Ashamed to be Korean

Updated July 21, 2022

▲ 문교주가 교회 부인들로부터 지구의를 증정 받는 모습. 이것은 천주를 문의 품으로 복귀한다는 뜻이요, 옆에서 서 박수를 치고 있는 천사장 사명의 유효원 씨다.

Religious sect leader Moon being presented with a globe by the women of the church. This signifies the cosmos returning to the bosom of Moon. Standing next to him clapping is Mr. Eu Hyo-won, who is in the position of archangel.


1. Moon’s first son wrote a letter saying his father was a fraud.
2. Ashamed to be Korean
3. Sun Myung Moon: “Women have twice the sin”
4. Gil Ja Sa Eu: “Japanese blood is dirty,”
5. Moon’s Divine Principle Theory Applied
6. Sun Myung Moon’s explanation of the Fall of Man is based on his Confucian ideas of lineage, and his belief in shaman sex rituals.
7. The establishment of a worldwide government under Moon
8. Sun Myung Moon in 2012: “There is no Mother”
9. Sun Myung Moon’s words on Hak Ja Han, Justin Kook Jin and Sean Hyung Jin
10. Hak Ja Han married “God” in January 2012. Moon was furious.
11. The Sokcho Incident – the removal of Hyun Jin from the succession
12. In 2018 Hak Ja Han was questioned about the Sokcho Incident

“My Father is not the Second Coming Jesus Christ”

Seong-jin Moon, right, was born in 1946 and was the eldest son of Sun Myung Moon.

In 1974, Seong-jin Moon was the protagonist of the significant “Letter Incident”, in which he personally sent an important personal letter of explanation from Japan, to ten of the leaders in the 36 blessed couples.

The content of the letter was, “My Father, whom you are following, is not the Second Coming Jesus Christ, so it is better for you to go on your own way. It is not too late for you to make your own future.”

The letter caused an emergency at the Unification Church headquarters, and they scrambled to retrieve the letters from each in the group of leaders who had received one.

Immediately after the incident, the former Association chairman, Won-pil Kim, came to South Korea. The case of the letter incident was somewhat resolved by giving the excuse, “Mr. Seong-jin Moon was just trying to test your faith”.

This incident was one year after he had been married to Dong-sook (above) who bears a strong resemblance to Sun Myung Moon. It is probable she was the half-sister of Seong-jin Moon. LINK

Ashamed to be Korean

September 30, 2012

This has been incredibly hard to do, but I have decided to sacrifice my national pride, personal interest and loyalties to start telling the truth about the complicated religious scams of the Moons and the so-called “Unification Movement”.

Why? Because I guess I discovered that I still had some conscience left alive somewhere inside of me, so I decided to come out and tell the truth, and before it shrivels up totally. Another reason for me to come out is the tragic and shameful truth that the Moon scam is paid for in blood, poverty, misery, sickness and death by a slave class of Japanese who have been, and continue to be, what must be the most hapless class of religious scam victims in history. This is worsened by the fact that the victims have been deliberately and cynically scammed by a group from another country.

I have no love or respect for the Japanese, and like most Koreans, I have rarely missed an opportunity to gloat at any Japanese misfortune with other Koreans but I guess I have to draw the line somewhere.

It is my intention to tell the truth about the Moons and the Korean feudal ‘aristocracy’ from the position of an insider in the hope that those members who still have enough of a vestigial conscience left functioning in themselves can know the unvarnished truth and fully understand the crimes that have been, and are still being, committed and either help stop the crimes from being committed, or at least walk away and not contribute even silently to these crimes.

I intend to submit a series of posts that share the secrets and insider knowledge that is not supposed to be shared outside of the inner circle, and provide enough information for decent people to make their own minds up.

It has been said that one of the problems with the Moon Church is that every country projects their own image of what they want the “Messiah” to be; The Japanese see an emperor to grovel to and worship, westerners saw Moon as the the second coming of Jesus, while for the Koreans a conquering King that will elevate Koreans above all other nations (you might as well know we think we are superior to the rest of the world physically, spiritually, intellectually, and culturally). Therein the problem starts, Moon’s genius was to able to manipulate facts and myths and lies to divide and conquer and get exactly what he wanted for him and his family and for Korea which has created the core culture and operating practice of the movement: Deception.

Some people may think that the Divine Principle is the religious doctrine of the ‘church’, but it is nothing more than a recruiting tool. The real ‘religion’ is like an onion, with separate layers of rules, requirements and benefits. The easiest way to understand the game is to realize that Moon wanted to set him and his family as a royal family governing as a theocracy from day one. His goal was to control all power, money, laws and rules, at least as much as he could get hold of.

The theocracy works by strict hierarchy with the Moons as the top royals, the Korean blood relatives as the minor royals, the rest of the Koreans as the aristocracy and top officials. The rest of the nations are all in the position of servants. The only absolute in the Moon church is the position of the Moons and the loyalty demanded from the members.

Have you wondered why all top posts involving power and money are controlled by Koreans?

Do not be fooled by the fact that we trust the Japanese more than our own and use then nominally to hold assets and the like – that is only because they are totally obedient.

Japanese members bow in apology to Korea

What Moon and his family fear the most is meritocracy, God forbid if there was a level playing field, the whole game would be blown sky high. It is fantastic for us though, to have rules applied not only in a selective way but completely differently to always ensure the Moons and ourselves are on top.

My greatest personal amazement is how supposedly educated people in advanced countries have bought the enslaving myths of Moon that have in fact been precisely tailored for them without them realizing the utter insanity and nonsense of coexistence of completely contradicting realities and myths and rules, without even acknowledging the irony of it all! Maybe we are much cleverer than you.

The Japanese have bought the fantasy of ‘Eve Nation’, when in reality there never was and still is absolutely no intention to use them for any purpose other than for donations and slave labor. If and when they are no longer needed they will be dropped like a dirty habit in favor of another country (if one was available), this threat has been constantly drummed in to their heads to keep them desperate and obedient.

Surprising new facts concerning the Unification Church “Spiritual Sales” fraud

The FFWPU of Japan demanded each family purchase of copy of the Cheon Seong Gyeong book at a cost of $30,000 per book. (Each book was probably signed by Sun Myung Moon.) This extortion caused a lot of hardship among the members. A report was published in the Tokyo Sports newspaper on April 8, 2000. LINK

〝文鮮明本〟一冊 3千万円

What they do not realize is that in private Sun Myung Moon, when he was alive, Hak Ja Han and all the Moon children and we 2nd gens in the inner circle not only have no respect for Japan and instead gloat at the way in which Korea has been taking over Japanese business, laugh at the Japanese members and refer to them in really raw, rude ways. We see it as a rightful revenge for what we think they did to us. On the other hand, we never fail to remind them of the indemnity they need to pay to us.

I have heard Japanese old members emotionally talk about how they will accept anything because they had felt loved by “Aboji” at some time. When they say this, they remind me of rabbits caught in the headlights, totally bamboozled by the Korean charismatic gift for delivering shameless emotional appeals at 1000 horsepower. The reason they were taken in is because they had only ever experienced emotion in Japan at 100 horsepower before meeting Moon, so they are convinced that 1000 horsepower emoting must be the real thing.

Given the Japanese unfortunate penchant for masochism, perhaps it is not surprising that they have been fooled, but I am truly amazed that more Westerners have not been able to see through this scam.

My jaw drops as members still refer to the Moons as “True”, as an unending string of evidence of their unbridled wickedness and hypocrisy appears on this and other sites, it makes me giggle involuntarily, as I watch Westerners falling over themselves to justify or deny their crimes contorting themselves to deny the truth.

My only explanation for it is commitment bias, nobody wants to admit they have been fooled. Please read the facts honestly and use your conscience to decide what to do. Remember the laws of physics and math, the laws of countries and most importantly of all the laws of morals and values either apply equally and universally or not at all.

Members have been trained like Pavlov’s dogs to do our (more accurately the Moons’) dirty work for us. Foreign members justify our crimes with that precise get-out-of-jail-free card that the whole Moon scam relies on.

Ontological difference.
The rules apply differently to the “True Family”. The nightmare myth of the “True” Father and even worse the “True” Family implies that every lie they tell, and whatever crime or wrongdoing they commit in fact is not wrong.


Firstly, any negative fact about them is a lie, if it is proved beyond doubt that it is inconveniently true, then? “Anyway you cannot judge!” “You have no right to judge!” You did not know there is a providential reason for it? Even better it is “YOUR FAULT!”, your lack of faith caused the True children to do the act.

I have do admit with a sideways grin that only Koreans would have the guts to come up with this kind of bullshit.

Do you know why even Western members have bought this kind of nightmare parallel universe type logic? Because we have trained you to believe that the Moons and the Koreans are ontologically different to you, and therefore different rules and interpretations apply to us.

Once you buy and propagate this scam you have lost your soul and are enslaved to the extent you aid and abet any action that helps the Moons and their businesses.


Japanese translation: 韓国人であることが恥ずかしい 

Another filthy Moon deal?

October 14, 2012

It is not widely known that Hyun Jin met Hak Ja Han during the funeral debacle when Hyun Jin was in Seoul. Hak Ja Han is trying to do a face saving deal to kick out Kook Jin and air brush the Moon schism to paint a reunified family.

Hak Ja Han, the ultimate false mother, cares only about power and money in that order.

She is … worrying about how the current conflict might impact the Moon empire and in particular the Cheongpyeong scam outfits’ ability to continue defrauding and ripping off the Japanese, and of course to ensure that they can hold on to their ill gotten gains.

She has tried to persuade Kook Jin to move back to the USA. She argued that he should be satisfied with the fat monthly haul of the scam proceeds from the Japanese to one of his foundations in the USA. However Kookie has his pride and he is not thrilled at the idea of taking the fallen-man role. He does not want to be painted as the villain while Hyun Jin gets rehabilitated. He particularly does not like the fact that Hak Ja Han told him that Hyun Jin appears more telegenic and saleable than himself and is better for securing the assets.

Kookie so far does not want to play ball as he knows that he will be regarded as ass-whooped clown if he leaves now and gives up the fight mid-way.

Meanwhile, Hak Ja Han is trying to instate Hyun Su Han (Hyun Su Kim), the totally corrupt son of Kim Hyo Nam (alias Daemo-nim), as the controlling Chairman of the Tongil Foundation.

The irony does not stop. Kim Hyo Nam terrifies the gullible Japanese into bankrupting not only themselves but any one else they can in order to “liberate” x generations of ancestors in the spirit world in exchange for pardons for their sins. Meanwhile her son lives the life of a Gangnam playboy bankrolling Korean actresses and singers with a notorious reputation for forcing them to have sex with him.

The crimes and hypocrisy of the Moons and their cronies have no bounds. Sun Myung Moon will go down in history as one of the greatest religious criminals of the last thousand years. The only tragedy is how long it is taking for the deluded to demand the proof, check the truth and face the fact that they have been deceived in the most vile and evil way. Moon and his family and organization are completely satanic.


Sun Myung Moon – Emperor, and God

You shall know the tree by its fruits

October 16, 2012

Hyun Jin was livid when Hak Ja Han, Peter Kim and Kook Jin in his own words (verbatim) “pulled a stunt and put those two little pricks in my place over my head”. Now no one, with any actual accurate personal knowledge of Kook Jin or Hyung Jin could possibly disagree with his complaint or description.

Hyun Jin was and still is personally incensed, because he was very proud to have taken on the white washing job of settling down the members after the Nansook Hong exposé. He often boasts how he was the only one who took responsibility to restore members’ faith and considered that this was a major factor along with the fact of him being the eldest living son and his telegenic appearance for the fact that “Abojee promised me I was to be his successor, he f*cking promised me.”

He screamed and cursed out those involved with his “betrayal” in private. His view on his siblings and their past (as well as the inside dirt on how this came about and the inside story of his parents) is instructive.

“Kook Jin is a devious little prick, he was always a sore loser, even as a kid. His favourite game at that time was Risk.” (Risk is a war strategy board game described by its makers as “It’s appeal is timeless. Make the “right moves” and you’ll conquer the world!”)

“The problem was Kook Jin used to cheat all the time to try to win and would throw tantrums when he lost.” Well nothing has changed here with him to date.

Hyun Jin went on to say “Kook [Jin’s] problem is he always had a complex about me, I was better at everything than him—sports, study, looks, speaking—and it used to eat the little prick up… Whatever I did, he tried to copy, but he could just never make it. When I did Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, he did it too, but I always whooped his ass, when I went to Harvard, he tried to get in but failed so he had to get in by other means, with members to do his study papers for him and church money to provide donations to get him in by the back door.”

What Hyun Jin could not forgive Kookie for, is the fact that he “saved the little shit’s ass and then he stabbed me in the back!”.

He went on to explain what a number of mostly Top Korean leaders and 2nd gen know, but keep strangely secret, that when Kookie was living in Miami he had an adulterous relationship with a mistress and made her pregnant, “when Parents heard they freaked out and threatened to cut him off”. Hyun Jin went down to Miami and interceded on behalf of the “little prick” and got him forgiven on the condition that he arrange a quiet abortion and get “re-blessed” with a Korean.

The mistress was paid off $500,000 and told to disappear. Kook Jin also added a threat that if he exposed her he would have her killed.

Once Kookie was rehabilitated, we all know the rest of the story.

However, Hyung Jin according to Hyun Jin “was and still is a stupid little prick and a total fraud”. “I raised the little prick, I know him better than anyone. He was useless at most things and kept fantasizing about being different people [like] Bruce Lee, then a Buddhist monk, [but] he is just an actor. Not only that but he screwed around in addition to being lazy… I had to slap him from time to time to keep him in shape”.

Hyun Jin maintains that the instating of Hyung Jin as the spiritual leader and successor of the movement was a complete set up engineered by Hak Ja Han, Kook Jin and Peter Kim who he calls a “freaking snake”.

Hak Ja Han resents Hyun Jin because he would not pander to her whims. She was frightened that after getting liberated from the control of her husband, if Hyun Jin were to be the successor she would not be able to inherit control of the movement which for her means money and power. Her fears were blown up into a frenzy by Kookie, out of jealousy and resentment, and by Peter Kim, out of greed and fear as he knew Hyun Jin could not stand him and would look to kick him out the moment he got power.

Hak Ja Han then framed the succession issue as a choice between either Hyun Jin or all the rest of the Moon children. Initially the old man would not budge, Hak Ja Han got hysterical and with the help of Hyo Nam Kim, she gave him an ultimatum: Either appoint Hyung Jin and Kook Jin as a Undynamic Duo or she threatened she would leave him, which would finally give the lie to the fiction of the “True Parents”.

Old man Moon blinked and the rest is history…

“Iknowmoon” praised me for my honesty on my last post but added I was wrong to defame Moon. I can only respond by saying, I have no idea how one could defame the infamous.

I would like to remind everyone of the old mantra of the church in the past when they were trying to convince people that Moon was the messiah. “You shall know the tree by its fruits”.  What they meant was that people would see the upright conduct of the rank and file sacrificial members and be fooled in to thinking that Moon and his family and cronies were similar. Well, the truth is coming out in buckets these days, but you may have noticed that they never use this quote any more.

No blowing hot and cold when it suits them; these crooks cannot have it both ways “You shall know the tree by its fruits” is exactly right. The children and the cronies of Sun Myung Moon are king pin abusers of money, power and sex. They obtain money by defrauding deluded members and live by lies and hypocrisy and convoluted deceit which creates the means for their power and money. These fruits are from the tree of Sun Myung Moon himself.


See footnotes at the end of this page that confirm some of the above report.

Moon personally extracted $500 MILLION from Japanese sisters in the fall of 1993. He demanded that 50,000 sisters attend HIS workshops on Cheju Island and each had to pay a fee of $10,000.

¥ 1,400,000 to be paid to Hak Ja Han’s church by each Japanese church family

Time period: October 20 – December 26, 2015
百四十万円 = ¥ 1,400,000 = $11,400 USD for each family that follows Hak Ja Han.
Believers are desperately looking everywhere to borrow or get the money any way they can.

Sun Myung Moon: “Women have twice the sin”

The Japanese members are taught that women have twice the sin of men. This is because Eve had two sexual relationships – she fell with Lucifer and then seduced Adam. 

The men are told they should be grateful they are not women.

In the garden of Eden, Adam and Eve had a choice of one. After the early mass marriages in Korea, Moon gave most members a choice of one.

Then the members are taught that because Eve started a relationship with Adam without God’s permission, they should accept Moon’s authority, in the position of the messiah, to decide when they can come together as couples. (Different rules apply for Korean members.)

Without Moon’s holy blessing in marriage, followers will never be cleansed from original sin. Satan’s dirty blood will flow inside them, and be passed on through their lineage forever. Moon believers are trapped. They have to accept whoever Moon gives them as a spouse with gratitude.

Moon did not pull the double sin guilt-trip on western women, but nevertheless he put American women down and said things about them that caused a lot of dissatisfaction.

Moon matching Japanese women to Korean men, some of whom were not members. There have been reports that when some of the Japanese women cried because of who they had been matched to, they were beaten by female Korean leaders. Eyewitness testimonies awaited. LINK

“Japanese blood is dirty,” Mrs Gil Ja Sa Eu said

Mrs Gil Ja Sa Eu was the wife of Hyo-won Eu who helped to write the Divine Principle. She was one of the Ewha Womans University students involved in the 1955 sex scandal. They were one of the first three couples married by Moon in 1960. LINK

This happened at the time of the 6,000 couple matching for the Blessing which was held on October 14, 1982 in Korea.

Mrs Oyamada wanted to report about the Blessing in Korea that had just been held. She called a meeting in Osaka for the blessed Japanese members.

The international matchings were being held at the Little Angels School in Seoul, and the mainly Japanese matchings were held at the Sutaek-ri Central Training Center (at Il-hwa) in Guri. Mrs Gil Ja Sa Eu and some older Korean sisters, and some older Japanese sisters such as Mrs Oyamada together with some Japanese I.W.s (Itinerant Workers) were helping with the matching that Mr. Moon was doing. For example, they explained about illnesses.

When the Japanese members were being matched – either at Sutaek-ri or at the Little Angels School – Mrs Gil Ja Sa Eu said “Because the Japanese have dirty blood, it is very difficult to match the Japanese to Japanese.”

During her talk in Osaka, Mrs Oyamada explained how angry and sad she felt when she heard Mrs Gil Ja Sa Eu say such a thing.

Mrs Oyamada had answered Mrs Gil Ja Sa Eu: “Maybe what you said is true, but as an older sister to us, how could you say such a thing?”

Mrs Oyamada had struggled to bring the number of Japanese members for the blessing that had been asked for. There were more Japanese women than men. So anyway not all the Japanese women could be matched to Japanese men.

Such words about the Japanese were not only said by Korean UC members, but also by Koreans outside the church.

Japanese woman recruited by the Moon church and sold to a Korean farmer (Prices varied from $2,000 to $10,000 or more for each young woman.)

6,500 Japanese women missing from Moon mass weddings

Moon organization human trafficking is despicable

The Fall of the House of Moon – New Republic

Sun Myung Moon’s secret love child – Mother Jones

Moon’s Divine Principle Theory Applied

by John H

The Bait, the Hook and the Resolution
… and the false promise of eventual release.

The Divine Principle, which, whether conceived by Moon or not – he most likely stole it in part or totally from other Korean sects – is the message. Not peace, not love, not kindness or understanding, not forgiveness and most certainly not freedom.

The Bait:
First you need to attract people to hear your “life changing” theory and since you can catch more flies with honey, use that. A great big instant family, new instant friends, the brother or sister you never had but wish you did. Offer them “unconditional love”. Never was this love more conditional than in the Unification Church – but never mind that for the time being. Promise them perfect happiness, perfect fulfillment, perfect health, a perfect husband or wife, perfect children … promise them The Kingdom of Heaven.

The Hook:
OK, so now you’ve got their emotional attention – which really is the most important part – work on making it sound air tight logically. It doesn’t have to be logical at all, just sound logical. This isn’t as hard as it may seem when using a closed system, circular reasoning and dense long lectures which on the surface sound well researched. If they swallow some key unprovable premise the rest is an easy sell. It also doesn’t hurt if the recipients are well seasoned and buttered with plenty of bliss inducing fuzzy wuzzy. You want open, relaxed and receptive, a baby at their mother’s breast, not critical and defensive. Just when they are starting to feel that they have arrived and all is right with the world and themselves, set the hook … hard ! You’ve just painted a glowing paradise, the shores of which they could see in the near distance with the scent of magnolia blossoms wafting over a calm sea. Well, you can’t go there just yet and the reason is, and here you go for something universal, mysterious and primal and what could be more universal and primal than sexuality – or as a Divine Principle lecturer would say “The reason is the Fall of Man.”

After you invent the disease with which all of humanity is afflicted, then you propose the cure. This cure, make no mistake, is exclusive and unfortunately comes at a cost, a very high cost. The rest of the Divine Principle goes about realizing its very contrived forgone conclusion, which is that no one holds the key to this dilemma (the Fall of Man) but Sun Myung Moon. He has literally got you by the balls, Bubba. There is no resolution except on his treadmill. (indemnity?) Pay up!

That is the message. Is it worth keeping?

All the talk about love, sacrifice and service was mostly that, talk. Oh, the members for the most part were sincere (even most of the indoctrinated leaders, they probably believed they were justified or even great in making members suffer for their own benefit). All of the effort was subverted as a result of their misguided trust and the great amount of energy offered, the sacrifice and service, was in bolstering Moon’s power, influence and economic standing. The theory, Divine Principle, justified and even demanded that. To not compliantly fall into line and be a subservient, obedient and hard working member was to be a problem member.

Don’t forget, if forgetting this was even possible in the Unification Church, that you are fallen and have no value without the “messiah”. No value meant just that – no voice, no autonomy, no rights other than to follow the directives given through the appointed chain of command.

The key prerequisite for a leadership role in Moon’s church was obedience and loyalty to him and the ability to bring in the money and new members – who could themselves bring in more members (who could bring in more money) – and nothing else. Personal qualities like compassion, kindness, etc., be damned. That is unless, of course, they were used for the above purpose.

A part of the Divine Principle (again the theory or “message”) in keeping fallen people in line, fallen people being everyone except Moon himself and his family of course, is the part on the “four fallen natures”.

1. Not seeing from God’s point of view (meaning Moon’s)

2. Reversal of dominion (don’t you dare try to second guess your Moon appointed leader or override their directives)

3. Leaving one’s position (stay where you are put)

4. Multiplication of evil (evil here is anything not condoned by Moon, especially don’t publicly critique or spread doubts of any kind or sow any seeds of dissent)

It could have been simplified into one easy to follow directive:
“Shut up and do as your told, you worthless piece of shit.”

I guess camouflaging it in a more academic and layered way would make it more palatable. The meaning is the same though.

The common thread that runs through the entire Divine Principle (the message) is one of control and compliance within a rigid top down pyramid structure. To think otherwise is to be fooled by the window dressing (all the talk of love, and world peace, etc.)

That is the message. Is it worth keeping?

John H

Sun Myung Moon’s explanation of the Fall of Man is based on his Confucian ideas of lineage, and his belief in shaman sex rituals.

The Moon church teaches that Lucifer seduced Eve and had sex with her, and that Eve then seduced Adam and had sex with him. Thus all humankind come from a tainted lineage and need to cleanse their fallen lineage. This is the Divine Principle explanation of the Fall of Man.

According to Moon, a true lineage for mankind would have come from Adam and Eve had they not fallen; or from Abel, had he not been killed; or from Jesus, had he married. Finally a true lineage has been started from Moon himself, the True Father of all mankind – but only after he was purified through a shaman pikareum sex ritual with a woman, the “wife of Jehovah,” in Pyongyang in 1946.

Moon asserts that Jesus was the second Adam, and that he himself is the third, pure and perfected, Adam. In his theology Moon explains how he must ‘womb cleanse’ as many women as possible, with his sperm, to reverse the dirty sex of the perverse Lucifer. Moon’s sons, Sean Hyung Jin and Justin Kook Jin, also promote this sex theology of their father.

Church followers are taught Moon took his discovery of the details of the Fall, which took him nine years unravel, to the throne of God. Moon claims that twice God rejected his explanation, but the third time Moon insisted that he had found the TRUTH, God said to him, “Finally, after 6,000 years of history you are the first person who has uncovered the secret of the Fall; you are my true son.”

However, a more diligent look at the Bible story shows Moon’s tale to be nonsense. These verses from Genesis, from before the Biblical description of the Fall, do not fit with Moon’s dramatic ‘revelation’.

Genesis 2:24: ‘Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and cleaves to his wife, and they become one flesh. And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed. Now the serpent was more subtle than any other…’

In summary, this is what is written in the Bible:
1. Adam and Eve were husband and wife before the Fall, not brother and sister; they were husband and wife, one flesh. They did not fall because they had sex before being ‘blessed in marriage’. They did not fall “at the top of the growth stage” before perfection. (And there were, and probably never will be, any perfect human beings.)
2. Lucifer fell before Adam and Eve because it is written that Eve was tempted by a serpent, not by an Archangel. So Lucifer’s fall had nothing to do with him having sex with Eve.

Incidentally, the May 1952 Divine Principle states that Jesus WAS married. That story was reversed in the 1957 Divine Principle as Moon rewrote his tale.

The real purpose of the Divine Principle is the recruitment and retention of members.

Conclusions and Recommendations of the Fraser Report

Printed October 31, 1978, (excerpt from Part C: Investigative Findings, pp. 387-392).
The subcommittee findings regarding the Moon Organization may be summarized as follows:
(1) The UC and numerous other religious and secular organizations headed by Sun Myung Moon constitute essentially one international organization. This organization depends heavily upon the interchangeability of its components and upon its ability to move personnel and financial assets freely across international boundaries and between businesses and nonprofit organizations.
(2) The Moon Organization attempts to achieve goals outlined by Sun Myung Moon, who has substantial control over the economic, political, and spiritual activities undertaken by the organization in pursuit of those goals.
(3) Among the goals of the Moon Organization is the establishment of a worldwide government in which the separation of church and state would be abolished and which would be governed by Moon and his followers.


VIDEO: Sun Myung Moon: “There is no Mother”

Footnote 1. : Words of Sun Myung Moon that confirm some of the above

Hoondokhoe notes from a church member living in Seoul, “At the palace they forbid entering with a camera or a recording device. My memory is limited so I gathered the content from various participants and did my best to make a summary. But I want to ask the History Compilation group or PeaceTV to show us the images through video to see the details of Father’s words. I will leave it as a task for them. And if they remain silent another day I will release [more]. Let’s hope the History Compilation Group and PeaceTV do their jobs.”

Sun Myung Moon in January 2012:
“You bastards are making me into a puppet. Don’t do that!”

2012. 1. 19 (Thursday) Hoondokhoe at the CheonJeong Palace
Just as any other day, Father began speaking after the Hoondok reader finished reading.
But it was strange because the focus of Father’s words was True Mother. It was almost embarrassing for the members participating to listen to Father’s words because he completely let out all his pent up feelings that he had been suppressing until now about True Mother. He poured all the words upon True Mother and focused on her.
This is the content that Father poured.

1. “True Parents of Heaven and Earth” are Father and Mother as one, not just Mother alone.
1) “Not Father on his own and Mother on her own”, it should be one.
2) Mother should be a springboard (stepping stone) for Father, she shouldn’t just eat and follow around.
3) We will be destroyed if we work separately.
4) Even when Father calls her she doesn’t respond. Those who work with such Mother are subject to be removed.
5) Don’t go around boasting about Anju (Mother’s hometown) and Han (Mother’s last name)! You can’t become Mother if you do.
6) You are ignoring me. You bastards are making me into a puppet. Don’t do that!

2. “True Parents of Heaven and Earth” have to appear and become one before Heaven and Earth.
1) Mother is going a separate way. She’s a monster!
2) Mother is not following Father and is going on her own separate way.
3) You bastards (speaking of the top brass and closest church leaders that are following and obeying Mother and the other True Children), you have all become a gang centered on Mother and are walking in a path separate from mine. You bastards!

3. Heaven’s mountaintop (True Parents of Heaven and Earth) are not two.
1) Mother’s heart is playing around separate from Father’s heart.
2) There should not be a Mother that does not acknowledge Father.
3) Those bastards who are following such Mother, you are monsters! You bastards!
4) You bastards who think they don’t need Father anymore, you are monsters with no roots. You bastards!

4. Only God is with Father who is all alone.
1) I have no one around me.
2) Mother should wait for Father, how come Mother is making Father wait for her!!
3) You bastards following Mother around! Stop it!

5. When Mother says “Don’t listen to Father, listen to me instead” she becomes an entity even more dangerous than “Lucifer”.
1) I’m all alone now. I don’t have any sons or daughters!
2) Mother is separately doing things!
3) You bastards following Mother!……….
4) When Hyo Jin was alive he said to me “Father I feel so sorry. Why isn’t Mother listening to Father? Why is she doing whatever she wants?”

6. Today’s “Declaration”.
1) From this moment on Mother has to show absolute obedience towards Father.

<Part 2> True Father’s words on 2012. 1. 21 (Saturday)
After <Part 1> that dealt with 2012. 1. 19 (Thursday) Hoondokhoe with True Parents, now you have True Father’s words on 2012. 1. 21 (Saturday) Hoondokhoe at Cheon Jung Palace with True Parents.
The people participating in this Hoondokhoe were not only the core leaders and staff, but it included a large group of 1800 couple families. They were participating. This was a special occasion in which they celebrated the 36th year of marriage (1975. 2. 8) of the 1800 couples when converting the date to the celestial calendar.
After the Hoondok reading finished Father began speaking. At times he did not look at the audience and wasn’t talking to the audience. Sometimes he would talk quietly to the people right in front of him. Most of the people couldn’t hear when Father spoke in a silent voice. The astonishing thing was that Father spoke about Mother on this day too.

This is the content of his words.
1. Mother, Han Hak Ja, has been saying that her ancestors are better than Rev. Moon’s ancestors. Nonsense!
2. The people who are actually following me are women with no power, the men (his sons and top leaders) are following Mother. Since they are following Mother and discussing everything with her, that is the way our church is going down the path of destruction.
3. The men in the church are discussing issues centered on Mother. Mother is deciding all the programs. This cannot be!

While speaking of this content, Father asks one leader sitting in the front row.
“What are you going to do?”
“I will follow Father”
Father replies to the leader who gave this answer:
“You shouldn’t just reply that you will follow me. You should reply that you will drag Mother—who is going in a separate path—along with you so that she will follow Father !”
As Father is speaking Dr. Seuk stands up, does a bow to leave the room. Father calls to him.
“Where are you going?”
“I have to leave because there is a meeting with church presidents from all around the world.” Dr. Seuk replied.
At that moment Father tells at Dr. Seuk,
“Kook Jin is not the owner! Hyung Jin is not the owner!”
“If those kids are doing things without telling me, they will get caught (I will catch them)!”
“Tell them exactly those words!”
Father yelled those last words strongly for all those present to hear.

I will wait another day or two. I really hope that <PeaceTV> can start functioning normally and objectively, not taking sides. I really hope to see that day.

Footnote 2. : Richard Panzer: “On January 18, 2012 Hyo-nam Kim, known then as Hoon Mo Nim [Daemo-nim], officiated a wedding ceremony at the Cheon Jeong Gung palace between Mother and “God”. Father did not participate, since he was in Yeosu at the time, but when he learned of this, he quickly came back to lead the morning HDK on January 19. He was furious and had Mother and four church leaders, Jung-ok Yoo, Jun-ho Seuk, Peter Kim, and Sun-jo Hwang stand up in front of those attending. He demanded that Mother and the four leaders pledge absolute obedience to him.”

Richard Panzer continued:
“Five questions come to mind:

1) Who was this ‘god’ that Mother married without Father’s involvement?
2) From whose authority did Hyo-nam Kim officiate a “marriage” between Mother and this ‘god?’
3) Was this ‘marriage’ the reason Father furiously demanded that Mother pledge absolute obedience to him at HDK the next morning?
4) Was this ‘marriage’ one of the reasons that Father refused to release the royal seals a few months later?
5) Was this ‘marriage’ one of the reasons that Father angrily canceled the Perfection Level Blessing planned for his birthday in 2012 and gave Mother one more year to achieve unity with him?”

Footnote 3. : A sister in Korea reported that Hoon Mo nim [Hyo-nam Kim] conducted a wedding ceremony of Mother [Hak Ja Han] to God in January 2012 while Father was in Yeosu.

Footnote 4. : Hak Ja Han made Hyo-nam Kim’s … son her legal brother, giving him legal claim to her True Family inheritance. …

In October 2012 this adoption was reported:

(Membership required)

True Mother seems to have a soft spot for Hyo-nam Kim’s son (Hyun-su Han/Kim) who is in charge of the Cheong Shim Foundation. It was said that Hyun-su Han/Kim will eventually take over the Tongil Foundation…. His name was originally Hyun-su “Kim”. However, at some point he was “adopted” into Hak Ja Han’s “Han” lineage, therefore he changed his name to Hyun-su “Han”. 한현수

His birthday is December 29, 1977, born in Kyung Ki Do, Kuri

Footnote 5. : Hyung Jin Sean Moon: “Han Mother did an occult ritual … She has become a pagan. … We know that she was replacing the picture of True Parents with herself as the Empress.” 

On August 7, 2016 Hyung-jin Moon references his mother marrying another spirit officiated by Hyo-nam Kim, and his mother’s hate of her husband which resulted in the decision to pull the plug on him. LINK

Was Hak Ja Han behind the ‘Sokcho incident’ fake spirit world message used to remove Hyun Jin, the eldest living son?

This room is in the Moon’s apartment at the Pine Ridge Resort, near Sokcho. This seems to be a photo of the ‘Sokcho incident’. Hyun-jin is sitting in front of his mother. Chung-hwan Kwak is on the right. Sun-jo Hwang is on the left and next to him is Joon-ho Seuk. Behind them appear to be Kook-jin, In-jin and Hyung-jin.

Mark Bramwell, a former European leader, wrote this May 24, 2013 report:

“Another disgraceful incident was the faked revelation from spirit world announcing world leadership changes on 8th March 2009. While Hyun Jin Nim was doing a global speaking tour, True Father asked him to stop and to come to Sokcho, Korea. After rebuking Hyun Jin Nim for restoring part of the HSA-UWC board of directors (which In Jin Nim had dismissed), True Father summoned Hoon Mo Nim [DaeMoNim / Hyo-nam Kim] to read her supposed “special report”, saying that this report is “the reality of the spirit world”. However, Hoon Mo Nim did not appear, so True Father asked Dr. Yang (current international vice-president) to read it, which he did. This text contained announcements of major leadership changes, such as that Hyung Jin Nim should become world president of FFWPU and Hyun Jin Nim should become Chairman of UPF.

Though True Father believed the text had originated from Hoon Mo Nim, Dr. Yang avoided confirming this. The astounding fact is that this text was not from Hoon Mo Nim at all, but was merely a set of reflections written down by Dr. Yang himself and reviewed by Peter Kim! Dr. Yang already had the paper in his hand at the beginning of the meeting. Later he admitted that the text actually originated from him and not from Hoon Mo Nim. After the meeting, both Hyun Jin Nim and later Rev. Kwak had a chance encounter with Hoon Mo Nim in the corridor, who confirmed, “I am not responsible for this, I did not write it”. Yet the entire world membership was made to believe that “Hoon Mo Nim’s special report” was a revelation from the spirit world, due to True Father’s comment, “This is the reality of the spirit world”. Hyun Jin Nim was understandably deeply pained by this sham set-up, reminiscent of a communist show trial, through which major decisions impacting God’s providence were being made. He was especially grieved that True Father had been misled and his dignity insulted. After protesting to True Father, he left the room, not wanting to be a part of such dishonourable proceedings.”

The above is an extract from Hyun Jin Nim: Truth brought to Light
by Mark Bramwell, May 24, 2013
Vice-President of the European Unification Movement, 2000 – 2002
Director of European Leadership Training, 1987 – 1990 and 1995 – 1996
European CARP President, 1997 – 2002

Link to the full report: Hyun Jin Nim: Truth brought to Light

(Sokcho is the nearest town to the Pine Ridge Resort – which was ‘liberated’ for her family by DaeMoNim, aka Kim Hyo-nam. The money, $300 million, may have come from member’s Cheongpyeong ancestor liberation donations. The Korean Government investigated, but their conclusion is unknown.)

Hak Ja Han’s deposition day 1 part 6. (July 13, 2018) She was questioned about the ‘Sokcho Incident’

▲ Hyun-jin Moon was blocked (by Japanese members) from paying his respects to his father in the week after his death in September 2012. In Korean tradition, for this to happen to the eldest living son is unforgivable. Hyun-jin Moon’s family were not mentioned in the official list of mourners which was published in Korea.

Preston Hyun Jin Moon’s only visit to his father in hospital, after not seeing him for three years

Obsessing with “Creating the Mother of the Universe” a year before Moon died