Chapter 3

The Period Before and After the Founding of the Unification Church

The translation of this chapter from the Japanese has not yet been checked. Up to half of the text will be missing. The Japanese text can be found here.

▲ (front row) from the left
李聖花 Lee Seong-hwa – real name is Choi Soon-wha (mother of Sam Park)
李奇煥 Lee Kee-hwan was a member in Pusan in May 1953
池承道 Chi Seung-do joined in Pyongyang in 1946
玉相賢* (Ok Sang-hyun) – real name Ok Se-hyun.
.              She met Moon November 6, 1946 in Pyongyang
文鮮明 Moon Sun-myung
姜玉実* Kang Ok-shil – real name is Kang Hyun-shil, one of the six Marys
李順哲* Lee Soon-cheol – real name is Kim Soon-cheol
.              one of the six Marys, according to Moon
金在根 Kim Chae-keun
劉信姫 Eu Shin-hee had pikareum with Moon. In 1993 she was interviewed by
.           Japanese national TV about her pikaeum experience.

(back row) from the left
李成範 Lee Seong-peom
著者 (the author) Pak Chong-hwa was in the UC 1949-1957 and 1981-1986
趙東錫 Cho Dong-seok did public relations for the UC in 1955
李耀翰 Lee Yo-han joined in Pusan on December 10, 1952
.           He had been a senior disciple of Chong Deuk-eun.
羅英洙 Na/Ra Yeong-su
李昌煥 Lee Chang-hwan signed founding of HSA-UWC document
.           He was UC President from May to August 1954
劉孝元 Eu Hyo-won was the first president of HSA-UWC (UC). He was the main
.           author of the 1957 Divine Principle. He died July 24, 1970.
金相哲 Kim Sang-cheol, known as David SC Kim
劉孝敏 Eu Hyo-min made an economic foundation for the UC;
.           He took many photos.
李秀郷 Lee Su-hyang

❖ The biographical information above has been added. The book caption just lists all the names.

The Passion of the Women Followers  76

Pusan and the church at Sujung-dong

On May 15th, 1953, I visited Mr. Moon’s house in Sujung-dong, Pusan. He gave me a warm welcome, and told me about his plans for the future. From now things would be good. We had to work together. He taught me about the 6,000 years’ history of the providence, and many theories about God. He had changed his name from Yong Myung Moon to Sun Myung Moon. From that time everyone has known him by the name of Sun Myung Moon.

The people living with us at that time included: Kim Won-pil, Jung Sung-ok, Kang Hyun-shil, Ok Se-hyun, Chi Seung-do, Lee Kee-hwan, Lee Bong-oon, Lee Soo-kyoung and their family, Mr. Moon’s wife, Choi Sun-kil and their son Sung-jin, and Lee Yo-han. The new members who attended worship were Lee Duk-sam, Kim An-shil, Kim Jae-chak, Kim Bok-soon and family, and Oh Yeong-choon. Except for Kim Won-pil, Lee Bong-oon, Lee Soo-kyoung, and Lee Yo-han, all the others were women.

Kim Won-pil was working on an American military base, drawing portraits.

I don’t remember their names, but a young couple from Ulsan came to us. They used to go out to do missionary work. They seemed to be touched by the Holy Spirit. On a night when there was a lunar eclipse, they looked up at the sky and shouted out that the sky had shown a light. Sometimes, when they heard about the spirit world from our members, they fainted.

A few days later, Mr. Moon called me and said: “We now have to establish a financial foundation. Let’s discuss what business we can do that can support us.” I talked about it with Kim Dong-ki. He told me about a contract with the Monopoly Bureau to supply straw ropes. He didn’t have the money to get started, and so he suggested to me that I could take over the contract. I spoke to Mr. Moon about the idea. He then gave us some funds to get going. So we started in the business of making straw ropes. I was in charge of delivery to their office.

Mrs. Choi Sun-kil goes on the rampage  78

Choi Sun-kil (At the time when she was the wife of Sun Myung Moon)

One day, Lee Bong-oon stopped by unexpectedly. He said that there had been a serious incident at the church in Sujung-dong. While Mr. Moon was practicing the pikareum ritual with some members, his wife came to stop it. She threw all the people out. Then she sold the house, and all the household items. Our church suddenly disappeared. I hurried to complete the contract with the Monopoly Bureau so I could earn about 30,000 won.

Three photos with captions added. The photos are from the Korean edition of this book, and were taken by Eu Hyo-min.

▲ Sun-kil Choi caught Moon doing a pikareum sex ritual with two followers. She went home and got the baseball bat which Moon kept there. She damaged the building and broke the HSA-UWC church signboard.

Sun-kil Choi and Moon fought because she could not accept his pikareum sex rituals which went against her strongly held Presbyterian beliefs. Moon had been excommunicated from the Presbyterian Church in 1948. At that time he was jailed for bigamy with Chong-hwa Kim (a married woman with three children) while he was still married to Sun-kil Choi. She eventually divorced him on January 8, 1957.

The testimonies of Moon’s first wife, Mrs. Sun-kil Choi, and Pastor Deok-jin Kim who wrote 19 of the church ‘Holy Songs’. Published in the Japanese magazine,
週刊ポスト  Shūkan Post  “Weekly Post”  October 8, 1993

When I came back to Pusan, Mr. Moon had left for Seoul to escape from his wife (September 17), and Won-pil had fled to Yeongdo, Pusan. Elder Lee Bong-oon bought a humble house in Daeji Park and opened a church there. The church in Sujung-dong was already occupied by others. I had nowhere to stay, so that night I stayed in a guest house.

The following day I left for Seoul. I found Mr. Moon in Chungjin-dong and he welcomed me. I told him about the money we had made from the rope contract. The people staying there with Mr. Moon were all women.

The next day I went to Pusan to visit the Bureau and get the [delivery] verification slip. I returned to Seoul arriving at noon on the following day. I went directly to the Chungjin house. Mr. Moon and his members had all gone. Only Choi Sun-kil was there. She was packing up all the household items in order to get rid of them. Among the items she was going to sell were Mr. Moon’s Bible and his manuscripts. I begged her to give them to me, which she did. If I had not taken them, it would have been very difficult for Mr. Moon to publish his books later on.

The truth was that Mr. Moon’s wife was very angry to see Mr. Moon’s dirty sexual activities with the other members – and so she had thrown them all out. Mr. Moon was scared of his wife, and had run away to Chungjin-dong with his female followers. But he was again found by his wife. He then just fled without even taking his manuscripts. The women with Mr. Moon, after the pikareum ritual, were looking for heaven.

As a man with blind faith in Mr. Moon’s religion, I have witnessed group sex gatherings and the pikareum ritual many times. I have seen their madness and heard their cries. At that time I thought it was the duty of the messiah to do those things, but I wondered why he had to run away from his wife because of that. He should have been confident in doing his duty as the messiah. How could he save the world without handling his own wife? He had even left his Bible and manuscripts behind.

Police torture me with electricity  82

After Mr. Moon’s escape from Chungjin-dong, there was another incident. I stayed at a guest house in Cheonggyecheon. As I was going to sleep, there was a knock on the door. “Is Pak Chong-hwa there?” I answered, “This is he.” The man showed me his ID. He was a detective from the Jongro Police station. He asked me to come with him to the police station. I didn’t know what the reason was, but I had to go with him.

I was interrogated. He asked me where Mr. Moon was. I said I didn’t know. The detective then brought in a set of batteries. He tied two electrical wires to my fingers. Then he cranked the handle. The pain from the electric shocks was great. He cranked more, and kept telling me to answer the question. My body became numb. He spoke my name, and then tried to persuade me with soft words. The torture went on for about three hours. Then I yelled at him, “Kill me! I don’t know.” At that time a man came in from the next room and asked me whether I was from Pyongyang. I said “yes.” He said that he was also from there. He ordered the other detective to stop torturing me. In the morning I was released.

The test concerning the will of heaven  83

After I was released from the police station, I went to the house near the YMCA where Aum Duk-moon lived. He welcomed me and told me where Mr. Moon was staying. After I finished work for the Monopoly Bureau, I was going to meet Mr. Moon. But Ok Se-hyun and others wanted to come with me. Even though I tried to stop them, they did not listen to me.

Then it started to rain. While they were hesitating, I jumped onto a bus. I could easily find Mr. Moon’s new place. Mr. Moon and Kim Soon-cheol welcomed me. I explained what had happened at the police station, and about our business.

After that I was given a test on God’s revelations. I passed the test. Since Aum Duk-Mr. Moon had taken the test the day before, Mr. Moon referred to him as the ‘elder spiritual brother’ and myself as the ‘younger spiritual brother’.

At that time Kim Soon-cheol was making a blanket which Mr. Moon called a ‘spiritual revelation’. There was so much cotton in the room it was a pain to clean up before bed time.

The husband of Kim Soon-cheol got angry  85

Moon and Lee Soon-cheol* (right) [Her real name was Kim Soon-cheol.]

I stayed there for two days and then returned to Seoul. In Seoul Kim Soon-cheol’s husband was desperately looking for Mr. Moon. We felt that it was too dangerous to stay there, so Mr. Moon, Kim Soon-cheol and I left for Pusan. We had to be careful. Since we couldn’t get tickets to Pusan, we went to Suwon first and stayed in other cities along the way until we reached Pusan five days later. We decided to stay in a guest house in Sumyun.

After two days, we were again spotted. A woman named Kim An-mi came to us. She was one of the six Marys, and she seemed to be jealous about Mr. Moon taking Kim Soon-cheol alone with him. The two women, Kim An-mi and Kim Soon-cheol, started fighting. Their spiritual struggle for dominance got stronger. They were very jealous of each other. I talked to Kim about Mr. Moon’s situation. I told her that Mr. Moon was in a difficult position, and that her fight with Kim Soon-cheol would make it worse. She then went back to her home.

We stayed in Pusan for five days. After that we returned to Seoul. Kim Soon-cheol went back to her home, but she ended up in hospital because her husband beat her. Mr. Moon and I visited her in the hospital, but we did not stay long. We had an ominous feeling. We found out later that Kim Soon-cheol’s husband had visited the hospital just after we had left. If Mr. Moon and Kim Soon-cheol’s husband had met, what would have happened?

Mr. Moon’s affairs with other women never stopped. Based on the pikareum theory, Mr. Moon had sex with as many women as possible. It made their husbands mad. On one occasion Mr. Moon even had sex with a woman and her two daughters. Was the reason for his not being arrested the grace of God?

At that time Kim Won-duk, who was one of Mr. Moon’s disciples, came to us. After Mr. Moon escaped from Chungjin-dong, he had the pikareum ritual with Kim Soon-cheol and Choi Soon-wha.

The pikareum ritual required a witness from family members. That time Kim Soon-cheol was the witness. It was the Marriage Supper of the Lamb with a virgin. After that Kim Soon-cheol called Choi Soon-wha the “future mother” and gave her an expensive gold ring as a gift. I heard this story directly from Mr. Moon.

The Congregations at Pusan and Yeongdo

The tragedy of the female college student, Kim Myung-hee  89

At the time I was traveling with Mr. Moon to different cities to preach his doctrine. I also gave Mr. Moon’s news to other members in Pusan and Seoul. Back then traveling by train was difficult. It took 12 hours to go between Seoul and Pusan. In the middle of the night, all the heating got shut off. In the winter it was very cold. When a train passed through a tunnel, we could not breathe because of the coal smoke.

Mr. Moon was invited by a congregation in Pusan. With the help of Oh Yeong-choon, we traveled there. When we arrived in Pusan, around ten women and Lee Bong-oon welcomed us. We went to Yeongdo by taxi. It was December 24th, 1953. The house we went to was humble, but it was big enough. The owner of the house was Shin Sung-mook. His wife was Eu Shin-hee. After breakfast, Mr. Moon preached his principle theory. One man who was listening to Mr. Moon was lying down because he was ill. About 28 people were there. It went on until 1 or 2 in the morning.

Kim Myung-hee

All were attentive to Mr. Moon’s words. Among them was a female college student named Kim Myung-hee. She was a student from Yonsei University in Seoul. She was a very promising student at school. When she got a substantial scholarship from President Underwood of Yonsei University, she gave it to her aunt for safe-keeping. Her aunt gave all the money to Mr. Moon. When school began and Kim Myung-hee found out, she got very angry. She had come to the church with her aunt to get the money back. While in the house she happened to hear Mr. Moon’s preaching.

❖ Photo added:

Kim Myung-hee

When the meeting finished that night, most of the participants went back to their homes. In the single room, Mr. Moon and two other men and five women had to sleep together. That was the first night of the congregation in Yeongdo, Pusan. To tell the truth, Mr. Moon had sex with Kim Myung-hee that night. When we were falling asleep, I could hear the sound of a cry and movement from where Mr. Moon was. It was not a pikareum ritual. It was just sex. I could not say a word. After that Kim got pregnant, and her life became very difficult.

Being chased by investigators  92

The next day Mr. Moon continued his lectures. Eu Hyo-won was listening carefully and making notes. Kim Kwan-sung, known as a doctor of Oriental medicine, was also listening carefully, as was Shin Sung-mook, the owner of the house. His wife was also listening intently – and later she did the pikareum ritual with Mr. Moon.

About three weeks after that, all the participants began to weep and cry. There were strong complaints from the neighborhood. We were reported to the police. Furthermore, one of the members’ relatives was working for the police, and so we decided to stop the congregation in Yeongdo.

The streets of 影島 Yeongdo in Pusan (1951)

As a matter of fact, we felt that we were being chased by the police wherever we stayed. When Mr. Moon stayed in any place for a week, he became known to the police. Mr. Moon was being chased not only by the police, but also by the relatives of his converts.

In Jongro we ate at a restaurant run by the brother of Lee Chang-hwan, and we stayed in a guest house. The owners of the guest house and of the restaurant seemed to dislike us.

Later we moved to a place in Bukhak-dong. Eu Hyo-won, Eu Hyo-min and I stayed together there. Some female believers also came to help us. One day Mr. Moon suddenly visited us. That same night we were visited by police detectives and we were interviewed. They asked us general questions about religion. We did not understand why we were brought to the attention of the police.

I went to buy some household items with Yang Yoon-shin. We looked like a newly married couple, but she was much younger than I was. She desperately tried to get the pikareum ritual. Unfortunately she died a few years later.

Since more members were coming, our rooms became full. We moved to a large house in Bukhak-dong which had three doors. Mr. Moon rented another room south of the house for his own use. Lee Soo-kyoung, Kim Sang-chul (David SC Kim), and Lee Chang-hwan joined us too. At that time Eu Hyo-won’s younger brother, Hyo-young, brought a bag of croaker fish for us.

Another unforgettable thing happened. A politician brought his daughter, who was a little retarded, to the church. He may have thought that she might get better if she stayed in our church. The problem was that the girl, who was eight years old, pooped whenever we had breakfast. We endured this, expecting that a miracle would happen. However, she did not get better and after a year her family took her away with them.

At that time Lee Soo-kyoung went out to make some money. Lee Chang-hwan translated the church pamphlets into English. He sent letters to distinguished people and renowned pastors all around the world. The letters said that the messiah had come to a country in the east: worship him. Those who are suspicious should pray. He attached a picture at the bottom of the letter. While he was busy doing this, Eu Hyo-won was focusing on writing Mr. Moon’s doctrines. Eu Hyo-min and I kept copying the manuscript.

During that time, Eu Hyo-won said that there were some contradictions in Mr. Moon’s teachings. We asked Mr. Moon about them, but he could not give any answers. So Eu Hyo-won just continued writing down the teachings as they were.

Kim Sang-chul, known as David SC Kim, was going to study in England. He asked me to fill in some application forms for him.

There was an old lady named Kim Jae-geun. She took cold showers, even in the middle of winter. We were worried about her health, but she was healthy enough to do that.

A man named Song Do-wook joined us. Kim Won-pil – who was trying to avoid military service – secretly hid in Song’s house.

The living cost for such a large family was a big challenge. We helped Eu Hyo-min’s picture business. I helped to shine the pictures. Lim Myung-shin also helped us after finishing her work at the kitchen. In this way we could just cover our expenses.

The Founding of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification
of World Christianity

Eu Hyo-won writes the [1957] ‘Explanation of the Principle’ 95

On May 3rd, 1954, at the church at 391 Buk-hak Dong, Seong-dong Gu, five of us, Lee Chang-hwan, Eu Hyo-won, Kim Sang-chul, Pak Chong-hwa and Eu Hyo-min, gathered centred on Teacher Moon. It was time to promote the work of spreading The Principle centring on Mr. Moon’s teachings throughout the world.

The main church leaders at that time (front row) from the left
(front) Kim Kwan-sung, Lee Yo-han, Moon, the author, Eu Hyo-min
(back) Eu Hyo-won, Kang So-yong, Lee Han-song, Lee Pong-wun and Shin Seong-muk [Shin was the husband of Eu Shin-hee. This is Taegu, probably February 1954. Kang Hyun-shil was pioneering there at the time. According to Kim Won-pil, Moon went to visit her there during 1954.]

We discussed a name for our church. Our purpose was the unification of the world’s Christianity. At first we agreed on “Unification of World Christianity.” Next “Spiritual Association” … “God’s Spirit Association” …I suggested the “[Holy] God Spirit Association.” This was adopted.

… Principle … religious group for the unification of Christianity throughout the world … So the Unification Church was born. first … founding of the “Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity” (世界基督敎 統一神靈協會 [in Chinese characters] Se-gye Kidok-gyo Tong-il Shil-Lyeong Hyeop-Hwae”).

▲ Founders of the Unification Church (front row) from the left:
Pak Chong-hwa – author, Moon, (Baek Wun-hak*), (Kim Won-dok), Eu Hyo-won
(back row) David Sang-cheol Kim, (Lee Yo-han), Lee Chang-hwan
Here are five of the founders of the UC. Eu Hyo-min is not in the photograph.
*The names of those who were not founder members have been put in brackets.

Lee Chang-hwan was appointed as the first Chairman, but he left after only three months.

(Later on, May 1st became Foundation Day, but in fact it was May 3rd.)

The Time of the Ewha Woman’s University Incident

❖ Photo added:

Pak Chong-hwa identified Yoo Kyoung-ok on the left and Hwang Hwan-chae on the right. The Ewha Woman’s University main building is behind them. Photo probably taken in spring 1955.

Students and professors were coming in droves  102

Yang Moon-young * [Yang Yoon-yeong], the music professor of the renowned Ewha Woman’s University joined us at that time. She listened to Mr. Moon’s teachings for three days. Being full of the Holy Spirit, she suddenly stood up and banged the door and made a scene. After that incident, Eu Hyo-won went to her house every day to teach her there. Then the head resident of the dormitory joined us [Han Chung-hwa]. After that, in turn many professors from the university joined our church.

❖ Photo of Moon and Choi Soon-wha added:

Moon and Choi Soon-wha. She was given three aliases in the book:
Lee Seong-wha, Lee Seong-ye and Kim Kye-soon 
李聖花, 李聖礼 and 金桂順.

Sun Myung Moon with members of Ewha Woman’s University (Graduation ceremony of Kim Kye-soon [real name Choi Soon-wha] – in the center of the photograph. [Choi Soon-wha attended Yonsei University, not Ewha University.]

❖ Added information:
This book was printed four times in the first month after publication. Some photos and captions were changed across the different editions. The later editions had the group photo. The last edition removed information and had this simple caption: “Sun Myung Moon with female college student members.”

The older sister of Choi Soon-wha, Choi Soon-shil, attended Ewha Woman’s University. Soon-shil was arrested on July 18, 1955 during the Ewha sex scandal investigation; Moon had been arrested on July 4. Because Soon-shil was young, under questioning by the police she “confessed to group sex activities.” Her wealthy father, Choi Seong-mo, arranged for her release from jail. He always tried to help his daughters in spite of their involvement with Moon. And he had hope that his wife, Lee Duk-sam, would return to him – but she never did. However, at the end of her life she did realize the truth about Moon and became a Christian, hoping for forgiveness for her involvement with Moon and for what had happened to her two daughters. She had misgivings about Moon’s sex with the two of them. Her eldest son was Choi Soon-yeong. He gave an interview to a Japanese magazine.

Soon-yeong and his wife were at the hospital bed of his mother, Duk-sam Lee. One day, three officials of the Unification Church came and put a tape recorder in front of the dying patient. They wanted her to leave a will saying she desired to have her funeral at the Unification Church. They even wanted her to talk about inheritance, persisting for several hours. Duk-sam Lee remained silent.
“They were in my mother’s room, located at the furthest end of the ground floor. They put a recording machine right in the center of the room.  We found it unbearable and eventually said to them, “She is our mother, not yours,” and I threw them out.” The Unification Church did not get her inheritance.

❖ end of added information.

There was a woman named Eu Shin-hee. She was one of our members from Pusan who had come to Seoul. She was the wife of Shin Seong-muk who lent us his house in Yeongdo. She was said to have voluntarily had the pikareum ritual when Mr. Moon was there. Kim In-ju, who had already had the ritual, gave her the advice to do that. After that, Eu had other pikareum rituals with other men. I had the pikareum ritual with her. Then she had sex with Kim Deok-jin. Later Kim Deok-jin made a big scene after he became a Christian pastor. He spoke about the sex orgies in Mr. Moon’s church.

A man called Kim Deok-jin 金徳振 104

At that time I was polishing the pictures until 10 pm. One night a soldier wearing a U.N. coat visited us to see Mr. Moon. He said his name was Kim Deok-jin who had graduated from Soongshil University. He was once sentenced to death for espionage, but had been released. He was carrying a letter from Lee Suk-bin, with whom he had been in prison. I took Kim Deok-jin to Mr. Moon. He had a talent for music. As soon as he joined us, he wrote some hymns for us. He had the glory of receiving the first suit from Mr. Moon.

❖ Photo added

▲ Kim Deok-jin walking behind Moon.

Our membership increased again. Many students from Ewha Woman’s University joined us. Fourteen students were expelled from the college for being cult members: Shin Mi-shik, Sa Gil-ja, Kim Chung-un, Suh Myung-jin, Pak Seung-gyu, Chung Dae-hwa, Pak Young-sook, Pak Seung-Hee, Lee Kye-soon, Jung-weon, Choi Soon-hwa and Kim Sook-ja. Some professors had already tendered their resignations.

Another electrical torture, this time in Taegu  105

North Hak-dong was the first headquarters church. Ok Sang-hyun (left), Kang Ok-shil (right).

❖ 391 Buk-hak Dong, Seong-dong Gu, Seoul, was the first headquarters church. Ok Se-hyun (left) and Kang Hyun-shil (right) Their aliases were: Ok Sang-hyun, Kang Ok-shil. This is the Seodaemun church, also known as “The House of Three Doors.” The same photo with both women clearly and correctly named is on page 37 of “A Pictorial History of the 40 years of the Unification Church.”

The main church moved to a new house in Hongin-dong in January 1955, and then moved to Jangchoong-dong three months later. A few days after our move, two police detectives came to the church. They checked our church, and I felt something was different that time. We warned some women from other regions to keep a low profile.

I decided to report this to Mr. Moon, who was staying in Taegu at that time. I went to Taegu with Kim Myung-hee. She was the woman who lost her virginity to Mr. Moon. She was now pregnant. She was planning to smuggle herself to Japan to have the baby there.

❖ Two Photos added:

Kim Myung-hee with Moon Hee-jin in Korea after their return from a four year stay in Japan. Hee-jin was born in Tokyo on August 17 1955. He died in a train incident in Seoul on August 1, 1969.

Sun Myung Moon was the father of Moon Hee-jin.

When we arrived in Taegu, we went to Kim Yo-han’s, but there was nobody there. I felt something was wrong. Then I was caught by police detectives. At the police station I was interrogated all through the night. They asked me for Mr. Moon’s whereabouts. I said “No” and that I would not say even if I did know where he was. They started the electrical torture on me. It was the second time. Mr. Moon was in Yong Mountain at that time.

The production and sale of bromide pictures  108

As I said before, we were in the picture business to make money to cover our living costs. We took pictures of famous places and sold them. Eu Hyo-min was in charge of the technology, and the work in the darkroom was done by Kim Won-pil, Eu Hyo-young, and Lee Soo-kyoung. The headquarters in Hongin-dong had five rooms with a kitchen and a living room. It was the perfect place for our picture business, and for the teaching. There was a garden with trees. It was a good place.

▲ Women members trimming the bromide photographs.
[On the left is (Lee or Kim) Kyung-shik and right is Kim Myung-hee. Identified by someone who knew them both.]

After we moved there, a lot more people joined us, and our church grew rapidly. The newspapers and rumors at that time were like this: When you join the Unification Church, you will be brainwashed in three or four days and you will leave your family. The room with a red light for our photographic work was rumored to be the brainwashing room.

The applying of the gloss for the bromide photographs was usually done at night time, and finished in the morning. At dawn many orphans would come to us, right after the lifting of the curfew, to buy pictures from us. They sold our pictures very quickly. In that way we had some financial stability. Every day about 70 or 80 people had meals at the church, so for that we needed a bag of rice each day. It was hard work for the women working in the kitchen, and it cost a lot of money to feed everyone. On the streets of Seoul there were many street vendors. They were selling cigarettes, magazines, and our pictures.

One day Kim In-chul visited us when we were working on the pictures. I knew him well since I was the company commander in the army with him. He was running a hotel in Haeju at that time. We became friends while I had been staying there. I didn’t expect to see him again. I was very pleased to see him. We talked about many things, but I had some concerns too. If he talked about my history in the North Korean military, I would have been arrested. It would also damage the church. I reported all this to Mr. Moon, but Kim never mentioned my past to anyone. About 20 years later when I met him again, we chatted about that time, and together we laughed about it.

The third secretary, Song Do-wook  111

Song joined our church in Yeongdo. He was an exterminator vendor. He had worked for the independence of Korea during the Japanese rule. He was not very educated, but he was decisive and stubborn. I had been teacher Moon’s secretary for a long time and Eu Hyo-min had succeeded me. Song became the third secretary. He was promoted to elder later on. He was so arrogant that he sometimes troubled the members. One day, in front of Elder Jung, I advised him not to. I remember that time like yesterday, but both of them have since passed away. Many of our members from that time have passed away.

A time of modest relaxation  112

During the time when we were in the bromide photograph business at the Heung-in Dong Church, when Saturday came, Eu Hyo-young and Lee Soo-kyoung and I used to go down to the Dongdaemun market to eat pork and sundae. (Sundae is made by kneading together a seasoned mixture of glutinous rice, bean curd, scallions, mung-bean sprouts, and shiitake mushrooms. It is then stuffed into casings made of pig intestines, which are then tied off at the ends, and boiled.) We also had a little drink. This revived us. We worked hard, but we always looked forward to each Saturday.

It was just like things happened yesterday. Time flows like water. The picture business was mainly done by Eu Hyo-min. At first I thought that we could not make much money from such a business, but it became better than I had expected. The skill of Eu was incredible. In that way, our financial foundation became secure. After that, thanks to Eu Hyo-min’s patent for an air gun, the revenue later increased to millions of dollars. Now Eu Hyo-min is not a member of the church. He got married to Na Soon-yul, who died. They had three children.


The Truth About the Arrest of Our Church Elders  114

Sun Myung Moon’s arrest

After the five professors and 14 students joined our church, Ewha Women’s College asked the authorities to investigate our church.

As I wrote earlier, we were visited by police detectives on May 13th, 1955. They checked our church in detail to find evidence. They also checked the identity of visitors and watched them. We found out that the police were planning to arrest Mr. Moon and other officers of the church. So Mr. Moon hid in a place in the mountains with Park Sang-rae. We gathered together to make our final plans. Kim Soon-cheol suggested that Mr. Moon should go to Japan for a while.

There were many ideas, but we could not decide what to do. We eventually decided to turn ourselves in to the police. On July 4th, 1955, Mr. Moon was finally arrested. There had been a two month investigation. Our chairman, Eu Hyo-won, was questioned about the teachings. He was questioned about the purpose of the church, and about the joining of the professors and students. I was questioned next. I was asked about how I met Mr. Moon, and about the time in prison in North Korea, about Mr. Moon’s name change, and many other things.

When Mr. Moon was asked about his residency card, he was in trouble because people who had defected from North Korea were not issued with residency cards unless there was a valid reason for them to get one. I explained to the police that I had made one for him. Actually, it had been made by bribing someone in authority. I had made mine in the same way. The lying about our ages was so that we could avoid military service. When I was asked about our expenses, I answered that the money came from our picture business. I told them that I was in charge of the finances. After that the police investigated the issue of adultery. I could not answer them clearly about that. I was also asked about the issue of the messiah. The main point of the investigation was about group sex and adultery.

The focus of the investigation was on group sex  119

The issue of group sex was seriously investigated. The inspector said, “According to your doctrines, the original sin began when Eve had sex with the Archangel Lucifer, and then after that she had sex with Adam. To solve the problem of that sin, a sinless messiah must come to our world and have sex with women. Is that right? I think Mr. Moon has had sex with many women, especially married women, saying that he is the messiah. Have you ever seen that going on?” I replied that I was only in charge of the finances and had no idea.

I lied that I had just followed Mr. Moon since I was in prison, and that the allegations that Mr. Moon had sex with married women was nonsense. I added that I had never seen such a thing. The inspector said, your opinion seems to be divided in two ways. On the one side are the people who just believe Mr. Moon, and believe that the pikareum blood exchange ritual can make people reborn, and that you can create a new world based on a sinless Adam, and that offspring from such parents will grow up to govern the world. On the other hand, there are the ones who are suspicious of Mr. Moon’s new teachings, and the history of restoration, since he was the son of a humble family. They think Mr. Moon has original sin, and that he is not God. It is impossible to save people through sex. What is your position?” I said, “The pikareum restoration through a sex ritual is a lie. It is just a story, a rumour. Somebody must have lied to harm Mr. Moon.” The inspector asked me about what Mr. Moon had done in North Korea, Taegu, and Pusan. I answered that Mr. Moon had just studied the Bible and religious doctrines, and had preached to people. I added that the people who gathered around him were touched by his teachings. The inspector asked me about Mr. Moon’s wife and children, and about the disturbances that Mr. Moon’s wife had made in Pusan and Seoul. I said that it had happened because of the differences in their religious beliefs. The police tried to find any evidence that could prove Mr. Moon’s adultery, and about the group sex activities.

The indictment of five church elders  121

Eu Hyo-min and Eu Hyo-young were questioned after me. When Kim Won-pil was questioned, his evasion of military service caused a problem. Then the investigation of the family of Mr. Moon’s wife started. Ok Se-hyun was the first. The investigation about women was done during day time. It was focused on the issue of group sex. After the investigation, Kim Won-pil, Eu Hyo-min, Eu Hyo-young, and Eu Hyo-won respectively were imprisoned.

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Choi Soon-wha, probably not her sister Soon-shil, is standing directly in front of Moon. On the left is Choi Won-pok and on the right is Kim Young-oon. These two Ewha Woman’s University professors, along with three others, encouraged their students to join the UC and be pikareum cleansed by Moon. All were expelled from the Christian University due to their involvement with Moon. The scandal was covered in Japanese newspapers as well as Korean ones. Link to Korean newspaper coverage of the scandal.

The female member Choi Soon-shil was imprisoned on the 18th. Including Mr. Moon, five were imprisoned. At that time the public relations of the church was handled by Noh Jung-woo [according to Oh Yeong-choon his name was Noh Dong-hwi] and Cho Dong-suk. They appealed to the prosecutor’s office to release me, saying that the living of dozens of church members would be difficult if I was in prison. They promised that I would turn myself in whenever the prosecutor’s office wanted. Mr. Moon was held in jail.

Choi Soon-shil, who confessed to group sex activities, was also released because of her father’s efforts. On July 29th, 1955, five men were indicted for evasion of military service. I was worried about being called to the police station but it did not happen. I was asked to hide somewhere before any further investigation began, so I did.

My escape from the hands of the investigators  123

A call to me came from Mr. Moon. There was fifty thousand won in checks in the drawer of Mr. Moon’s desk at the Changchong Dong church. It had been saved to be spent in the case of an emergency. I went to Masan to get it.

I also visited Yang Yoon-shin who was in the Masan National Tuberculosis Sanitarium. At that time Yang Yoon-shin served as the Director of Nursing at that nursing care home. I stayed there for free for about a fortnight.

Suddenly, while I was in Masan, Lee Duk-sun who was the younger brother of a man called Lee Weon-joo, together with Shin Sung-mook and Park Bong-shik from Pusan, all came together with Kim Cheong-sook, the real daughter of Yang Yoon-shin. We were all church members. 

We were always gathered together, and worried about the trial of Mr. Moon and the church leaders in Seoul.

About 10 days later Lee Won-joo went away somewhere. A short time later some weird things happened. Suddenly Lee Won-joo began calling out, “Sun Myung Moon is not the Second Coming Messiah. I am the Second Coming Messiah.”

Those who gathered in his house came to believe all his stories. They were praying and crying day and night. Lee Won-joo was exploiting the Principle and the women. He had ‘return sex’ [pikareum] with them, including Mrs. Yang who had her daughter, Kim Cheong-sook, with her. When Lee Won-joo was doing the ‘return sex’ [pikareum], he was saying things like: “Heaven will have resentment towards those who do not give,” etc.

Concerning Mrs Yang, she was scared out of her wits that she would be unable to continue her work at the sanitorium, and that she would be evicted from the sanitorium. She then moved to Seoul and rented a house there. Following that I moved to Taegu.

However, Taegu was not a safe place either. I decided to flee to Jeju-do (Cheju Island) where I had some relatives. There I read the newspapers to find out how the trial had gone. On October 4th, 1955, Mr. Moon was found not guilty and was released. I was very happy to hear that. Kim Won-pil was sentenced to one year in prison. The others were released with only fines. The purpose of the investigation had been to prove that group sex activities had been going on. However, the women who had been involved in the group sex did not have the courage to confess to it, and their husbands felt ashamed to admit it. So in the end Mr. Moon was released, but it was true that they had had sex with Mr. Moon.

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