Tragedy of the Six Marys Video Transcript

Tragedy of the Six Marys Video Transcript – with additional material.

Interviews with the early Unification Church members who were involved in the 1993 publication of the book: “The Tragedy of the Six Marys – the real Satan is Sun Myung Moon!!” The main author was Pak Chong-hwa.

The Japanese video was well researched and put together. It was broadcast on national TV in 1993 at the time the book was published. This transcript is a new translation of the full Japanese text.

It was not possible to fit all the content of the Japanese speech into English subtitles – and sometimes it was difficult to read all the subtitles before the video moved on. There was not sufficient time to display what the last interviewee said. Here is the complete text in English – with some additional material.


▲ 1961년 원죄 없는 선의 인간 (문예진) 이 역사상 처음으로 태어나 이를 모시기 위해 준비한 통일교회 부인들의 모습이다. 이들은 전부 문선명의 혈통을 이어받아 원죄를 탕감하여 복귀된 여인들로 왼쪽으로부터 두번째 윤모여인만 처녀이고 나머지는 남편…

These are some Unification Church women who were tasked with attending the birth of the first human in history to be born without original sin (Ye-jin Moon) in 1961. These women have all inherited Sun Myung Moon’s blood lineage [through pikareum], and indemnified their original sin. Except for Ms. Yun [probably Yoon Jeong-hye], the woman second from the left who is single, the rest [have] husband[s]…..(text incomplete)

Rev Sun Myung Moon, the controversial founder of the Unification Church, has risen from obscure origins in his native Korea to become one of the most prominent (and wealthiest) religious leaders in the world.

Rev Moon has proclaimed himself as the messiah and Lord of the Second Advent. He is perhaps best known for officiating at mass weddings. Together with his wife they are known as the ‘True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind’.

The term ‘Heaven, Earth and Humankind’ comes from 天地人 ‘Cheon-Ji-In’ in Korean.

Many Unification Church banners in Korea and Japan display:
天地人 참父母님 = Cheon-Ji-In True Parents      (examples)

Cheon-Ji-In is not the God of Judeo-Christianity. In Korean 天地人 ‘Cheon-Ji-In’ means the god of 天 heaven, 地 earth, and 人 humanity in the traditional beliefs, or shamanism, of Korea. The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity / UC / FFWPU may display a Christian signboard, in an attempt to legitimize Sun Myung Moon or Hak Ja Han’s claims to be Christian messiahs. However, the rituals described in this video have their basis in Korean shamanism. They have nothing to do with the values and teachings of Jesus.

Sun Myung Moon’s pikareum sex rituals derive from the Korean shaman tradition and are comprehensible in that context. Rev Moon grew up in a Korea were tensions between the very strict Korean Confucian traditions and the more earthy shaman traditions were part of the inheritance of every Korean.

pikareum 피가름,  pi = blood, kareum = separation or division.
In Japanese it is called chiwake「血分け」, blood replacement「血代交換」.

In the Unification Church the coded expression 「復帰」 ‘The return’ was used.

복귀를 = boggwileul = ‘the return’ = 피가름 = pikareum = sex ritual to ‘remove original sin.’

▲ 문교주의 모친이 문용명 교주를 안고 젖을 먹이고 있는 것을 상상해서 그린 그림이다. 평양에서부터 문교주를 따라 옥세현 지승도 여인이나 김원필 등은 그림의 문교주 모친이 본 모습과 꼭 같다고 한다.
이 사진은 천사가 모친 품에 안겨 있는 문용명 교주에게 지구 모형을 바치는 모습니다. 말하자면 이땅의 권세를 문교주에게 넘겨 준다는 의미 있는 그림이다.

This picture was drawn imagining what it looked like when religious leader Moon’s mother was nursing Moon Yong-myung [as he was known before he changed his name to Moon Sun Myung]. Ok Se-hyun and Chi Seung-do, both women, and Kim Won-pil who all traveled with Moon from Pyongyang say the rendering of Moon’s mother is an accurate portrayal.
In this picture the angels are presenting religious leader Moon Yong-myung with a globe. In other words, the picture symbolizes the handing of authority over this world to religious leader Moon.
▲ 문교주가 교회 부인들로부터 지구의를 증정 받는 모습. 이것은 천주를 문의 품으로 복귀한다는 뜻이요, 옆에서 서 박수를 치고 있는 천사장 사명의 유효원 씨다.

Religious sect leader Moon being presented with a globe by the women of the church. This signifies the cosmos returning to the bosom of Moon. Standing next to him clapping is Mr. Eu Hyo-won, who is in the position of archangel.

This could be the celebration after Moon received the globe, symbolizing his being given dominion over the earth.

Moon’s birthday in 1959 at the Chongpadong Church. Seen in the background is the drawing of angels bowing to Moon when he was a baby being nursed by his mother. Bo Hi Pak is standing on the right, and Hyo-won Eu is on the left.

Rev Moon’s teaching, the Divine Principle, explains the fall as based on an illicit sexual relationship between Eve and archangel Lucifer. Eve in turn seduced Adam. This introduced the element of original sin into our first ancestors.

Rev Moon frequently spoke about the ‘change of blood lineage.’ He claimed to have the authority to cleanse the original sin and purify the ‘satanic blood.’ Since 1962 this grace has been effected through the mass marriages which include the holy wine ceremony and the three day ceremony.

At the core of Rev Moon’s teachings is a demand upon his followers to adhere to an absolute standard of sexual purity and fidelity in marriage to restore the divine ideal.

In the early days, however, Rev Moon used an entirely different method called pikareum.


The Lord of the Second Advent is Rev Sun Myung Moon

Banner on the wall:
全國一斉 原理宣布

Unification Church
The Divine Principle proclaimed to the nation
Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity

▲ Rev Moon in 1954

Background image of newspaper report

▲ Newspaper report on the “July 4th incident” in the Dong-a Ilbo Seoul daily newspaper dated July 7, 1955. The “July 4th incident” was the arrest of Sun Myung Moon on that date.

注目끄는統 一 敎會 『文敎主 』行狀

There are many women who have been sexually abused.
The behavior of Moon, the leader of the Unification Church, attracts attention.

[ Full transcript and translation: Ewha University 1955 Sex Scandal ]

News article: “Many women and girls used as ‘play things’”

Subtitle: “Is this the behavior of ‘The Son of God’?”

“Founder arrested!”

Presenter: “When the number of believers steadily increased, the police went to investigate. There were allegations of ritual sex to cleanse people from original sin in the Unification Church. [Moon] was suspected of having sex with many innocent women [virgins] and was arrested, but was not charged due to insufficient evidence.”

[The parents of the girls were too embarrassed to let them give evidence.]

▲ Ewha Women’s University in Seoul

▲ Rev Moon and female students in the mid 1950s.

Film of the “Tragedy of the Six Marys” book being printed.

Presenter: “After 38 years of silence, one of the earliest church leaders speaks out about the real meaning of ‘The Return.’”

Subtitle: 「復帰」 ‘The Return’
[Korean 복귀를 = boggwileul = the return]

▲ Mr. Pak Chong-hwa, one of the founder members of the Unification Church

Mr. Pak: “There is something called ‘the return’ – it is sex. And you don’t have sexual intercourse not just once, but three times!  In reality, the 血代交換 [pikareum = blood cleansing] is done by having ‘the return’ sex ritual.”

▲ The Unification Church headquarters church in Chongpadong, Seoul.

Presenter: “Former core members confirm that restoring the dirty sinful blood to the pure blood lineage of God’s original ideal was done through ritual sex. I wonder what those who participated in a mass wedding think?”

▲ Japanese interviewee 1: “The main teaching of the church, to my understanding, is always focusing on changing the blood lineage, so I was always thinking of quitting because I didn’t get it.”

Subtitle: Blood purification, change of blood lineage = ‘The return’ [ = pikareum sex ]

▲ Japanese interviewee 2: “I would have felt uncomfortable if ‘the return,’ the change of blood lineage, meant having sex with the messiah. After all …”

▲ Rev Sun Myung Moon of the Unification Church speaking in Korean:
“God created Adam and Eve. Their relationship is positive and negative, and God descends there vertically. The relationship between God and humanity is vertical, and the relationship between Adam and Eve is horizontal. This relationship is the same between the spiritual and physical!”

Presenter: “‘The Return’ ceremony was once a sex ritual. Later it was redesigned in the mass weddings [and presented as the holy wine ceremony and the three day sex ceremony].”

▲ ‘The return’ sex ceremony became the mass wedding

▲ Tahk Myeong-hwan

Interview with Tahk Myeong-hwan:  “I could believe that the Unification Church was a sex cult because I have studied the teachings. Even though it was in the early days of the church, I was surprised to discover that it actually happened. Religion has to have a basis in reason and ethics. Without them, it is not a true religion.”


Director of the International Religious Studies Institute
Mr Tahk Myeong-hwan was attacked on February 18, after [he had given an] interview, by followers of the Korean new religion “Yeongsaeng-gyo”
He died at the age of 55.

[See “Yeongsaeng-gyo” ]

Subtitle: East Seoul Police Remand Center

▲ Pastor Kim Deok-jin

Presenter: “This man left the Unification Church. Now he works as a police pastor, offering music and prayers to prisoners, as his way of repaying for his past in the Unification Church. He performed sex acts in the name of restoration with a lot of women.”

[Additional information: Since he had a pikareum ritual sex with a woman already purified through pikareum sex with Sun Myung Moon, Pastor Kim believed he was doing ‘The Return’ sex to change the blood lineage of these women. He wrote 19 of the Unification Church Holy Songs during his time following Sun Myung Moon.]

▲ Kim Deok-jin: (making a sexual gesture with his hands) “It was a very nice job. Oh, I thought this wasn’t a sin; it is not a sin. To carry out what God required, this is a really, yes, a good job.”

Subtitle: Sex = A good job!

Presenter: “The former Unification Church members of Seoul are reluctant to say much. Mr Eu Hyo-min works informally as a counselor, helping people who are exiting the church. However, he did open up.”

▲ Eu Hyo-min (Firearms manufacturing company president)

[Additional information: He was the former president of the UC owned Yewha Shotgun company. Eu had several gun patents, but Sun Myung Moon asked that they be put in his name.]

Eu Hyo-min: “When I was in the church, we believed we were building the
Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, but in reality it was a dismal failure. Although I have close family who were blessed in the Unification Church… I came to this place, leaving those families behind, but I have never forgotten about them.”

Presenter: “[His sister], Eu Shin-hee, had ‘The Return’ sex ritual directly with Sun Myung Moon.”

▲ May 1954. Ms Eu Shin-hee is standing on the right. Sun Myung Moon is seated.

Eu Shin-hee: “I wanted to receive ‘The Return’ when I entered Rev Moon’s personal bedroom. I was asked “Are you qualified?”, I said: “Yes I am qualified.”
He said: “You have to receive ‘The Return’ restoration three times, through the stages of formation, growth and completion.”
“After finishing the formation stage, I stood up and bowed. Outside the room there were older members sleeping. In that way I received restoration.”

Subtitle: Formation, Growth and Completion

Presenter: “She then went on to explain this.”

▲ Eu Shin-hee: “Instead of work, I went to the church too often to hear the principles; so much so that we ran out of food at home. I had to put my five children in an orphanage.”

▲ 愛信保育園  AESHIN Orphanage

The presenter visited the orphanage and asked: “I heard that children of Unification Church members were put in this orphanage on the southern outskirts of Seoul.”

The orphanage receptionist speaks in Korean:
“After your telephone call I researched and found where there was one, and they left the orphanage in 1968, but we don’t have any earlier records now.”

Presenter: “I heard at the peak there were dozens of children here. What kind of life do they have now, after being abandoned here for their childhood, because of their parent’s belief? I went to see Shin-hee’s son.”

▲ Gap Yoon-gil, the son of Eu Shin-hee

Presenter: “I have records saying that lots of children were put in orphanages during the early days of the Unification Church. Is that true?”

Gap Yoon-gil: “I don’t know if the Unification Church was responsible for sending us to the orphanage or not. My parents separated and we could not even eat, so we children were put in an orphanage. When I went to the orphanage I was six years old and the second son. My youngest sister was three. Well, I do have resentment in my heart towards the Unification Church. But I can’t do anything against that enormous organization. I have no choice but to give up and to live my life.”

Subtitle: The Lord of the Second Advent is Rev Sun Myung Moon

Presenter: “What happened to these people who entrusted their hopes and dreams in the second coming messiah? I wonder what they were really looking for, those who lost their dreams and their families.”

▲ Mr Pak Chong-hwa: “All things, including money, originally belonged to God and Satan’s people are now the ones using the things of the world.
You may steal anything of your husband’s and donate it to God. Although it is against the laws of the world, it is safe to say it is not against the laws of heaven, and so it is ok. I explained this many times.”

Subtitle: Dedicate everything to God!

▲ Mr Eu is traveling to visit some old church friends, which he does when he finds the time.

Presenter: “The people he is visiting today are two sisters who used to be in charge of the cooking during the earliest days of the church. Back then they were cheerful and popular 20 year olds. Now they are in their 60s.”

▲ Ms Yee Bok-nyeo [Korean name]

Conversation in Korean:

Eu: “How long now have you been running this roadside bar?”

Yee: “I am not doing it because I like it.”

Eu: “We used to believe we would go to Heaven if we believed and followed…..”

Yee: “Don’t talk about the story of God…”

Eu: “If you have a difficult time, does anybody help you?”

Yee: “Let’s not talk about this anymore…”

Presenter: “The sisters, who were the two daughters of a farmer, gave everything to the Unification Church, both the house and the fields. Even if [the sisters] want to leave the Unification Church, they no longer have the willpower or the money to do so.”

▲ Her sister, Ms Yee Kim-nyeo [Korean name]

▲ Former [Japanese] member suing over an invalid “marriage.”

Japanese interviewee 1: “This is strange. I don’t think I was like this before. I tried to reflect back on my past self, to remember how I was like and felt: ‘This is too different. What is this? Like lying to people a lot…what is going on?’ Then I came to understand that here, I was being manipulated mentally and my personality had been changed.”

These are not simply isolated stories. They are representative of similar experiences that many followers of Rev Moon went through.

Rev Moon’s son, Hyung Jin Moon, confirms the story of the Six Marys in this video:


To gain more understanding of Moon’s ideas, and where they came from, see:

“The Change of Blood Lineage through Ritual Sex in the Unification Church.”
by Kirsti L. Nevalainen (2011)


“In the Shadow of the Moons – My Life in the Reverend Sun Myung Moon’s Family”
by Nan-sook Hong (1998)

Nansook Hong interviewed

Nansook Hong In The Shadow Of The Moons part 1

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« L’ombre de Moon » par Nansook Hong, partie 1

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VIDEO: Kook-jin Moon and Hyung Jin Moon speak about the Six Marys

Question: The Six Marys are connected to saints in the spirit world, there are six persons… [Sun Myung Moon restored them and then married them to…]

1: Jong-ok Lee 李貞玉. Sun Myung Moon married her to Mohammed.

2: Myung-hee Kim 金明煕. (married to Socrates)

3: Cheong-soon Chang 張貞順. (married to Jesus)

4: Kyŏng-Jun Lee 李京埈. (married to Confucius)

5: Hyun-shil Kang 姜賢實. (married to Augustine)

6: In the oval Won-bok Choi 催元福. (married to Buddha)

Kook Jin ‘Justin’ Moon:

“We are the orthodox church…

The whole notion of 6, 60 or 600 Marys is the process of restoration.

Every object partner [woman] is actually supposed to receive the messiah’s seed. That is what the Six Marys providence is about, since the messiah cannot be physically giving his seed to every single woman, there are representative women through which he transfers his seed representatively to all the women of the world. That process of restoration is a one time event that the Lord of the Second Coming does. …

The messiah comes fully as a man but he is also fully God, and that is the unique nature of the Lord of the Second Coming. … that is what the [Divine] Principle requires and if you study Principle and you understand Principle you can understand theologically why it has to be like that.

… The archangelic leadership were ashamed to teach this.

The second king (Hyung Jin Moon) has to champion the mission of the messiah.

Jesus, if he didn’t die, had to have 6, 60, 600, 6,000 Marys, the same thing absolutely.

Jesus with Mary Magdalene

12:00 [The Unification Church] is the seed religion

… There should be 3 billion Marys because every woman is supposed to get the seed. God told him [Sun Myung Moon] to have all the women of the world, that is what the definition of the Christ is. He is the bridegroom….

14:00 I’m sitting there. I heard him all, I understand it, why don’t you, because your ears are closed.”

Question: “He didn’t say the messiah has to plant the seed to all… did he?”

Kook Jin: “Yes he does. I heard him a hundred times.”

Question: “I didn’t hear him.”

Kook Jin: “Because you don’t speak Korean.”

The God of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han is not the God of Judeo-Christianity

Emperor of the Universe video and transcript

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