Shamanic Holy Grounds of Reverend Moon

Sun Myung Moon made 120 ‘Holy Grounds’ around the world to connect those nations to himself and to the shamanic powers of the Guardians of the Five Directions in Korea.

Sun Myung Moon creating a Holy Ground in Washington, DC, on March 14, 1965. It was next to a large evergreen in the middle of the lawn, west of the Capitol Building. Soil from Korea was buried at the site. Annie Choi, who gave birth to Sam Park about nine months later, may have been one of the participants at this ceremony.

The Five Directions Guardians

Obang Sinjang  오방신장  五方神將. They watch over the five directions: east, west, south, north and center.

Korea: a religious history
by James Huntley Grayson (pages 222-223)

Gods of the Air
1. Obang changgun. Immediately beneath the Ruler of Heaven are his highest subordinates, the Generals of the Five Cardinal Points, the Obang changgun. Although the belief in these spirits is found amongst the Chinese as well, the source for their cult may not be China itself but Central Asia and Siberia. Tribal groups as distant from the Chinese world as the Samoyed and the Yenesei Ostyak in the far west of Siberia propitiate the rulers of the five directions. … What is distinctive about the cultus of these five spirits is the designation of the center as a point of the compass. The use of the number five indicates that the origin of the cult may well be autochthonous to Siberian peoples as they use a five-directional division of the world.

Each of the directions is associated with a particular color. Thus the Ch’ongje changgun (Azure General) governs the East, the Paekche changgun (White General) governs the West, the Chokche changgun (Red General) governs the South, the Hukche changgun (Black General) governs the North, and the Hwangje changgun (Yellow General) governs the Center.

These five great spirits resemble the Siberian master spirits who rule or govern a portion of the cosmos. The division of the spirit world into five grand hordes is also reminiscent of the great tribal hordes which swept across the plains of Central Asia and Manchuria. Neo-Siberian peoples, such as the Mongols, often conceived of their spirits as being divided into hordes under the authority of a superior spirit.

Spirits of the Earth
1. San-shin. Without question, the most important of the earthly spirits is San-sin, the Mountain God.

During Sun Myung Moon’s 1965 world tour he made a total of 120 holy grounds in the 40 countries he visited. A list of all 120 is below. (He made more holy grounds in the USA than in any other country.)

For him, an important ingredient in making ‘Holy Grounds’ is seed soil and stones from Korea.

This is how he describes it in As a Peace Loving Global Citizen – Reverend Sun Myung Moon

page 158:
“In 1965, I embarked on my first trip around the world. My suitcase was filled with soil and stones from Korea. My plan was that, as I traveled around the world, I would plant Korea’s soil and stones in each country to signify Korea’s linkage to the world. For ten months, I toured forty countries, including Japan, the United States, and the nations of Europe.”

pages 160-61
“When I returned to Seoul, my suitcase was full of soil and stones from 120 locations in forty countries. When I planted the soil and stones I had taken from Korea, I took soil and stones from each location and brought them back to Korea. I connected Korea to these forty countries in this way to prepare for the day in the future when the world of peace would be realized centering on Korea. I began preparations to send missionaries to those forty countries.”

Report from his son, Hyung-jin Moon:
“So he [Moon] returned to the Cheon Jeong Gung [the palace at Cheongpyeong] on August 12, 2012 and he rested for a while. Then at 10:00 p.m. that evening, he started coughing. He got out of bed and received a lot of revelations at that point. He did a special ceremony then, covering North, South, East, and West. He spoke a lot of words. It was important that he not speak because his lung function was very weak, so he needed to stop talking, but he kept speaking through the night. He rested a little while, and then he got up in the morning. It was difficult for him to walk normally, so he was in a wheelchair, still connected to the IVs. He said, “Go over there.” The people attending him together with True Mother took him to all the corners of the Cheon Jeong Gung, to the east, west, south, and north. He went outside the Cheon Jeong Gung, to all the major points of the Cheon Jeong Gung.”
[Moon died on September 3, 2012.]

The Five Direction Spirits Obang Sinjang This is a slightly unusual depiction of them. They are somewhat in the Confucian court style and look more like kings than generals.

Moon’s ceremonies for the creation of ‘Holy Grounds’ around the world are based on the shaman God of the Five Directions and include numerology in the paces to be walked, etc. Each Holy Ground should be established by FIVE members, according to The Tradition book.

The Tradition book, chapter 9:
“Originally all land belonged to Heavenly Father; it was His creation. Because of the fall, however, God lost everything. After Father’s Holy Marriage in 1960, it became possible to regain land for God through establishing Holy Grounds. It was possible for Father to establish or direct the establishment of Holy Grounds because, as God’s representative, he could reinstate God’s ownership of certain territories. Neither Adam nor Jesus was able to accomplish this, because the second blessing of God must precede the third blessing; therefore, Jesus could establish only a spiritual kingdom.

Furthermore, as Holy Grounds are heavenly property, Father, at minimum, returns them from Satan’s dictatorship to God’s rightful ownership. Symbolically, Holy Grounds are God’s territory. In our prayers, we should visualize that Holy Ground will extend over the whole nation and ultimately the whole world.

From January 28, 1965 through October 10, 1965, Father made Holy Grounds in 39 nations. He returned to Korea and created Holy Grounds in each regional district before establishing the last seven (main) Holy Grounds in Seoul, including the one in Chongpadong Church. … He finished blessing 120 Holy Grounds throughout the world on January 1, 1966. A list of Holy Grounds established by Father himself is included [below]. …

The essential materials for making a Holy Ground are Holy Salt and some soil (earth), including small rocks or pebbles from an established Holy Ground, preferably one made by True Father himself.

The leader should select a minimum of five members (ideally 12+5 = 17 or more) to help him or her establish the new Holy Ground.

The leader should go to the central place (tree, rock, etc.) chosen as Holy Ground and bury the pebbles and soil brought from an original Holy Ground along with a small portion of Holy Salt.

From the central point, the leader should then face north and walk seven steps (refer to diagram 9.1-1 above). One of the members should stand at this place and face the central point. The leader should walk back to the central point, face the east and walk seven steps (9.1-2).”

“One member should walk to that place and stand. The leader should then walk back to the central point and follow this same format going south (9.1-3), then west (9.1-4). One member should stand at the south, and one at the west position also. They should also face the central point.

After the leader returns to the central point from the west, he or she should face south and then walk to the far south position (an additional twelve steps from the south position (9.1-5).

Twelve members (if that many additional members were able to attend) should stand at the far south position (as indicated in diagram 9.1). If more members are present, they should stand three steps in back of the twelve members, but no more than twelve should stand at the far south position.The leader should return to the central point once again and face south. All other members should be facing toward the central point.

The leader should pray so as to include the following points:
• In the name of the Holy Father, Holy Son, Holy Spirit and True Parents name, the members assembled here desire to make this a Holy Ground.
• According to True Parents’ victorious foundation, this ground is now conditionally Your holy base. It is symbolically the center of all ground which we want to claim as Your property.
• Even though we have decided this particular area is conditionally Your Holy Ground, we pledge our determination to make all land become Holy Ground by our hard work.

According to diagram 9.2, the leader should take Holy Salt and walk the seven steps to the north (9.2-1), sprinkling it as he goes. He should then return to the central point, and sprinkle Holy Salt as he walks seven steps to the east (9.2-2), and return once again to the central point. This same format should be followed going to the south (9.23), west 9.2-4) and far south (9.2-5) and return to the central point. After this, he or she should walk again to the north (9.3-A) (not using Holy Salt) and then sprinkle Holy Salt walking from north to east (9.3-B) then east to south (9.3-C), south to west (9.3-D), and west to north (9.3-E). The leader should then return to the central point (9.3-F) (not using Holy Salt) and walk from the central point to the east position (also not using Holy Salt) (9.3-G). He or she should then sprinkle Holy Salt, walking from east to far south (9.3-H), far south to west (9.3-I), and from the west, walk to the central point (9.3-J). The leader should face south and pray a prayer of gratitude and determination.
There is a step-by-step outline of the format….”

Sun Myung Moon’s First World Tour (1965)

The 120 Holy Grounds with Dates of Consecration

1. Meiji Shrine, Tokyo
January 31, 1965

2. Nagoya, Japan
February 2

3. Osaka, Japan
February 3

4. Takamatsu, Japan
February 4

5. Hiroshima, Japan
February 5

6. Fukuoka, Japan
February 6

7. Hokkaido, Japan
February 9

8. Sendai, Japan
February 10

9. San Francisco, CA, USA
February 15

10. Los Angeles, CA, USA
February 21

11. Mt. Whitney, CA, USA
February 25

12. Death Valley, CA, USA
February 25

13. Las Vegas, NV, USA
February 26

14. Phoenix, AZ, USA
February 27

15. Albuquerque, NM, USA
February 28

16. Dallas, TX, USA
March 1

17. Oklahoma City, OK, USA
March 2

18. Kansas City, KS, USA
March 3

19. Saint Lois, MO, USA
March 4

20. Paducah, KY, USA
March 5

21. Memphis, TN, USA
March 5

22. Little Rock, AK, USA
March 6

23. Jackson, MS, USA
March 6

24. New Orleans, LA, USA
March 6

25. Mobile, AL, USA
March 7

26. Tampa, FL, USA
March 8

27. Miami, FL, USA
March 8

28. Savannah, GA, USA
March 8

29. Columbia, SC, USA
March 11

30. Raleigh, NC, USA
March 11

31. Richmond, VA, USA
March 11

32. Martinsburg, VA, USA
March 12

33. White House, Washington, D.C.
March 14

34. Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.
March 14

▲ Soon-wha Choi (Annie Choi) is standing close to Moon near Washington Monument in the spring of 1965. She is wearing a white coat and a lilac headscarf. Nine months later she gave birth to Sam Park. (birth certificate) Sam was conceived in the house of Bo Hi Pak who is standing on the right. Mrs Pak is standing on the left. Jhoon Rhee, a cousin of Bo Hi Pak, is standing at the back. Bo Hi Pak and his wife pretended to be the parents of Sam and put their names on his birth certificate.

35. Baltimore, MD, USA
March 18

36. Wilmington, DE, USA
March 18

37. Philadelphia, PA, USA
March 18

38. Trenton, NJ, USA
March 18

39. New York, NY, USA
March 19

40. New Haven, CT, USA
March 19

41. Providence, RI, USA
March 19

42. Boston, MA, USA
March 19

43. Portsmouth, NH, USA
March 19

44. Kittery, ME, USA
March 19

45. Brattleboro, VT, USA
March 20

46. Cleveland, OH, USA
March 21

47. Detroit, MI, USA
March 21

48. Hammond, IN, USA
March 21

49. Chicago, IL, USA
March 22

50. Madison, WI, USA
March 22

51. Saint Paul, MN, USA
March 23

52. Fargo, ND, USA
March 23

53. Sioux Falls, SD, USA
March 23

54. Sioux City, IA, USA
March 23

55. Lincoln, NE, USA
March 24

56. Cheyenne, WY, USA
March 24

57. Denver, CO, USA
March 25

58. Salt Lake City, UT, USA
March 26

59. Boise, ID, USA
March 26

60. Missoula, MT, USA
March 27

61. Seattle, WA, USA
March 28

62. Portland, OR, USA
March 29

63. Eugene, OR, USA
March 29, 1965

Note Moon did not leave the US from April to the end of June. He wanted to be sure that Annie Choi was pregnant.

64. Ottawa, Canada
July 2, 1965

65. Panama City, Panama
July 4

66. Bogota, Colombia
July 5

67. Santiago, Chile
July 6

68. Buenos Aires, Argentina
July 6

69. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
July 9

70. Lisbon, Portugal
July 11

71. Madrid, Spain
July 13

72. London, England
July 15

73. Copenhagen, Denmark
July 20

74. Oslo, Norway
July 24

75. Stockholm, Sweden
July 24

76. Berlin, Germany
July 26

77. Frankfurt, Germany
July 29

78. Essen, Germany
August 5

79. Amsterdam, Netherlands
August 8

80. Brussels, Belgium
August 9

81. Luxembourg
August 9

82. Paris, France
August 10

83. Geneva, Switzerland
August 13

84. The Alps, Switzerland
August 13

85. Vaduz, Liechtenstein
August 15

86. Vienna, Austria
August 16

87. Rome, Italy
August 19

88. The Vatican
August 20

89. Athens, Greece
August 22

90. Cairo, Egypt
August 25

91. Amman, Jordan
August 29

92. Mt. Gerizim, Jordan
August 31

93. Gethsemane, Israel
August 31

94. Hebron, Jordan
September 1

95. Damascus, Syria
September 3

96. Beirut, Lebanon
September 5

97. Tehran, Iran
September 6

98. New Delhi, India
September 8

99. Singapore
September 15

100. Johore, Malaysia
September 15

101. Bangkok, Thailand
September 17

102. Saigon, Vietnam
September 19

103. Manila, Philippines
September 22

104. Hong Kong
September 25

105. Taipei, Taiwan
September 28

Sun Myung Moon on his return to Korea on October 10 after his 1965 world tour on which Won-bok Choi accompanied him while Hak Ja Han stayed in Korea. Moon is on the left, holding the hand of Hyo-jin. Walking behind him is Hee-jin born who was born in August 1955 – his mother was Myung-hee Kim. Hak Ja Han (in the light clothes) and Won-bok Choi (in the dark dress) are holding the hands of Ye-jin. In the back is Duk-sam Lee holding baby In-jin who was born that August.

Duk-sam Lee  李得三  이득삼  was the mother of Annie Choi Soon who gave birth to Sam Park on January 28, 1966.

Moon returned to Korea on 10.10.1965 – an auspicious date for those concerned with numerology.

106. Chuncheon, Korea
December 8

107. Chungju, Korea
December 11

108. Taegu, Korea
December 12

109. Pusan, Korea
December 14

110. Kwangju, Korea
December 17

111. Jeonju, Korea
December 18

112. Taejon, Korea
December 19

113. Suwon, Korea
December 22

114. Koojinbong, Seoul
December 31

115. Inwang-san, Seoul
December 31

116. Heukseok-dong, Seoul
December 31

117. Taereung, Seoul
December 31, 1965

118. Nam-san, Seoul
January 1, 1966

119. Dobong-san, Seoul
January 1, 1966

120. Chungpa-dong Church, Seoul
January 1, 1966

Shamanism lies at the heart of Sun Myung Moon’s church, even if it uses a Christian signboard.
Ancestor liberation, bowing to pig’s heads and marriages between dead people and the living are some examples.

Sun Myung Moon – Emperor, and God
Sun Myung Moon copied the Enthronement Hall of the Korean emperor. The sun and moon motifs symbolize his power over all people and the elements. The spirits of significant historical figures, including military leaders, in Korea and ‘providential’ nations were liberated to mobilize them for Moon’s purposes. This is a Korean shaman tactic.

Shamanism: The Spirit World of Korea
Any understanding of the so-called New Religions of Korea would be difficult without some knowledge of shamanistic influences upon them.

Hananim and other Spirits in Korean Shamanism
an extract from the book, Korea: a religious history by Professor James Huntley Grayson

Soon-ae Hong, the mother of Hak Ja Han
The mother of Hak Ja Han Moon was in a sex cult. In 1957, after she joined Moon’s church, she together with another woman were jailed for beating a mentally-ill boy to remove evil spirits. They killed the boy.

Black Heung Jin Nim – Violence in the Moon church
Black Heung Jin Nim was the name given to Cleopas Kundiona from Zimbabwe. He claimed to be the embodiment of Moon’s son who had died in a car crash. Reverend Sun Myung Moon approved him as his son, but there was a lot of violence in the Unification Church before Moon sent Cleopas home. In Zimbabwe he set himself up as a messiah and abused UC members who had not been warned of his dangerous behavior.

Moon’s theology for his pikareum sex rituals with all the 36 wives

Sun Myung Moon – Restoration through Incest

A Korean perspective on Moon and his ‘Fall of Man’ teaching

Fear and Loathing at Cheongpyeong   NEW