harmony with the sexual organs, earning the welcoming applause of God, what kind of world would it be?

I wish that you would center on the absolute sexual organ, unique sexual organ, unchanging sexual organ and eternal sexual organ, and use this as your foundation to pursue God. You should realize that this foundation should become the foundation of love, life, lineage and conscience. We also have to realize that the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven will begin on this foundation.

Wherever you may go, please try to spread Reverend Moon’s message through television or other media. You will never perish. What force can turn around this world of Hell? It is impossible to achieve this unless our sexual organ is used in accordance with an absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal standard centering on God’s true love which is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal love. God is the original owner of the sexual organs.

Let us go forward all together for this common cause. …

This is the very mission of the Family Federation for World Peace. …”
(Moon, August 1, 1996, Washington, DC)

From an ‘Original Divine Principle’ workshop by Jeong-Ok Yu

The Purpose of God’s Providence of Salvation:
1. End the journey of God’s sperm. (page 61.)
2. God’s wedding ceremony and the start of “Absolute Sex”
3. Absolute Sex and the temperature of Heaven’s love


The American Blessed Family Department gives a good description of pikareum.

However, they call it the ‘Three Day Ceremony’:

“The Spiritual Basis Of The Three-Day Ceremony’s Procedure

During the first two days of the Three-Day ceremony, the woman is in the position of the “Bride of the Messiah” and “mother” to her spouse. Therefore, she initiates each part of the ceremony. Through the ceremony of the first day, the man is raised from his position of archangel (being reborn as the son of the Messiah and his wife) to the position of sinless Adam in the formation stage.

Through the ceremony of the second day the man is raised from the position of “Newborn Adam” to the “Adam before the fall” position. Each part of the ceremony of the third day is therefore initiated by the man in his position of Adam. The man takes the leadership role to restore dominion. Through this ceremony, they become one as the eternal ideal couple and husband and wife.

“The act of love should be a complete act (penetration and ejaculation). In the event that it is difficult to achieve this, strive to achieve as much penetration as possible and continue with the remainder of the ceremony.”

Contents of the man’s prayer [after the third and final act]:

Thank you for having me reborn as sinless Adam through the first two ceremonies. I pray that through the ceremony today we may become an eternal couple as husband and wife and that each of us can have the triple objective relationship of love with each other. I pray that I may restore all the conditions that the first Adam lost.”

American Blessed Family Department
4 West 43rd Street, New York

Prepared in June, 1986 (revised December 1990)

This is how Sun Myung Moon explained his Six Mary theology to Chung-hwa Pak in 1950.

Why did Sun Myung Moon choose married women, one after the other, to perform “sex evangelism”? According to Mr. Pak’s book, the reason is Moon’s peculiar interpretation of Christianity. Adam and Eve were the first human beings. Eve had sex with Satan and so all mankind became descendants of the devil. Therefore God sent Jesus Christ to earth as the second Adam. The mission of Christ was to take Eve back from Satan who had stolen her. To do this Christ must have sexual intercourse with six married women, including Mary his own mother, in order to cleanse the blood. [Moon called it the “return” meaning a return to the pure state before the ‘fall’ of Adam and Eve. The “return” has the same meaning as pikareum.] But Jesus Christ left this world having failed to save even one married woman by doing the “return” with them. So God sent Sun Myung Moon to earth as the third Adam. His mission was to cleanse the blood of six married women, namely the Six Marys. This was to be done by sexual intercourse with Moon three times [formation, growth and completion]. Through a kind of relay sexual intercourse with these Marys, humankind could be cleansed and saved and brought back to God’s side for the first time. It was Moon who preached this “Principle” to Mr. Chung-hwa Pak. LINK

Some of these points are confirmed in Sun Myung Moon’s 1952 version of the Divine Principle, known as Wolli Wonbon (The Original Principle).

Dr Andrew Wilson quotes from Wolli Wonbon

Wolli Wonbon is available in Korean here:

原理原本 The Original Principle, Wolli Wonbon  (May 10, 1952)

Sun Myung Moon speaks on
Belvedere International Training Center, 
Tarrytown, New York, 
December 19, 1999 
Translation by Peter Kim, 
Unofficial Notes by Tyler Hendricks

God’s position is to love the children of the enemy more than He loves His own children. If He could love us the same level as He loves His own children, it would mean nothing. God creates restoration by giving more to the enemy’s children. … To create a new life you have to give more than you did at the outset.

[Father draws a womb with a fetus.] The fetus asks, where is my original world? Where can I belong? It knows that it is in a fallen mother’s body. The seed came from a fallen father, fallen seed from fallen love, life and lineage. The fetus goes through agony. God will hear it. Will God pity the fallen mother’s body? We’re talking the entire human race, not just one woman.

When the baby is born, from the world of the mother’s womb, the water world, into his world of land, the baby will absorb all things to mature in this world that is the expansion of the mother’s womb. Just as the fetus receives nutrition from the mother’s womb, so we receive nutrition from the planet earth. The earth is our second mother. So we have to love the land. God loves the land and so we have to do so also. God created it for us. We travel from the world of water to the world of land, and eventually to the world of spirit. …

Originally, those who are qualified to live in the world of love are those who go through the three stages without falling. The father gives a pure seed and the mother forms the fetus and the baby is born. Then the child should live in true love all the time and be harvested as the fruit of true love who remains in spirit world all the time as a love being. Only the family unit can enter the world of love, the spirit world. Therefore, throughout history there was no one qualified to enter this world of love, inheriting love, life and lineage. So God has been sitting alone all these years. God created this planet earth to serve as the home town of all these people originally born without sin. This world, however, that was to be such a home town, has turned into hell. That is the agony and sorrow of God. God has said that the land and human race and all things are in sorrow and agony. No one can object to this explanation.

True Father, Sun Myung Moon, is the substance of God’s original sperm

Another Korean pikareum messiah, Park Tae-seon, “restored” his mother-in-law and his brother’s wife. He had a similar theology to Sun Myung Moon.
Moon and Park both came from the pikareum lineage of Chong Deuk-eun.

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