Sun Myung Moon restored the first three wives

Hak Ja Han had to stand in the archangel position while Sun Myung Moon restored the first three wives through pikareum sex as a condition for the “Marriage Supper of the Lamb.”

Updated November 9, 2020

▲ The first three couples after they were restored. Left to right: Young-whi Kim with Dae-hwa Chung, Hyo-won Eu with Gil-ja Sa and Won-pil Kim with Dal-ok Chung.

The first three husbands did not need a three-day ceremony.
Young-whi Kim explained:

“The thirty-three couples who were blessed in 1961 went through a forty-day period of sanctification and the three-day ceremony, but when we were blessed we didn’t have these ceremonies.”  (Dec 2010)

How, then, were the three husbands restored? As men from the fallen world, how could their original sin be cleansed? What unique ceremony did they go through? It was called the “Ceremony for the Restoration of Children.”

A Unification Church Workshop to explain pikareum was held January 9-12, 1992 at the Miyazaki Dai Center (near Tokyo). UC lecturers, Mr. Yoshiaki Hiro and Director Ueyama, explained that Sun Myung Moon had pikareum sex with the first three wives as a condition for the Holy Wedding of True Parents to take place. Hak Ja Han had to take the position of the archangel and overcome any feelings of jealousy as this took place. The first three husbands could then have pikareum sex with their wives and become restored archangels.

Special four days workshop
○ period – 1992 (meet on evening of 8th, 9-12th January)
○ location – Miyazaki Training Center
○ purpose – Measures to deal with the opposing Christian pastors
○ 300 participants, 172 brothers
○ lecturers:
Director 上山 Ueyama (Senior Managing Director of Happy – Legal Affairs)
白井康友 Yasutomo Shirai lecturer (Education Department)
佐野邦雄 Kunio Sano, Director of Education
広義昭 Yoshiaki Hiro, lecturer
Rev. 広義 Matsuzaki (returned home from the United States)

Lecture notes from a participant:
Chairman 神山 Kamiyama was scheduled to come on the 12th of January, but he was was suddenly admitted to 一心病院 Isshin Hospital with a food blockage between his small and large intestines. Mr. Matsuzaki kindly stepped in as a substitute lecturer.

I was surprised by the new contents from lecturer Mr. Hiro about formula for the “restoration of original sin”, how prior to the Holy Wedding of Father and Mother, the Mother of Heaven and Earth had to restore the heart by taking the position of the archangel. True Father had to give the blessing to the three couples and they had to have sexual relationships (that was in fact pikareum) before the Holy Wedding.

At the closing ceremony Director Ueyama repeated the point about the formula by explaining that Father could not stand in the position of the Messiah unless the three couples had this relationship.

Pastor Yokomizo Yozo of the Japan Church of Christ gave a press conference in December 1992. He said in January that year [there had been a workshop] at the Unification Church’s “Miyazaki Dai Training Center” in Kawasaki City, at which the Unification Church lecturer Hiro Yoshiaki acknowledged, before nearly 200 followers, that it was a fact Sun Myung Moon had “blood separation chiwake / pikareum (sexual relations)” with the wives of the first three couples.
Mr. Hiro Yoshiaki was in the UC marriage of 1800 couples.

The real purpose of the workshops, which were held in a number of cities, was to inoculate the members against the reports of pikareum being circulated in documents, magazines and books. The reports were becoming more and more undeniable. In the 1980s there had also been pikareum workshops in Japan.

Following the workshops, some Japanese members left the UC.

Young-whi Kim explained this in December 2010
“True Parents’ engagement ceremony was held on 3.1, and our engagement was announced on the same day. The members at the time were aware that True Father had to establish three spiritual children, and that he could only hold his Holy Wedding on the foundation of three son’s having become engaged. Won-pil Kim, Hyo-won Eu, and I were chosen as those three spiritual children. Won-pil Kim had started a family and had a child. With Father’s permission, Hyo-won Eu was already engaged. Only my wife and I were matched right before the Blessing Ceremony. Father said that Won-pil Kim and his wife were the Adam-type couple; Hyo-won Eu and his wife, the Noah-type couple; and my wife and I, the Jacob-type couple. …
On April 16, 1960 (twenty-first day, third month of the lunar calendar) at 10 AM, the Holy Blessing Ceremony of the “three sons,” that is, the Three-Couple Blessing Ceremony, for Won-pil Kim and Dal-ok Chung; Hyo-won Eu and Gil-ja Sa; and Young-whi Kim and Dae-hwa Chung was carried out at the headquarters church. Rev. Hyo-won Eu recorded in his diary that the ceremony corresponding to the “global wedding ceremony of the three sons” was carried out from 10 AM to 1 PM.
… The first part of the ceremony was the Ceremony of the Restoration of All Things. … The second part of the ceremony; the Blessing Ceremony, was subdivided into two smaller ceremonies. The first of those was the Ceremony of the Restoration of the Children. … [This must have taken place before the wedding of True Parents.]
The second subdivision of the Blessing Ceremony was the main wedding ceremony. … A heavenly choir then sang a congratulatory song, “Festival of the Three Sons,” following which True Parents sat down.”

The husbands were restored to the position of sons and restored in spirit AND BODY together through a “Ceremony for the Restoration of Children”:

Sun Myung Moon – Blessing and Ideal Family
“Jesus is to replace Adam, and the Lord of the Second Advent is to replace Jesus. The returning Lord cannot stand in the True Parent’s position without having three absolutely obedient spiritual children. Those three disciples are to be sons of filial piety (to the Lord), who can go over the boundary of life and death and who can follow their Abel in the midst of severe persecution. In April 1960, Father established three such disciples.”

Sun Myung Moon – Preparation for Blessing (I) May 20, 1978
“That is why my first mission in the dispensation was to restore three major disciples, three disciples not the spirit alone but spirit and body together and give them the blessing. Why three disciples? Three disciples blessed as couples become six members of the family. Six members of the family plus Adam and Eve as the parents makes eight members of the family.”

“On the following day, April 17, the ‘Day of Resurrection of Shimjung’ was proclaimed at Samchung Park so that the historical significance of the ceremony could be deeply appreciated.”

Sun Myung Moon from the book, Blessing and Ideal Family:

Chapter Six


Jesus definitely needed three disciples. Adam and Eve had three archangels, but they didn’t serve Adam and Eve. As a result, the fallen world was formed. In order to stand in the position of perfected parents, the Messiah and his bride must have three absolutely obedient disciples in place of the three archangels. Otherwise, we cannot drive Satan out of the physical world. People who symbolize the three archangels and the three ages (Old Testament Age, New Testament Age, and Completed Testament Age), and who indemnify all the Cain-side problems in history, are definitely needed. Those three people are to be completely obedient to the returning Lord, who comes to indemnify at one time horizontally the vertical history of the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age and Completed Testament Age.

The fall took place through the conjugal relationships of the archangel and Adam and Eve. Three ages had to be restored, the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age and the Completed Testament Age. Each of the three husbands represented one of the three ages, and each husband had to be restored through a conjugal relationship initiated by the Heavenly side.

Sun Myung Moon explains further in Chapter Six:
“In order for Father to hold the Holy Wedding Ceremony, he had to restore the three disciples who betrayed Jesus. One more purpose of the Holy Wedding Ceremony was to indemnify Adam’s family. Adam and Eve fell through the conjugal relationship. The fall took place through a couple, so restoration cannot be done alone. Man alone cannot be restored or saved completely. A woman alone cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven, either. Two are needed to solve the problem. The standard of True Parents should be established on earth by restoring the fallen Adam and Eve. In order to do that, the problem should be solved centering upon the three disciples representing the three archangels.”

The Spiritual Basis of The 3-Day Ceremony’s Procedure
American Blessed Family Department, New York
(June 1986 / revised December 1990)

During the first two days of the Three-Day ceremony, the woman is in the position of the “Bride of the Messiah” and “mother” to her spouse. Therefore, she initiates each part of the ceremony. Through the ceremony of the first day, the man is raised from his position of archangel (being reborn as the son of the Messiah and his wife) to the position of sinless Adam in the formation stage.

Through the ceremony of the second day the man is raised from the position of “Newborn Adam” to the “Adam before the fall” position. Each part of the ceremony of the third day is therefore initiated by the man in his position of Adam. The man takes the leadership role to restore dominion. Through this ceremony, they become one as the eternal ideal couple and husband and wife.

The Third Day
(3) For the Act of Love

The man, in the position of subject, lies above the woman and takes the initiative. The woman cooperates and responds to the man.

(4) Care of the Holy Handkerchief …

(5) After the Act of Love

Both husband and wife put on the Holy Gowns. The woman bows to the man once. The man then offers a prayer of thanks for the 3-day ceremony. (Both stand for this prayer) The contents of the man’s prayer should include:

A prayer of thanks for having been able to be reborn as the original Adam and Eve and for having been able to have the relationship as the eternal husband and wife.”

A few notes:
“(2) The act of love should be a complete act (penetration and ejaculation). In the event that it is difficult to achieve this, strive to achieve as much penetration as possible and continue with the remainder of the ceremony.”

The first three husbands had a special ceremony, called “Ceremony for the Restoration of Children,” with True Parents and so could be restored in “spirit and body.” Their special ceremony was greater in significance compared to the three-day ceremony.

Sun Myung Moon’s ceremonies are the shaman yongch’e ceremony for a new spirit and the pikareum ‘change of blood lineage’ sex ceremony for a restored body.

Moon “must have sexual relations with 70 virgins, 70 widows and 70 men’s wives”

Moon may have once been the center of his United Family members’ sex lives in quite another sense, according to an unpublished paper written by Yun Ho Ye at Princeton Seminary in 1959. This Korean minister cites evidence that when Moon founded his Tong-il Kyo sect, as it is called in Korea [Unification Church], he and his followers practiced a sort of messianic pansexuality, though in secrecy. Moon was initiated into the free-love cult by a woman, aged fifty, in 1946, Deuk-eun Chong, whom he then regarded as his divine mother: Chong later confessed this after having a revelation, according to Ye, who cites published sources. According to Ye, when witnesses revealed his cult’s secret promiscuity, Moon was imprisoned on the grounds that it was destructive to the family and injurious to public morals. Imprisoned in Pyongyang [in 1946], Moon met Il-Duk Kim and his wife, who also believed in promiscuity. Moon continued to dogmatize promiscuity with Chong after he was released, Ye says, and he was arrested [in 1948] and imprisoned again, this time in Heungnam. Ye quotes from the purported confession of an early Moon follower who said that when Moon was forty “the present world will be ended through the Third World War,” though the end might be postponed six years if Moon’s goals were not realized by then, which would have been approximately 1960. “By that time,” according to the confession, “Moon becomes the Divine Father of 210 women; that is, he must have sexual relations with 70 virgins, 70 widows and 70 men’s wives. The 210 women will develop to 144,000 spiritual people. These people will be saved from the war.”

Allen Tate Wood: Moonstruck: A memoir of my life in a cult, page 170

Moon “snatched her out of the Satanic world” and taught her to obey.

Hyo-won Eu, who wrote the 1957 DP, told them the real story of Sun Myung Moon

Moon had sex ceremonies with the wives of all the first 36 couples.

Sun Myung Moon – Restoration through Incest

Moon’s pikareum lineage began from Hwang Kuk-ju

The original notes for the Japanese 1992 pikareum workshops

36 Couples – many left the Unification Church – see page 233

The 36 couples and the 72 couples, known as the ‘Royal Couples’ and other early Korean and Japanese members have always known about Sun Myung Moon’s pikareum sex rituals.

Change of Blood Lineage through Ritual Sex in the Unification Church by Kirsti L. Nevalainen