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The Tragedy of the Six Marys – Sun Myung Moon is the real Satan!!
by Unification Church founder member Pak Chung-hwa
published in Japan in November 1993

The translations for all of this page have been checked. Only the Recommendation by Tahk Myeong-hwan needs to be reviewed. The Japanese can be found here. The Korean is here.

• Introduction to the author •

Pak Chung-hwa was born in South Pyeongan Province, North Korea in 1913. He graduated from College in Xinjing, Manchuria. Was in the People’s Army (of North Korea). Was sent to prison for insufficient supervision of his subordinates who committed crimes. Met Sun Myung Moon in prison and became a disciple. They made an oath as men to stay together on the path until death. Being chased by the turmoil of the Korean War, they fled to the south together.

Around the years before and after the founding of the Unification Church in 1954, he served as Sun Myung Moon’s right hand man. Later, since Pak knew too much about Sun Myung Moon’s relations with women, and his financial dealings, Pak was despicably betrayed.

One of the six people who founded the Unification Church.
Lived in Incheon City, Korea.

[He died on March 26, 1997 at the Dongguk University Hospital (School of Medicine), Gyeongju, North Gyeongsang Province.]

cover band from the Japanese edition of the book:

The Unification Church was a sex cult!
Sun Myung Moon’s wrongdoings included taking married women and robbing them of their property and making virgins pregnant.
The author, who was a former top executive and one of the founding members of the Unification Church, said he wanted “to unmask everything before I die” as his last will and he has left this memoir!
“A testimony in the last chapter is a confession of one of the Six Marys who practised the sex relay.”

Sayings of Sun Myung Moon – from women [followers]
“Jesus failed to achieve the restoration of women during his life on earth. First of all, it is necessary to wrest back six wives. The Archangel Lucifer took Eve by having sex with her, so the same method of sex must be used to claim back Six Marys. This is done by depriving six husbands of their wives. These are the Six Marys.”

“After restoring the Six Marys, the second coming Messiah then takes a virgin who has had no experience of sex. She is established as a new Eve in the ‘marriage supper of the Lamb’.”

“Satan is the ruler of this world, but all the possessions in this world originally came from God – so all the things Satan uses, such as your husband’s money and property in the house, must be offered to me even if you steal them back. Although it is against earthly law, you will be forgiven by God.”

Kouyu Shuppan publications (Constant Friend Publishing) in Japan

Keunsaem Publishing in Korea

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LINK to Japanese cover band

The front and back covers of the Korean edition of the Six Marys book.

野錄 統一敎會史
(세계기독교 통일신령협회사)

박 정 화 외2인 지음 (前 통일교창립위원)

An Unofficial History of the Unification Church
(A History of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity)

Authors: Pak Chung-hwa (founding member of the UC) and two others

Moon Yong Myung (龍明) ⟶ Sun Myung (鮮明) ⟶ Teacher ⟶ Pastor ⟶
Lord of the Second Advent ⟶ True Father

He himself claims to be God. The real Satan is Moon Sun Myung.

Keunsaem Publishing Company (Seoul)

[The other two authors were Eu Hyo-min and Kim Deok-jin]

Back cover of the Korean edition

This book sheds light on the real stories behind the Unification Church (HSA-UWC) which the author himself experienced. It is the worst religious cult ever developed in Korea with sexual promiscuity, and the practice of pikareum (blood exchange), with virgins being made pregnant and sex with married women – all done under the pretext of “restoration” [from original sin] by Sun Myung Moon.

Women had their lives and families destroyed by becoming blinded by the religious cult, the Unification Church group. It advocates that people be saved (“restored”) by tragic sex called pikareum (blood exchange). Unmarried girls got pregnant through manipulative use of the slogan, “The Marriage Supper of the Lamb” [which is mentioned in the Bible]. And no man took responsibility for the young women.

Prisoner No. 596 was the number given to Sun Myung Moon when he was imprisoned in Heungnam prison in 1948. He was sentenced to serve five years in prison because of his [bigamous] marriage to a married woman.  [She was also jailed.] It was supposed to be “The Marriage Supper of the Lamb”.

Moon was arrested and there was an investigation into a “sex relay” called the pikareum ceremony, which was a salvation method called “restoration”, and promiscuous sexual relationships, and false testimonies.

The miserable last days of the married women who were robbed of mind and body, and of all their material assets by Moon.

My shameful experiences – details of pikareum sex practices.

Extortion of labor by Moon who is blinded by his lust for money. The Moon clan operation. [Moon gave church businesses to many of his relatives.] Moon does anything to make money.

It is a religious cult and heresy which stole the Principles [theology] of Kim Baek-moon and [rearranged them and] made them into the theology that Moon used.

Vivid descriptions for the very first time by the author who lived with Moon for 13 years [before and] after the founding of the Unification Church [in 1954].

This book explains the Unification Church religious cult, giving direct experiences so that not only Christians but also people of other faiths, and the general public, can easily understand the organization.

Remarks from Constant Friend Publishing • Editorial Department

Mr Pak Chung-hwa’s manuscript was enormous, consisting of around 6,000 pages, each with about 200 characters. He wrote down his conversations with Mr Sun Myung Moon, and even the details of their meals. It is a valuable record for understanding the early period of the Unification Church. However, the document has been drastically cut down for general readers.

All names in the document are real, except for the names of female believers who had special close relationships with Mr Sun Myung Moon. They have been given pseudonyms (* at the beginning of each chapter) in consideration of their families and relatives. [One or two men were given pseudonyms.] In principle people’s titles have been abbreviated.

pages 1-4 (Updated May 15, 2023. This translation needs to be reviewed. The translation of this ‘Recommendation’ from the Japanese has been edited from machine translations.)

▲ Tahk Myeong-hwan 明煥(タク・ミョンファン)Resident of Seoul

by Tahk Myeong-hwan
Director of the International Institute of Religious Studies


— There is no statute of limitations for truth and justice —

This story dates back to around the beginning of 1980.

At the time of the military dictatorship regime, the Unification Church (note: referred to as “Tongil-gyo” in Korea), established its doctrine of “anti-communism” and was in a close parasitic relationship with the political powers. During this era I was faced with “The Problem of Apology Letters to the Unification Church” which I unwillingly wrote while being intimidated. Meanwhile the Christian community in Korea turned a blind eye to the situation, leaving many disheartened.

A copy of the handwritten draft of the Unification Church’s founding principles by its leader, Sun Myung Moon, was sent to me, and I published it in the monthly magazine “Modern Religion.” I later contacted the person who sent the materials, and eventually met Mr. Pak Chung-hwa. As he shared his experiences during the early days with Sun Myung Moon, he said, “I want to clarify everything before I die.”

[Pak Chung-hwa started following Sun Myung Moon after they met in Heungnam labor camp in 1949. However, in 1962] Pak had become disillusioned when he was betrayed by Moon and he left the Unification Church. Possibly because the church saw value in him [and felt they could use him,] they pressured Pak to get involved again [and, in 1981] he could no longer resist their tactics. He felt he had no choice but to return to the Unification Church. But he had promised to reveal the truth someday and has since parted from the church.

Nearly a decade later, in the early summer of 1993 just as my memory of him was beginning to fade, he came to visit me, along with a friend. At that time he brought a thick package full of manuscripts.

Mr Pak spoke to me with tragic resolve. “I am now 81 years old and I don’t know when I will die. I have always thought that I must state the truth before I pass away. I wrote this with the mindset of writing my last will and testament.”

As I took the time to read the manuscript, I couldn’t suppress the anger and hatred that welled up from the bottom of my heart towards Moon. The reason being Pak had vividly exposed the actual mixed sex [pikareum] practices, which previously I had only heard stories about. Moreover, it was a raw description of things he had seen and experienced while closely following Leader Moon like a shadow [as his right hand man]. Mr. Pak confessed that he had also engaged in so-called “restoration sex” in the same room as Moon, under his guidance. It took great courage for him to expose the true nature of Moon’s “Restoration Principle” while confessing his own shameful participation in the rituals.

The publication of this book will likely deal a significant blow by revealing the immorality of Sun Myung Moon and challenging the religious foundation of the Unification Church. Even if the statute of limitations for legal punishment has passed, the statute of limitations for conscience is eternal. There is no statute of limitations for truth and justice.

In the end, the Unification Church’s “principles” were established on the foundation of Leader Moon’s sex doctrines [which are coded in the Divine Principle and Moon’s speeches]. It is clear that if the sex teachings collapse, his other doctrines will also collapse in a chain reaction.

While I was supervising this manuscript, unrighteous forces in the South Korean Christian community connected with pseudo-religious groups, created a fuss to punish me by publishing an old story. They took out an advertisement in the “Chosun Ilbo” newspaper about my “Unification Church-related political funding acceptance issue” (related to the 1987 presidential election), even though the statute of limitations had already passed. However, I calmly continued my work because I am innocent. Those who have committed sins must eventually bear responsibility, but those who are innocent need not worry, no matter how much they are slandered.

If Mr. Pak’s account is true, then Moon has made many women weep and he has built the foundation of his church by taking their property, which ultimately makes the Unification Church’s wealth accumulation an immoral act.

The sexual acts, which were practiced by Leader Sun Myung Moon in the early days, have now, after more than forty years, come to face the judgment of a more sound society.

If there are legal responsibilities to be addressed after the publication of this book, the only course open is for the individual Sun Myung Moon to sue the individual Pak Chung-hwa. At that time, all the facts will be revealed in court. If Leader Moon continues to remain silent, he will have implicitly acknowledged all the facts in this book. Then, we will once again realize the simple truth that the sins we commit will always, in the end, be judged.

On July 20th of this year [1993], I sent a notarized document to Leader Sun Myung Moon stating, “My apology to the Unification Church published in a Korean daily newspaper on September 8, 1978, was made under the coercion and threats from the Unification Church and is therefore invalid. Do not misuse it any further.”

I hope readers will understand how many painful trials I have so far experienced because of the Unification Church.

In conclusion, I would like to once again commend Mr. Pak Chung-hwa for his courage and determination in writing this book, and for his decision to publish it. I wish that as many people as possible will come to know the hidden face and true identity of Sun Myung Moon, the leader of the Unification Church, through this book.

This is a letter of recommendation, with the hope that the book will become a success.

August 26, 1993

Editor’s Note from page 4:
Mr. Tahk Myeong-hwan is a leading authority in comparative religion studies and has researched new religious movements in Korea, particularly the internal realities of Christian heresies such as the Unification Church. Despite suffering severe injuries from torture by the KCIA, car bombings, and other persecution, he has consistently upheld the truth. [The UC is also known as the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification or the Universal Peace Federation, etc.].

Introduction by Pak Chung-hwa (from pages 279-282)

I started to write this book in 1985. I decided the title of the book should be The Unofficial History of the Unification Church. If I express the title in Japanese it would be called A Document on the History of the Unification Church.

The purpose of this book is to make a record of Sun Myung Moon and his actions during the 13 years I spent with him, so people may know what is behind the pretense.

For the years before and after the founding of the Unification Church [in 1954], I was in a position to get to know the despicable misconduct of Sun Myung Moon, who did not behave as a religious person, but nevertheless proclaimed himself to be the Second Advent of Christ.

Under the pretext of the “restoration principle”, he surrounded himself with many women taking care of him and had sex with anyone he could lay his hands on, whether they were married women or students. He made one young woman pregnant and forced her to illegally stow-away to Japan where she gave birth [to Hee-jin Moon in Tokyo in 1955]. Such actions carried out by any person cannot be forgiven.

However, at the time I was a close disciple of Sun Myung Moon and consequently I was hoping that events would ultimately lead to their happiness. I could only watch over them, since I believed in the teachings of the Principle.

I knew too much about the misdeeds of Sun Myung Moon. In 1962, he betrayed me in an underhanded way and so I cut off all ties with him.

Almost twenty years later I was asked to visit the headquarters church by former colleagues and subordinates (who had now become senior leaders) and I decided to accept.

The expectation from the church was to use me as a valuable living witness to the early days. However, they wanted to get me to speak in front of the believers only within certain parameters (such as recounting the difficult time when Sun Myung Moon travelled south from [Heungnam] prison). However, I also had a secret purpose to agree. It was to find out what had happened, after I left, to a large number of members – the ones who had shared joys and sorrows in the Unification Church with me. What I discovered were the tragedies which I have described in this book.

Those women who followed Moon, believing that they would be happy if they believed in the principle and Moon, later became very poor and had to worry about where their next meal would be coming from – they existed like the living dead. They became like pathetic dying trees because of Sun Myung Moon.

That was my motivation to undertake this book – and these women urged me to publish it as soon as possible. As far as I know, when they were young, all of them were wealthy and lived brilliant lives.

That is why Sun Myung Moon latched on to them. They lost their virtue, their property and their families, and they became estranged from their children. Now in old age they live lonely lives.

As I knew the cause and process of their demise [to being virtual prisoners], I was keenly aware of an obligation and responsibility to publicize the facts.

However, on the other hand I also felt anxiety and concern. At that time the political situation of Korea was that it was under a military government. Some in powerful positions, or with authority, in the army were in communication with the church behind the scenes. There was no way they would permit such a publication.

Mr. Tahk Myeong-hwan who wrote the “recommendation” for this book is an example. Mr. Tahk, who has continued his criticism of the Unification Church, was one day kidnapped by the KCIA and was beaten on his back. This left a big scar that will never go away in his life. Even after this, Mr. Tahk has persevered.

In my case the problem is different. I do not fear repression through power and violence. I am now 81 years old and I am not well. I am recuperating from cerebral infarction. With my difficulties I fight as best I can. As this is equivalent to my last message – which I will write with every drop of life left in me, I no longer fear for my life, but my purpose cannot be fulfilled if I am killed before I achieve the publication of this book.

Therefore, I wrote the manuscript bit by bit, and waited for the right time.

Time passed, and President Kim Young-sam was elected; he was a well-respected Christian elder. Due to his brave decisions, the purification of Korea in political circles and other areas is taking place at breakneck speed.

With that background, I came to meet the President Shigeto Saito of Constant Friend Publishing who visited my humble far away home in Incheon, and committed to the publication of this book that I believe in from the bottom of my heart. I am truly happy that the desire I had for many years is coming to pass.

The hard work of organizing, categorizing, translating, writing and editing the 6,000 pages of Korean-language manuscripts for publication progressed more quickly than I expected. I was grateful for that.

At this opportunity I would like to give my sincere thanks to Constant Friend Publishing of Korea and Japan, to Mr. Kim Ki-son from Busan for translations, Mr. Chi-yong from Busan who is studying at university in Japan, and Mr. Kinoshita and other publishing staff at Constant Friend Publishing.

I am going to donate the royalties of this book for the relief of those who were sacrificed by Sun Myung Moon and are now suffering in their old age.

Finally, I want to offer a sincere prayer to the spirits of “the victims of Sun Myung Moon and Unification Church” who have died without settling their deep grudges and finding real happiness.

October 1993

Pak Chung-hwa

❖ Additional research (not in the book)

Link to the Testimony of Tahk Myeong-hwan

Tahk Myeong-hwan July 8, 1937 – February 18, 1994.
A few months after this book was published Dr. Tahk was stabbed to death outside his home in Seoul by one or two members of a fanatic cult which, according to some reports, may have been Dahn Yoga. He was beaten with an iron pipe and stabbed with a long knife. The murder was also connected to 「永生教」 “Yeongsaeng-gyo” Eternal Life Church which was founded by 曺熙星 Cho Hee-seong (1931-2004). Dr. Tahk left behind a widow and three sons.

This was shown during a 10 minute video shown on Japanese national TV about this book and the Unification Church:


International Religious Studies Institute · Director
Mr. Tahk Myeong-hwan
was attacked and killed by a follower of Korean cult “Yeongsaeng-kyo” on February 18th after giving an interview. Died aged 55.

LINK to the video

Here is some information from Japanese Wikipedia:

Tahk Myeong-hwan was murdered four weeks after Sun Myung Moon spoke about him as an opponent.

11月4日 草創期からの文鮮明の弟子、朴正華(パク・チョンファ)が恒友出版より『六マリアの悲劇―真のサタンは、文鮮明だ!!』を刊行。文鮮明が自らの教えを利用して、多くの女性信者と性的関係を持ったことを告発する内容。

On November 4, 1993 Pak Chung-hwa, who was a follower of Sun Myung Moon from the early years, published “The Tragedy of the Six Marys – the real Satan is Sun Myung Moon!!” (by Constant Friend Publishing). The content included the accusation that Sun Myung Moon used his own teachings exploitatively to have sexual relationships with many women followers.

1月21日 文鮮明が統一教会の反対運動をしていた卓明煥(タン・ミョンファン)と文鮮明の指示を無視して政党をつくろうとした人物が同年2月18日という同じ日に死んだ(卓は新興宗教団体の信者に殺害された)ことに言及し、教団に反対する者はみな、霊界に連れて行かれるという旨の発言をする。

46 ab  卓明煥「統一教、その実相」

On January 21, 1994 Sun Myung Moon spoke about Tahk Myeong-hwan who was opposing the Unification Church. On February 18th of the same year Tahk died. (Tahk was murdered by members of a new religious group). On the very same day a man who had not listened to the instructions of Sun Myung Moon, and wanted to make a political party, also died. Moon specifically mentioned that those who oppose the cult will be taken to the spirit world.

46 a Tahk Myeong-hwan [book] “The Reality of the Unification Church”

LINK to Japanese source of above quotes

In Korea many Christian leaders, to this day, suspect that Sun Myung Moon was behind the murder of Tahk Myeong-hwan.

Link to further research about this murder

❖ Dr. Frederick Sontag was Professor of Philosophy at Pomona College, where he worked from 1952 to 2009. He spent ten months looking at the Unification Church during which time he traveled to three continents. In September 1976 he visited Korea. In 1977 he met Rev Moon for a long interview. His book: ‘Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church’ was published later the same year.

page 97
Who’s afraid of Sun Myung Moon?
It is fascinating to see Sun Myung Moon receive intense devotion and love from his followers and at the same time draw derision bordering on hatred from those outside. In Korea, one even senses a fear, like one induced by the Mafia, among the opposition, and in this country the outspoken opponents speak of death threats.

“The main reason that people who had left the Unification Church and revealed the inner workings were subsequently imprisoned was because at the time there were connections between the Unification Church and the regime.” LINK

Prime Minister Kishi of Japan, organised crime and the Moon involvement in Japanese politics gained protection for the UC

❖ Real names used in the original book (there are many more than this short list):

池生蓮 = Chi Saeng-ryon also known as 李未淑 Lee Mal-sook – Ewha Uni
池承道 = Chi Seung-do (see page 75)
趙東錫 = Cho Dong-seok (see page 75)
崔先吉 = Choi Seon-gil (see page 79)
催元福 = Choi Won-pok (see page 251)
鄭大和 = Chong Dae-hwa – Ewha University student
丁得恩 = Chong Deuk-eun (see page 42)
劉信姫 = Eu Shin-hee (see page 265)
劉孝元 = Eu Hyo-won (see page 240)
劉孝敏 = Eu Hyo-min (see page 258)
劉孝永 = Eu Hyo-yeong (see page 245 and 242)
韓鶴子 = Han Hak-ja (see page 177, 205) 한학자
金鐘泌 = Kim Jong-pil KCIA
金徳振 = Kim Deok-jin (see page 271)
金仁珠 = Kim In-ju (see page 43)
金相哲 = Kim Sang-cheol “David SC Kim” (see page 75)
金源徳 = Kim Won-deok (p.163) with Moon in Heungnam, left in 1959
金元弼 = Kim Won-pil (see page 57)
李徳善 = Lee Duk-sun / seon is a man, ref. p123
李奇煥 = Lee Kee-hwan (see page 75)
文鮮明 = Moon Sun Myung 문선명
盧東輝 = Noh Dong-hwi (see page 115)
李耀翰 = Lee Yo-han (see page 72)
朴正華 = Pak Chung-hwa – the author
朴商来 = Park Sang-rae – Yonsei University Professor
朴承圭 = Park Seung-kyu – Ewha University student
史吉子 = Sa Kil-ja – Ewha University student
徐明鎭 = Seo Myung-jin – Ewha University student
申美植 = Shin Mi-shik – Ewha University student
辛聖黙 = Shin Seong-muk – husband of Eu Shin-hee (see p.97)
宋道旭 = Song Do-wook – third President of the UC (see p.139)
卓明燥 = Tahk Myeong-hwan (see page 1)

❖ Real names, in place of aliases, inserted into this translation:
Many were easy to identify from UC photos where they were named or from other biographical details and documents.

崔聖模 Choi Seong-mo – father of Choi Soon-shil and Choi Soon-wha
.          (alias was 李淳模 Lee Sun-mo)
催淳華 / 崔淳花 Choi Soon-wha (alias was 李聖礼 Lee Seong-hwa)
催淳華 Choi Soon-wha has a second alias name 金桂順 Kim Kye-soon
.           on page 103 of the first printing of the book

姜賢実 Kang Hyun-shil – joined in Busan (alias was 姜玉実 Kang Ok-shil)
金東淑 Kim Dong-sook – wife of Sung Jin Moon (alias 金貞淑 Kim Cheong-sook needs to be confirmed) page 123.
金明熙 Kim Myung-hee – mother of Hee-jin (was 金永熙 Kim Young-hee)
金順哲 Kim Soon-cheol (alias was 李順哲 Lee Soon-cheol)
李得三 Lee Deuk-sam – wife of Choi Seong-mo, mother of Soon-shil,
.           Soon-wha and 3 sons: Soon-yeong, Soon-kwang and Soon-gil
.           李得三 Lee Deuk-sam alias was 辛貞順 Shin Jung-soon.
.          see page 153 of the first two printings.
呉昇澤 Oh Seung-taek (alias was Oh Seong-jae 呉昇滓) He was a student at
Yonsei University. Moon falsely implicated him as the father of Kim Myung-hee’s child and sent him to Tokyo with her in August 1955. He smuggled himself back to Korea to ask Moon for money for his son and the mother. Moon refused and Oh was filled with anger at Moon and he left the UC.
呉永春 Oh Yeong-choon (was 呉明春 Oh Myung-choon) joined in Busan in 1952
玉世賢 Ok Se-hyun – (was 玉相賢 Ok Sang-hyun) joined in Pyongyang in 1946
朴貞淑 Park Cheong-sook, a ‘Six Mary’, later was wife of Choi Seong-mo
.           (alias was 林英信 Lim Yong-shin)
禹夏変 Woo Ha-pyeon (husband of Mrs Ok) (was 萬夏変 Man Ha-pyeon)
禹貞愛 Woo Jung-ae (daughter of Mrs Ok) (was 萬貞愛 Man Jung-ae)
禹貞順 Woo Jung-soon (daughter of Mrs Ok) (was 萬貞順 Man Jung-soon)
梁尹永 Yang Yun-yeong – Ewha University Prof (was 梁文永 Yang Moon-young)

Sun Myung Moon’s birth name was Moon Yong-myung. Yong means dragon, originating from serpent.

 Sun Myung Moon wearing what seems to be a dragon tie.

Moon Yong-myung 文龍明 changed his name some time around 1950 when he crossed into South Korea from Pyongyang.

In March 1953, in South Korea, he formally changed his name to Moon Sun Myung 文鮮明. Pak Chung-hwa, who wrote the book The Tragedy of the Six Marys, actually did the paperwork for Moon’s identity documents.

“According to Pak, the main reason for the name change was because Christians could use the name yong, which means ‘dragon’, as evidence that Moon was the antichrist. A more practical reason for the timing may have been to try to avoid the families of members, who were pestering the police to arrest him.” Michael Breen, Sun Myung Moon, the early years, page 158.

It is interesting to look at the evolution of the hanja for 龍, yong:

▲ Chart from

龍  Pictogram – originally a serpent with prominent whiskered mouth and eyes.

The current form developed in large seal script, with serpent’s body on right (tail at upper right, legs on right), whiskered/fanged mouth at lower left, and eyes/crown at upper left. Left side was subsequently simplified and abstracted…

The Korean pronunciation is NOT “young”. It is “YONG”.

Note that 竜 existed as a traditional variant dating back to large seal script, and figures a dragon seen face-on, rather than curled around.

竜 is an ancient form of 龍 according to the Kangxi dictionary (Jiyun section).

Meaning 1. dragon

Dragon or serpent in the Bible

The Hebrew word nahash is used to identify the serpent that appears in Genesis 3:1, in the Garden of Eden. In Genesis, the serpent is portrayed as a deceptive creature or trickster, who promotes as good what God had forbidden, and shows particular cunning in its deception.

In the New Testament, the Book of Revelation makes use of ancient serpent and the Dragon several times to identify Satan or the devil. (Rev 12:9; 20:2) The serpent is most often identified with the hubristic Satan, and sometimes with Lilith.

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