Six Marys Chapter 7

The Tragedy of the Six Marys – Sun Myung Moon is the real Satan!!

Updated December 3, 2020

Testimonies – The Reality That We Experienced

The translation of this chapter from the Japanese has been re-done. Some details that were in the Korean edition of the book have been added. (The Korean book was the original text.) All the photos from the book, plus some additional ones, are here. Some other information has been added. All additions are indicated.

The Japanese text can be found HERE. Korean text HERE.

The Korean text of these three testimonies is also available:
Eu Hyo-min

Eu Shin-hee

Kim Deok-jin

All three of these people featured in a Japanese TV news item, broadcast at the time the book was published. Below, there are links to where each spoke. A full transcript, in English, with added notes is Here. This additional information confirms what is in this chapter.

Eu Hyo-min 

Eu Hyo-min contributed to building the economic foundation for the Unification Church but he was then betrayed.  258

Eu Hyo-won was the second secretary to Sun Myung Moon following Pak Chung-hwa, the first secretary. Eu Hyo-won and his brother Eu Hyo-yeong (cousins of Eu Hyo-min) contributed to the Unification Church, which was established as the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity as written on the sign hung up outside.

Eu Hyo-min suffered imprisonment with Sun Myung Moon during the so-called Ewha Womans University incident. He was a member of the 36 couples, but left the Unification Church in 1972. He lives in Seoul and works as the president of a company. He was 72 years old [in 1993].

“I became a follower of Sun Myung Moon in Busan on January 4, 1954 – before the Unification Church was formally founded – along with my cousins, Eu Hyo-won and Eu Hyo-yeong.

❖ Photo added:

Eu Hyo-min is sitting to the right of Sun Myung Moon

Pak Chung-hwa was a very important person among the believers. He was Sun Myung Moon’s right-hand man. He worked very hard. However, it is also true that there were movements to drive Pak away. This was because Pak knew too much about Moon’s secrets. “If Pak had divulged all he knew to the law enforcement authorities, Rev. Moon would be charged with some serious crimes. And if Pak opposed Rev. Moon, his plans could not have been executed. At this rate Pak will become an obstacle to Rev. Moon’s mission.” Moon’s infamous behavior would have been exposed – and he would have been ostracized from society.

So Moon considered Pak Chung-hwa to be a dangerous person, and he hinted at Pak’s wrongdoings so the church members would stay away from him. There were voices claiming that Pak was a “Great Satan” for the missionaries of the Principles. For example, it was implied that Pak had embezzled a payment made by the Monopoly Office, etc.

In another section of this book the author relates how some old women followers in Daegu had revelations in their dreams that Pak was a Satan. They spread the stories to others.

But I believe it was just an excuse to ostracize Pak Chung-hwa – that it was Moon’s own scheme. I think Moon tried to keep him away from the other members because Pak Chung-hwa knew so much about Moon’s illicit affairs and his financial issues.

It was a typical method used by Moon and his Unification Church. The same was also true in my case.

When I first studied the Bible and the Divine Principle with them, Moon and his members did not have enough to eat each day. I suggested making and selling bromide photographs.  This was something I had experience of from my work at running a photo studio in North Korea.

This strategy worked well and we sold about 10,000 photographs a day. We sold them for 7 won each and they were sold for 10 won in shops and on the streets by merchants and war orphans. (At the time, they were popular among war orphans who sold cigarettes and lighters, etc.) We made about 70,000 won in cash each day so the food problem was immediately solved.

As Pak Chung-hwa writes, the men divided the work among themselves and the women cut the photos and organized and packed them. This went on for about two years.

The air rifle business went into full production from 1961. They were exported to Japan as well. The factory price of each air rifle was about 10,000 won (about 300,000 won in 1993 when adjusted for inflation) and about 150,000 rifles were sold. The total revenue was about 1.5 billion won. This was a cash cow for the Unification Church.

I invented the new air rifle which could use buckshot. However, I could not be the president of the Tongil Industry company because of the so-called 7.4 incident. (The July 4, 1955 incident concerned Moon in a sex scandal with Ewha Womans University students.) At that time I had been imprisoned with Moon and, due to my criminal record, I was not eligible to hold a firearm manufacturing permit.

So Kim In-chul became the president, Moon Seung-yong, who was a second cousin of Moon’s, became the factory manager and his brother became the production manager. And I, the inventor, became the assembly manager, a strange position which no one had ever heard of. The gun was patented to Moon, who instructed the second gun patent be transferred directly to himself.

The company executives were all relatives of Moon. They would all flaunt their wealth, each driving his own car at a time in Korea when most people could not afford to own one. All except for me, I had to walk. I thought that they were more into money-making than a life of faith. It was nepotism which was just about money. Soon this attitude manifested itself in more obvious ways.

They said, “You are good at taking photographs. Why don’t you run a photo studio?” To me it sounded like a mere joke. If I had wanted to run a photo studio, I could have done it on my own. I felt very resentful.

❖ Photo added:

Eu Hyo-min (from the Korean edition of the book). He took many photos.

As the air rifle business was on track, and I knew too much about Moon’s relationships with women, they didn’t need me any more – even though I had invented the air rifle that could use buckshot! I, the inventor, was no longer needed. They were hinting that I should quit.

One day in 1971, I thought that I would have a talk with Moon, who had just come back to Korea from the U.S. I contacted Choi Won-pok, whom the church members surrounding her called ‘Mother.’ She was the closest of the attendants to Moon. She told me that I could meet Moon without making an appointment – I just needed to come to the church. So I went. As usual many people were gathered around waiting to see Moon. As the midnight curfew approached, one by one people started to go home. I had to wait until eventually only Moon and I were left. When I straightened my back thinking “Finally I can discuss thoroughly about the future,” Moon passed behind me and disappeared into the room next door. I thought he was going to the restroom and waited, but he never came back.

I am a gentle person but this made me furious. My whole body was shaking with anger, and I couldn’t steady myself. I had devoted all kinds of work and service to Moon and the Unification Church. I had received an award for enduring prison with Moon, a model award, a 14-year achievement award and an award for mission work. I spent most of my time at the church, and had served him day and night, following him around like a shadow. I had never opposed his teachings or given him any trouble. Since I knew too much about his relationships with women and his financial matters, he now shunned me and betrayed me. Because of this, I left the Unification Church for good.

My experience was exactly the same as Pak Chung-hwa’s experience so I could understand his resentment very well.

I want to testify about one more thing that will reveal the essence of Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church.

I had my chance during the July 4th incident in 1955 when Sun Myung Moon and other church leaders, including myself, were arrested. Moon was arrested on July 4th and I was arrested on July 6th.

We were charged with evasion of military service. We were refugees from North Korea and we didn’t have any family register documents. When we applied for ID cards, we reported our ages to be 5-6 years older than our actual ages so we could avoid military service. This was against the law. Moon himself had made Pak Chung-hwa falsify his (Moon’s) age. We had all agreed to say that we cooperated in the forgery, but Moon tried to evade his responsibility by saying that he didn’t know anything about it and his disciples committed the act without his knowledge. We worshipped him like God and it would have been unthinkable for us to change his age just as we pleased. In reality, everything was done according to his instructions.

The charge of military service evasion was just a pretext to arrest and interrogate the church leaders under Sun Myung Moon. The real purpose was to find out about the adultery and promiscuous sex in the Unification Church.

The interrogator’s questions became increasingly weird. He asked us about our conjugal relations. He asked when we had sex with our wives. How often did we have sex a week, a month? How many times did we have sex with female church members? In return I snapped at the interrogator for asking about our private lives. “Are these questions related to the evasion of military service?”, and even got into an argument. But the interrogator was persistent. He had a diagram on the table which showed the relationships between Moon and the female church members. He tried to confirm those sexual relationships.

I kept saying that I didn’t know anything about it, but in my mind I was in awe of how accurate he was.

As we were locked up, we didn’t know what was happening outside. But the women who were interrogated lied about their relationships with Moon, saying that they didn’t have sex with Moon – they only maybe had sex with Moon in their dreams. Pak Chung-hwa and others had probably prepared them with cover-up stories. The police knew quite accurately about Moon’s relationships with the women and that he was guilty, but neither the women themselves nor their husbands filed charges against Moon. Therefore they could not indict him. In the end he was found not guilty and he was released after three months. The main point of the July 4th case was not about military service evasion, but it was to uncover the promiscuous sexual conduct hidden deep in the Unification Church. It wasn’t a “case with unfounded allegations” as the Unification Church claims it was. The Unification Church narrowly escaped the facts of its leader’s promiscuous sexual relationships being exposed to the public.

At the time, Sun Myung Moon’s prison number was 390, Eu Hyo-won’s number was 380, Eu Hyo-yeong’s number was 1709 and mine was 1175.

Kim Won-pil was also arrested and he was the only one who actually was sentenced to one year in prison. I thought about Moon and the Unification Church with a clear head after I left. I then saw many contradictions and erroneous concepts. The general trend of human history is heading toward democracy, but the Unification Church has a dictatorial system where Moon is surrounded by people who only flatter him. This is going against the flow of civilization and is a regression of history. Moreover, the enormous amount of money the church members have donated through their sacrifice is exclusively managed by Moon and even the church executives do not know how much of it Moon has claimed for himself.

This is prototypical of an undemocratic and despotic system, and goes against the flow of history.

In all the Unification Church publications, they say that Moon was arrested in North Korea by the Department of the Interior/of Home Affairs in 1948 because of the communist party’s policy to eradicate religion. That is a lie.

I ran a photo studio in Seoncheon, Pyeonganbuk-do, which was in the northern region of North Korea. I did not want to live under communism and wanted to escape the war, so I left North Korea in August 1947 at the age of 28. I left all my equipment and the photo studio behind. Up until that time I was a deacon at the Seoncheonbuk Church. In those days there was no oppression of Christianity [in North Korea].

That Moon was being persecuted in North Korea because of religion is a false history of the Unification Church. The truth is just as Pak Chung-hwa has described it.

As mentioned previously in this book, I was one of the 36 couples. I want to say the Unification Church is just a one person dictatorship that parades as having principles. In reality it has no providence.

At least at that time, matching wives and husbands was taken seriously and the ultimate decision was made through consultation with Baek Wun-hak (a physiognomist) and Lee Myung-hak (a fortune teller).

However, in recent years the mass wedding ceremonies are just like mixing up the pegs of a Mahjong game. Human rights are disregarded. It is cheap and neglectful. One cannot say to opponents that ideal blessing partners are being chosen by the True Parents. I admit, with pain in my heart, that this cannot be called a true blessing.

There may be a few happy couples here and there, but a lot of couples are just dreaming and soon get divorced. In this case how can those blessed by the second coming Christ truly be eternal couples in heaven? And who else should take responsibility?”

Eu Hyo-min interviewed on video with subtitles
(he also appears later in the video)

Note: Some text has been added from the Korean edition of the book. Eu Hyo-min was responsible for publishing the Korean edition, and it seems he took the opportunity to make some additions to his own testimony. His Korean text is HERE.

Eu Hyo-min was also interviewed here:
Friday magazine: Moon’s “Gigantic lie”

Eu Shin-hee was one of the Six Marys  265

This interview was given by Mrs. Eu Shin-hee in the early 1990s. It was not done by Pak Chung-hwa.

[Additional proofing of this interview will, hopefully, be done soon. Some information has been added from the Korean.]

For several years from 1954 she was one of the ‘Six Marys’. She believed in the ‘restoration principles’ of Sun Myung Moon and received the ‘return’ [pikareum sex] directly from him. She practiced Moon’s ‘restoration’ [pikareum] with five or six men. Looking back now, “I was really stupid,” she said with regret. “Sun Myung Moon is a man who deserves to die,” she asserted.

Q.1: You were living peacefully with your husband, Mr. Shin Seong-muk, and your five children in Yeongdo, Busan. You lent one of your rooms for Moon to hold a missionary meeting. This was on the recommendation of your older cousin Eu Hyo-won, who was living nearby at the time. Is that correct?

Eu: That’s right. It was December 24, 1953. In the beginning they promised to only use the room for three days, but it ended up being 25 days. The reason we both joined was because my cousins, Eu Hyo-won and Eu Hyo-yeong who were brothers, and my own brother, Eu Hyo-min all believed. They all had very good brains. So, as a couple, we joined.

Q.2: Did you really believe Sun Myung Moon’s teachings from the bottom of your heart?

Eu: I did not understand in detail, but in my head I thought he was a great man, the Second Coming of the Messiah. My brothers believed everything, and we as a couple also believed.

❖ Two photos added:

Eu Shin-hee is standing on the far right in this 1954 photo. Her husband is in the photo below.

Daegu: the main church leaders at that time, from the left:
(front row) Kim Gwan-seong, Lee Yo-han, Moon, Pak Chung-hwa, Eu Hyo-min
(back row) Eu Hyo-won, Kang So-yong, Lee Han-seong, Lee Bong-wun and Shin Seong-muk [Shin was the husband of Eu Shin-hee. This is Moon’s 34th birthday in February 1954.

Daegu: female members

Q.3: So after some time you and your husband went to Seoul. What did you do with your children?

Eu: My husband had already left our house. I gathered all the children for a family meeting and said, “Daddy and mommy are now very busy working because the Second Coming of the Messiah happened. That’s why we are no longer able to take care of you.” My oldest son was in the second year of junior high school. My youngest daughter was still only six years old. The five children could understand what I said. They all held hands as they went to the orphanage. I did something I really should not have done, a very pitiful thing. My children spent seven years living in an orphanage.

Q.4: Already nearly forty years have passed, how are the children now?

Eu: They are all doing well as sincere Christians. But there is frequent conflict with my youngest daughter. She blames me and says, “Because of you we couldn’t get a good education and we are living very miserable lives.”

Q.5: You were one of the women who had pikareum sex with Sun Myung Moon for the ‘return’ (restoration). And yet, Mrs. Eu Shin-hee, you accepted to do an interview, and are probably the first to be willing to show your face in public. How do you feel about this?

Eu: The reason why I remained silent to people outside [the church] until now was because I was frightened that the children would know about the reality of pikareum. At my age I can endure it, but it will effect my children and grandchildren negatively. Although this truth is a very shameful thing to talk about, I still want to clarify the facts before I die.

Q.6: Please can you explain some details about your ‘return’ (restoration) with Sun Myung Moon.

Eu: One female member talked me into it. [It was Kim In-ju who joined in 1946. She was the aunt of Kim Won-pil.] She led me to Sun Myung Moon’s pitch-dark room late at night. That, in my case, was how I was ‘restored.’ It was finished in a very short time, it was all over in a few moments. I was told that I should come back two more times to complete the ‘restoration,’ to clean up the satanic blood, but I had ‘restoration’ pikareum only once, and then I stopped it.

Q.7: Why was that?

Eu: Sun Myung Moon had many relationships with many women. I did not know when my turn would next come around, and then I heard a very bad story.

During the refugee days [of the Korean war], it was no different from Beomnaetgol [in Busan]. I lived near there. (Beomnaetgol is now called a holy place, and Unification Church members come to worship there from all over the world).

There was a woman who came from the same village as me, and she had a cute daughter. From when she was small, we would hold hands and go to the mountains and rivers or to the church to pray. When this young woman was a university student, and still a virgin, Sun Myung Moon dragged her into his hut and had sex by force with her. He took away her chastity with the excuse of ‘restoration’. This young woman was crying as she spoke to me. She said there was a lot of bleeding. Even if it is done in the name of ‘restoration’ it is still an act of sex. Sun Myung Moon hurt a young woman by doing this. That is why I gave up on being ‘restored’ two more times.

Q.8: After you were ‘restored’ by Sun Myung Moon, did you also do ‘restoration’ pikareum with some men?

Eu: At that time, I believed what he taught, that the women who were ‘restored’ by Sun Myung Moon should ‘restore’ other men. So I did ‘restoration’ pikareum with five or six other men.

Q.9: Mr. Pak Chung-hwa wrote that, back then, you were one of the Six Marys.

Eu: I heard the story about the Six Marys, but I didn’t know who the Six Marys were. So I didn’t know if I was one of them as well. There were many women who were better looking or had better situations than me. There were always about three women sticking close to Sun Myung Moon. I thought those people were of a different class compared to me.

❖ Photo added:

Lee Deuk-sam, Kang Hyun-shil, Kim Soon-cheol and Park Cheong-sook with Kim Won-pil and Kim Deok-jin standing in the background.
Pak Chung-hwa used these aliases:
Lee Deuk-sam          Shin Jung-soon*
Kang Hyun-shil         Kang Ok-shil*
Kim Soon-cheol        Lee Soon-cheol*
Park Cheong-sook    Lim Yong-shin*

Q.10: Who were those three women?

Eu: They were Lee Deuk-sam, Kim Soon-cheol [real names], and Yang Yun-shin* [alias]. It was later that Park Cheong-sook [real name], joined the crowd around Sun Myung Moon. She was then married to the owner of a chaebol [a Korean conglomerate] who joined us. Moon was just eyeing his property. [His name was Choi Seong-mo.]

❖ Photo added:

Those four women, and Mrs Ok Se-hyun, are also in this photo with Mr. Moon. The woman on the left has not been identified.

Q.11: We heard that Sun Myung Moon always had different new women around to attend him. Wasn’t there any trouble among the women?

Eu: There was. Of course every woman is jealous and wants exclusive possession. Sometimes the women would get into intense fights. There were times when Sun Myung Moon punched these women.
He would often end his personal relationships with women; when their bodies were used and their property was taken, they were driven out. I was one of those who were kicked out.

This photograph of Kim Myung-hee was taken by Eu Hyo-min in 1954 or 1955. She was sitting outside the church. He explained that she was unhappy because there had just been a fight between her and some of Moon’s other women.

Q.12: Was the Six Mary system set up for swapping the women when he wanted a new one, or a wealthy one? Was Sun Myung Moon ordering the changes?

Eu: We didn’t know. One day five women were replaced and sent out of personal relationships with him, and then we talked to each other. We exchanged information and could find out that a really large number of women had been victimized. He impregnated virgins and let them give birth to children; he took the virtue from married women. Mothers and daughters were taken from families which then broke up. Rich people were robbed of their wealth and left almost naked. One after another I came to know of so many tragedies. Many people came to feel really indignant. I learned that Sun Myung Moon was a genuinely bad man.

Q.13: Learning of all these countless tragedies, one after another, everyone must have been truly indignant.

Eu: I think that is so. One day my cousin Eu Hyo-won was giving a sincere lecture about the teachings to his audience, giving it with sweat and passion; meanwhile Sun Myung Moon was flirting with the women. So Eu Hyo-won was more popular and respected by the female members. I think my cousin, Hyo-won, thought he could have lived longer if he had not been operated on. Since Hyo-won had studied medicine at university, he knew his condition well [a bone disease] and that he might die if he had the surgery. He hated the idea and refused the operation.

However, Sun Myung Moon was afraid because people were saying “if he is the real messiah, he should be able to cure any disease.” It is a fact that there were such voices. So Hyo-won was reluctantly forced to have the operation, and he died. Since Eu Hyo-won was loved by many people, Moon’s worry about being deprived of the top seat was gone. Sun Myung Moon must certainly have felt relieved.

Q.14: Now, what do you think when you look back on your past?

Eu: There is one word (the Chinese character ‘Han’) that means grudge. When I think about it I have really deep regret. The thing that I am most sorry about is the harm done to my children.
I was really a fool. If I had been wiser at the time, I would have been able to tell good from evil. I am in this situation now because I was stupid. Today I am divorced from my husband. I am a lonely person. I live quietly, and away from my children as well.
But I am not the only one. None of the women who got personally involved with Sun Myung Moon have had happy lives. Everyone of us was deceived by Sun Myung Moon. Heart, soul and money – all gone. We even have difficulty living from day to day. When I meet them we only have one wish: “Sun Myung Moon is not the Second Coming of the messiah. He is an ordinary man. He is a man who deserves to die, and should die right this minute.”

❖ Information and photos added:

Eu Shin-hee was interviewed for Japanese TV in 1993. Her son, Gap Yoon-gil, spoke about being sent to an orphanage and his feelings about the Unification Church organization.

Presenter: “Eu Shin-hee, [Eu Hyo-min’s younger sister] had restorational sex directly with Rev Moon.”

▲ Eu Shin-hee 劉信姫

Eu Shin-hee: “I wanted to receive restoration when I entered Rev Moon’s personal bedroom. I was asked “Are you qualified?”, I said: “Yes I am qualified.”

He said: “You have to receive restoration three times, through the stages of formation, growth and completion.”

“After finishing the formation stage, I stood up and bowed. Outside the room there were older members sleeping. In that way I received restoration.”

Presenter: “She then went on to explain this.”

Eu Shin-hee: “Instead of work, I went to the church too often to hear the principles; so much so that we ran out of food at home. I had to put my five children in an orphanage.”

▲ AE SHIN Orphanage 愛信保育園

The presenter visited the orphanage and asked: “I heard that some early members of the Unification Church put their children here in this South Seoul orphanage.”

Orphanage director: “After the telephone call I researched and found where there was one, that left the orphanage in 1968, but we don’t have any previous records now. Several tens of children were here at it’s peak though.”

Presenter: “What kind of life do they have, after being abandoned here for their childhood, because of their parents’ belief? I went to see Shin-hee Eu’s son.”

▲ Gap Yoon-gil 甲允吉

Presenter to Gap Yoon-gil: “I have records saying that lots of children were put in the orphanage during the early days of the Unification Church. Is that true?”

Gap Yoon-gil: “I don’t know if the Unification Church was responsible for sending us to the orphanage or not. My parents separated and we could not even eat, so we children were put in an orphanage. When I went to the orphanage I was six years old and the second son. My youngest sister was three. Well, I do have resentment in my heart towards the Unification Church. But I can’t do anything against that enormous organization. I have no choice but to give up and to live my life.”

The date of Moon’s visit to Busan on December 24, 1953 is confirmed by Kim Won-pil here:

Kim Won-pil: “Father left Busan for Seoul in the year 1953, on September 17, and he returned again to Busan for a visit on December 24, Christmas Eve, of the same year. In addition to teaching members in Busan, Father went to Daegu and visited Mrs. Kang who was pioneering there…”

Further details of Eu Hyo-won in hospital are confirmed by Pastor Kim Deok-jin:
“What do the Japanese newcomers to the church know? In 1970, Mr. Eu Hyo-won, who was one of the major leaders [and the first president of the UC in Korea] died in a hospital in Seoul. I happened to meet him by chance in the hallway of that hospital one week before he passed away, and spoke with him in his hospital room. It was a hot day. We talked about Sun Myung Moon and shed tears together.”
“After Mr. Eu Hyo-won’s passing, his younger brother [Eu Hyo-yeong], and his younger [cousin, Eu Shin-hee,] left the Unification Church because Eu Hyo-won had told them the real story of Sun Myung Moon. I am not lying, or trying to deceive anyone in my testimony.” [Hyo-min Eu left in 1972. Eu Hyo-yeong left in about 1991-92. ] LINK

Eu Shin-hee interviewed on video with subtitles

유신희 – 6마리아의 한 사람 이었다.

❖ end of added information

Kim Deok-jin was a Sex Relay practitioner  271

Kim Deok-jin graduated from Sungseol College in Pyongyang. He studied music in Japan and had a career in music throughout his life. He composed 19 well-liked hymns (‘Holy Songs’) for the Unification Church.

He was also a witness to the sex principles taught by Sun Myung Moon, and was a person who actually practiced those principles. In 1992 he was living in Seoul and, at the age of 80, working as a Christian minister for the police.

“A high ranking officer of the Korean Army conspired against me to protect himself. I was accused of being a spy for North Korea and imprisoned for life in Army Prison One. I was prisoner No. 438.

The charge was proven to be unfounded and I was released as innocent on November 27, 1954.

In the prison I had taught singing to a man named Lee Seok-bin. At the time of my release he asked me to deliver a letter to Sun Myung Moon when I got to Seoul. He was a disciple of Sun Myung Moon. He said that Sun Myung Moon was the second coming Christ. He wrote “To my father” on the front of the envelope and “From your disciple, Lee Seok-bin” on the back of the envelope.

After I was released from prison I stayed at my sister’s for a while. I wondered where Sun Myung Moon was. At the time no one knew about the Unification Church. Since I didn’t know where he was, I couldn’t deliver the letter. So I asked a close friend who was a police chief at the [Seoul] Central Police Station if he could find him.

Moon lived in a small shabby house. I went there and told them that I had a letter from a fellow prisoner. They led me to Sun Myung Moon. We exchanged greetings, then a woman said it was time to lead the service, and she asked me to join the service, so I took part.

It was a very small place and there was nothing much there, not even an organ. The first holy song they sang was called ‘The Return to Paradise’ or something like that. They said that Moon had written the lyrics. It went like this, “After six thousand years of grieving (han), huge battles were fought in search of the laurel wreath of victory.” It was about restoring this world back to the Garden of Eden. For some reason the melody was that of a Japanese military march. I was very surprised and after the service I said something along these lines:

“You are saying you are the living God who will unify the world. How could you sing a ‘Holy Song’ using a Japanese military march, representative of militarism, especially when Japan is the enemy of Korea? It is ridiculous. How can you be the Second Coming Christ?”

I asked him many questions and Moon’s face turned red.

He then asked me to compose some music for other lyrics he had written.

I accepted right away, and I composed ‘Holy Songs’ for the Unification Church for two or three years from then. Sun Myung Moon wrote the lyrics for five songs, Eu Hyo-min wrote the lyrics for one song, and I wrote the lyrics for 13 songs and composed the music for 19 songs in total. They are still sung at Unification Churches throughout the world.

In the Korean ‘Holy Song’ book, my name, Kim Deok-jin, is no longer mentioned as the lyricist or as the composer. They deleted my name. Only in the Japanese ‘Holy Song’ book are there five songs indicated to have been written by Sun Myung Moon and composed by Kim Deok-jin and 14 songs indicate that they had been written and composed by Kim Deok-jin.

❖ Additional information:

Sun Myung Moon understood very clearly the power of music. He exploited the talented Kim Deok-jin to write new songs. Throughout the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification music has been used as a powerful means of manipulating the emotions of recruits and members.

The Holy Songs penetrate to a deeper level than logic.

Most of the authors of the Holy Song have now been ascribed by working from two church sources:

Holy Songs – Their Meanings and Historical Backgrounds
International Training Center, Barrytown, New York
Yoko Kobayashi, Song Leader, Education Department, Barrytown
January 1975

and in Japanese

“Standard Holy Song Piano Accompaniment Score”
(arranged by Motoko Ijichi, published by Kogosha, September 1999).
『標準・聖歌ピアノ伴奏譜』 (伊地知元子 編曲、光言社 刊、1999年9月) に基づきます。


18 of the Holy Songs listed below were either written by Kim Deok-Jin or he composed the music for them.

Of the 13 sets of lyrics he wrote, only seven are listed below. The other six sets of lyrics are as yet unidentified.

There is one other song that he contributed to; it is either not identified on this list – or it may not have become one of the standard Holy Songs.


1. Blessing of Glory   words: Father (melody from Pyongyang Normal School
by 梁田貞 = Yang Jeon-Jeong)

2. Grace of the Holy Garden   words: Father, melody: Kim Deok-Jin

3. New Song of Inspiration   words: Father, melody: Kim Deok-Jin

4. Garden of Restoration   words: Father, melody: Kim Deok-Jin

5. Song of the Victors   words: Father, melody: Kim Deok-Jin

6. Song of the Spring Breeze   Father heard this from someone when in prison

7. Spring Song of Eden   (words claimed to be by Father but may not be him)

8. Oh, My Little Lambs   traditional Korean Christian hymn
朴在奉 words, 朴在勲 melody

9. The Lord Has Come   Kim Deok-Jin words & melody

10. My Offering   words and melody by Eu Hyo-min

11. Unite Into One   Kim Deok-Jin words & melody

12. Call to Sacrifice   Kim Deok-Jin words & melody

13. Song of the Young People   words: Yoo Kwang-yol, melody: Kim Deok-Jin

14. Principle Youth March   Kim Deok-Jin melody

15. March of the New Age   Kim Deok-Jin words & melody

16. Song of the Heavenly Soldiers   words: David S.C. Kim, melody: Kim Deok-Jin

17. Unified Soldiers   words: Father; melody – folk tune from Daegu *

18. Light in the East   Kim Deok-Jin words & melody

19. Song of Victory   Yuko Kamiyama in Nagoya, February 1962

20. My Promise   words: Hwang Won-jin, melody: Kim Deok-Jin

21. Suffering and New Life   words: Eu Hyo-won, melody: Kim Deok-Jin

22. Suffering Jesus   words and melody: Yang Yun-yeong (f.)

23. Suffering Heart  words: Father, melody: Kim Deok-Jin

24. Heart of the Father   words: Yi / Lee Hong-hi (f.); melody: Mother’s Heart (Korean) *

25. Pledge   words and melody: Yang Yun-yeong (f.)

26. The Father’s Dwelling Place   Kim Deok-Jin words & melody

27. Song of the Garden    folk hymn, 「真白き富士の根」maybe English

28. Shining Fatherland    words: Lee Wol-sung

29. He Has Called Me   traditional Korean Christian hymn
李浩雲 words, 朴在勲 melody

30. Oh, My Child Come Home Again  traditional Korean Christian hymn
田栄澤 words, 朴在勲 melody (original title「어서 돌아오오」 )

31. Oh Come, My Lord   traditional Korean Christian hymn
朴在奉 words, 朴在勲 melody

32. My Cross   words: Yoo Kwang-yol; melody: Kim Doo-wan

33. When I Behold the Lord   traditional Japanese Christian hymn

34. By the Spring of Life   A traditional hymn in Korea, author not known

35. Day of Glory   words and melody: Yang Yun-yeong (f.)

36. Song of the Banquet   author not known

37. 통일용사의 노래  統一勇士の歌,  Unification Champion’s song
Für Vater vereint ( = United for Father)   Kim Deok-Jin words & melody

38. 주일학교 어린이 노래(日曜学校・子供の歌) Children’s song for Sunday School,
Lied für den Kindergottesdienst   Kim Deok-Jin melody

* = Different melody in Japan

Of the other composers, Eu Hyo-won (one set of lyrics), Eu Hyo-min (one song) and music professor Yang Yun-yeong (three songs) all left the Unification Church.

Now I must rewind my story a little.

From the day after I visited Sun Myung Moon, beautiful women visited me at the house of my sister. They asked me to join their church. As I was to compose songs, I started to attend the church and they treated me nicely.

It was a time when the church members were making bromide photographs together, and some of them sold these at the Dongdaemun Market. Despite being in this difficult situation they made me several suits, so I enthusiastically composed songs for them.

Eventually, I had no choice but to listen to Moon’s principles. They could be summed up like this: six thousand years ago in the Garden of Eden, a young Eve, who was immature and about the age of a high school girl, was raped by Lucifer, the Archangel Satan. This is the original sin that brought evil into this world. Women of the world need to be restored by deceiving Satan, following the principle of “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” as it is written in the Bible.

In other words, Moon said that because he was the second coming of Christ who received God’s providence, he had a mission to perform sex with women to restore the world which had been ruined by sex. He had to have sex with women to exchange (his pure) blood with them.

❖ Photo added:

Kim Deok-jin is standing in the back. Eu Hyo-min and Kim Won-pil can also be seen in the background. The old lady on the left is probably Kim Chae-keun, and is not one of the ‘Six Marys.’ From the left the first of the six is not named, Lee Deuk-sam, Kang Hyun-shil, Kim Soon-cheol, Park Cheong-sook and Ok Se-hyun [their real names].

However this principle had to be kept secret, and in his sermons Moon only used metaphors.

Before Jesus Christ was crucified, he prayed to God, “Father, if you are willing, let this cup pass from me.”

According to the principle, God leads humans up to 95% of the way, but the remaining 5% should be solved by the people themselves.

Likewise God told Jesus to solve the problem of restoration on his own, and Jesus realized this only after shedding tears of blood. “Yet not as my will be done, but as your will be done.”

I soon realized what this principle meant. It meant to expand the group of people having sex with God in the form of a physical human, in other words Sun Myung Moon. This would be achieving God’s hope.

I was a troublemaker and I had pursued women. I was the self-proclaimed president of the Youth Society. Then something dawned on me. This is not a sin but a good thing. I had felt guilty about seducing a woman working for a tea house (café) in Japan when I was a student. I had seduced her on the day we met. However, the restoration principle of the Unification Church said that the more sex you have, the more of God’s providence of restoration will be achieved.

So, it was decided that I would first get God’s holy blood from Eu Shin-hee who had been restored by Sun Myung Moon. She is now a grandmother, but at that time she was beautiful, very smart and had a pure heart.

She truly believed in the principle that Sun Myung Moon had taught her, and she thought that she had the obligation to pass it on to other men. So, she approached me saying, “Look Mr. Kim. I will restore you…” Of course I agreed. And so I had sex with Eu Shin-hee.

She had a husband, but maybe she was not satisfied with him. She was pleased with my technique – which I had cultivated through my experiences with many women.

She said, “You were the best I ever had, much better than Mr. Sun Myung Moon.”

Even though it was called the practice of the restoration principle (pikareum), it was just sex between a man and a woman. There was no set position. After that, I had sex with other women.

Those who were meek and scrupulous, like Eu Hyo-won who put the 1957 Divine Principle book together, waited until Sun Myung Moon told them to have sex with someone to restore them.

But I was different.

95% is from God’s teachings, but one should find the remaining 5% oneself.

A woman who had sex with Sun Myung Moon had to ‘exchange blood’ with another man, and then the man had sex with another woman, and the woman had sex with another man. It was like a relay.

And the (pikareum) restoration principle was to expand like this?

Sun Myung Moon taught that it is God’s will to destroy the foundation of Satan by restoring all humans who were held captive by Satan. In other words to bring the world of Satan’s blood lineage back to God’s blood lineage.

So I laughed at scrupulous people like President Eu Hyo-won* and enjoyed sexual pleasure without reserve – and did my best to accomplish God’s will with a confident attitude.

❖ Photo added:

Kim Deok-jin walking behind Sun Myung Moon.

I selected about 15 or 16 beautiful women, not only in Seoul but also in Daegu and Busan, and had sex with all of them. I had sex with five women in Seoul. Apparently the group became 72 after a week. This was the result of practicing the principle.

Then Sun Myung Moon and Eu Hyo-won told me that it was no good. The reason was because the pikareum restoration sex from Teacher Moon, the Messiah, had to follow the principle of formation, growth and completion. Three sessions of sexual intercourse were needed for someone to be restored. My restoration was invalid because I had sex with Eu Shin-hee, and she had only had sex with Moon once. Even though it had been expanded to a few hundred people, it was meaningless.

I got angry and I thought it was not true. When Satan raped Eve, God didn’t do anything.

To defeat Satan, you just need the right conditions, don’t you? What does it mean that a woman is not restored unless she has sex with Moon three times?

I got angry and got into a fight with the son of a bitch.

After this, I went to Daegu and worked as a music teacher for Youngshin Middle and High School.

Then Pak Chung-hwa, who was Sun Myung Moon’s top disciple, came to Daegu. He said that Moon had told him to appease me by marrying me to Woo Ok-rye, a pretty church member in Daegu. Of course, she had had sex with Moon.

Then I ran into Lee Seok-bin. He was the one who had asked me to deliver his letter to Moon. He had been released from prison and had realized his sin. He was now working as an evangelist for a small church in Daegu. He advised me to marry a regular woman. He had done that – and been forgiven by God and become an evangelist to spread the Gospel of Christ.

With the cooperation of Pak Chung-hwa, I got married again, this time to Kang Hye-hwan. She was a deaconess, and the daughter of an elder at the church Lee Seok-bin worked for. I was poor and I had no proper clothes to wear for the wedding, so I borrowed Pak Chung-hwa’s suit for my wedding. After that, due to God’s grace and forgiveness, I have been happy. I was even blessed with an adorable grandson when I was 75.

Two years after we were married, my wife and I moved to Seoul, and I taught music at Seongdong High School and studied theology at night.

At that time a friend of mine, Kim Kyong-rae, was a newspaper reporter. He had just published a major article called “The True Identity of the Unification Church.” Now Kim Kyong-rae is Secretary General of the Korean Christian Assembly.

One day a woman visited me, saying that she had read the article. I was very surprised. It was Choi Seon-gil, the first wife of Sun Myung Moon. After finding out about Moon’s character, and the promiscuous sex at the Unification Church, she was shocked beyond anger and got a divorce from Moon. She had become a pitiful lonely maid. She said this to me – let us use this opportunity to tell the world that Sun Myung Moon is just a venomous snake, a womanizer, and not even a human being, much less the second coming of Christ.

She said Moon was a sex maniac and he had strong sexual drive. After she married him, Moon wanted sex with her more than 10 times a night until the time they had a child (Moon Sung-jin). Moon did not tire. He was as virile as a snake.

I totally agreed with her.

The Unification Church is not a religion. It is just an obscene sex cult.

After I had a fight with Sun Myung Moon, I was sent to the mine where Pak Chung-hwa was until I moved to Daegu. I returned to Seoul after staying there for about a year and a half. We – six men and three women – had a restoration game in a room a friend allowed me to use. It was merely putting into practice the Unification Church principles, but there was nothing religious about it.

I realized that Sun Myung Moon’s sex principle was wrong.

Using this principle, Moon had sex with a mother and both her daughters and caused the younger daughter to have a child. [Lee Deuk-sam, Choi Soon-shil and Choi Soon-wha. The child was Sam Park who was born in January 1966 in Washington, DC, in the US, nine months after Moon had stayed in the area.]

If you can call something heinous, this was it.

It is time for Sun Myung Moon and Unification Church to be punished by God.

They need to compensate the victims of their sins. I myself should bear severe punishment for the sins I committed when I was young, and my promiscuous behavior using the Unification Church’s principles as a pretext.

I have repented to God from the bottom of my heart, and served God and dedicated myself to His good work by fulfilling my mission as a police minister, and taking care of orphans.

[*President Eu Hyo-won is mentioned in the Korean edition of this book.]

Pastor Kim Deok-jin interviewed on video with subtitles

김덕진 – 섹스릴레이의 실천자

Pastor Kim Deok-jin was also interviewed in this magazine:
Moon’s first wife, Choi Seon-gil, and Pastor Kim Deok-jin interviewed

Postscript by Pak Chung-hwa  279

This text has been used as the Introduction to the book and can be found here.

Pak Chung-hwa interviewed on video with subtitles

The Appendices have not been translated.


原理原本  Wŏlli Wŏnbon
‘Original Principle’ (1952) Table of Contents

When Mr Moon wrote his ideas down into two notebooks in Busan, he did not use section headings or sub headings. They were added some years later – possibly after Kim Baek-moon’s first book was published in 1954. There is perhaps little purpose to translate the table of contents of the ‘Original Principle.’

原理解説  Wŏlli Hĕsŭl
‘Explanation of the Principle’ (1957) Table of Contents

Eu Hyo-won’s handwritten notes for the 1957 ‘Explanation of the Principle’

Here is the Japanese translation of the Table of Contents of this book.

前編 第一章 創造原理
第一節 神様の二性性相と被造世界
第二節 被造物の完成とその成長期
第三節 授受作用による万有原力
第四節 天宙創造の目的
第五節 人間を中心とした無形体世界と有形実体世界
第六節 霊人体と肉との相対性関係
第七節 愛がその目的
第二章 メシアの降臨とその復活の目的
第三章 人類歴史の終末論
第四章 復活論
第一節 復活の意義
第二節 地上の復活
第三節 最初の復活
第四節 再臨復活による霊人たちの復活
第五節 再臨復活からみた輪廻説
第六節 再臨復活からみた雑霊の現象
第七節 再臨復活による宗教統一
第五章 堕落論
第一節 悪の根
第二節 天使長とエバの堕落とアダムの堕落
第三節 天使長と人間始祖が原理を脱線するようになった理由
第四節 自由と堕落
第五節 堕落性本性
第六節 サタンと堕落人間
第七節 神様がアダムとエバとの堕落行為を干渉しなかった理由
第六章 復帰摂理からみた予定論
第一節 予定の意義
第二節 神様の予定と人間の責任分担
第三節 予定説の根拠になる聖句
第七草 エリアとして再臨した洗礼者ヨハネとイエスの再臨
第一節 復帰摂理からみたエリアと洗礼者ヨハネ
第二節 イエスを人間としてあつかった洗礼者ヨハネ
第三節 定説の根拠になる聖句
第八章 基督論
第一節 生命の木、復帰からみたアダムとイエス
第二節 善悪をわからせる意義
第三節 ロゴスの二性性相からみたアダムとイエス
第四節 蕩減復帰原理からみたイエスと聖神と重生の意義
後編 四位基台を中心とした人類歴史蕩減復帰摂理路程
緒論 第一章 復帰基礎摂理時代
第一節 アダム家庭を中心とした復帰摂理
第二節 ノア家庭を中心とした復帰摂理
第三節 アブラハム家庭を中心とした復帰摂理
第二章 復帰摂理時代(二〇〇〇年)
第一節 エジプトの苦役時代(四〇〇年)
b)  イエス復帰摂理から表示されたモーセの脱出エジプト路程
第二節 土師時代(四〇〇年)
第三節 統一王国時代(一二〇年)
第四節 南北王朝分立時代(四〇〇年)
第五節 イスラエル民族捕虜時代(七〇年)
第六節 イスラエル民族帰還時代(一四〇年)
第七節 メシア降臨準備時代(四〇〇年)
第三章 復帰摂理延長時代(イエス以後二〇〇〇年)
第一節 ローマ帝国迫害時代(四〇〇年)
第二節 教区長制基督教会時代(四〇〇~八〇〇年)
第三節 基督教王国時代(八〇〇~九一八年)
第四節 東西分立時代(九一八年~一三〇五年)
第五節 教皇捕虜時代(一三〇五~一三七五年)
第六節 教皇帰還時代(一三七五年~一五一〇年)
第七節 メシア再降臨準備時代(一五一七年~一九一七年)
第四章   復帰摂理完成時代(一九二〇年)
第一節 復帰摂理からみた歴史発展と第三次大戦の意義
第二節 六千年復帰摂理の最後の糸口をどうやってつかめるのか
第三節 言語混雑の原因とその統一の必然性
第四節 末世の時期の韓氏族の使命

The original Japanese text for Chapter 7, with the Appendices, can be viewed here.