Sun Myung Moon’s “Gigantic lie”

updated May 10, 2023

A significant testimony on the “blood separation (pikareum sex ritual) issue” in the Unification Church

Former Unification Church senior executive exposes “The Lies of Rev. Sun Myung Moon”

Friday Japanese magazine     September 3, 1993    (pages 6-7)

Interviewed by Mr. Ryo Hagiwara   (South Korea local coverage)

▲ Left: Rev. Sun Myung Moon, refuted by a former senior executive of the UC.
▲ Center: Mr. Hyo-min Eu responding to the interviewer in the garden of his home in Seoul.

“All of Sun Myung Moon’s claims are lies. The whole [1955 Ewha Womans University] “incident” was entirely about women.”

Mr. Hyo-min Eu waved his hands and strongly asserted this as he answered the questions of journalist Mr. Hagiwara Ryo.

Mr. Eu, aged 72, was a member when the Unification Church was founded in 1954. He was in the leading church group known as the “36 Blessed Couples.” Of course, Mr. Eu himself was a top executive, but he left the church 20 years ago [in the 1970s]. He now runs a firearms manufacturing company.

Mr. Eu spoke passionately about the so-called “blood separation issue” in which Mr. Moon, the founder of the church, was said in those days to restore his women followers through [three] acts of sexual intercourse. This was known as “pikareum” in Korean. [pi=blood, kareum=separation; chiwake in Japanese]

The actor, Mr. Atsuo Nakamura, recently said: “There was a sex ritual called pikareum in the Unification Church.”

[Mr. Atsuo Nakamura was well-known in Japan as an actor. He later became a politician, and was in the Japanese National Diet when he spoke.]

In response, the church filed a lawsuit against Mr. Nakamura claiming that the statement was “groundless” and the subject became a hot topic. [The Unification Church lost the lawsuit.]

The Unification Church denied all the allegations, stating, “there is no such thing called “pikareum” in our church, neither is it in our teachings”.

[Official Unification Church/FFWPU lectures on the “Original Divine Principle,” which included changing the blood lineage through sex, were given in Japan in the 1980s and again in 1991-92, taught by Yoshiaki Hiro, Kunio Sano and Yasutomo Shirai. Mr. Takeru Kamiyama could not lecture due to health problems. Since at least 2012 the lectures have been given globally by Jin-hun Yong and others. The contents explain Sun Myung Moon could only cleanse women of original sin through pikareum sex. “Since 2010 or 2011” Hyung-jin Moon and Kook-jin Moon have taught that it was necessary for their father to womb cleanse women through pikareum sex. Hyung-jin Moon VIDEO. Kook-jin Moon VIDEO ]

Photo added:

Reverend Moon with many young women who all needed to be “restored”. The wife of Kwak Chung-hwan is front right.

The issue of “pikareum sex” first came to public attention due to the incident Mr. Eu mentioned.

In July 1955 rumors spread of indecent relationships between Reverend Moon, the founder of the Unification Church, and students from Ewha Womans University. Married women were also involved in the scandal. Six church leaders, including Reverend Moon and Mr. Eu, were arrested on suspicion of the illegal imprisonment [of a female Yonsei University student, document forgery and draft evasion]. After a three-month investigation and trial Mr. Moon was declared innocent [according to the Unification Church]. Mr. Eu was sentenced to eight months in prison. It was the so-called “Ewha Womans University incident”.

The Unification Church’s position on this incident is, “the Reverend Sun Myung Moon was detained [on July 4th] and others were detained [in the following week] on suspicion of refusal to serve in the military and unlawful confinement. However, the trail was fought on the issue of draft dodging. At the end of the trial, Reverend Moon was acquitted of both charges. Therefore there was no pikareum,” said Mr. Mok Noe-hak 牧瀬学, the director of public relations.

[In fact Sun Myung Moon admitted in court to falsifying his age and was sentenced to two years in jail, but suddenly released at night on October 4th; the others were released later.]

Ever since, the church has cited the trail verdict of the “Ewha Womans University incident” as strong evidence for its claim that there was no “pikareum sex.” They point to the facts that a former church member who published an article on “pikareum” in 1976 received a prison sentence, and a journalist who criticized “pikareum” in 1983 was ordered to pay damages to church members.

However, Mr. Eu, who himself received a prison sentence in the 1955 trial, testified against Reverend Moon and others’ claims, as mentioned earlier. Initially, Mr. Eu’s response was stiff, saying, “It’s not yet time for that.” But gradually, he opened up and made several significant statements.

“Let me give an explanation of ‘pikareum sex’. Eve, the ancestor of the human race, had sex with the serpent in the Garden of Eden and was corrupted. [This is known as the fall of man.] The principle of restoration in the Unification Church states that fallen humans must also be restored through sex. In the church, this act is called ‘sexual service (性役事 Seong Yeok Sa).’” [an obligatory or necessary sexual ceremony]

In this way he explained the definition of “blood separation” (pikareum sex) and added “Furthermore, as for the matter of Reverend Moon being acquitted, it was because there were no complaints from the women themselves or from their husbands. So the prosecution could only indict him for violation of the Military Service Law because he lied about his age to avoid military service. But in reality, the whole “incident” was entirely about women.”

Knowing his words were being recorded on tape, Mr. Eu explicitly stated these things.

Mr. Hagiwara also obtained a testimony from composer Mr. Deok-jin Kim (aged 80) about the ‘pikareum problem’. Mr. Kim joined the church shortly after its founding and had also left the group [many years ago].

“I inherited the pure blood by engaging in sex with a woman who had undergone ‘pikareum’ with Sun Myung Moon. Since then, I myself performed ‘pikareum’ with 16 women. Those women then went on to perform ‘pikareum’ with other men. When I counted, there were a total of 72 people involved. It was a sex relay.”

The Unification Church claims the “Ewha Womans University incident” is evidence against the existence “pikareum”.

However, these testimonies by Mr. Eu and others about this “incident” carry significant weight as they come from the individuals directly involved. The impact of these statements is considerable.


Soon-shil Choi, the sister of Soon-wha, and several professors were interrogated by the police during the 1955 Ewha scandal. In his journal Hyo-won Eu (the cousin of Hyo-min Eu) mentions seeing them at the police station when he was also arrested.

Change of Blood Lineage: The Real Experience of Salvation by the Messiah
Sun Myung Moon

speech given on October 13, 1970 in Seoul, Korea

“The realm of total perfection cannot be achieved without a condition for restoring fallen Eve. The Holy Spirit and Jesus must give rebirth centering upon original love. In order for Jesus to be born, God in His providence prepared a certain historical foundation of heart. That providence must involve the womb of a woman.” …

“A person is born through a man’s seed going into a woman. Where does the way of reversal begin? It is within the woman’s womb. The condition must be established so that history is reversed in the womb. For complete restoration, the starting point is the seed which exists in the body of a male. The condition must be established in which the seed within a male is united with God’s love. Without establishing that condition, complete reversal of the blood lineage cannot be established. Religion must follow God’s way. That is why a world level religion must teach the necessity for rebirth. Therefore, Christianity has become a world religion both in concept and in reality. It teaches that everybody must be reborn, just as Jesus told Nicodemus, ‘Unless one is born anew, he cannot see the kingdom of God.’ (John 3:3)”

Hyung Jin Moon confirms his father had sex with Six Marys

Published on May 19, 2015

26:00 “I really feel that this issue about the six Marys is at the core. It’s interesting because we were already preparing a lecture on the six Marys. When was this in 2010 I believe or 2011? We had already given lectures on the six Marys and we have tried to get the information on the six Marys. And it’s disappeared. Oh whoops I don’t have on our computer anymore. Whoops we don’t have it on the computer. So we had to get it from somebody who was in those lectures who took notes on the six Marys lecture. Because guess what folks? Even though it is more comfortable to hide it under the rug and be fraudulent about the whole situation and try to just convince people of their own current times, it’s easier to do that. It’s easier to do that what the church, what mother is doing. Hide it! Don’t talk about it! Don’t bring it up! It’s gonna cause problems. So easy to do that. That’s the temptation. But guess what? Just like the Mormons 200 years later. 200 years later are dealing with the issue around their founder. They’re still dealing with. You understand folks. It never goes away. It will never go away!”

35:00 “For him to come and take all the women of this world and be their spouse and to have children from every single one of those people. And kill off Satan’s blood lineage. I don’t care if that makes you feel uncomfortable. I don’t care if that makes you feel unnerved. That’s the quickest way to do it.”

43:10 “He says in public, he says, this only contains 80% of my autobiography. Right? Some of the Japanese sisters maybe have heard that. And then he goes on to call up the 4 great saints’ wives. You know Mrs. Jesus and Mrs. Buddha and Mrs. Who is it? Muhammad no and Mrs. Confucius so he says this only has 80% of my life story and then he calls up those ladies. See what you don’t realize about who those ladies are. They’re part of the six Marys.”

48:30 “You see if you don’t understand the bride of Christ, the brides of Christ and you don’t understand the three day ceremony, you have no way to explain why father had to walk that course of having those relationships. What is your explanation? What is it? The only way you can explain this is to say that well I guess father was weak in the flesh. But then if you say that you’re saying that God is weak in the flesh.”

49:40 “What is it? How do you explain the six Marys? How do you explain those relationships beyond the six Marys? How do you do it? And still believe in Father? You can’t. You cannot.”

1:04:35 “I remember one time in Washington DC they were having an argument. And mother brought this issue out and she condemned father for it. If you, If I didn’t save you from that you would have had children from many, many different bellies is what she said to him.”

Six Marys: “there are representative women through which [Sun Myung Moon] transfers his seed” Kook-jin Moon

Bluestone Testimony Night with Kook Jin Moon July 21, 2017

Kook Jin Justin Moon: We’re the only place now where OSDP can be heard. (Original Substance of the Divine Principle)

Kook Jin: We are after all, the orthodox church. People who follow the Han mother [Hak Ja Han] are heretics.

Kook Jin: The whole notion of Six Marys, or 60 Marys or 600 Marys is basically the process of restoration because when the world was created, it was created as one man and one woman. And so that was supposed to be the start of human history. But the world progressed from that family level, to the social, clan, national and world level. So there has been an expansion of human history, an expansion of the fallen lineage. So when you get to the point of the mission of the messiah, the messiah actually has to reverse that fall. So that means that the world level has to reduced to the individual level. It means all the women in the world, 3.5 billion women, has to become one woman. So basically what the messiah comes to do is he comes to marry the object partner. Initially there was only one object partner, when the messiah came there were 3.5 billion object partners, and so actually if you are looking at the process of restoration every single object partner [woman] in the world is actually supposed to receive the messiah’s seed. But that is what the Six Marys providence is about. Since the messiah physically can’t be giving the seed to every single woman there are representative women through which he transfers his seed representatively to all the women of the world. And so that process of restoration is a one time event which the Lord of the Second Coming does. And once it is fulfilled then it restores the relationship back to one man and one woman.

So that is the difference in understanding, is that the messiah comes and has a unique role. He comes fully as a man but he is also fully God, and that is the unique nature of the Lord of the Second Coming. And the unique mission of the Lord is to restore what was lost. And so that process of restoration happens only once. And so once that is done then it goes back again to the original order which is one man, one woman. That’s what the [Divine] Principle requires and if you study Principle and you understand Principle you can understand theologically why it has to be like that.

Member: We were many years in the church and we didn’t hear about it.
Kook Jin: That’s the problem…
Member: If so Jesus, even he didn’t die, so he had also Six Marys, the same thing.

Kook Jin: Well he should have 6, 60, 600, 6,000 the same thing, sure, absolutely.

Kook Jin: Shame? The problem is not the shame. The problem is that the blood lineage was changed. The problem with Adam is that he basically he had his lineage changed because he was dominated by Eve. So that is why when you do the three day ceremony you have that reversing of that order, where the woman is on top and then the man gets on top at the end, so he is restored from the archangelic position to the position of son. So in order to reverse the pattern of the fall, the father who comes, the Christ who comes, has to dominate woman and has to be on top.

Member: It would be good if in OSDP [Original Substance of the Divine Principle] we teach really deeply about the Six Marys as part of it.

Kook Jin Moon: Well, we teach about the Six Marys. That’s the position we have to be very clear on that is the nature of restoration. The nature of restoration requires God’s seed to be implanted in every woman. …
So those kind of aspects of the theology we need to, as we go forward, to make it very clear what our theological position is. It should not be hidden. It should be front and center whenever we teach the principle. Mission of the messiah, what the messiah must do.

Member: That is the essence of the Blessing isn’t it. The messiah’s seed through the Blessing into Blessed marriages.

Kook Jin: [agrees] So we teach it and then we teach that that mission was accomplished by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon and that is why we are back to the original order of creation, of one man and one woman. That’s what we need to teach. So actually that teaching is essential. And that is really the big dividing line between the orthodox church and the heretic church. The orthodox church sees that the messiah fulfilling the mission of the messiah. The heretic church sees the messiah as a man with weakness who needs to be saved by the harlot mother [Hak Ja Han]. So that is why we cannot hide or be ashamed of the mission of the messiah. We have to go forward in talking about the mission of the messiah.

The Unification Church: Accusations of immorality

Author Ruth A. Tucker (PhD, Northern Illinois University) has taught mission studies and church history at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Calvin Theological Seminary. She is the author of dozens of articles and eighteen books. Here is an extract from Another Gospel: Cults, Alternative Religions, and the New Age Movement.

pages 249-250

“From the very beginning the movement was shrouded in controversy.… Moon’s critics argue that Moon’s church activities involved more than developing new doctrine—that according to a newspaper account. “A third jailing in 1955 reportedly was for ‘causing social disorder’ and having bad morals stemming from ritual sex with women in his church.” Followers of Moon strongly deny such allegations, claiming that Moon was arrested for draft evasion and later acquitted of the charges. [The church produced a fake certificate of innocence.] The accusation of practicing the ritual of pikareum (“cleansing of the blood”) was specifically the charge that “Moon purportedly performed intercourse with each female initiate to purify her of the pollution she had inherited from Eve.” So widely believed was the charge that “the Korean National Council of Churches, representing various mainline Christian denominations, condemned the movement and refused it membership.”

The accusations of practicing ritual sex rites are the most devastating charges lodged against Moon during his earIy ministry. Are they warranted, or were they simply fabricated by enemies? Sontag rightly points out that “Every strong religious leader has been charged with sexual irregularities. Such stories surround Jesus too and survive in the early literature.” Yet, the accusations against Moon were made in many cases by reputable individuals. A Presbyterian minister in Seoul [Rev. Won Il Chei] gave the following testimony: “If we believe those who have gone into the group and come out, they say that one has to receive Sun Myung Moon’s blood to receive salvation. That blood is ordinarily received by three periods of sexual intercourse. But this fact they themselves keep absolutely secret.”

While such stories may be scurrilous lies, critics argue that they are made more believable within the context of Unification theology. A one-time supporter of Moon made the following observations of the sex allegations:

It is entirely possible that those sexual rituals were a part of the early church in Korea. Since original sin came through the woman’s [Eve’s] intercourse with Lucifer through which she received his evil characteristics, it is perfectly logical that the reversal of this, woman’s intercourse with the perfect man through which she could receive his perfect characteristics, would liquidate original sin. Then, as Adam received Satan’s evil characteristics from Eve through intercourse, so man would receive perfect characteristics through intercourse with the woman.

In 1960 Moon married again—some say for the fourth time. His new bride was Hak Ja Han, an eighteen-year-old follower who was less than half his age. That marriage is referred to as “the Marriage of the Lamb.” and through it, the couple became the Father and the Mother “of the universe.” Han, according to Moon, had been preparing for this role since the age of four, at which time she was blessed by a Korean mystic. “Being so young at the time, she did not remember the experience. But Moon was aware of it from the moment he met her.” Moon’s own marriage would reverse the sin of Adam and Eve that had infected all mankind.

According to Robert Boettcher: Once the vows of matrimony were exchanged, Moon as Perfect Adam could not let himself fall into the same trap as the first Adam. He “snatched her out of the Satanic world” and taught her to obey. Since Adam fell by being dominated by Eve, he had to reverse the precedent by achieving complete domination over his wife. Obedience training went from formation to growth and perfection, to the point where, after three years, he says, she would sacrifice her life if he so ordered.”

A letter from the Church of the Nazarene in Seoul, reproduced on pages 9-11 of an October 1975 FBI Report (San Francisco office) gives an interesting summary of the official and the unofficial theology of the Unification Church.

The letter indicates that he has divorced three wives having had one child by each of them. He was accused in 1955 of conducting a group sex orgie…

The letter alleges that actually Moon borrowed his doctrines from those taught at the Monastery of Israel [of Kim Baek-moon].

The letter additionally states that the group also secretly observes such other beliefs [besides what was registered with the authorities] and practices as the following:

1) Founder Moon is the Second Advent Jesus.

2) A believer receives a spiritual body by participating in a ceremony known as blood cleansing which is for women to have sexual intercourse with Moon and for men to have intercourse with such a woman. This idea of blood cleansing comes from the teaching that Eve committed immorality with the Serpent and she passes on to all of us serpent blood.

3) Secretly observed doctrines are Holy covenant and are of more value than the Bible.

4) Members who have experienced blood cleansing can produce sinless generation [children].

5) Founder Moon is sinless.

FBI and other reports on Sun Myung Moon

The scandal was covered in many Korean newspapers from March to October 1955. There were also some reports in the Japanese press. Here are some examples:

May 27, 1955  Choongang Ilbo

Is the Unification Church a deviant religion?
It is similar to nudism.

Quoting what it said were opinions of various sectors of the society… It carried a remark from a police officer: “Although we cannot yet publicize a concrete piece of evidence about their sexual practice, they seem to be connected to the New Lord Sect, those nudists in Pyungbok.” It also had a remark from Gion Che, their chief editor in Christian communication: “They understand everything in terms of sex. Their three-day brainwashing was quite convincing; however, acts that deny the Bible cannot last long. I am certain that Ewha Womans University took a wise step.”

梨大에除籍沙汰 邪敎徒라고敎授學生17名
이대에 제적사태 사교도라고 교수학생 17명
Students and professors, 17 in total, get expelled by the Ewha University due to their cult involvement

June 4, 1955  Yonhap Shinmun

“The founder claims to be God. The members cry wildly and sing hymns, saying that diseases are cured by prayers and baptism of fire.”

June 5, 1955  Yonhap Shinmun

Their uniqueness lies in being based on sex. Even faculty members who went there to check the situation joined them. … They deny the whole of the established church and claim they will unify the world religions.”

July 6, 1955   서울일보   Seoul Daily News    page 3

Moon Sun Myung was “Misleading women into fornication through eloquence”

July 14, 1955   동아일보   Dong-a Ilbo (East Asia Daily News)



Six people arrested and arraigned, including Moon the religious leader of the ‘Unification Church’

Following Earlier Report = The investigation of the so-called ‘Incident of the Holy Spirit Association of the Unification of World Christianity,’ which had been under police investigation, has concluded with the six persons involved being arrested and arraigned yesterday, the 13th, by the Seoul District Public Prosecutor’s Office under one case file.

The persons involved in this incident are currently being questioned on charges which include violating the Military Service Act, counterfeiting official documents, and violating the National Security Act. Also, according to one investigating official, there is evidence for seven counts of adultery between sect leader Moon and his female followers. It is expected that there will be a new investigation as an adultery case, but the investigation cannot proceed because so far there have been no complaints from the husbands of the female followers who committed adultery (adultery is an offense subject to a complaint, so [a case] needs a victim’s complaint for indictment).

Furthermore, establishing the adultery case will provide the standard for deciding whether the religion is or is not a cult, so the development of the prosecution’s investigation is being watched with keen interest.

♢ List of those involved (arrested and arraigned)

▲ Moon Sun Myung (Sect leader)  =  charges of wrongful imprisonment and of violating the Military Service Act

▲ Kim Won-pil  =  charges of violating the National Security Act, and violating the Military Service Act

▲ Eu Hyo-min  =  charges of violating the Military Service Act

▲ Eu Hyo-yeong =  charges of violating the Military Service Act

▲ Eu Hyo won  =  charges of counterfeiting official documents

▲ Choi Soon-shil  =  (woman) charges of being instrumental in the conduct of fornication.

[Choi Soon-shil abruptly left the Unification Church in 1959, just before Moon wanted to marry her. She was the sister of Choi Soon-wha who is known as “Annie Choi” in the US where she lives. Soon-wha has spoken about sex rituals involving Sun Myung Moon with six women in a circle; he mounted each in turn. This first happened to her in 1953-54 when she was seventeen. In 1965 Sun Myung Moon impregnated her and she gave birth to his son, Sam Park, in Washington DC in January 1966. See link below.]

Restoring so many women was tiring for Mr. Moon.

1955.9.22  동아일보  東亞日報  Dong-A Ilbo

文敎主에二年 統一敎會事件求刑
문교주에 이년 통일교회사건구형

Prosecution proposed a sentence of two years against Cult Leader Moon in the Unification Church matter

Following earlier report: The first trial regarding the ‘Unification Church incident’ started on the 20 [September 1955]. After investigating the facts, prosecutor Kang Seo-yong ( 姜瑞龍 ), recommended the following terms for the defendants:

Moon Sun Myung (religious leader) = Imprisonment for two years

Eu Hyo-won = Imprisonment for two years

Kim Won-pil, Eu Hyo-min and Eu Hyo-yeong
= Each person imprisonment for one year and six months

작보 = 二 (이) 십일 개정된『통일교회사건』제一 (일) 회공판에서 사실심리에이어 관여 姜瑞龍 (강서용) 검사는피고들에게 각각다음과같이 체형구형을하였다

▲ 文鮮明 (문선명) (교주) = 懲役二年(징역이년)
▲ 劉孝元 (유효원) = 懲役二年(징역이년)
▲ 金元弼 (김원필) 劉孝敏 (유효민) 劉孝永 (유효영) = 各各懲役一年六月

Moon was released after dark, at 9:40pm on October 4, 1955. There had been a brief hearing earlier that day where, according to the diary of Hyo-won Eu, “Chief Judge Hak-no Yoon proclaimed that Teacher was innocent” in spite of the fact that Moon had admitted his guilt in court on September 20. Yeong-choon Oh’s testimony also sheds light on what happened.

Oh Yeong-choon 呉永春 raised large sums of money and visited the lawyers and the prosecutor. This testimony was written before she left the church. LINK

Kim Deok-jin – Someone who actually practised Moon’s sex relay

Mr Moon is fourth from the left.

1955.9.21  동아일보  東亞日報  Dong-A Ilbo (East Asia Daily News)

▲ The defendants in front of the judge at the trial. X marks the leader, Moon. Eu Hyo-min is in the center. The others are Eu Hyo-won, Eu Hyo-yeong and Kim Won-pil.

어제첫公判 統一教會 事件

어제첫공판 통일교회사건

Yesterday the first trial was held in the ‘Unification Church incident’

On September 20, ‘Unification Church’ leader Moon Sun Myung (real name, Moon Yong Myung), aged 36, appeared for the first day of his trial in Seoul District Court No. 4. At the 10:30a.m. hearing the presiding judge was Yoon Hak-no ( 尹學老 ) and the prosecutor was Kang Seo-yong ( 姜瑞龍 ) who was handling the prosecution of Moon Sun Myung. [The afternoon hearing was at 2:30p.m.] On this day the court was jam-packed with many women who seemed to be ‘Unification Church’ believers.

Defendant Moon, who has been much talked about concerning multiple alleged adulteries, on the day only stood as a defendant for charges of Military Service Act violations. This is because there were no complaints from the alleged victims. Along with him, other defendants from the same church stood trial as well: Kim Won-pil (28, violated the Military Service Act, and had raised his age by six years), Eu Hyo-won (42, failed to report to military record), Eu Hyo-min (36, same charge as above), and Eu Hyo-yeong (35, same charge as above).

As soon as the court session began the prosecution read the list of indictments and then the investigation into the facts proceeded. Defendant Moon did admit that he had raised his age. The legal profession still had two arguments about whether raising one’s age, even when the person subject to the draft was over 32 or 33 years old, was a violation of the Military Service Act. Nevertheless, Prosecutor Kang, in the bill of indictment, pointed out that defendant Moon “had raised his age to avoid the draft (military service) in accordance with the Christian doctrine against injuring others or taking life”.

「血分け問題」に重大証言 (The original Japanese Friday magazine text)

Eu Hyo-min and Kim Deok-jin interviewed ON VIDEO

Eu Hyo-min, one of the 36 couples, gives his testimony: exploited by Moon, then shunned by Moon.

Moon found guilty in 1955; started two year jail sentence

Professor Kim: “The Ewha University reputation damaged for some years”

The Ewha Womans University Sex Scandal of 1955 as told in the newspapers

The original 1955 Korean newspaper articles:
1955년 이화여대에서 일어난 문선명 섹스 스캔들
統一教會 事件  통일교회사건  1955.7.4.

The Consequences of the Ewha Womans University sex scandal

Moon talks about the Ewha Womans University scandal

What was Moon teaching? Pikareum – Moon explains in his speeches

The testimonies of Moon’s first wife, Choi Seon-gil, and Kim Deok-jin
from the Japanese Magazine, “Weekly Post,” October 8, 1993

The above magazine article in Japanese: LINK
The testimony of Moon’s first wife, Mrs 崔先吉 = Choi Seon-gil
from the Japanese magazine 週刊ポスト Shūkan Post October 8, 1993

Pak Chung-hwa interviewed about the “SEX relays” of Sun Myung Moon

Pak Chung-hwa – “Sex relays” Shūkan Gendai interview  (in JAPANESE)

Moon’s theology for his pikareum sex rituals with all the 36 wives

Sun Myung Moon – Restoration through Incest

Ritual Sex in the Unification Church – Kirsti L. Nevalainen

The six ‘wives’ of Sun Myung Moon

The Choi family’s entanglements with Moon

Kim Myung-hee, the third wife of Sun Myung Moon

Sam Park video – recorded at ICSA in July 2014

Sam Park video transcript (July 2014)

This Mother Jones article also confirms the sex rituals of Sun Myung Moon:

EXCLUSIVE: Meet the Love Child Rev. Sun Myung Moon Desperately Tried to Hide

How the family values crusader made the publisher of the Washington Times raise his secret son.

Mother Jones (November 2013) by Mariah Blake.

Sam Park, who has shaggy salt-and-pepper hair and a mellow demeanor, resides in Phoenix with his 77-year-old mother, Annie Choi. Their story, which I touched on in a recent article about the unraveling of Moon’s empire in The New Republic, casts a spotlight on the hidden history of Moon’s church, a strange but influential institution that has maintained close ties to the Republican Party since the Reagan era.

Choi joined Moon’s church along with her mother and sister in the early 1950s. At the time, the family lived in the southern Korean city of Pusan. Moon had fled there after escaping a communist labor camp in North Korea, where he was imprisoned, reportedly on bigamy charges. Initially, he had only a few dozen followers, who met in a two-room house on the outskirts of town and were expected to sacrifice everything for the church. For young female members, this included their virginity. Choi says the initiation rites for early female disciples involved having sex with Moon three times. She also alleges that Moon kept a stable of a half-dozen concubines, known as the Six Marys, and inducted her into the group when she was 17. Sometimes, she adds, he would assemble them all in a circle and take turns mounting them. Choi’s account is consistent with those of other early followers, who claim that Moon’s church began as an erotic cult, with Moon “purifying” female followers through sexual rites. (One former acolyte published a book on the topic in Japan. [The Tragedy of the Six Marys—the real Satan is Sun Myung Moon!!])

According to Choi, Moon persuaded her mother, whose husband owned one of Korea’s largest insurance companies, that their family played a special role in God’s plan: Just like Jacob, who married two women and had children by them and their handmaids, Moon would marry both of her daughters, and they would give birth to the world’s first sin-free children. Choi’s mother was so devoted to this vision that in 1954 she sold one of the family’s homes and gave the proceeds to Moon. Soon thereafter, he opened a church in Seoul and his movement began to flourish. By 1959, more than 30 churches had sprung up around Korea, and Moon’s teachings started to spread to other countries.

But that year Moon’s marriage plans hit a snag, when Choi’s older sister [Soon-shil Choi] abandoned the church and broke off the engagement. Rather than marry Choi, in late 1959, Moon, who was then 40, began casting about for another bride. He quickly settled on his cook’s daughter, a shy 17-year-old girl named Hak Ja Han. After their wedding in early 1960, Moon—whose church was rapidly expanding into the United States—began teaching that marriage was the key to salvation. He and his new wife would create the “prototype of the perfect family” and give birth to sin-free children. Followers could join his sinless family by keeping themselves chaste until Moon married them off in one of his now-famous mass-wedding ceremonies and then building strong, faithful families of their own.

The Rev. Sun Myung Moon (center) with Annie Choi (third from the left), Bo Hi Pak (far right), and other church members in front of the Washington Monument in 1965. Mrs Pak is on the left. She pretended to be the mother of Sam Park on his birth certificate.

During this era, Moon preached that sex outside of marriage was the worst possible sin. But Choi and other insiders allege that Moon’s philandering continued long after his own marriage. Choi says she kept having sex with him regularly until 1964, when she moved to the United States to attend Georgetown University, in Washington, DC. Prior to her departure, Choi claims, she and Moon were married in a secret ceremony at his church. The following year, Moon made his first trip to the United States and stayed for several months with his deputy, Bo Hi Pak, near the nation’s capital. During the trip, he spent a good deal of time with Choi. (One photo from the era shows the two of them and Pak huddled in front of the Washington Monument.) Before long, Choi was carrying Moon’s child [Sam Park].