Chapter 4

The Women Who Were Sacrificed

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Sun Myung Moon surrounded by ‘Marys’ (married women). From the left, their names are:
1. not named
2. 姜玉実 Kang Ok-shil* [her real name is 姜賢実 Kang Hyun-shil.]
3. 林英信 Lim Yong-shin* [real name 朴貞淑 Park Cheong-sook]
4. Sun Myung Moon
5. 玉相賢 Ok Sang-hyun* [real name 玉世賢 Ok Se-hyun]
6. 辛貞順 Shin Jung-sun* [real name 李得三 Lee Duk-sam]
7. 李順哲 Lee Soon-cheol* [real name 金順哲 Kim Soon-cheol)
[This photo was taken at the Chang Kyung Palace arboretum in the mid 1950s.]

The Fate of a Major Contributor, Ok Se-hyun  126

In the previous chapters I have described the facts based on my diaries and notes. The number of detailed diaries and notebooks that managed to survive the relentless pursuit of the police have now become a valuable record. I have confessed with all my heart to my foolishness in believing that I had met the Second Coming of the Messiah in Heungnam prison. As a naive military person I wanted to keep the promise I had made to “teacher.” All the actions of Moon, known as “teacher Sun Myung Moon”, that I describe here are true.

So I came down to the South leaving my parents, wife, and five children in North Korea. I tried to act as teacher’s other self [right-hand man]. However, the teacher suddenly betrayed the follower who had no home or family to return to. Perhaps I was a man who knew too much.

For several years I worked at a mine which was located deep in the mountains, far from any town. I was driven there with the title of ‘president,’ but I was not given any pay. I suspected something strange was going on in the Unification Church; it seemed like there was an increasing influence on it by the military regime – which has started as if in exchange with my departure.

After a while, Teacher Sun Myung Moon had become a person who was not worth my sacrifice any longer. Up until the last chapter, I wrote “Mr. Moon” because I could not write “teacher,” but from this chapter on I will describe him as “Moon Yong-myung,” or “Sun Myung Moon.”

Socks knitted with hair woven into them  127

When I think about it now, one of the women involved with Sun Myung Moon whose impression remains in my mind was Ok Se-hyun.

When Moon Yong-myung (as he was known at the time) and I were together in Heungnam [Special Labour Camp in North Korea], he often spoke about her.

At that time it was a big deal to get a ticket from Pyongyang to Heungnam. Only people who had travel documents could buy a ticket. Even then, it seems to have been a struggle for Ok Se-hyun to obtain a ticket. She waited in line all night long to get a ticket so she could visit Moon Yong-myung.

Also, with her whole heart, she made ground cereals for Moon Yong-myung. In the winter, she knitted undergarments and stuffed them with wool to go back and forth to the prison to visit him.

In the summer she would make ground cereals, candies and clothes made of hemp to bring to him. She made the candy soft so that it could be mixed with the ground cereals. She even gave him some money so he could buy cod liver oil with it for his health.

How can you make so much effort for someone who is not even related to you by blood? I could not understand it when I heard the story. To compare this with my own situation, I had a mother and wife who would only come to visit me once every three or four months.

Ok Se-hyun often came to visit him in the prison and always brought many things. I was surprised.

Moon Yong-myung and I discussed everything and we did not hide any single thing from each other in prison.

One day, he said. “Ok Se-hyun cut her hair and wove some socks and brought them to me.” There is an old saying that goes, when one truly appreciates a favor, he cuts his hair and gives it to the person who did him the favor.

However, when I think if there are people who would really do that, I can only bow my head. I was thinking why she was so dedicated to him, but I did not ask him about it. I just appreciated the ground cereal he shared with me which she had brought him.

When the Korean War broke out on June 25 and the UN troops headed to the North, Moon Yong-myung was released from prison and became a free man. That was on October 14, 1950 (Showa 25). Moon and Moon Jung-bin, who was a fellow prisoner, walked together to Pyongyang and arrived there after 10 days. [Moon Jung-bin was a young communist party official. Many of Moon’s friends in Tokyo had been communists.]

Ok Se-hyun is now in a pathetic situation.

Then, at her estate, I met Ok Se-hyun for the first time. She seemed to be an honest, good natured woman. Her estate looked very expensive. There was a big front yard and several houses together. Her daughters Woo Jung-ae and Woo Jung-sun were staying there, along with Kim Won-pil, a follower of Moon’s, who was staying there as parasitic house guest. He said “I cannot go back to the house of Satan.” (He had referred himself to her house.) Four people shared a room together. They were Moon Yong-myung, myself, Moon Jung-bin, and Kim Won-pil.

After about five days, all the family members who had fled to Seoul returned.

The next day was Sunday so, after breakfast Ok Se-hyun’s husband, Woo Ha-seop came to greet us with a Bible in his hands. He said he would lead a service because it was Sunday. We sang hymns and prayed, Woo Ha-seop read the Bible and preached.

He was an elder of the Jangdaehyeon [Presbyterian] church in Pyongyang.

The lament of husband Elder Woo Ha-seop  129

That afternoon, Elder Woo said he had something to talk to me about, so I went to his room.

“I’m the director of the Pyongyang Rubber Association. I know a man named Choi Nae-bong who is your brother-in-law. We are close to each other.”

He wanted to talk about the relationship between his wife and Moon Yong-myung. He said he was an elder in his church and his wife Ok Se-hyun also worked hard as a deacon there. Then this young man, who said he was from the south, started preaching some strange things. His wife attended the young man’s meetings for several weeks.

Up until then, they got along well as a couple without any problems, but then she started to refuse to sleep with him. Their children were all grown up, and they were church elders and so he could not argue about these strange things in front of them. For a long time he tried to persuade her but it did not work out, no matter how hard he tried. A wife who once was a good manager of the family budget now took every chance possible to take some money out for Moon Yong-myung.

He was just thinking that taking a little money was not a big issue because of their good financial situation. Moreover, he wanted the two of them to be like before so he prayed hard, but to no avail. Then one day the young man, and the whole lot of them, including his wife, were arrested by the police.

Elder Woo was well known in city of Pyongyang. He also had a reputation to maintain, but he wanted to find out why they had been arrested. The reason he found out (at the police) was that they were arrested for preparing a marriage ceremony between the young man and a married woman [Kim Chong-hwa], who already had children. The ceremony was called the “Marriage of the Lamb.” The neighbors thought it was strange so they had reported it to the police. Elder Woo contacted his nephew so his nephew could talk to the police and get Ok Se-hyun released. He asked his nephew because Elder Woo himself was too well known. The young man was Moon Yong-myung and Elder Woo could now rest assured because the man was behind bars. However, his wife kept going back and forth to visit Moon in the prison at Heungnam, a long distance away from home. Elder Woo tried to get her to stop – but she would not listen to him. In the end he had no other option but to let her be.

He said to me, “Brother Pak, since you are also a Christian, you will get punished someday if you work together with a man like Moon Yong-myung. It will also be very difficult to live in normal society. It will be good for you if you don’t act in concert with a person who behaves like Moon Yong-myung.”

❖ Photo added:

Ok Se-hyun, Moon and Kim Won-pil

Body, Heart, and Wealth to Sun Myung Moon  131

Ok Se-hyun, who gave body, heart and wealth to Sun Myung Moon, fled to Pusan in the south during the upheaval of the Korean War. She followed the man who had changed his name to Sun Myung Moon and she stuck with him like a shadow. She made the basis for Moon’s livelihood [by attending him and getting provisions].

What I remember is the time when the church moved to Heungin-dong in Seoul.

The economic situation was getting better because of the successful bromide picture production business. All the church members were widowers so Ok Se-hyun took the lead and did the laundry.

She would put the members’ suits and underwear in no less than 24 boxes from which everyone would take their clothes and change. I think it is impossible to describe what she might have felt like at the time.

A while after this, having left Sun Myung Moon, I was in Pusan running a construction business.

One day, a Dr. Kwon Chang-jung came to see me. He said he wanted to buy a house so I accepted his application and he went back after paying his application fee.

Subsequently, Ok Se-hyun came and asked if I would hire her second son to work on my construction site.

I did not need another employee but I could not refuse because it was Ok Se-hyun’s request. From the next day, I worked with her son for about one year.

When the house construction was about to end, Elder Woo visited me. I had not seen him for some while. He had become a pastor. He told me that he had asked his wife to change her mind, but it was futile so there was no choice but for them to divorce.

Afterwards, he taught himself theology and became a pastor. Since then he has been serving in a small church. After his divorce he got married again – to a church deacon. He said that Dr. Kwon Chang-jung was his son-in-law and the house he was getting was to be his house, so I was showing him around the completed house and we talked there for a long time.

Moon had a wife, Choi Sun-kil, but she started to neglect his care because she was angry about Moon’s relationships with women. Hence in the early days Ok Se-hyun supported Sun Myung Moon.

Up until they moved to Sujung-dong, Pusan, they were chased out four times.

This was because Sun Myung Moon’s lawful wife, Choi Sun-kil, was jealous of the female church family members who would gather around. She sold off the household items. Also, she kicked out the people who wanted to gather around, so they eventually had to move.

When they moved to a new place, his first wife persistently thought about ways to chase them and came up with a brilliant idea. She gave some money to a housemaid of Ok Se-hyun’s relative and succeeded in having her spy on Ok Se-hyun by secretly following her when she left the relative’s house.

She was able to find out where their new place was and she repeatedly caused a disturbance and in the end the entire church family was arrested.

At this time, his wife promised not to cause further trouble so she was released.

She promised she would not disturb the church even a little bit, but she did the same thing at the house in Sujung-dong. Choi Sun-kil sold household items, and even the house itself, and so Sun Myung Moon fled to Seoul.

This time, they moved to a place called Chungjin-dong in Seoul but Mrs. Choi somehow found out where they were and messed up everything for Sun Myung Moon, as she had done before.

It was at this time when Sun Myung Moon fled, that he even threw his principle source book at her and fled.

Then, Ok Se-hyun who was following Sun Myung Moon like a shadow, was worried about his disappearance.

In the middle of one night I was going to see Sun Myung Moon alone in a downpour and she held onto my sleeve and asked me to take her with me, but I refused. Now I feel sorry when I think about it, but an arrest warrant had been issued for Mr. Moon so it might have caused a problem if I had taken her with me. If we were interrogated by the police on the way, it would have been a serious problem.

Ok Se-hyun, living in a church in Taegu, waited for Sun Myung Moon.

When I brought Hyo-won Eu from Pusan to Seoul and rented a room in Bukhak-dong, I told Ok Se-hyun to come. Since then, she once again started to take care of Mr. Moon and other family members.

When Sun Myung Moon was arrested for the July 4th [1955] incident, I could not even bear to look at her sad face. She did not eat anything and prayed every day, so looking at her crying face made me hang my head. After the church had moved to Chongpa-dong, she still managed the church budget. However, when I came back after leaving the church for a while, Ok Se-hyun had been already kicked out of the church.

One day, I heard her story from Eu Hyo-min. It was about Ok Se-hyun asking for money from Eu Hyo-min. Then, her daughter Woo Jung-ae came and asked him for money again, this time 1,700,000 won. Ok Se-hyun asked to borrow money several more times, but he said he refused since he was unable to lend any more money.

The author [Pak Chong-hwa] visiting Ok Se-hyun in hospital in May 1993.

Ok left with nowhere to go if she was discharged [from the hospital]  135

Ok Se-hyun met Sun Myung Moon on November 6th, 1946 in Pyongyang. Sun Myung Moon was 27 years old at the time, so she was 21 years older than him.

They had sex because she believed in Sun Myung Moon’s Principle of Restoration. She was the first ‘Mary.’ From that time, she followed him for about 40 years and took care of him, giving her body, heart, and her wealth. People say that in 10 years even rivers and mountains change, but the duration was four times more than that. She was a person who was so attentive to Sun Myung Moon for such a long time. She seemed like she could not live without Sun Myung Moon, even for a moment.

However, because they decided to kick out the elderly members, she got kicked out of the church where she had been living for close to 30 years. When they were kicked out, they were given only 10 million won. What can you do with that amount? You can’t even start a business with it. She lent some money to her daughter and her husband for housing costs but since she could not go to a church that was far away from her, she was said to have rented a small room near the church. What a pathetic, heartbreaking story! If I had been successful in society and had a business, I would have supported her financially by buying her a house, or by sending her some money for living expenses. Isn’t this so sad that an old lady in her 90s, who had been a major contributor is now trying to borrow money from people [who had left the church]?

On August 16th, 1985, a day of forgiveness was declared in the Unification Church. Yong-seok Song, a pastor at the church headquarters, was preaching that all sins were forgiven, and after subjugating Satan, everything from the Satanic world will be restored to God’s world and all the blessings will come to members of the Unification Church. I thought that they should have given people like Ok Se-hyun a house and made their lives better instead. For me this was of utmost importance.

When Mr. Moon had first explained to me about the ideal world in Heungnam prison, I asked him when that would come about. I remember Sun Myung Moon had answered that it would come in seven years’ time. More than 40 years have passed since that talk. As a matter of fact, he might have made a lot of money but his dream-like story did not come true.

It was May in 1993. Eu Hyo-min contacted me and said that Ok Se-hyun was in the Severance Hospital in Incheon. He asked me to go along with him to see her.

Eu Hyo-min and I returned after seeing Ok Se-hyun in the Severance Hospital in Gaja-dong, Incheon. She is 96 years old this year. She was feeling better after recovering, so they told her that she should leave the hospital – but she had no place to go to so she stayed in the hospital. Then Eu Hyo-min was trying to get her to leave after getting an apartment for her, but when the Unification Church heard about that they hurriedly rented her a room so she could be discharged from the hospital.

It was really sad for me that Ok Se-hyun, who had devoted her whole life to Sun Myung Moon, had to spend her last days in misery. However, there are hundreds more victims besides Ok Se-hyun who were sacrificed in this way.

The translation for about a third of the rest of this chapter has been checked, but the rest of the text will have about half of the Japanese content missing.

Park Bong-shik and Oh Yeong-choon  138

The married couple who devoted themselves to Sun Myung Moon

On December 24th, 1953, Mr. Moon and I visited the couple, Shin Sung-mook and Eu Shin-hee, in Yeongdo. Around that time Song Do-wook and Park Bong-shik joined us. They were both devout and became sincere believers.

Song was not very well educated. He was a big man, and very stubborn. He married Park Bong-shik after the liberation. He had come from Manchuria. They had a daughter. He was a exterminator salesman at that time. They lived in a humble wooden house, and Kim Won-pil stayed with them. I met Kim at their house.

When we travelled from Seoul to Pusan by train, our shirts very quickly turned black because of the smoke in the tunnels we passed through. I still remember that time, even after 40 years. Song’s daughter was a very active girl, and Mr. Moon bought her a gayageum. She often played it for us. I was Mr. Moon’s secretary at that time, and then the job was given to Song after Eu.

Song Do-wook, the husband who had an affair  140

Park Bong-shik worked as a missionary for the Kyungsangdo area after she came to Seoul. Then an incident happened involving Song. I went to Kunsan to visit a mine and stayed in a Kim’s house in Wolmyung-dong. That house was used by the church too. Five days later, Kim’s wife looked as if she had lost her mind. She asked me for the pikareum ritual. She was murmuring about the pikareum ritual. I had seen such behavior in members before. She seemed to be serious about it, so I reported it to Chairman Eu. Then Elder Song came to take her back.

Song Do-wook

Since he could not treat her by himself, Song stayed with Oh Yeong-choon, and they treated Kim’s wife together. After that they became intimate. When Kim’s wife recovered, they became inseparable and lived together under the grace of Mr. Moon.

Park Bong-shik was a woman of outstanding personality  141

I am going to write about Park Bong-shik now. Let’s talk about her from the principle. Song and Park became followers of Mr. Moon as husband and wife. Song became Mr. Moon’s secretary and Park focused on missionary work. Under Mr. Moon’s grace, it is natural that they must be the beneficiary of his grace. But Oh and Song received Mr. Moon’s grace instead. This was a contradictory fact. Mr. Moon permitted their living together.

Mrs Park Bong-shik [The wife of Deacon Song in Pusan.]

Because Mr. Moon allowed them to do this, we could not object. But Park could not understand it. I saw her disappointment. Later Song died of liver cancer. I heard that Park was with him when he died, and I was touched by her character. Even though her husband flirted with a young woman, Park was with her husband for his last moments. After Song’s death, Oh complained about his appearance in her dreams. I just had to respect Park’s sacrifice.

Oh Yeong-choon gave a lot of money to Moon  142

Mr. Moon moved his place four times with Ok Se-hyun in Pusan. The cost of moving was paid for by Oh Yeong-choon. Oh was a relative of Dr. Jang and she was good at missionary work. She must be credited with getting the important female members to join during the early time of church.

❖ Photo substituted from the one in the book which was a head and shoulders of Oh Yeong-choon from the 1960s with a black bar over her eyes.

Hong Soon-ae, Han Hak-ja and Oh Yeong-choon in 1960.

When Mr. Moon was living with Kim Soon-cheol in the name of pikareum, Oh Yeong-choon borrowed money and provided them with a place to live. When Mr. Moon was arrested during the Ewha College incident, she supported him. At that time she sold her house to help Mr. Moon. When Mr. Moon or I needed money, she provided it. When we were in Yeongdo, she did everything.

❖ Photo added:

Oh Yeong-choon with Kamiyama Takeru, Kim David SC, Sun Myung Moon and others on the rock at the Belvedere estate in the US in the early 1970s.

Since Mr. Moon had nothing, she gave money to Mr. Moon for him to go to Pusan. Later she went to America to live with her son. When she visited Korea in 1983, she brought the gall bladder of a bear with her. When I collapsed because of high blood pressure, she sent it to me for my recovery. She told me that I was the most important member of our church. She never asked us to return the money she gave to us when we were in hard times. After a month I could recover when I took the medicine that she had sent me. Mr. Moon never called her while she was staying in Korea. Mr. Moon was a man with no humanity.

Oh Yeong-choon in Korea in 1992

Working for a living as a maid  145

As happened to Ok Se-hyun, Park had to face the same fate. She was forced to move out. She also had no place to go at that time. When she stayed in a church training center she was expelled by the caretaker. She had to go to the city to sell sesame oil on the market. Because of her difficulties she visited some church officials to get some help, but she was refused by the wife of the chairman. The reason was that it was a shameful thing for the church. Every official of the church refused to help her. They were all cruel. So she finally decided to find a job as a housekeeper.

The Tears and Anger of Kim Chong-hwa  147

“I want to kill Moon Yong Myung”

In Pyongyang Sun Myung Moon tried to attract and recruit believers with his dubious and incomplete teachings of the principle. Unfortunately, Ok Se-hyun became one of his first victims. But there was another person from that time who I must write about.

It was because of the incident with the married woman, Kim Chong-hwa, that Sun Myung Moon was imprisoned. When I was released from Heungnam prison, [around August 1, 1950] before Mr. Moon was released, he said to me “Go and visit the home of Kim Chong-hwa in the Kyongchang-ri neighborhood of Pyongyang, and tell her that I am well and hopeful and I want her to wait there.”

When I was discharged from prison I went there immediately, but I was unable to find her.

She had become an ardent follower of Sun Myung Moon even though she was a married woman with children. She lived together with Sun Myung Moon in the same room. Finally there was a commotion when she had the ‘Ceremony of the Lamb’ [Marriage Supper of the Lamb], and she was arrested and sent to prison for one year [sentenced to 18 months but released after 12 months]. Even so, according to the theory of the principle, a woman should be married in order to become one of the six Marys, but a woman should be a pure virgin to have the ‘Ceremony of the Lamb.’ Why did he choose a married woman with a husband and children? This does not fit his own description. And besides, Sun Myung Moon had left a child [a son] and a wife behind in Seoul.

When I finally arrived in Seoul and looked for Kim Chong-hwa, she was living in a nearby village, Rimun-dong (里門洞). She was attending an established church and working there diligently as a deacon. Her husband, Chong Myung-seon, was running a shoe store called ‘Colombia.’

When I visited Kim Chong-hwa, she talked with deep regret about that earlier time. “Satan tempted me and I committed forbidden sins which cannot be forgiven, even if I confess them until I die.”

She did not know that Moon had changed his name from Moon Yong Myung to Sun Myung Moon.

“As for Moon Yong Myung, he is an outrageous big Satan. I was completely deceived. He is a bad person who led a lot of people like me to sin. Mr Pak, if you don’t quit and get away from him soon, by all means you will later come to regret following Satan.”

While saying this, she cried many tears, and while still crying, she told me in more detail about her time in Pyongyang.

“I only have deep regret about my own actions. Why didn’t my husband get angry? He merely bore a grudge against me for what I did. Why didn’t my husband say anything or demonstrate when he saw his wife and that man sleeping together, every day in the same room, and having sex in the name of restoration? Later I came to know he really loved me. Then I realized I had committed such a great sin.”

I asked Deacon Kim Chong-hwa again: “Back then, didn’t you feel pangs of conscience about having sex with this other man every night when you had your children and your husband?”

She said: “At that time I really believed he was the second coming of the messiah. I was crazy about the man. When I had sex with that person, I didn’t feel any guilt at all. I was in such a state of mind that I just thought I was going to heaven.”

“Moon Yong Myung is now in Seoul. Do you have the desire to meet him again?”

With a stern expression and wide open eyes, she said: “I committed a great sin, and I am now clear about that. Moon Yong Myung is the great Satan. Using very persuasive words he rapes virgins and married women like me. He plunged a lot of people into the depths of sin. Why would I meet such a person again?”

She continued: “If I see this person again, I want to disable him from ever committing such a crime with us [women] again in this world. I hate the man enough to want to kill him.”

She was on fire with anger.

The Tragedy of Six Marys  150

Six wives snatched away

I took the lecture of Mr. Moon’s doctrine to a church in Sujung-dong, Pusan on May 15th, 1953. It was a more detailed explanation of his ideal world than what he had first explained to me in prison. The most important part was about the six Marys section. Mr. Moon told me that six Marys were Lee Duk-sam, Oh Yeong-choon, Kim Soon-cheol, Kim An-shil, Kang Hyun-shil, and Jung Jun-ok.

After a while, Mr. Moon changed the six Marys. The reason was that Kang Hyun-shil and Jung Jun-ok were not married. According to his doctrine, unmarried women can’t become one of the six Marys. Mr. Moon chose Eu Shin-hee and Park Cheong-sook to replace them.

Mr. Moon explained in his pikareum theory that only married women could become a Mary. He explained the detailed method of pikareum to me. He said that a man is on top of the woman when they have sex in Satan’s world, but in the pikareum ritual the woman must be on top for the first two times and then the man on top for the third time. That was his explanation of the pikareum restoration ritual. Any woman who had sex with Mr. Moon must have sex with other men. Therefore, I became his second man. Now I will write about how the six women became Marys.

Lee Duk-sam  152

Lee Duk-sam was the wife of Choi Seong-mo, who was a wealthy man. When I went to the church in Suchong-dong, Pusan, on May 15, 1953, she was there with her two sons. She was an enthusiastic member of the church, attending the church with her sons.

Later the same year, on December 24th, when I went to the meeting in Yeongdo, Pusan where Sun Myung Moon was giving a lecture on the principles, he spoke to me, and this is what he said: “Chong-hwa, in the future you and Lee Duk-sam will have an ideal partnership (as husband and wife), and you will solve the economic problems of the church.”

By the way, Sun Myung Moon took the virginity of Lee Duk-sam’s eldest daughter, Choi Soon-shil, and said to people that she would be the future Eve. This lie was revealed when the Kim Myung-hee incident happened. The second daughter [Choi Soon-wha] also received pikareum from Sun Myung Moon and gave birth to a child [Sam Park].

Lee Duk-sam thought that she would live peacefully with Sun Myung Moon forever as one of the Six Marys. So she sold her house, which was in ​Cholyang-dong, Pusan, and offered the money to Sun Myung Moon. When I started the rope business in Pusan, it was also Lee Duk-sam who provided us with the funds.

However, Lee Duk-sam was deeply troubled because of the fact that Sun Myung Moon had sex with three people, herself, the mother, and both of her daughters. Possibly due to this, she became sick and died a few years later.

I wonder what Lee Duk-sam thinks of Sun Myung Moon as she looks on from the next world.

Kim Soon-cheol  153

After living in Kyongju I moved to Pusan. At that time, Lee joined our church and had a pikareum ritual. Her husband was an officer in the Customs Service. She gave a lot of money to Mr. Moon, without her husband noticing. One day Noh Dong-hwi came to me to attend the early morning worship. When we arrived at the church in Chungpa-dong, Mr. Moon was preaching.

Mr. Moon suddenly ordered that the gun factory which was being built in Sutaek-ri be complete by night. Since it was a sudden order, it was hard to gather people. At that time I was working for a construction site. I just managed to recruit 18 workers and finished the work. When I was on my way back home, I was called by Kim Soon-cheol. She asked me to come to her room. The room had nothing except a dirty blanket and a few household items. I asked her what had happened. She told me that Mr. Moon had refused to see her again, and so she had moved here to be close to Mr. Moon.

Photo from the first printing:

Sun Myung Moon with Kim Soon-cheol (left) Lee Duk-sam (right)

Photo from the fourth printing:

From the left: Lee Duk-sam, Kang Hyun-shil and Kim Soon-cheol

She thought that Mr. Moon would visit the factory every day. She lived there, just waiting for the chance see Mr. Moon. She might not have had the opportunity to tell me her story, had we not met. After she had given everything to Mr. Moon, her husband demanded a divorce. Then she had no one to depend on. She was another one betrayed by Mr. Moon.

How could the messiah do such things? We cried together holding each other’s hands. About a month later, I got a call from Oh. She said Lee had left this painful world forever. Mr. Moon once said that he could not live without Kim Soon-cheol. Then he totally betrayed her, and now she is gone. I know that she is looking down on Mr. Moon from heaven and is cursing him.

Oh Yeong-choon  155

Oh Yeong-choon [born in 1914] was a devout Christian who religiously attended church even when she took refuge on Cheju Island [during the Korean War]. She was deeply moved as she listened to Sun Myung Moon’s principles in Pusan and converted and had a pikareum return ceremony with Sun Myung Moon. After that, Deacon Oh Yeong-choon took care of everything whenever Sun Myung Moon faced difficult problems.

She dedicated the whole 5,000,000 won she received from selling her house to Sun Myung Moon, and, as a result, she was divorced by her husband and lost her sons to him. [She had six children.] Thereafter she lived only for Sun Myung Moon.

I have described the story of Deacon Oh Yeong-choon in detail already, so I will leave it there.

Later, when Deacon Oh Yeong-choon could no longer stay at the church, she reluctantly went to the United States and lived there with her son [who was a doctor] for a while. However, it seems that she could no longer remain there, and now she will have to rely on her children who are in the Philippines.

Her daughter, who lived in Seoul, was married in a mass wedding ceremony by Sun Myung Moon, but got divorced since she and her husband had different ideals. The daughter told her she was not welcome at her house.

Now, there is not a single person who would welcome her if she went back home.

This spring Eu Hyo-min and I once tried to find Oh Yeong-choon to visit her, but the daughter told us to go away.

We wonder what kind of life she is living in her old age since she may now be living in a foreign country.

Eu Hyo-min and I promised each other to do our best to somehow help these people live a peaceful life for the rest of their days.

Kim An-shil  [may be an alias]  156

Kim An-shil joined the church when I was at the Sucheong-dong church in Pusan. Deacon Oh Yeong-choon brought her in. After she listened to the principles and joined, she had the pikareum return ritual with Sun Myung Moon. She was the very person, together with Lee Duk-sam, who eagerly witnessed to Eu Hyo-won and others.

Kim An-shil was a daughter-in-law of Jang Ri-wook. Her husband was a doctor studying for his Ph.D in the United States. Since her husband was studying abroad, she was living with her children and mother-in-law. Meanwhile, she started going to the church regularly. Kim An-shil loved Sun Myung Moon the most.

Afterwards, Kim An-shil’s husband came back to Korea and opened a practice in Cheongnyangni, Seoul. She lived with her husband for a while, but she came back to the church as she could not forget Sun Myung Moon. When she had the pikareum return ritual with Sun Myung Moon, she was a beautiful woman, about 30 years old.

Sun Myung Moon liked the young An-shil, so I was in charge of writing a letter and giving it to her every time I left Seoul and went to Pusan.

She is now old, and Sun Myung Moon does not care about her one bit. She cannot just go back to her husband, so she lives in a single rented room and gives piano lessons and specializes in arranged marriages. She lives a lonely life.

Eu Hyo-min and I decided to assume responsibility and do our best to help these people, who were betrayed by Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church, to survive for the remainder of their lives.

Eu Shin-hee  157

Since I covered the story of Eu Shin-hee earlier, I will now just briefly describe her current situation.

The children Eu Shin-hee placed in an orphanage from when they were young have now graduated from there, and from high school, and they have now bought their own houses. They are doing well in the world of business and are working as church deacons. They are a model for the young generation in society.

However, Eu Shin-hee can only feel sorry for what happened to her sons – and her children feel rather awkward about taking care of their mother, so she rents two rooms in Guro-dong, and barely makes a living by doing sewing work.  She laments and repents that in the past she had been blind and was deceived by Moon. She spends every day burdened by hardship.

Eu Hyo-min and I promised to help this person.

(See Chapter 7 for an interview with Eu Shin-hee and a testimony from her brother, Eu Hyo-min.)

Park Cheong-sook  158

At about the time when the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity was founded at the Bukhak Dong church in Seoul in May 1954, Shin Jeong-soon reported the location of Park Cheong-sook’s house. Eu Hyo-min went out to do some errands in the city, and quite by chance he met Park Cheong-sook. Then Eu Hyo-min witnessed to her, trying to persuade her to join. She came to the church and heard the principles, and then she received the [pikareum] return ritual from Sun Myung Moon. Park Cheong-sook had a daughter who was about to turn five years old, and since she lived without a husband, she could attend church without any issues.

▲ 林英信 Lim Yong-shin [her real name was 朴貞淑 Park Cheong-sook]

As I described earlier she worked very hard. During the day she prepared meals for the members and in the evening she washed bromide photographs for our business. She used water from a well – even during the cold months of winter.

She also received more love than anyone else from Sun Myung Moon. The two of them did not want to be apart, even for a moment. It seems that Moon had a long term strategy aimed at getting the property of Lee Duk-sam’s rich husband, Choi Seong-mo.

❖ Lee Duk-sam had left her husband and joined Moon’s church in Pusan in 1953.

❖ Photo added:

Park Cheong-sook and other women attending Moon in the 1950s.

The church had moved several times. This all happened while it was located at Cheongpa-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. The church was expanding and people were moving in. Sun Myung Moon was preaching to men and women at length about ideal partners. Just as many members of the church thought, Park Cheong-sook thought that her dream of an ideal partner was shattered, and she left the church.

Park Cheong-sook was living alone somewhere downtown when she was active in the church. During this time the girl’s father, Choi Seong-mo, who was wealthy, had built up a relationship with his daughter while visiting them. Choi Seong-mo’s persistent courtship resulted in the couple getting back together. [Sun Myung Moon also encouraged Park Cheong-sook’s relationship with Choi Seong-mo] whose business flourished and rose to become a Korean conglomerate. She gave birth to a boy, but Choi Seong-mo, the company chairman, died [of cancer on June 26, 1976] and she became a widow. Her husband’s whole business was passed to his eldest son, [Choi Seong-yong], from his first marriage (to Lee Duk-sam). Park Cheong-sook then lived the life of an outcast with just her son. After that for some time she was married to an entertainer, but they got divorced and she was once again on her own. She then lived with her housekeeper [or her father].

The eldest son of Choi Seong-mo, despite inheriting the business, did not take any care of Park Cheong-sook, who was his stepmother. Also, her biological son refused to look after his mother.

Although it was like that [with the sons not taking care of her], even Sun Myung Moon, who had secretly called her and met with her many times, whenever there was a chance, during her good married life with Choi Seung-mo, even he completely ignored and abandoned Park Cheong-sook.

Now she rents just one room, and has a lonely life. I went along with Eu Hyo-min to meet her. She was so impoverished that she did not even have money to buy food.

Under the pretext of restoration, Sun Myung Moon defiled women’s bodies and chewed them up for all their assets, only to spit them out [or kick them to the curb].

A replacement ‘Mary’, Kang Hyun-shil [real name]

Not six Marys but sixty Marys  159

The women Mr. Moon played with, such as the six Marys, are many dozens. The women deserted by Mr. Moon are now nearing the end of their lives, often in misery. His acts cannot be forgiven. He should be punished, judged not only by religious standards, but also by any sense of human decency. I think he should face harsh punishment soon. Mr. Moon is really evil. His six Marys all came from rich families. He just exploited religious ideas of the death of Jesus for his own sake and deceived unfortunate women.

They were actually seduced by Mr. Moon’s sexuality, and then they deserted their own families. When they were sucked enough by Mr. Moon, they were all dropped by him. This was no restoration providence of God. The women were just victims of Mr. Moon’s greed and sexual desire. Every year Mr. Moon replaced Marys. He chose new ones, and old Marys were just deserted. The terrible bait of ‘Mary’ has produced dozens of victims. Without taking their money, Mr. Moon could not have financially succeeded in the way he has.

One middle-aged woman from North Korea gave all her fortune to Mr. Moon. When she became pregnant Mr. Moon deserted her. Mr. Moon even refused to give her money for an abortion. Later Eu gave her the money for an abortion. She never returned to church.

Lovers were Stolen and Killed  161

A man called Kim Won-duk

Kim Won-duk graduated from Japanese Military Academy during the Japanese rule. After the liberation from the Japanese, he joined the North Korean military, but worked for the South. He was arrested and sentenced to death, but he was saved by his previous boss in the military. He was sent to Heungnam prison, where he met Mr. Moon. After Kim was introduced to me, we became close friends – like brothers. When he was released, he became a security officer in South Korea.

When the Unification Church was in trouble, he helped Mr. Moon in many ways. He saved Mr. Moon when he was attacked by his wife in Pusan. She could do nothing about it.

▲ Kim Won-dok

A mysterious romance  162

One day Kim told me an interesting story. It was a story of romance that made me jealous. He had taken a night train to Pusan from Yongsan station a few days previously. He was sitting in first class. An attractive looking woman surrounded by many policemen got on the train. She appeared to be a lady connected to some high official. She sat on the seat in front of Kim. Until the train passed Daejun, they said nothing to each other. They just looked at each other.

After a while, she started to recite an old Korean poem, while she looked at Kim’s profile. Her voice sounded like the voice of angel to him. She looked a little serious, but she was quite emotional. Kim was a man of much experience. He asked her if she was bravely travelling on to Pusan. She answered that she was going to Pusan on business, and that she ran an aluminum factory in Yongsan.

After that they chatted together until the train arrived at Pusan. They parted at the station, but not before agreeing a time to meet again. Later, when they met, they had dinner together and watched a movie, just like an ordinary couple. She behaved like a social woman. She was very attractive. They went to a hotel together. Their short love affair was an something that Kim couldn’t explain. Kim had to stay in Pusan ten days longer than he had planned.

A beautiful woman and a ‘Feast’  165

Kim asked me to go to her house with him for dinner. Out of curiosity, I accompanied him to Yongsan. Her house was an old Japanese style one. “Yoon” was written on the name tag. We were guided by two young women. The first room had a golden statue of the Buddha and candles, the next room was large and looked like a reception room. We were served tea, then an amorous perfume filled the room and she appeared. She greeted us nodding a little smiling.

尹 清淨心 Yoon Cheong Jeong-shim

Her voice was clear like crystal. She looked to be in her late 40s. She was wearing traditional Korean costume. It was like the costume of a bride. When we moved to the next room, a variety of delicious and colorful dishes were ready. She recited an old Chinese poem and we drank for the night.

A strange ability to predict  167

She said that she could see the future after she had practiced in Kuemkang Mountain for ten years. She could see the future fate of a person, and a lot of candidates for the National Assembly came to see her. She could tell the success or failure of people. Her factory was just her side job. Her goal in life was to support orphans – especially girls – and to help them to succeed in society. She said that many girls had already graduated from Ewha Woman’s University, and now 17 girls were being taken care of by her.

I could not see her face directly. After finishing dinner, we parted, promising to meet again. She implied that Kim was her boyfriend, and did not care about his wife. She only wanted his love. I thought that she was not a person on this earth.

After that, Kim and I were free to visit her. Whenever we visited her, we were well treated. Later she established a construction company, and Kim was hired as president. But Kim had no experience in construction and soon the company went bankrupt. After that they established several different companies but they all failed.

Later on, Yoon asked us if she could meet Mr. Moon. They met finally on October 25th, 1954 at Yang’s house.

▲ Yang Yoon-yeong [real name. She taught music at both Ewha and Yonsei Universities.]

Sun Myung Moon stole a lover from his own disciple  169

On the day of the meeting, Kim and I took her to Yang’s house. About ten people were there. Yoon was wearing traditional Korean costume and looked like a bride waiting for her first night. People were entranced by her beauty. After greeting Mr. Moon, she said “You are having difficulty in finding your spiritual wife.” She said that she had come to serve him as his bride. Everybody in the room was surprised. Mr. Moon preached for a long time that night, and she recited poems. At that time Mr. Moon was being closely watched by the authorities, and the curfew was at midnight. We parted promising to meet again.

A week later, Mr. Moon visited Yoon’s house with Eu, without notice. Kim and I were surprised at his unexpected visit. Yoon heartedly served food. Mr. Moon behaved like a groom. Yoon looked as if she was waiting for her groom, preparing oil as it is written in the Bible. Kim and I left the house, and Mr. Moon and Yoon had the pikareum ritual that night. So Kim was betrayed by Mr. Moon.

Mr. Moon stole Kim’s lover, even though Kim had supported him since the time of their imprisonment. After that Mr. Moon often visited Yoon. When Mr. Moon was arrested on July 4th, 1955, Yoon tried to avoid Mr. Moon. Many times Kim expressed his anger at Mr. Moon’s betrayal to me. Whenever I tried to calm him, he did not want to listen to me.

Kim said to me “How could Mr. Moon steal a woman who was his disciple’s lover. Do I look like an idiot? How can I obey such a leader? Even though the teachings of the church may be good, I cannot accept it. I cannot forgive Mr. Moon. He is just a swindler.” As a former soldier, he was stubborn. He was really angry about Mr. Moon. He said that Mr. Moon was a horny dog. Since I knew his anger, I could not say anything.

A few years later, Yoon, her step-daughter, and housekeeper were killed. No one was arrested. Kim was a suspect, and the police came to me, asking his whereabouts. When I met Kim again, he said he had nothing to do with it. I was sure that he was not the killer. Kim has now been dead for three years.

Chapter 5