Moon’s second wife – Kim Chong-hwa

Kim Chong-hwa in Pyongyang

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金鍾和 or 金鐘華,  김종화. Her husband, Chong Myung-seon (also written Cheong /Chung Myeong-seon) 鄭明先, was a businessman who worked in a nearby sock factory.

Los Angeles Times September 3, 2012
“Moon … problems with the North Korean government, which jailed him [in 1948] on charges of bigamy … He was freed in 1950. Moon’s first marriage, to Choe Sung-kil [Choi Seon-gil], ended in divorce in 1957. He had a son [Sung-jin] with her and another [Hee-jin] with Kim Myung-hee, who lived with Moon during the 1950s. In 1960 he married Han, then a young disciple.”

How did Moon’s relationship with Mrs Kim Chong-hwa begin? 
Mrs. Kim Chong-hwa was married to Mr. Cheong Myong-sun. They lived in Kyongchang-ri, which was a northern suburb of Pyongyang, with their son and two daughters. They first met Moon a few days after his arrival there in June 1946.

Michael Breen: “A few days after his arrival in Pyongyang, he [Moon] met Kim Chong-hwa and her husband, who lived nearby. She was the women’s group leader at the Somunae-pak Church, one of the largest Presbyterian churches in the city. She would become his main follower in north Korea. ‘A great preacher has come from Seoul,’ she told her husband’s cousin, Kim In-ju, also a Presbyterian…”

“In January, 1947, he [Moon] moved to the house of Kim Chong-hwa and her husband, Chong Myong-sun, who had become the leading members of his small group.”
Sun Myung Moon, the early years 1920-1953, pages 72 and 81.

Yong Jin-Hun (Director of Education – Unification Church World Mission Headquarters) confirms that Kim Chong-hwa 金鍾和 and her husband, Chung Myeong-seon 鄭明先, were both followers of Moon in 1946-1948 in Pyongyang. See his ‘Course for Re-launching Providence’ presentation.
slide 8 – Members who were spiritually led: Chung Deuk-eun, Kim Jong-hwa, Chung Myeong-seon, etc.”

The wedding of Moon and Mrs. Kim Chong-hwa was originally scheduled for March 1, 1948, (lunar calendar) but Moon decided to have it on Sunday February 22. The March date is confirmed by three people: Ok Se-hyun, Yong Jin-Hun and Michael Breen.

Yong Jin-Hun’s ‘Course for Re-launching Providence’ presentation
slide 14 – Misunderstanding about Heaven’s Feast: Scheduled to happen on March 1, 1948.” [Heaven’s Feast = Marriage Supper of the Lamb.]

Sun Myung Moon:
[Kim Chong-hwa is the only person who fits this description in Michael Breen’s book]:
“There was a woman who was an important figure in the providence [in Pyongyang]. I visited her house for a year and a half and witnessed to her husband and all the other members of her family. The husband might have wanted to kill me, but he couldn’t do anything.”

Moon sent Mr. Cha to invite Moon’s parents and family to the ‘special day for Heaven’.

Michael Breen: “Meanwhile, in mid-February 1948, Chi Seung-do said she had received a revelation that March 1 would be a special day for Heaven. Moon, who was always responsive to his followers’ spiritual experiences, said they should prepare to celebrate the day, and asked Cha to go to Jeongju and invite his family. Cha took the train and stayed at the Moon’s home in Sangsa-ri for three days. At dinner the whole family, including the relatives, gathered and Cha told them that their son was the returned Christ. Cha felt that Moon’s grandfather accepted what he had told them, but that the other relatives were skeptical. In fact they were critical. They had expected Moon would become some kind of leader, and now that Korea was freed from Japanese control, he could become a politician without getting into trouble. He could even be the president one day, some relatives thought. But what was he doing claiming to be the Messiah? The Messiah was coming in the clouds, as the Bible said. It had never even been suggested the Messiah could be a person other than Jesus. It was as if he was disposed to cause trouble. They grumbled against him: “We were expecting him to become a traitor, but he’s become a traitor in the religious sense.” But, still, he was family, and they were worried about him.
Cha returned to Pyongyang on February 28 with Moon’s mother and brother, to find that Moon had been arrested by the police on February 22.” SMM book pages 86-87

Pak Chung-hwa: “Furthermore, Mr. Moon said that he had received a revelation from God, and decided to have a marriage ceremony with Kim Chong-hwa. It would be the Marriage of the Lamb. The believers were noisily preparing for the ritual by collecting rice and making rice cakes, and making bedding and clothes.” (The Tragedy of the Six Marys, page 44)

Hagiwara Ryo:
“Sun Myung Moon was first arrested by the security police on August 11, 1946. He was detained for three months at the Daedong police station [in Pyongyang] on the charge of causing social disorder, for alleged sexual immorality. On February 22, 1948 Sun Myung Moon was arrested for a second time by the 内務省 Ministry of the Interior [not 内務署 the Interior Department] for his coerced marriage with a married woman, Mrs Kim Chong-hwa. On April 27 he was sentenced to five years in Heungnam prison.”

The Life of Sun Myung Moon – the Messiah of a Perverted Sex Religion (1991)
page 70   LINK to the Japanese book

Ok Se-hyun’s Testimony published in Tongil Segye in September 1977
Mrs. Ok [or Oak] was born in Pyongyang, North Korea. She was a deacon in her Christian church, and her husband [Elder Woo] was an elder in the same church. [Mrs Ok started following Moon in 1946.]
“Mrs. Chi Seung-do (one of our famous Grandmas) came to us and made preparations for a heavenly feast on March 1, 1948 (by lunar calendar). The next day, because of my spiritual thirst, I visited the church and found that Father, Kim Won-pil and two other sisters had been taken to the police station by some police detectives. Mr. Kim Won-pil was released after four days, and the two sisters also were released after two days. Because we didn’t give the police the materials prepared for the feast, some sisters, including myself, were also put into the prison. Two days after my imprisonment, Father’s hair was shaved off.”

Sun Myung Moon’ own words: “…they decided to report me to the authorities. This is how I came to be jailed for a third time in my life. This occurred at 10:00 AM on February 22, 1948.”

Moon arrested while performing a ‘coerced marriage’
Japanese wikipedia
While the Unification Church claims he was charged for “disturbing the social order” Moon was actually arrested [on February 22, 1948] for adultery/fornication. Other reports say he was caught by the police while performing a suspicious ritual with Kim Chong-hwa, the wife of a businessman. The husband took Moon to court and Moon was sentenced to five years in prison [at Heungnam]. It is said that the wife was also found guilty and the two [Moon and Mrs. Kim] were both imprisoned.

35.- 教団では社会紊乱罪だと教えているが、姦淫容疑で逮捕された、または実業家の人妻、金鍾和(キム・ジョンファ)と怪しげな儀式をしているところを警官に踏み込まれ、強制結婚の現行犯で逮捕され、夫の告訴による公判で懲役 5年の実刑。 相手の人妻も10ヶ月の実刑となり共に収監されたなどとも言われる。-世界基督教統一神霊協会の年表

Sun Myung Moon’s own words: “While I was in prison [in Heungnam], Mrs. Kim was incarcerated. Mrs. Kim was in the position of Rachel. … Grandmother Pak was in the Leah position.”

Moon claimed to be restoring Jacob’s course. His words imply that he had relationships with both Mrs. Pak and Mrs. Kim Chong-hwa – who were in the positions of Jacob’s two wives, Leah and Rachel.

Pak Chung-hwa in Shūkan Bunshun magazine, October 28, 1993 (pages 205-207)
One founder of the Unification Church, Mr. Pak Chung-hwa (81), made a shocking confession. He was formerly a close confidant of Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

In prison because of an uproar over marriage with a married woman.

Mr. Pak sat up straight and started speaking in fluent Japanese.
“I belonged to the North Korean Second Brigade Second Battalion of the Ministry of the Interior. Some of my subordinates were involved in an illegal business in 1949. I received a sentence of three years imprisonment for the crime of dereliction of duty. At first I was in prison in Pyongyang, then I was transferred to Heungnam special labor camp. Here I encountered Sun Myung Moon. He was serving a prison sentence of five years. Sun Myung Moon and a married woman, Kim Chong-hwa, were accused of putting society in turmoil and charged with the crime of falling into moral disorder.”

Michael Breen: In Pyongyang, his followers did not keep in contact with each other. The only member who could have held the others together in Moon’s absence was Kim Chong-hwa, who had been sentenced to eighteen months in prison at the same time as Moon, but she had been unable to reconcile her faith in Moon with God’s apparent inability to prevent him from being sent to prison. She was released after one year, and was no longer interested in him or his followers. SMM book, page 105

Pak Chung-hwa – interview in Shūkan Gendai magazine, November 13, 1993
Mr. Nakamura Atsuo: After you were released [from Heungnam] did you meet Mrs. Kim?
Mr. Pak Chung-hwa: “I was not able to meet her straight away after I was released. Later, I met her [in Seoul] and we talked. I asked her and she admitted, at that time, she had sex with Moon. She spoke to me with tears streaming down her face: “I committed a crime that is not permitted, even if I confess it until I die. Moon is a big satan. I hate him so much I want to kill him.” However, she was not the only married woman who was a victim – there were other women.” LINK

A second person, Kim Kyong-rae 金景来, also interviewed Mrs. Kim Chong-hwa in Seoul:

Kim Kyong-rae 金景来

“The police of the North Korean puppet regime arrested Sun Myung Moon [in Pyongyang] on the charge of bigamy/sexual immorality. The reason was the husband of a certain Mrs Kim [金鍾和 Kim Chong-hwa] made an accusation to the police. The husband now lives in Seoul. At that time Moon said that he and Mrs Kim should marry because he had a revelation from God, although Moon still had a legal wife [Choi Seon-gil in Seoul]. When the police stepped in Moon was in the middle of doing this coerced marriage with the woman follower, Mrs Kim. The police arrested them. Mrs Kim was sentenced to ten months in prison. Moon was given a sentence of five years and six months. Mr Kim Kyong-rae interviewed this Mrs Kim in person and collected this information, and then wrote this report.”
from The Real Face of the Principle Movement – What is the group doing? The clash between the reality and the weirdness.
by Yamaguchi Hiroshi (published in August 1975) pages 163-164

The original Japanese book:

何をする集団なのか その不気味さの実態を衝く   (1975年)

Elder Woo, the husband of Mrs Ok Se-hyun, told his story to Pak Chung-hwa in Pyongyang in November 1950:

Ok Se-hyun, Sun Myung Moon and Kim Won-pil

“My wife, Ok Se-hyun, was also an enthusiastic elder of our [Presbyterian] church.
However, this young man that came from the south [from Seoul to Pyongyang] with his strange preaching, and, for several weeks, my wife began attending his meetings. Until then we were a harmonious couple, without any problems. Now she has suddenly refused that we sleep together. I have tried to persuade her, but because the children are older now I don’t want to make a scene in this house. I am a Christian and a church elder. I have spent a long time talking to her, but she will not listen at all.
“She has been a wonderful wife, but now she is taking money for Moon Yong Myung. At first I noticed some small amounts. If we were poor it would have been a problem, but life has been good to us. Then it became larger and larger amounts. I have prayed very hard that we can get along as a couple as we did before, but my prayers have been in vain.
“Then one day they were all arrested by the police, including my wife and this young man. Since the face of Elder Woo is well known in Pyongyang City, I had ways to find out from the police station the reason for their arrest. The young man and a married woman named Kim Chong-hwa had been arrested. She already had a husband and children. She and the young man were about to start their wedding ceremony. They called it the ‘the Marriage of the Lamb’. The people nearby found out about it and thought it was strange, so they notified the police. Because Ok Se-hyun was also there, she was arrested. Since my face is well known I could not go to the police to negotiate for the release of my wife, Ok Se-hyun, so I asked my nephew to go.
“I was relieved that at least the young man himself, Moon Yong Myung, was in prison. It was a long way for my wife to go to the Heungnam prison camp. At first I stopped her from visiting, but then she didn’t listen to me and she went anyway.” (The Tragedy of the Six Marys, Chapter 4, pages 126-138)

Michael Breen: [Moon was trying to leave Pyongyang in December 1950 as the Chinese army approached from the north.] “At 3 p.m., Mrs. Ok arrived with the news that her son, a second lieutenant in the south Korean military police, had arranged for the family to go in an army truck. “You must come too, but we must hurry. They’re waiting at the Sudokyo Bridge,” she said.
Moon, Kim Won-pil, Moon Jong-bin and Ok arrived at the bridge one hour later. Ok’s son was not happy to see that his mother had brought Moon. Her family, who were Protestants, had resented her association with Moon from the start. (Her husband was a Protestant church elder and became a minister in Busan after the Korean War.)
“Can the person who destroyed our family ride on this truck?” he said. “Impossible.” He refused to let Moon on board. Ok was upset and embarrassed.
“It’s all right,” Moon said. “You go, and we will see you in the South.”
Mrs. Ok climbed aboard and the truck drove off. The three men were now left with no choice, but to walk to south Korea.” SMM book pages 117 and 182

The tears and anger of Mrs. Kim Chong-hwa
Michael Breen: Moon sent Pak Chung-hwa to meet Kim Chong-hwa in Seoul seven times. Moon finally accepted that she would not return to him. SMM book, page 182

Pak Chung-hwa with Sun Myung Moon in the mid 1950s.

This is what Mr. Pak related about one of those visits to her:
“It was because of the incident with the married woman, Kim Chong-hwa, that Sun Myung Moon was imprisoned. When I was released from Heungnam prison, [around August 2, 1950] before Mr. Moon was released, he said to me “Go and visit the home of Kim Chong-hwa in the Kyongchang-ri neighborhood of Pyongyang, and tell her that I am well and hopeful and I want her to wait there.”
When I was discharged from prison I went there immediately, but I was unable to find her. [Her house was empty. The family had already moved to Seoul.]
She had become an ardent follower of Sun Myung Moon, even though she was a married woman with children. She lived together with Sun Myung Moon in the same room. Finally there was a commotion when she had the ‘[Marriage] Ceremony of the Lamb’, and she was arrested and sent to prison for one year. Even so, according to the theory of the principle, a woman should be married in order to become one of the Six Marys, but a woman should be a pure virgin to have the ‘[Marriage] Ceremony of the Lamb’. Why did he choose a married woman with a husband and children? This does not fit his own description. And besides, Sun Myung Moon had left a child [a son] and a wife behind in Seoul [when he left there in June 1946].
When I finally arrived in Seoul and looked for Kim Chong-hwa, she was living in a nearby village, Rimun-dong (里門洞). She was attending an established church and working there diligently as a deacon. Her husband, Chong Myung-seon, was running a shoe store called ‘Colombia’.
When I visited Kim Chong-hwa, she talked with deep regret about that earlier time. “Satan tempted me and I committed forbidden sins which cannot be forgiven, even if I confess them until I die.”
She did not know that Moon had changed his name from Yong Myung Moon to Sun Myung Moon.
“As for Yong Myung Moon, he is an outrageous big Satan. I was completely deceived. He is a bad person who led a lot of people like me to sin. Mr Pak, if you don’t quit and get away from him soon, by all means you will later come to regret following Satan.”
While saying this, she cried many tears, and while still crying, she told me in more detail about her time in Pyongyang.
“I only have deep regret about my own actions. Why didn’t my husband get angry? He merely bore a grudge against me for what I did. Why didn’t my husband say anything or demonstrate when he saw his wife and that man sleeping together, every day in the same room, and having sex in the name of restoration? Later I came to know he really loved me. Then I realized I had committed such a great sin.”
I asked Deacon Kim Chong-hwa again: “Back then, didn’t you feel pangs of conscience about having sex with this other man every night when you had your children and your husband?”
She said: “At that time I really believed he was the second coming of the messiah. I was crazy about the man. When I had sex with that person, I didn’t feel any guilt at all. I was in such a state of mind that I just thought I was going to heaven.”
“Yong Myung Moon is now in Seoul. Do you have the desire to meet him again?”
With a stern expression and wide open eyes, she said:
“I committed a great sin, and I am now clear about that. Yong Myung Moon is the great Satan. Using very persuasive words he rapes virgins and married women like me. He plunged a lot of people into the depths of sin. Why would I meet such a person again?”
She continued:
“If I see this person again, I want to disable him from ever committing such a crime with us [women] again in this world. I hate the man enough to want to kill him.”
She was on fire with anger.” (The Tragedy of the Six Marys, pages 147-149.)

Professor Kim Chong-Sun:
“After leaving prison, Moon resumed his activities and left his wife to marry his follower, Kim. He referred to this marriage as “God’s wish”. On February 22nd, 1948, the North Korean Police again arrested him on the grounds of bigamy and “social disorder”. He received a five year jail sentence in Heungnam prison. Moon had never legally divorced his first wife and although legally a bigamist, he viewed his blood-sharing [pikareum] activities as responses to the holy spirit.”
from his book: Sun Myung Moon (1978) University Press of America, Inc. page 12

Professor Kim In-Soo:
“Sun Myung Moon performed a forced wedding ceremony with X X Kim, who was already married. Kim’s husband reported this to the police.”
History of Christianity in Korea (2011) page 499

Michael Breen: Finally Kim Chong-hwa moved to the US. SMM book, page 182

Dan Fefferman:

“There were charges in North Korea that Father’s group practiced sexual orgies. These are denied by the Unification Church.”

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