Writings of former members

List of former members of the Unification Church / FFWPU / Holy Parent’s Heavenly Community / Sanctuary Church who have written about the various Moon family organizations, or have given their personal testimonies. LINKS for each item are given.

Updated March 6, 2022

These are all from former Unification Church / Family Federation for World Peace / Holy Parent’s Heavenly Community of Hak Ja Han members:

KOREAN former members

‘Ashamed to be Korean’
The Moon Family Scam

Papasan Choi aka Nishikawa Masaru aka Choi Sang-ik
January 15, 1987 testimony given in Japan (Japanese)
統一教会問題と私、及びその未来 – 西川 勝氏

Syn-duk Choi  崔信德 1921-2016
Choi Syn-duk (Ch’oe Sin-dok) was an Associate Professor of Sociology at Ewha Women’s University in Seoul. She received her undergraduate education in Korea at Ewha and did graduate work in social science at the University of Chicago where she received an M.A. degree in 1957. After her return she served as Advisor in the Education Division of USOM, and in 1961 accepted an assistant professorship at Tanguk University. In 1963 she joined the faculty of Ewha University. Professor Choi has written books and reports on Korean-American subjects and on the dating attitudes of Korean college students. She is now engaged in an anthropological study of Korean village life. She was once an active member of the Tong-il church [Unification Church] and was closely associated with Moon Sun-myung. She had a son named Yoo who held, or holds, a senior position in the UC / FFWPU.
Choi Syn-duk: Korea’s Tong-il Movement. XLIII: pages 101-113.
in the magazine Transactions of the Royal Asiatic Society No. 43 (1967). This issue has other well researched articles about religions in Korea.
A PDF file of Volume XLIII (No. 43) can be downloaded here:

Kenneth Suhr
I am Kenneth Suhr and a Korean 2nd gen of the UC
Forming a Local 2nd Generation Group
An Open Question about the UC Second Generation – Kenneth Suhr
Blame v. Responsibility in the Fall-out from the FFWPU and Sun Myung Moon

Sam Park  朴進慶 (Park Jin-kyung)
Sam Park testimony 2014
Sam Park 2015 response to feedback
Sam Park testimony 2014 (French)
Sam Park testimony 2014 (Spanish)
Sam Park testimony 2014 (German)
Sam Park i jego historia 2014 (Polish)

Annie Soon-wha Choi  催淳華
Interview with Mother Jones magazine:
Meet the Love Child Rev. Sun Myung Moon Desperately Tried to Hide
“The entire movement was built on a lie” Annie Choi
PDF of Mother Jones article
The New Republic – The Fall of The House of Moon

Chong-hwa Kim  金鍾和 / 金鐘華
Sun Myung Moon lived with her during 1946 – February 22, 1948 when they were both arrested and jailed. Both were married to others at the time. Moon had one son, Sung Jin Moon, and she had three children.
1946 Moon’s ‘second wife’, Chong-hwa Kim in North Korea
1948 The tears and anger of Mrs. Chong-hwa Kim
Sun Myung Moon was a repeat bigamist, in 1948 and again in 1964

Kyong-rae Kim  金景来
Was a member in the 1950s
Book: 社會悪과邪教運動  Social wickedness and the cults movement (1957)
Book: 《原理運動》の実態を解剖する!! (1967)

Myung-hui Kim (male)  김명희  (金明熙)
Book: 문선명의 정체 (1987, 1989)
The Identity of Sun Myung Moon (1) by Myung-hui Kim  Korean
The Identity of Sun Myung Moon (Picture Section)  Korean
문선명의 정체! (1) 김명희
문선명의 정체! (사진으로 보는 문선명의 정체)
The Identity of Sun Myung Moon (1) by Myung-hui Kim  English

Chung-hwa Pak  朴正華  박정화 1913-1997
Book: 「六マリアの悲劇 真のサタンは、文鮮明だ!!」1993 Japanese
Tragedy of the Six Marys – the real Satan is Sun Myung Moon!!
Book: 野錄 統一敎會史  (세계기독교 통일신령협회사) 1996 Korean
An Unofficial History of the Unification Church
(A History of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity)
The Tragedy of the Six Marys book (English)
The Tragedy of the Six Marys Japanese video (English subtitles)
The Tragedy of the Six Marys Japanese video transcript (Japanese)
The Tragedy of the Six Marys Japanese video transcript (English)
Pak interviewed by a Japanese member of parliament
Chung-hwa Pak did not write I Am A Traitor (UC of Japan wrote & published it)


Hyo-min Eu, his sister Shin-hee Eu, Chong-hwa Pak and Deok-jin Kim on Japanese TV

Hyo-min Eu  劉孝敏
“Moon’s ‘Gigantic lie’” – the reality of pikareum in the UC
Hyo-min Eu, one of the 36 couples, gives his testimony: exploited by Moon, then shunned by Moon.

He was arrested, along with Sun Myung Moon, in 1955 and both were jailed

Shin-hee Eu  劉信姫

Deok-jin Kim  金徳振
Someone who actually practised Moon’s sex relay

文鮮明教祖の「血分け儀式」内容全告白 – 元側近・金徳振牧師

Park Jun-Cheol  박준철
Was a member for 30 years and wrote a book:
빼앗긴 30년 잃어버린 30년 (문선명 통일교 집단의 정체를 폭로한다)  (2002)
“30 Years That Were Stolen – The Lost 30 years”
(Exposing the true character of Moon Sun Myung’s Unificationism group)

Nansook Hong  洪蘭淑   홍난숙
Book: In The Shadow Of The Moons: My Life In The Reverend Sun Myung Moon’s Family. (1998)
Book: In the Shadow of the Moons

A review of Nansook Hong’s revealing book

Nansook Hong ‘60 minutes’ and two other interviews
Nansook Hong interviewed by Herbert Rosedale
Nansook Hong – The Dark Side of the Moons
Nansook Hong – [C-Span] Book Discussion
Robert Parry reviews Nansook Hong’s book ‘In the Shadow of the Moons’
Smurfing in the Unification Church

Video for Korean viewers (Korean subtitles). This is the ’60 minutes’ interview with Nansook Hong (as well as with Un Jin Moon and Donna Orme Collins).

Book: « L’ombre de Moon » par Nansook Hong (French)

J’ai arraché mes enfants à Moon – Nansook Hong (French)

Book: Nansook Hong – Ich schaue nicht zurück (German)

Nansook Hong entrevistada en español (Spanish)

Book: ‘A la Sombra de los Moon’ por Nansook Hong (Spanish)

„W cieniu Moona” – Nansook Hong (Polish)

Nansook Hong’s interview on ‘60 minutes’ translated into Japanese

Book: わが父文鮮明の正体 – 洪蘭淑

文鮮明「聖家族」の仮面を剥ぐ – 洪蘭淑

홍난숙 (Korean)

JAPANESE former members

Miyuki Park   ボクミユキ
Why did a Japanese UC member kill her Korean husband?

Yoshikazu Soejima   副島嘉和
The case of the assault on Mr Soejima (Japanese)

Yoshikazu Soejima   副島嘉和 and Hiroaki Inoue   井上弘明
『文藝春秋』 1984年7月号に
― 世界日報事件で『追放』された側の告発」
In the July 1984 issue of ‘Bungei Shunjū’
“This is the secret part of the ‘Unification Church’ – Accusation by the side ‘expelled’ in the Sekai Nippo ‘World Daily News’ incident”
Some content is available in English HERE

Hiroaki Inoue   井上弘明 and Yoshikazu Soejima   副島嘉和
Moon’s Japanese Profits Bolster Efforts in U.S. – Washington Post

Hiroko Yamasaki  山崎 浩子
Book: 愛が偽りに終わるとき
When love turns out to be not true
Hiroko Yamasaki, an Olympic gymnast, joined and left the UC
山崎浩子 vs 林真理子 独占対談

Taguchi Tamiya   田口 民地
Booklet: 原理からの回復 (1989)
Recovering from the Divine Principle

Namiko Motomura   本村波子
統一教会女性信者が自殺した 「四千人」南米大移働の謎
Suicide of a Moon money mule in Uruguay

Kiyoharu Takahashi
The Ungodly Gains Of The World’s Greediest Church

Ms. U
Japanese member was married by Moon to a Korean man who beat her
여성신자U씨의 체험담

Ms. K
Japanese Ms. K was forced to marry a Korean man she did not like. Getting the divorce took five years.
통일교 여성 피해자의 체험담 (K씨)

Former members – English language

Children of the Moon video

Professor Lev Semenov
My experience within the hierarchy of the Moon cult during its years of expansion in Russia and in the CIS

Ray and Sonya Pearson video

Marama Corlett
From growing up in ‘The Moonies’ to starring in Terry Pratchett’s ‘The Watch’

Ares Meyer
A so-called “Jacob child” speaking with Elgen Strait
Tainted Blood: Ares Meyer Part 1
Forced Beatings: Ares Meyer Part 2

Donna Cervelli
speaking with Elgen Strait on the Falling Out podcast
1. Miseducation
2. Eternity in a Box


On the outside, looking in

Ren Robot
on the Ares Meyer podcast

Renee Thomas aka Ren Robot
Blessed Child podcast

Teddy Hose: Raw, heart-wrenching stories w/ insight

I always look forward to listening to new episodes of the Blessed Child podcast as they pop up. The host does not hold back in telling her and others’ shocking stories, with a lot of grit, care, and intelligence. It’s so much more human to hear directly from born and raised ex-cult members in their own productions, as opposed to third party sources speaking about cults from the outside. The host has done her research on cult psychology and critical thinking around purity culture, so comes from a place of research and conscientiousness to the larger, destructive effects of the Unification Church (colonization, human trafficking, etc.). Oof, the traumatic things she and her guests have been subjected to are gut punches to listen to. I am also a cult survivor so it is healing to have them revisit these stories critically, which makes those experiences lose their power over us. I like that she tells the real story of abuse within dogmatic, high-demand religious systems, and/or cults, especially how the UC has a stake in affecting everyday politics and business, in the US and internationally.


Hye-nam Gehring
speaking with Elgen Strait on the Falling Out podcast
1. “I think Jesus’ wife still lives there”
2. “No matter what happens, you can just say it’s providential”

Falling Out podcast, Season 2, Episode 1



We got the band back together! This group episode was so much fun to record! If 3 hour long group interviews aren’t your thing, we will be back to the 1 hour-ish interview format from the next episode!

Faith Yen
“I was 18 when I got kicked out of HQ. I was 19 when I started breaking rules but was still mentally in. I was 25 when I realized I was completely mentally out and had a Neo in the Matrix panic attack.”

Faith Yen speaking with Elgen Strait on the Falling Out podcast
1. District Twelve
2. Fellas, is it gay to eat plants?

Youtube channel
VIDEO: When your parents are still in a cult
VIDEO: Faith Yen answers your FAQs
VIDEO: WHAT do you do AFTER leaving a cult?
VIDEO: How to date after leaving a cult (the Moonies)
VIDEO: An honest update. (340 subs, PTSD, the future of this channel)
VIDEO: Faith Yen interviewed by Caleb Maupin

Lydia Catina-Amaya
Human trafficking in the FFWPU / Unification Church is despicable. Here is one Filipina’s story of her slavery in the US at the hands of Korean leaders.

Teddy Hose
VIDEO: Over the Moon – Escaping Sun Myung Moon, Hak Ja Han and their family

VIDEO: Teddy Hose talks to Mark at Talk Beliefs on life in the FFFWPU / UC

Teddy Hose traveled from San Francisco to protest at Sean Moon’s Sanctuary Church blessing ceremony with AR-15 rifles

Growing Up “Moonie” by Teddy Hose    the nib

Teddy Hose speaking with Elgen Strait on Falling Out podcast
1. True Mafia Family
2. Parentification

Teddy Hos‪e speaks with Kaycee at The Cult Vault (85)

IndoctriNation: Rachel Bernstein interview with Teddy Hose Part 1

IndoctriNation: Rachel Bernstein interview with Teddy Hose Part 2

Akina Cox
speaking with Elgen Strait on the Falling Out podcast
1. Torture, Guns, and Hate
2. AIDS Teddy Bear

Ford Greene (Attorney)
On the Death of Rev. Sun Myung Moon – Podcast
Ford Greene – the former Moonie became an attorney
Ford Greene is featured in the book Moonwebs
The book was made into the movie, Ticket to Heaven
Billet pour le ciel  (français)

Falling Out with Elgen Strait – podcast series
Rape, Murder, Suicide, and abuse of all types. What do they all have in common? They were some of the consequences of involvement for the kids who grew up in the Unification Church, also known as “The Moonies.” The silence of those kids ends now.

Elgen Strait on the “What Should I Think About..? podcast Episode 69

speaks with Kaycee on The Cult Vault podcast

The Way I left the Unification Church – Girl leaves cult and arranged marriage and explores her new life

Aancod Zaccarelli
on the Ares Meyer podcast

Miriam Zaccarelli
Day 12: Inner Child
Some Post-Moonie Resources

Jen Kiaba
The Purity Knife
Why Didn’t You Just Leave?
Look at me: the art of self-expression
Jen Kiaba photos
Life Without Reverend Moon

Jen Kiaba on the Ares Meyer podcast

Jen Kiaba with Kaycee on The Cult Vault podcast

The Sensibly Speaking podcast with Chris Shelton:
318 Dealing with Cults featuring Jen Kiaba VIDEO
323 Walking Away from a Cult with Jen Kiaba VIDEO
333: Growing Up in the Moonies – Jen Kiaba Part 1 VIDEO

Jen Kiaba on the Falling Out podcast with Elgen Strait:
1. Fuel For Nightmares
2. Scorpion House
3. Her Name Was ****** *****

Jen Kiaba interviewed on Shunned

Miss Mayhem and I decided to start this blog as a bit of a therapy project. We are sisters who grew up together, then grew apart when Miss Mayhem left the Unification Church that we had grown up in. After I left as well, we began to retrace our steps to begin our relationship as sisters and friends again. This blog is a part of that healing process.
“I’m not sure where this misconception came from that a Moon-sanctioned union will be free of heart-ache, gut wrenching fights (either internal or with a spouse), and potential breakup. That should be Lesson #1 in any relationship, in any religion: there are no guarantees that it will work or be immediately fulfilling. A breakup can be a learning tool. But at least at the end of the day, outside of the Unification Church there is proper support for a struggling couple and less threat of “fire and brimstone” if things don’t work out. In fact, the breakups I’ve seen in the UC tend to be much nastier because of the religious ramifications.</rant>”

Glenn Emery
Pay Day at the Washington Times!
Washington Times Circulation Hoax

Why I stayed in the Unification Church for so long
Vivid dreams, spiritual experiences, bizarre coincidences… all of these things played a big role in convincing me to join. I perceived them as a form of personal validation from God that I was doing the right thing. After a few of those, I would not have listened to anyone trying to tell me I had made a mistake. The Divine Principle appealed to me on an intellectual level. It made sense of all the bible stories I learned in Sunday School. The DP built on what was already familiar to me, so it did not seem exotic or strange, like Scientology or Hare Krishna or other groups at the time.

Over time, my ego and identity fused with the Unification Church. Without the UC/True Parents/Divine Principle, I had no identity. Therefore, it was absolutely necessary that I never quit or leave. Otherwise, I wouldn’t exist.

Fear was also a factor. I believed bad things happened to members who lose faith and leave. Satan would invade. I felt responsible to keep going, even when I felt nothing and was plagued by doubts, because my family and my ancestors depended on me to “get the victory.” If I left, they would accuse me of failing them. So I wasn’t just in it for myself.
By the time the Blessing finally rolled around, I was bored with the UC/DP. I would have quit, but I had nowhere to go. It was easier to simply keep going rather than start over. Besides, I didn’t want to face my family and friends and hear them say, “I told you so.” So my UC ego kept be in check.

Staying in the UC creates its own inertia. The longer someone is in it, the greater the inertia. I call it the “leathery bonds of convenience.” Very tough and hard to break. Simply easier to stay together with a blessed spouse, especially after having a child, even when there’s no deep emotional connection.

I believe people stay in the UC simply because they no longer see any other alternative. They’re too old to start over. They’ve invested too much personal capital to walk away. Even if they no longer believe, they continue to cling to vague hope it will all work out somehow, someday. Peer pressure from the larger group cannot be overestimated either. Leaving the group is an act of betrayal, violation of a sacred trust. Even when it all goes to hell, the group ethos is to stick together, no matter what. It takes a lot of courage to overcome that.

Glenn Emery’s personal story – Blog

Glenn Emery challenges Takeru Kamiyama


Church member never allowed herself to enjoy sex because “sex was evil”

Limi Bauer
A Chorus of Sorrows (on the Falling Out podcast)

Linda Anthenin
Statement to the Fraser Committee
Notarized Statement of Linda Anthenien to the Fraser Committee


What I Really Learned in the UC:
“Never ever ever under any circumstances ever ever listen to or believe a single word any person, particularly a religious person, ever says ever. Watch only their actions.”
My advice on leaving the UC
The Incident at the New Yorker Hotel
Fun with numbers

Sloe Gin
A Letter to Rev. Moon
Letter from a disenchanted student of the Divine Principle.

Hideo Higashibaba
Growing Up Moonie podcast:
Review: Growing Up Moonie Details Life Inside the Unification Church
What comes next podcast

Lisa Kohn
To the Moon and Back: A Childhood Under the Influence

Video: Lisa Kohn – Meet the author

Yolande Elise Brener

All that Heaven Allows – My sexual re-education in the UC
Beyond Belief Interviews Yolande Brener
Down Is The Only Way Out: An Interview With Ben Lorentzen
I lost 15 years of my life after joining a cult and marrying a stranger
Book: Holy Candy: Why I Joined A Cult And Married A Stranger (2014)
What is the purpose of life? Is there a spiritual world? Does true love exist?
If there is a God, why does he allow innocents to suffer?
The desire to find answers to these questions – passed to her on a business card – led Yolande Brener to enter a bizarre, 15-year odyssey in a cult that would climax in her participation in one of the largest mass marriages in history. In HOLY CANDY, Yolande Brener pulls back the curtain on the church’s doings – but this is far from a simple black and white exposé. It is spooky, riveting, and utterly believable…

Michael Warder

Reasons for leaving

Tim Folzenlogen
Hyun Jin Moon’s assault on him

Kirsti L. Nevalainen
Book: Change of Blood Lineage through Ritual Sex in the Unification Church (2011)
The Fall story in Genesis 3 was an attack against Sex Rites
CARP members were paid by FBI for spying on Americans
CIA and Unification Church cooperated in Sandinista War
Sun Myung Moon Exchanged Weapons for Drugs

Karen Alleyne Taylor

“Moon looked over to Steve, [my husband] who sat only a short distance away and said to him in English, “She belongs to me first”. He looked pointedly at him while Bo Hi Pak translated, “If you don’t like it you can leave the room”. Steve shook his head and said, “it’s ok, Father” or words to that effect. Over the years I wondered what that was all about, I wanted to understand the significance. Now I do understand, the reality has been unlocked for me, thanks to courageous women like Nansook Hong and Annie Choi.”
Adultery and Sam Park
The East Sun Building was my prison for nearly 2 years
Master Marine Gel Coat
The European Machine Tool Industry of the UC

Allen Tate Wood

author, lecturer and consultant on the cult phenomenon…. former political leader of the Moonies in the U.S.
Book: Moonstruck – A Memoir of My Life in A Cult (1979) (with John Vitek)
“A Modern day Pilgrim’s Progress with an extended stay among the Moonies, Wood’s self-examination charts a way through a dark night of the soul in which many are still stranded.” — Henry Marshall Ph.D. Dept. of Psychology, Texas Southern University
Website: http://www.atwood7.com/

Video interview with Allen Tate Wood at North Texas State University

Allen Tate Wood with Walter Evans on the Unification Church (23 minutes)
Moon’s strategies for grabbing power clearly explained
Allen Tate Wood answers Walter Evans’ questions about the Unification Church (now rebranded as the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification). He talks about Moon’s plans to penetrate the religious, political and economic worlds to further his own aims to grab power. Strategies for gaining the allegiance of leaders were / are very concrete.

“Park Chung-hee [President of South Korea 1963-1979], gave orders to create a new Christian influence that would weaken progressive Christians who fought against his dictatorship.*” Moon’s Unification Church was one of the groups – from that time politics was key to the existence of the UC and the survival of Moon himself, in both Korea and the US.   * Korea Herald, November 2, 2016 by Ku Yae-rin  LINK

Deconstructing Extremism in 21st Century America

My Four and a Half Years with The Lord of the Flies
Young-oon Kim said Sun Myung Moon was “a pure virgin until the age of 40”
Moon’s Ignorance – he “spoke to Buddha,” but thought he was Chinese!
A brief critical examination of the Divine Principle theory of history

.   DP History – by Jane E.M. Williams & Allen Tate Wood
Inside the head of a new cult memberNew Statesman June 2008
Saving your family from the Manson Family
New Statesman July 2008
The social impact of cult groups
New Statesman July 2008

Allen Tate Wood on Sun Myung Moon and the UC

Moon La Mystification – Allen Tate Wood (French)

Steven Hassan
author, lecturer and consultant on the cult phenomenon
Steven Hassan interviewed by Chris Shelton – VIDEO
Steven Hassan’s BITE Model
Book: Freedom of Mind LINK
Book: Releasing the Bonds LINK
Book: Combating Cult Mind Control  (30th Anniversary Edition) LINK
website: https://freedomofmind.com
Steven Hassan interviewed by VICE

Julia McKenna
Raising Hell: Growing up second gen in the Moon Organization

Marianne Boucher
Book: Talking to Strangers (graphic book)

Frank Frivilous
How do I evaluate my experience with Moon and the Unification Church? “It’s similar to the sensation of having built an elaborate sand sculpture and having to witness it washed away by the tide.”
Fear and Loathing at Cheongpyeong Lake
Mass Psychosis Effect in the Unification Church
How to get off of the Whirly-gig ride
Moon, WACL, CAUSA, the CIA, the Contras, South America, etc. part 1
Moon, WACL, CAUSA, the CIA, the Contras, South America, etc. part 2
Moon, WACL, CAUSA, the CIA, the Contras, South America, etc. part 3

Benjamin Douglas
Cognitive biases – are UC members more prone to them?

Diane Benscoter

Book: Shoes of a Servant – my unconditional devotion to a lie (2013)
It’s been a long time in the making… but here it is!
Deprogrammed the web-doc.
Now take a 15 minute break from whatever you are doing and put on some earphones and enjoy!

Own Your Brain website
Diane Benscoter’s videos
Meeting Robin Williams

Mark Palmer
I got married in a Moonie mass wedding
Mark was an English public schoolboy from a wealthy family. So what made Mark Palmer spend seven years as a disciple of the cult?

K. Gordon Neufeld
Book: Heartbreak and Rage: Ten Years Under Sun Myung Moon, A Cult Survivor’s Memoir
Heartbreak and Rage: Ten Years Under Sun Myung Moon
Thought Reform and the Psychology of Choo Choo Pow
Peddler of Paradise
Waning Moon
Where have all the Moonies gone?
K. Gordon Neufeld is also the author of Cult Fiction: One Writer’s Creative Journey Through an Extreme Religion.
His website is www.neufeldbooks.com.

Joseph Nikolas Erobha / Sansu the Cat
The Lunacy of Rev Moon or Why I Am Not A Unificationist
An Odyssey Through the Shadow of the Moons (Part I)
An Odyssey Through the Shadow of the Moons (Part 2)
An Odyssey Through the Shadow of the Moons (Part 3)
An Odyssey Through the Shadow of the Moons (Part 4)
An Odyssey Through the Shadow of the Moons (Part 5)
An Odyssey Through the Shadow of the Moons (Part 6)
An Odyssey Through the Shadow of the Moons (Part 7)
An Odyssey Through the Shadow of the Moons (Part 8)
An Open Letter to a Skeptical Unificationist

Craig Maxim

website: My life and experiences 1  –  My life and experiences 2
website: Sun Myung Moon’s Unforgivable Sin
website: Rev. Moon’s $48million movie flop – Inchon

Skeptical Pete

Dear Mr Moon

Coming out as a Moon cult survivor after 40 years

Kevin J. Ribble
Testimony on http://www.summerofcheesecake.com/

Graham Lester
Here is a brief essay in which I have attempted to demonstrate how the positive ideals of the Unification movement can be effectively realized without resorting to the dogma and superstitions of the Divine Principle.
A workable plan for an ideal world
Ten reasons why the atom is not a good role model for human couples
Five of the Many Ways in Which the Principle View of the Fall Is Nonsensical
Imagination Theology: The problem and the solution
Arthur Ford was a con man too
Song-do Kim, the woman who created the Divine Principle
The Failure of Prayer
Which is Worse, the orthodox FFWPU / UC or the Sanctuary Cult?
The Unification Church should follow the Anglican model
The Divine Principle is the core problem of the movement and the core problem of the Moon family.
It is indeed official UC teaching that Jesus had sex with Mary Magdalene
Father’s plans to impregnate Mrs. Jesus back in 1978.
Ethics without Religion
Onni Durst is a supporter of the Woo group – led by another illegitimate son of Moon
Ten things Sun Myung Moon didn’t do
Does everything have a sung sang (internal character)?

Todd Harvey
website: http://www.conversationswithtodd.org
My Experience in the Unification Church
Eight Reasons I Got Out of the Unification Church
Church and state: A personal and public tug of war

Richard Barlow
Backbiting and Rumour Mongering
Breaking Silence on In Jin, Ben, Alistair Farrant
How “God’s Day” was established on January 1, 1968
‘The whole thing about the messiah is a human construct’
The Divine Principle: Questions to consider about Old Testament figures

“If you attend the messiah, you are in “the eye of history” – like St Peter at the time of Jesus. You are a special generation. This time will only happen once. You will be remembered by future generations …

… Moonism has turned out to be a combination of the worst aspects of Korean shamanism, neo-Confucianism, and Old Testament and New Testament obscurantism. It has no useful role to play in mankind’s spiritual evolution, other than as an object lesson in what to avoid.”
– Richard Barlow

Diane Devine
Statement submitted to the Fraser Committee

Phillip Greek
Statement to the Fraser Committee

Danny Harth

My Life in the Unification Church

Natalija Velikorodina

My Thoughts after being in the Moonies


Honesty In The Unification Church

Josh Freed
(He is a journalist who went to Boonville for a weekend and researched the UC for one year. He was never a member, but did think about joining – for 10 minutes – but resisted. He helped to extract two friends from the UC.)
Book: Moonwebs (1980)  – inspired the movie Ticket to Heaven (1981)
Ticket to Heaven video
Ticket to Heaven – on wikipedia (it won 4 Genie awards in 1982)
Ticket to Heaven – New York Times movie review
Book: Billet pour le Ciel (1981)  Moonwebs translated to French

Barabara and Betty Underwood

Book: Hostage to Heaven (1979)
Onni Durst (Lim/Im Yeon-soo) Speaks
Lonely, Barbara Underwood was easy prey for the ‘Moonies’
Disciples Fill Sun Myung Moon’s Pockets
Moonie Court Battle: Fighting For ‘Rights’
For Moonies ‘Deprogram’ Meant Torture
Hostage to Heaven: Who is the Captive?
Hostage to Heaven: One Family meeting with Onni Durst scarred my soul
Hostage to Heaven: Glossary

Deanna Durham

Book: Life among the Moonies: three years in the Unification Church (1981)
Boonville – “It was a very complex set of manipulations”
Childcare in the Unification Church of Oakland

Peter from New Zealand
My Time with the Oakland Family – the Moonies

Susan and Anne Swatland
Book: Escape from the Moonies (1982)
When you holy salt a room, it is important to first open the doors and the windows so the foolish spirits can get out.

Mose Durst – The Dancing Doctor
Onni Durst – The Dragon Lady

Steve Kemperman

Book: Lord of the Second Advent (1981)

Chris Elkins

Book: Heavenly Deception (1980)
Norwegian elkhound rejected by Sun Myung Moon
Sleep Deprivation under Moon

Jacqui Williams
Book: The Locust Years (1987)

Christopher Edwards

Book: Crazy for God: The nightmare of cult life (1979)

Erica Heftman

Book: Dark Side of the Moonies (1982)

Faced with the acutely disturbing reality of the Unification Movement…
The Dream Is Over
Liberation of ancestors by a third party?
Re: Bully
Reflections on the significance of lineage and of Jesus
If Adam and Eve didn’t exist, then there was no fall and therefore no need for a savior.
Reflections on a very Korean “messiah”
Hooked on the “true lineage” rhetoric

Garry Scharff
Interview with Gary Scharff in May 1978

Linda Feher

Moon’s Human Trafficking
Hyung Jin Moon’s revelation about his parents in Las Vegas
God made a very big mistake when he failed to create the angels in pairs????
The problem with the Fefferman-Panzer debate
The heart of Dr. Rev. Hak Ja Han
Dear Kate Tsubata
Collective Grief: The Five Stages of Grief in the CIG Symposium
The CIG Constitution: Isolationist Dogma
Bo Hi Pak and the Hiding of Sam Park
Hyung Jin said, “True Mother must return to her sons, the True Cain and Abel.”     What does the DP say?
Why I never attended anything by Black Heung Jin Nim, even though I
was threatened with eternal damnation if I didn’t.

David Adler
Esquire magazine feature by Warren Adler:
Rescuing David (my son) from the Moonies

Thomas W. Case

Book: Moonie Buddhist Catholic: A Spiritual Odyssey (1996)
Boonville in the spring of 1974
Boonville – Is this how the Family cared for its children?

Jake Legaspi

The Low Information Moonie

Ron Cox
22 minute video about his experiences. UTS graduate

Jamal Johnson
“95 Considerations” about the UC / FFWPU organizations