Did Chung-hwa Pak write such a book?

“I Am A Traitor – At that time Satan possessed me!”
Did Chung-hwa Pak write such a book?

The Tragedy of the Six Marys – the real Satan is Sun Myung Moon!! (published by Chung-hwa Pak) is on the left and I Am A Traitor – At that time Satan possessed me! (published by the Unification Church) is on the right.

Following is some background information on the two books which both have Chung-hwa Pak’s name on the cover.

As mentioned in the introduction to this website, the UC tried to block publication of The Tragedy of the Six Marys book. The content was a damming exposé of the rampant sex rituals (with roots in Korean shamanism) and the prolific financial exploitation of many, often married, women who were then left abandoned and destitute. Many others were also used by Sun Myung Moon for his own ends.

How could the UC counter The Tragedy of the Six Marys, which had caused many members to leave and had seriously damaged the reputation of Sun Myung Moon and the UC in Japan? (In Korea their reputation had been damaged by the 1950s Ewha scandal.)

The UC worked on Mr Pak. He had a weakness for money. It is not known exactly what financial incentives or other pressures Mr Pak was put under. It is a fact that Mr Pak’s good friend, Professor Meong-hwan Tahk, who had contributed a four page ‘Endorsement’ to the beginning of The Six Marys, was murdered in February 1994. That was just a few months after The Six Marys was published. Because Professor Tahk was well known and highly respected, his endorsement of the book had given it greater credibility. Professor Tahk had himself written several books about the UC. He was in a position to know clearly if the contents of The Six Marys were factual and verifiable.

Somehow Mr Pak was persuaded to co-operate again with the organization he had worked against.

I Am A Traitor – At that time Satan possessed me! was published by the UC in Japan in January 1996.

Hyo-min Eu, a co-author of The Tragedy of the Six Marys, was furious about the I am a Traitor book, which has been dubbed “Pak’s retraction” by the UC. Mr Eu never spoke to Mr Pak again and published Mr Pak’s original Korean text two months later.

Mr Pak died on March 26, 1997 in hospital at Dongguk University, Gyeongju. Earlier that month he said “rather than ‘I am a Traitor,’ the facts stated in ‘The Tragedy of the Six Marys – the real Satan is Sun Myung Moon!!’ bear witness to the truth.”

During a short phone call made to him at the time of the publication of the I am a Traitor book, Mr Pak said that he felt very embarrassed and ashamed about what he had done. He had lost friends because of his actions. They were very angry with him and would not speak to him. Mr Pak was born in 1913, so by the mid 1990s he was in his 80s. Mr Pak had a stroke which affected his left arm and hand. At this time he was persuaded to allow the UC to publish a book in his name. He explained that he had money problems. Mr Pak had made very little money, if any, from the publication of The Tragedy of the Six Marys book. Mr Pak may have been cheated by the publisher, who may in turn have been influenced in some way by the UC. The book was published by a small company that went out of business. It is true that Mr. Pak was always interested in money. It has frequently been alleged the Mr Pak was bribed with a very large sum.

It is a fact that Hyo-min Eu was offered a bribe to retract his testimony which was printed in Chapter 7 of The Tragedy of the Six Marys. Mr Eu himself spoke about this offer from the Unification Church. He absolutely refused and said: “I will not change my story.”

Professor Myeong-hwan Tahk wrote about being offered a very large bribe by the UC to keep silent. He was a courageous man who felt he had to stand up to intimidation and speak the truth of what he had discovered through his extensive research into the Unification Church (and other cultic groups in Korea). He had published several books about the UC. On May 3, 1985 he suffered a car bomb attack outside a church and was hospitalized for a month – but he continued to speak and write about the teachings, abuse and exploitation perpetrated by these groups. (May 3 was the original founding day of HSA-UWC in Korea. It is now known as the UC or the FFWPU.) He was finally brutally murdered by one or two cult members just four months after the book was published. He died on February 18, 1994 in Seoul. The murder sent yet another message to all those exposing the UC, and probably had an influence on the decisions Mr Pak made thereafter.

The Tragedy of the Six Marys – the real Satan is Sun Myung Moon!!
「六マリアの悲劇   真のサタンは、文鮮明だ!!」
(published November 1993)
by 朴正華(パク チョン ファ)Chung-hwa Pak

The cover of this book is on the left at the top of this page. Mr. Pak is in the cover photo, top left. He had written many notes about the Unification Church from when he joined in 1949. He had 6000 pages in numerous notebooks with many details such as dates and lists of all the members at different times and locations, and even records of the meals he had eaten with Sun Myung Moon – who himself said that Mr Pak had a photographic memory.

Mr Pak had also interviewed many of the early members. Chapter 7 is taken up with three testimonies from former members: Hyo-min Eu, Shin-hee Eu and Deok-jin Kim. Yeong-choon Oh, the husband of Mrs Ok and others all contributed to the book. None of these people ever retracted their testimonies. Most of them gave corroborative interviews, together with Professor Myeong-hwan Tahk, in this video. The 55 photographs in the book speak for themselves.  Altogether, the book is a powerful indictment of Moon’s unsavory behavior.

Moon was connected with the murder of Tahk Myeong-hwan. Here is some evidence:

1月21日 文鮮明が統一教会の反対運動をしていた卓明煥(タン・ミョンファン)と文鮮明の指示を無視して政党をつくろうとした人物が同年2月18日という同じ日に死んだ(卓は新興宗教団体の信者に殺害された)ことに言及し、教団に反対する者はみな、霊界に連れて行かれるという旨の発言をする。

46 ab  卓明煥「統一教、その実相」           LINK to source

On January 21st, 1994 Sun Myung Moon spoke about Tahk Myeong-hwan who was opposing the Unification Church. On February 18th of the same year Tahk died. (Tahk was murdered by members of a new religious group). On the very same day a man who had not listened to the instructions of Sun Myung Moon, and wanted to make a political party, also died. Moon specifically mentioned that those who oppose the cult will be taken to the spirit world.

46 a Tahk Myeong-hwan [book] “The Reality of the Unification Church”

Further information about this murder can be found HERE.

The book with the red cover, on the right at the top of this page, is called:
“I Am A Traitor – At that time Satan possessed me!”

This was written by a team (details below) at the 世界日報社 Sekai Nippo (World Daily News) newspaper which was owned by the Unification Church. The book was published by Sekai Nippo in January 1996.

The book was, for the most part, NOT written by Mr. Pak.
It was NOT published by Mr. Pak.

What author would publish a book called “I Am A Traitor – At that time Satan possessed me!”? And with an unflattering photo of themselves on the cover.

Mr. Pak spoke at the Tokyo Headquarters church of the UC of Japan on November 18, 1995. He “spoke in Korean and his words were translated into Japanese for those present.” He names the UC members who negotiated with him: “Even still, Mr. Ahn Byung-il of the Korean Church, Mr. Ishii, president of the Sekai Nippo, and others received me very warmly.”

Incidentally, Mr. Ishii handled many of Moon’s delicate financial matters.

Mr. Pak continued in his speech, “I know that I am coming near the end of my life, so I gathered up my courage and wrote “I Am a Traitor” as a kind of last will and testament. When I wrote “The Tragedy of the Six Marys, I felt that Rev. Moon had betrayed me. Just the thought of Rev. Moon, even at night when I was asleep, would make me jump up and want to take an ax and smash his head open. If people had tried to threaten me or to suppress me, I probably would have reacted with an even more forceful opposition. I would probably determined to dedicate my life to doing everything I could to work in opposition. My heart was filled with hatred and animosity that was harder than steel, but the warm love of Mr. Ahn Byung-il melted my heart. His love chased out the Satan that had taken residence in my heart; he helped me to recover the joy that I had felt at the Heungnam Camp for Special Laborers, when I had believed in Father and attended him as the Messiah. …”

Mr. Pak explained: “As I was staying at the Nakataya Hotel, conducting my interviews with Mr. Ishii for “I Am a Traitor”…

Mr Pak was asked about various items in the Tragedy of the Six Marys book. He simple replied numerous times: “It is not true” with no further explanation for his self contradiction.

The interview material, and a lot of UC propaganda material obviously not written by Mr Pak, make up the contents of the I am a Traitor book. These could be the writers, as mentioned by Mr. Pak in his speech: “I want to take this opportunity to thank President Ishii of Sekai Nippo, Mr. Saito Toshiki, Mr. Abe Noriyuki and Mr. Takeda Shigeki for all their assistance.” The Sekai Nippo team in Japan was then able to publish the I am aTraitor book to counter Mr Pak’s own earlier Tragedy of the Six Marys book.

As time goes by, more and more details in Chung-hwa Pak’s own book, The Tragedy of the Six Marys, have been confirmed. Sun Myung Moon and The Unification Church were unable to bring legal cases to stop the publication of The Six Marys either in Japan (1993) or in Korea (1996) – where Hyo-min Eu got The Tragedy of the Six Marys published as An Unofficial History of the Unification ChurchLINK

The UC could not disprove the facts in The Tragedy of the Six Marys book. They had no legal case. The UC tried using the issue of infringement of copyright of photographs to block the Korean edition, but Hyo-min Eu had taken most of the them, so that attempt failed.

The tactic of the UC was then to (allegedly) pay money to Mr Pak (large sums have been mentioned), and use other pressures on him. Also the memory of the murder of his good friend, Professor Tahk, must have haunted Mr Pak. The UC were desperate to neutralize the devastating effect which The Tragedy of the Six Marys book had on the membership and others who read it.

The main purpose of the I am a Traitor book was to keep the Japanese disciples of Sun Myung Moon on the treadmill. The cover of the book makes it look like an item of internal propaganda, and not something attractive to the public. The Unification Church of Japan was Moon’s greatest money making machine.

Finally, the best way to know which of the two books is true is to read both of them side by side. Very soon it becomes clear which one is factual and which is propaganda. And the photographs in The Tragedy of the Six Marys speak for themselves.

The Tragedy of the Six Marys – Korean Edition

An Unofficial History of the Unification Church

野錄 統一敎會史
(세계기독교 통일신령협회사)

박 정 화 외2인 지옴 (前 통일교창립위원)

문용명 (龍明) ⟶ 선명 (鮮明) ⟶ 선생 ⟶ 목사 ⟶ 재림주 ⟶ 참 아버지

自稱 하나님이다。 진짜 사단은 [사탄은] 文鮮明이다。


In Korea the title is:

An Unofficial History of the Unification Church
(Hangul: A History of The The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity)

by Pak Chung-hwa (founding member of the Unification Church) and two others

Moon Yong Myung (龍明) ⟶ Moon Sun Myung (鮮明) ⟶ Teacher ⟶
Pastor ⟶ Lord of the Second Advent  ⟶  True Father

He claims to be God.

The real Satan is Sun Myung Moon.

Keunsaem Publishing Company [Seoul]
Published March 1996 (239 pages)

There is another excellent book which covers the early history of the UC:
The Life of Sun Myung Moon – the Messiah of a Perverted Sex Religion. In it are described all the other earlier groups who had ideas that then appeared in Moon’s teachings. It is all independent research, with no connection to Mr Pak, but the book does trace the origins of Mr Moon’s pikareum theories as describes other proponents.

English information on The Life of Sun Myung Moon – the Messiah of a Perverted Sex Religion:
Baek-moon Kim talked about “sexual union with God.” He was Sun Myung Moon’s teacher.