The Moons’ God is not the God of Judeo-Christianity

Updated January 9, 2021

The God of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han is not the God of Judeo-Christianity

天地人 참父母님  特別  集會

The banner reads:  ‘Cheon-Ji-In’   True Parents     Special Meeting

▲ In the photo, Hak Ja Han is standing behind the banner at her October 24, 2015 special meeting at Cheongpyeong when she declared she was the new female messiah, or female Jesus – the “Only Begotten Daughter of God.”


▲ 天地人 is also used in the caption for this official photo of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han with ‘Six Marys.’ There is a full translation of the Japanese below.

In Korean 天地人 ‘Cheon-Ji-In’ means the god of 天 heaven, 地 earth, and 人 humanity in the traditional beliefs, or shamanism, of Korea.

This deity is not the ‘Heavenly Father’ of Judeo Christianity. With ‘Cheon-Ji-In’ there is no sense of a deity who is personally involved with the lives of each individual, or of a deity who is suffering or has a broken heart at the “Fall of Man”. Moon’s sexual interpretation of the fall stems from his cultural roots in Korean shamanism. He had a life-long connection with shamanism which surfaced in various ceremonies which he performed. Shamanism has always been very evident at the Cheongpyeong Training Center in Korea.

Extract from Chapter 2 of Korean Philosophy, in the book Archaeology of Psychotherapy in Korea: A study of Korean therapeutic work and professional growth (2014) by Haeyoung Jeong:

“While never at the center of Korean history, Korean Daoism is, nonetheless, what underlies all the traditional Korean pensées. It is the innermost core of Korean mental geography. Korean Daoism is deeply immersed in the Korean indigenous philosophy of Pungryu whose central value is the naturalness usually associated with spontaneity and creativity and the Han-seeking national spirit described as the primordial state of all things. Both Pungryuand Han (oneness) stem from the indigenous concept of Cheon-Ji-In.

天地人 Cheon-Ji-In is the triad of Heaven-Earth-Humanity as one. Heaven means the spiritual dimension of existence; Earth symbolizes the material dimensions of existence; and human beings represent every form of life and the energy or vitality that animates the life-forms. This concept arises from the oldest Korean scripture Cheonbu-gyeong (scripture of heavenly code).  … The contemporary version in Chinese characters became known when … the scripture [was found] on a tombstone and translated it into Chinese characters.

The scripture begins with the character One, and ends with One, and delineates that everything in the universe begins and ends with One, itself having no beginning or end. It teaches of the ultimate oneness (Han) and the triad of heaven, earth and human beings, signifying they are all connected as parts of the same cosmic harmony, in the Oneness. With each letter containing its own distinct literal or numerical meaning and distinct energy, the Cheonbu-gyeong can be interpreted as an expression of mathematics and energy studies, as well as philosophy.

As a fundamental principle and ‘ultimate truth,’ this indigenous concept of Cheon-Ji-In is profoundly permeated in every belief and thought of the Korean people. Indigenous Korean philosophies grounded on Pungryu and Han [oneness] naturally inherited and developed this Cheon-Ji-In philosophy.”

Here is a Chinese explanation

一  yī  1, one

The character 一 evolved from Oracle bone script (considered to be the earliest form of recognizable written Chinese) to the standard Song typeface. It has always remained as the horizontal stroke.

一 is a special indicative character. The abstract symbol 一 not only signifies the simplest origin, but also the most abundant and chaotic universe in its original form. The original meaning of 一 when it was created was the smallest original unit, or the smallest positive integer.

As the ancient Chinese said,
dào lì yú yī, yī shēng èr, èr shēng sān, sān shēng wàn wù.
This means that the entire chaotic universe in its original form was called 一. Then the entire chaotic universe in its original form divided into 二 / two parts: 天 tiān (heaven) and 地 dì (earth). Between 天 and 地, then came 人 rén (person) as the 第三部分 dì sān bù fen (third part). Then 天地人 split into all the other things in the universe.

Here is the more detailed meaning of this saying:

The universe in its original form cannot be described with words. It is not made of gas, solids, or anything else. It is indescribable. All you know is that it is a chaotic entity. It is the beginning of everything, the start of existence. No time and no space can be used because there is absolutely nothing. Ancient Chinese called it 太初 tài chū, literally meaning “ultimate beginning.” 太初 is 一. With 二, heaven and earth, they are two opposite sides. 天 is the 阳 yáng, or positive side; 地 is the 阴 yīn, or negative side. Two absolute opposite gases formed 天 and 地 from 一. The universe is not chaotic anymore. In the harmonious state, 天地人 created all the other things.

一 : the entire chaotic universe in its original form

二 : the stroke above stands for 天, the lower stroke stands for 地

三 : the top and bottom strokes stand for 天地, the middle stoke stands for 人; 人 is the most honorable creature in the whole universe.


The text from the photo of Sun Myung Moon with Hak Ja Han and ‘Six Marys.’


写真左から ムハンマド(マホ メ ッ ト) 夫人 李貞玉(ィ・ジョンォッ)、

ソクラテス夫人 金明煕(キム・ミョンヒ)、

イエス夫人 張貞順(チャン・ジョンスン)、

孔子夫人 李京埈(ィ・ギョンジュン)、

アウグスティヌス夫人 姜賢實(カン・ヒョンシル)

円内は釈迦夫人 催元福(チュ・ゥォンボァ)


‘Cheon-Ji-In’ (Heavenly) True Parents and the Sages’ Wives

1: Jong-ok Lee 李貞玉. (Moon married her to Mohammed)

2: Myung-hee Kim 金明煕. (married to Socrates)

3: Chung-soon Chang 張貞順. (married to Jesus)

4: Kyŏng-Jun Lee 李京埈. (married to Confucius)

5: Hyun-shil Kang 姜賢實. (married to Augustine)

6: In the oval, Won-bok Choi 催元福. (married to Buddha)

Chung-soon Chang with her husband, Jesus. Sun Myung Moon wanted to impregnate Mrs Jesus in 1978. LINK

By marrying these women to ‘Sages,’ and giving the women ‘providential’ positions, Moon locked them into roles in his ‘restoration’ drama.

He also prevented the women from forming attachment relationships with other men by forbidding them to have normal marriages. Moon wanted the women to only bond with himself.

According to Hyung Jin Moon, his father, Sun Myung Moon, had pikareum sex rituals with all of the ‘Six Marys’ – and many other women – to cleanse them of original sin. (A link to a video of Hyung Jin Moon’s explanation is below, with a transcript.)

Moon married these six women to religious leaders, or sages, in the spirit world. For many years Won-bok Choi, one of the wives, was known as ‘Second Mother’. In many locations her bedroom was next to Moon’s.

According to Moon’s reasoning, these six wives could then ‘restore’ the six sages in the spirit world (regardless if they already had wives). This would make a connection between these sages and Moon. The sages would owe their salvation, through their Moon-given wives, to Moon, and would therefore submit to him.

According to official Unification Church workshops given in Japan in 1992, Moon performed pikareum sex rites with the wives of the first three couples he married in order to restore the three husbands to be true disciples or protective archangels for Moon’s own marriage to Hak Ja Han. Full explanation HERE. This demonstrates a pattern in Moon’s pikareum sex rituals.

It is a shamanic practice to mobilize leaders (often military leaders) in the spiritual world to work with the shaman to achieve the shaman’s goals. The favors of the spirits are gained through performing rituals and ceremonies. Moon practiced such shaman ceremonies. For example, in the American publication Unification News dated June 1999, Dr Andrew Wilson wrote an article ‘Biblical and Christian Saints Mobilized to America’ (page 18). He begins: “I have begun to investigate the identities of the biblical and Christian saints whom True Parents blessed on February 7, 1999, and who have now been mobilized to work in America. Many of the names are familiar, but some are not…” There are four categories in Dr Wilson’s list:
Biblical figures Blessed at Madison Square Garden in 1998.
Old Testament Figures
New Testament
Christian History

Sun Myung Moon performed similar shamanic ‘mobilization of spirits’ ceremonies in other nations which he deemed ‘providential.’ He assigned roles to nations such as: Korea = Adam, Japan = Eve, Taiwan = Archangel, changed to USA = Archangel, etc.

Moon used numerology in his life and in his theology, which is full of symbolic numbers: 2, 3, 4, 3+4=7, 10, 3×4=12, 3×7=21, 4×10=40, 3×40=120, 7x10x3=210, 400, etc. Some of his ‘Holy Days’ and declarations are based on numbers: The Settlement of the Eight Stages (Pal Jeong Shik), Sa Sa Jeol (4.4 Day) Declaration. Sometimes Moon traveled on auspicious days; he returned to Korea after his 1965 world tour on 10.10.1965, or he held events on days of numerical significance such as a mass wedding on 10.10.2010.

▲ This ‘parallels of history’ chart, from a 1969 edition of the Divine Principle written by Young-oon Kim, is founded on numbers based on arbitrary events or on time periods that do not match known historical dates. (See critique by Allen Tate Wood and Jane E.M. Williams.)

Moon’s ceremonies for the creation of ‘Holy Grounds’ are based on the shaman God of the Five Directions and include numerology in the paces to be walked, etc. Each Holy Ground should be established by FIVE members, according to The Tradition book (chapter 9).

Shaman Guardians of the Five Directions

▲ Instructions from The Tradition book

Holy Grounds and the Shamanic Guardians of the Five Directions in Sun Myung Moon’s church

The Bible, and Christian teachings, discourage communication and dealings with spirits. In Christianity, there is a tradition of exorcism – not one of encouraging spirits. Moon’s teachings about ‘indemnity’ payments being owed through sacrifices based on numerical time periods, etc., run counter to Christian forgiveness through the salvation of Jesus.

Moon even established a monetary ‘Indemnity Fund’:
“Father first announced the establishment of the Indemnity Fund on May 12, 1964. Father explained that fallen people have a debt to God because of the denial, betrayal, and murder of the Messiah, Jesus. The crime of betrayal was not only Judas’ mistake; Judas was the representative of all humanity.
Judas ‘sold’ Jesus for thirty pieces of silver; because of the overwhelmingly negative historical meaning of this action, it cannot even be monetarily indemnified by donating this amount of money only once. According to the Principle, four is the number of foundation. Therefore, each Unification Church member must fulfill a condition of offering the Indemnity Fund four times (a total offering of $120.00), sharing their hearts of repentance and building a foundation of purity.”

$120 was a significant sum in 1964.

FFWPU / UC members may feel burdened by sin, are frequently reminded of their fallen nature, and their need to keep in position. Ultimately every member must be engrafted onto the pure lineage of the Korean True Parents, Sun Myung Moon and his bride, Hak Ja Han.

Here are some of Sun Myung Moon’s comments on Christianity:

“Until our mission with the Christian Church is over, we must quote the Bible and use it to explain the Divine Principle. After we receive the inheritance of the Christian Church, we will be free to teach without the Bible. Now, however, our primary mission is to witness to the Christian Church.”
Master Speaks 7, March/April 1965, page 1

“Christianity is an organization of idiots”
“Even God is under my thumb”
January 1, 1969 – Korea

“All that is required is enough money, then we can destroy the established churches.” December 3, 1969 – Korea

“God is now throwing Christianity away and is now establishing a new religion, and this new religion is the Unification Church.”
September 30, 1974 – Time, page 68

“Jesus never achieved a thousandth of what Father has done. In his two years and eight months of public ministry, he didn’t even establish the national foundation. Now, Father has established a foundation of worldwide power that is unprecedented in history.”
January 1, 1990  – Cheongpadong, Seoul, Korea

“…I know the established Christian theology… I know the enemy, but the enemy doesn’t know me. Thus the enemy has already lost the war.”
February 1995 – Today’s World, page 14

“At least several billions of spirits that lived on the earth gathered in spirit world and are being mobilized to lift and help Sun Myung Moon of the Unification Church. Do you know what that means? When you show the name ‘Sun Myung Moon’ to any advanced spiritual medium and ask him or her to pray for Moon, the medium first prays and then naturally starts to praise him while praying. Do you understand? It is like that. That is why unless the spirit world becomes unified, the earth cannot be unified. In fact, we have Sun Myung Moon standing here who has the ability to unify spirit world. Even Confucius, Buddha and Jesus are my subordinates. Just yesterday a Buddhist came before me and said “Buddha ordered me to pray 24 hours for Sun Myung Moon so I had no choice but to comply…..” Even Buddha will be at odds with heavenly law if he does not cooperate. In the future the communist world will also completely disappear.”
March 15, 1975 (page 29)

The God of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han is not the God of Judeo-Christianity.

Hyung Jin Moon confirms his father had sex with the Six Marys
From his sermon, ‘Putting on Christ’ May 10, 2015

26:00 “I really feel that this issue about the Six Marys is at the core… Even though it is more comfortable to hide it under the rug and be fraudulent about the whole situation… Hide it! Don’t talk about it! Don’t bring it up! It’s gonna cause problems. So easy to do that. That’s the temptation. But guess what? Just like the Mormons 200 years later are dealing with the issue around their founder. They’re still dealing with. You understand folks. It never goes away. It will never go away!”
35:00 “For him [Sun Myung Moon] to come and take all the women of this world and be their spouse and to have children from every single one of those people. And kill off Satan’s blood lineage. I don’t care if that makes you feel uncomfortable. I don’t care if that makes you feel unnerved. That’s the quickest way to do it.
43:10 “He says in public, he says, this only contains 80% of my autobiography. Right? Some of the Japanese sisters maybe have heard that. And then he goes on to call up the four great saints’ wives. You know Mrs. Jesus and Mrs. Buddha and Mrs. Who is it? Muhammad no and Mrs. Confucius so he says this only has 80% of my life story and then he calls up those ladies. See what you don’t realize about who those ladies are. They’re part of the Six Marys.
48:30 “You see if you don’t understand the bride of Christ, the brides of Christ and you don’t understand the three day ceremony, you have no way to explain why father had to walk that course of having those relationships. What is your explanation? What is it? The only way you can explain this is to say that well I guess father was weak in the flesh. But then if you say that you’re saying that God is weak in the flesh.”
49:40 “What is it? How do you explain the six Marys? How do you explain those relationships beyond the six Marys? How do you do it? And still believe in Father? You can’t. You cannot.”
1:04:35 “I remember one time in Washington DC they [Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han] were having an argument. And mother brought this issue out and she condemned father for it. “If you, if I didn’t save you from that you would have had children from many, many different bellies,” is what she said to him.”

Moon had sex ceremonies with the wives of all the first 36 couples.

Hak Ja Han had to stand in the archangel position while Sun Myung Moon restored the first three wives through pikareum sex as a condition for the “Marriage Supper of the Lamb.”

How “God’s Day” was established on January 1, 1968

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