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This website explores the truth behind the HSA-UWC, known as the Unification Church (UC), which was rebranded as the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) in 1996. In May 2020 the name of the organization was changed by Hak Ja Han (the Only Begotten Daughter of God) to the ‘Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community.’ One breakaway faction is that of Preston Hyun Jin Moon (Global Peace Foundation) and another is the Sanctuary Church of Sean Hyung-jin Moon and his brother, Justin Kook-jin Moon. Some insight into the succession dramas can be found HERE.

Structure of the website

There are six main menus and various submenus:

1. Book Content: The Tragedy of the Six Marys (9 pages)

2. Magazines – Moon’s first wife; Japanese wife who killed Korean husband; Moon used a ‘Honey Trap’; Pikareum emerged at Ewha Womans University; Suicide of Moon money mule in Uruguay; Sam Park and his mother – Fall of the House of Moon; Jane Day Mook (US) & Hiroshi Yamaguchi (Japan) investigate. (10 pages)

3. Moon’s Theology, including
▶ Moon’s pikareum sex theology (5 items)
▶ Shamanism at the heart of the org. (See also Soon-ae Hong) (5 items)
(Theology has 20 pages).

4. Investigations: Emperor of the Universe documentary; Moon’s six wives; Politics and Religion; US government investigations; Moon church human trafficking; Moon’s activities in Central and South America. (12 pages)

5. Testimonies, including “Ashamed to be Korean”
▶ Sam Park (one of Sun Myung Moon’s secret sons); one page in German
▶ Nansook Hong, Interviews and her book; her book also here in German
▶ Japanese wives in Korea (6 items)
Allen Tate Wood on the UC
Writings of former Moon church members (Index with links)
▶ Boonville submenu. Moonwebs book; Ford Greene and other Oakland recruits; Boonville history (10 items)
Advice for those “Scared of Leaving”; Young-oon Kim left; The Identity of Sun Myung Moon by Kim Myung-hui (430 couple); Tahk Myeong-hwan was murdered; Japanese Olympic athlete joined and left.
(Testimonies has 39 pages)

6. Extras, including Tragedy of the Six Marys video transcript,
Spanish submenu (11 items)
French submenu (7 items)
▶ Ewha Womans University sex scandal, Moon was jailed (6 items)
▶ Exploitation and Abuse of the Japanese by the Moon church (6 items)
▶ submenu Sun Myung Moon’s Family (8 items)
▶ submenu Other Korean messiahs (6 items)
Chung-hwa Pak did not write “I am a Traitor” (The UC of Japan published it)
Moon claimed authority through his “meeting with Jesus”
Black Heung Jin Nim – Violence in the Moon church
Cult Indoctrination – and the Road to Recovery (20 items)
Polish submenu (5 items)
(Extras has 60 pages)

Some of the above material has been translated from Japanese and to a lesser extent, Korean, Spanish and French.
Many of the original Japanese documents can be found HERE
Where a few of the translations have not been proofed, it is noted.

The SITEMAP at the end of this page has further information and LINKS to each page.

The book that started this website

The Tragedy of the Six Marys – the real Satan is Sun Myung Moon!! is a very significant book about the organization, which also reveals the sexual theology, sex rituals and adultery of the founder. An evolving translation of the whole book, from the Japanese, is on this website. The book was written by Chung-hwa Pak and first published in Japan in November 1993. It was drawn from his Korean manuscript which was enormous, consisting of about 6,000 pages; included were his conversations with Sun Myung Moon. Pak’s work is a valuable record for understanding the early history of the UC.

Hyo-min Eu later published the original Korean text of the Six Marys in March 1996. That edition was called An Unofficial History of the Unification Church. Sun Myung Moon attempted to block both books through legal means. He failed in both countries because the book was factual and Hyo-min Eu held the copyright to most of the photographs, which he himself had taken. Those historical photos are very revealing.

At least four other people contributed to the book, besides the main author Mr Pak. Hyo-min Eu, Shin-hee Eu, Deok-jin Kim and Myeong-hwan Tahk all also gave interviews to the press. A dozen or more magazine articles were published in Japan in the year of the publication of the book. See the Magazines menu on this website for translations of some of them. Those, and more magazines, are available on a Japanese language website.

All the testimonies, TV, radio and printed interviews were consistent with the content of the Six Marys book. Hyo-min Eu contributed his testimony to chapter 7. His sister, Shin-hee Eu, was the first woman to go on Japanese national TV to talk about her personal experience of a pikareum sex ritual with Sun Myung Moon. An interview with her is also in chapter 7. Since then other courageous women have spoken out, including Annie Choi (the mother of one of Moon’s illegitimate children, Sam Park).

Rev. Won Il Chei (a leading Presbyterian minister in Seoul): “If we believe those who have gone into this group and come out, they say that one has to receive Sun Myung Moon’s blood to receive salvation. That blood is ordinarily received by three periods of sexual intercourse.” (William J Petersen, 1975)

Sun Myung Moon with about 40 girls in the late 1950s. Many parents hated Moon and the Unification Church and did not want their daughters to be married by him to believers. There were angry demonstrations outside his first group weddings in 1960. Moon kept round-the-clock bodyguards.

What was Sun Myung Moon’s secret pikareum sex ritual?
In Korean pi = blood and kareum = separation. ‘Blood separation’ refers to dividing the blood from the ‘satanic blood’ introduced by the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. According to Sun Myung Moon, the fall was caused by the Archangel Lucifer seducing Eve in the spirit, and she in turn seduced Adam in the flesh. This sexual intercourse produced a bloodline tainted by the ‘original sin.’ All mankind allegedly carry this sinful, satanic blood.

Sun Myung Moon said that to reverse the illicit sex that caused the original sin, sexual intercourse had to be performed with a sinless man in a ritual called pikareum. The process is also called ‘womb cleansing’ – consequently no contraception should be used. He said Jesus was the second Adam and that he was the third and sinless Adam. He said that pikareum had to be done three times, with himself, to purify the women. This represented the three stages of ‘formation, growth and perfection.’ He also said that there had to be a witness for the process to be valid. The reason for the witness was to ‘remove the element of shame.’ This is because Adam and Eve hid from God in their shame at having ‘fallen.’

Sun Myung Moon personally performed pikareum with all the wives of the first 36 couples which he ‘blessed’ in marriage (the detailed theological justification is here), as well as every wife from the 72 couples. Those couples all became known as Moon’s tribe, or ‘the Royal Couples’ from the ‘Holy Weddings.’ Purified men and women had a duty to restore others in a ‘sex relay.’

In the Moon church (and Sanctuary Church) today a very similar expression, ‘change of blood lineage,’ is used. The words are slightly different but the meaning is the same. When Sun Myung Moon’s mass marriages became too large, he introduced the ‘three day ceremony’ which symbolized pikareum. The couples themselves had to do three days of ritual sex in different positions. (It has been reported by a number of people that Moon had sex with representative virgin wives of each mass wedding. It is not known when he stopped doing this.)

Sun Myung Moon started his sex rituals in Pyongyang in 1946 and was soon arrested on “morals charges.” In 1948 he was again arrested for “disturbing the social order with women.” He was sent to Heungnam prison for five years for that, and for bigamy (ref. ‘Sun Myung Moon bigamy’ in Los Angeles Times). In 1948 Sun Myung Moon was also excommunicated by the Presbyterian Church of Korea which “ruled the Unification Church as heretical for three reasons: (1) Sun Myung Moon has placed himself, more than Jesus Christ, as the object of faith; (2) their doctrine violated the morals of modern society; and (3) they would destroy the church by deceiving pure and sincere Christians.” (William J Petersen, 1975)

▲ Unification Church members 劉景圭 유경규 Yoo Kyoung-kyu and 黄煥菜 황환채 Hwang Hwan-chae (later he was one of the 36 couples) witness at Ewha Womans University in 1955. They had both joined as students at the nearby Yonsei University in Seoul. The main building of the Ewha campus is behind them. Ewha was supported by the Methodist Church of the US.

There was a sex scandal at the Ewha Womans University in Seoul in 1955. Many students became involved in the UC and in sex rituals with Sun Myung Moon (FBI report), as did five university professors – who were all then dismissed.

A couple of years after the scandal these students and professors, who had mostly been expelled from their universities, gathered for a reunion with Sun Myung Moon outside the Cheongpa-dong church in Seoul. Professor Won-bok Choi is on the right. There is a quote from her below. Of the students who are standing, the fifth from the left (wearing a light grey jacket) is Soon-wha Choi who bore a son for Moon called Sam Park.

A dozen original Korean newspaper reports from the time can be found HERE. The sex charges could not be proven due to the reluctance and embarrassment of witnesses to speak out. Sun Myung Moon had also been charged with confining and starving a female Yonsei university student (Soon-shil Choi) for three days in order to convert her.

From the extensive investigations and interviews the police had carried out, they knew very well that Sun Myung Moon and other church leaders were guilty of the ‘sex relays.’ Church leader Hyo-min Eu said: “One interrogator had a diagram on the table which showed the relationships between Moon and the female church members. I was in awe of how accurate the interrogator was.” Mr Eu continued “The police knew quite accurately about Moon’s relationships with the women and that he was guilty, but neither the women themselves nor their husbands filed charges against Moon. Therefore they could not indict him. … The main point of the July 4, 1955 case was not about military service evasion, but it was to uncover the promiscuous sexual conduct hidden deep in the Unification Church. It wasn’t a “case with unfounded allegations” as the Unification Church claims it was. The Unification Church narrowly escaped the facts of its leader’s promiscuous sexual relationships being exposed to the public.”

Sun Myung Moon was jailed for two years on charges of falsifying his age by six years to avoid the Korean military draft. Four other UC leaders were sentenced and jailed for 18-24 months on similar charges as detailed in the newspapers.

Sun Myung Moon’s followers bought his freedom in October, which was not difficult in those days if you could raise sufficient funds. He had been in jail since July 4, 1955. He was quietly released. Some of the other leaders were released in the middle of the night. There was never any ambiguity about their guilt for evasion of military draft through falsifying legal documents. Sun Myung Moon admitted in court that he had raised his age.

September 21, 1955, 동아일보 Dong-a Ilbo. UC leaders standing before the judge in Seoul District Court No. 4. Sun Myung Moon is marked with an ‘X’. The article states: “The court was jam-packed with many women who seemed to be ‘Unification Church’ believers. … Defendant Moon did admit that he had raised his age.” All the charges are listed in the above article. (Translation here.)

Who were the ‘Six Marys’?
They were six married women who Sun Myung Moon had sex with, one after the other, to perform “sex evangelism” According to Mr Chung-hwa Pak’s book, the reason was Moon’s peculiar interpretation of Christianity. Eve had sex with Satan and so all mankind became descendants of the devil. The mission of Jesus Christ was to take Eve back from Satan who had stolen her from God. To do this Christ must have sexual intercourse, pikareum, with six married women, including Mary – Jesus’ own mother. But Jesus Christ left this world having failed to save even one married woman by doing pikareum with them. So God sent Sun Myung Moon to earth as the third Adam. His mission was to cleanse the blood of six married women, namely the Six Marys. This was to be done by pikareum with Moon three times. Through a kind of relay sex with these Marys, humankind could be cleansed and saved and brought back to God’s side for the first time. It was Moon who preached this “Principle” to Mr. Pak. (This explanation comes from a magazine interview Mr Pak gave to a famous Japanese politician. LINK to magazine )

In the early days Sun Myung Moon often dismissed ‘Marys’ and inducted new ones. (Compare the two photos below.) He unceremoniously threw out many women who then realized they had lost their dignity and all their money. Their husbands and children usually rejected them for their involvement with Sun Myung Moon. (A few women remained under the spell of Moon until the day they died. At least one could not face her losses and committed suicide.)

Nansook Hong: “I do know that my brothers and sisters and I were luckier than some children. Some of the Reverend Moon’s followers simply left their sons and daughters in orphanages in order to preach the word. A few never returned for them.”
In the Shadow of the Moons, page 35

Two groups of ‘Six Marys’ with Sun Myung Moon in the mid 1950s. He threw out some women and inducted others.

▼ This ten minute video was part of a Japanese TV news item about the publication of the book in 1993. It was a national event and the book required three further print runs in the first month. The Korean newspaper article shown in the video reads “He posed as the son of God. There are many women who have been sexually abused. The behavior of Moon, the leader of the Unification Church, continues to attract attention.”

Professor James Huntley Grayson:
“In July 1955, Moon was imprisoned for gross immorality, but was subsequently released.”
… “As one of the most important functions of the Lord of the Second Advent is the physical restoration of mankind, Moon selects suitable marital partners for the faithful and conducts sacred ceremonies of marriage in large groups. It should be noted with regard to the purging of physical sin that Moon has been accused of acts of gross immorality which are denied by church authorities.” Korea – A Religious History
 (2002) pages 210-11

Chung-hwa Pak:
 “Thanks to the members in Seoul, who out of desperation committed perjury and frantically moved or destroyed evidence, [Moon] was said to be acquitted. But the facts had roots. He would otherwise have had a long prison sentence.”

Professor Won-bok Choi (UC/FFWPU member): “I can so vividly recollect all that took place in those days. As you can well imagine, negative parents filed a court case. We were under government investigation; the established churches called us heretics out of sheer jealousy and the Education Ministry branded us as a dangerous religious cult. And Father [Sun Myung Moon] was sought for arrest.” March 1976 LINK

Ewha scandal as told in 1955 newspapers

“The Tragedy of the Six Marys – the real Satan is Sun Myung Moon!!”

▲ The cover of the Japanese edition. The book was printed four times during November 1993. The cover photograph was taken on May 3, 1954, the actual day the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity was founded. (See the date written on the photo. The date was later changed to May 1 by Sun Myung Moon.) HSA-UWC was commonly known as the Unification Church. Mr Pak is standing at the back on the far left. Shin-hee Eu is front right and her brother, Hyo-min Eu, is standing second from the right in the back row. Their cousin, Hyo-won Eu, is standing at the back directly behind Sun Myung Moon.

One of Sun Myung Moon’s own sons, Hyung-jin Moon has confirmed the Six Marys  theology on video HERE.

Important information about the translation to English on this website

When the translation from Mr Pak’s original Korean document to Japanese was made in Tokyo, in a matter of weeks, just prior to publication in 1993, some details that were in the original Korean draft were omitted, or they were added to the later Korean edition.

While working on the translation for this website the Korean text has occasionally been referenced alongside the Japanese and some details have been re-integrated. Hyo-min Eu, who organized the publication of the Korean edition, added information to his own testimony.

The full text for the Korean edition, which was the original language of the book, has been available on the internet for some years.

The translation of this book from the Japanese edition is a work in progress. A few years ago the whole book was translated from the Korean by a paid translator. However, their work omitted approximately 50-60% of the text, including many names. The work of reviewing everything is being done – mainly from the Japanese – by volunteers.

All of chapter 7 and the first half of chapter 4, and other parts of that chapter, have been re-translated in a collaborative effort with both native English and Japanese speakers. The table of contents and all photo captions have also been done.

▲ 1996 newspaper ad for “An Unofficial History of the Unification Church.”
野錄 統一敎會史  (세계기독교 통일신령협회사)
박 정 화 외2인 지음 (前 통일교창립위원)
LINK to the Korean book, with photos, HERE

There is another book with Pak Chung-hwa’s name on the cover.

It was called: I Am A Traitor – At that time Satan possessed me! and was published by the Unification Church of Japan in January 1996.

Mr Pak died on March 26, 1997. Earlier that month he said, “rather than ‘I am a Traitor,’ the facts stated in ‘The Tragedy of the Six Marys – the real Satan is Sun Myung Moon!!’ bear witness to the truth.”

A comparison of the two books can be found HERE.

Link to a full English transcript of the Six Marys video – with additional photos

VIDEO: Teddy Hose interviewed about the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification / Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han

LINK to the Introduction to The Tragedy of the Six Marys book…

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The Tragedy of the Six Marys book

About the book

Table of Contents

Six Marys Chapter 1

Six Marys Chapter 2

Six Marys Chapter 3

Six Marys Chapter 4

Six Marys Chapter 5

Six Marys Chapter 6

Six Marys Chapter 7 (translation completed)

–  Eu Hyo-min (36 couple) built the economic foundation

–  Eu Shin-hee interviewed. She joined in 1953.

–  Kim Deok-jin (wrote many ‘Holy Songs’)

–  Postscript by Pak Chung-hwa (moved to be the Introduction to the book)

–  Appendices


Magazine Articles

Pak Chung-hwa interviewed about Moon’s “SEX relays”

Moon’s first wife, Choi Seon-gil, and Kim Deok-jin interviewed

Why did a Japanese Moon church member kill her Korean husband?

Sun Myung Moon used a ‘Honey Trap’ – Choi Soon-yeong explains

Pikareum sex emerged at Ewha Womans University in 1955
– confirmed by newspaper reports of the time LINK

Sun Myung Moon’s “Gigantic lie” by Eu Hyo-min (36 couple)

Suicide of Japanese ‘Moon money mule’ in Uruguay. Mother of three.

The Fall of the House of Moon — New Republic

Sun Myung Moon’s secret love child — Mother Jones

The Sun Myung Moon church – J.D. Mook and H. Yamaguchi   NEW
– 1. The Unification of Sun Myung Moon by Jane Day Mook 
in A.D. (May 1974)
– 2. A quote from “From Korea with Love” by John D. Marks
 extract from
.    The Washington Monthly (February 1974)
– 3. Sun Myung Moon said he went to Waseda University in Tokyo in 1941-1943
– 4. Evidence that Sun Myung Moon did NOT go Waseda University
.      – Hiroshi Yamaguchi investigates in his 1975 book.
– 5. Many Unification Church / FFWPU leaders stated that Sun Myung Moon
.      had graduated from Waseda University



Where Sun Myung Moon got his theology from

The Korean background of Sun Myung Moon’s church
by Rev. Young-Bok Chun
Secretary of the Evangelical Department of the General Assembly of the Korean Christian Church in Japan.

Divine Principle – Parallels of History

Sun Myung Moon’s pikareum theology

–  Moon’s theology for his pikareum sex rituals with all the 36 wives

–  Sun Myung Moon – Restoration through Incest    NEW

–  Sun Myung Moon restored the first three wives

–  Ritual Sex in the Unification Church, extract from Kirsti L. Nevalainen’s book

–  Sun Myung Moon explains pikareum


▶ Shamanism at the heart of Sun Myung Moon’s church

–  Shamanism is at the heart of Sun Myung Moon’s church

–  Sun Myung Moon – Emperor, and God   NEW

–  Holy Grounds and the Shamanic Guardians of the Five Directions in Moon’s church   NEW

–  Shamanism: The Spirit World of Korea   NEW
Any understanding of the so-called New Religions of Korea would be difficult without some knowledge of shamanistic influences upon them.

–  Hananim and other Spirits in Korean Shamanism   NEW

How “God’s Day” was established by Sun Myung Moon in 1968

The Moon church is unequivocally not Christian

A Korean perspective on Sun Myung Moon and his ‘Fall of Man’
Bibliography of the book, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, by Chong-sun Kim

Sun Myung Moon’s theology used to control members

Sun Myung Moon’s Theology of the Fall, Tamar, Jesus and Mary   UPDATED
1. Graham C. Lester: Jesus, Judas and Mary
2. Sun Myung Moon said he “came through the fallen lineage” and had original sin.
3. How did Moon remove his original sin? & Finding the “wife of Jehovah”
4. Kirsti L. Nevalainen explains about “the wife of Jehovah” in Pyongyang in 1946
5. Ruth A. Tucker, PhD: Moon’s Other Gospel of Sex Rituals to “Womb Cleanse”
6. Three testimonies about Sun Myung Moon’s pikareum sex rituals
7. Sun Myung Moon: “God himself nursed Adam and Eve”
8. Tamarism is a key theology upon which Moon based his mission
9. Graham C. Lester: Five of the many ways in which the Divine Principle
.   view of the Fall is nonsensical
10. John H.: Sun Myung Moon’s Divine Principle Theory Applied

The Moons’ God is not the God of Judeo-Christianity

Sun Myung Moon and his anti-Semitism

on this topic also see:
Young-oon Kim joined, but it ended in tears and flames


Sun Myung Moon: The Emperor of the Universe, transcript and links

The six ‘wives’ of Sun Myung Moon

Robert Parry on Sun Myung Moon, The Washington Times, etc.  NEW

Sun Myung Moon and the United Nations

FBI and other reports on Sun Myung Moon
1. FBI Report (San Francisco office) on the UC, September 1975
2. “The Moonies: Government Files Trace Church from Sex Cult to Korean CIA”
.    by James Coates
  Chicago Tribune, Monday, March 27, 1978
3. “The pull of Sun Moon” by Berkeley Rice  New York Magazine, May 30, 1976
4. Sun Myung Moon and Takeru Kamiyama jailed in 1984 for US tax crimes  NEW
5. The Moon Organization Academic Network by Daniel Junas  Fall 1991
6. “The Moonies – What Rev. Moon teaches the young”
.    by Harry V. Martin and David Caul  Napa Sentinel, March-April 3, 1992

United States Congressional investigation of Moon’s organization
1. Fraser Report – Conclusions and Recommendations (1978)
2. Michael Warder comment
3. Moonie “Dirty Tricks” against Donald Fraser, MinPost 2012
4. The Mysterious Death of Robert Boettcher in 1984, New York Times
5. Congressional Information Meeting on Cults 1979
6. Fraser Report: Summaries of Representative Documents including FBI Reports,
.   State Department Memoranda, KCFF Minutes, etc.
7. Bo Hi Pak and the KCFF scam – and Moon’s ROFA scam  NEW
8. Bo Hi Pak and the “Unification Church Pension Fund International”  NEW
9. Minions and Master
10. Gifts of Deceit book review by Allen Tate Wood

Gifts of Deceit: Sun Myung Moon and Koreagate – Robert Boettcher

Politics and religion interwoven in Sun Myung Moon’s organizations
1. Shadows on Rev. Moon’s beams. Politics and religion interwoven.
.   Chicago Tribune – Sunday, November 10, 1974
2. Howling at the Moon – Chicago Reader Weekly  Friday, November 22, 1974
3. Messiah Moon on the Run
4. The Unification Church: Christian Church or Political Movement?
– by Wi Jo Kang (1976)
5. Moon’s Sect Pushes Pro-Seoul Activities – by Ann Crittenden
.   The New York Times,  May 25, 1976
6. Panel Told Seoul Used Followers of Sun Myung Moon for Protests
.   The New York Times,  June 7, 1978
7. Unification Church Protected by the Regime in South Korea
.   週刊ポスト  Shūkan Post magazine  October 15, 1993
8. American Dynasty: Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit 
in the House of Bush – by Kevin Phillips (2004)
9. Missing Pieces of the Story of Sun Myung Moon 
– by Frederick Clarkson (2012)
10. Moon was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002.  NEW
It seems the manufacture of Moon’s ‘Autobiography’ was an attempt to promote Moon for the Nobel Peace Prize. However, the publisher of the book was jailed for four years for fraud – for buying books back from stores and republishing them to push the book up the best-seller list, and for other financial crimes.
11. ‘Privatizing’ Covert Action: The Case of the Unification Church  NEW
.      Dr. Jeffrey M. Bale   Lobster #21.   May 1991  Introduction

on this topic also see:
Allen Tate Wood on Sun Myung Moon and the UC

Moon church human trafficking is despicable

The Comfort Women controversy
1. Meet Miki Dezaki, Director of the film, Shusenjo: The Main Battleground Of The Comfort Women Issue.
2. Thousands of Korean men and women tricked, kidnapped or forcibly abducted Korean girls to be ‘comfort women’. Statistical Yearbook of the Governor-General of Korea, from 1935-1940.
3. U.S. military documents featuring Korean POW testimony discovered at U.S. National Archives
4. Korean testimony documents highlight ethnic and gender discrimination under Japanese colonial rule
5. “The Comfort Women” (2008) book by Professor C. Sarah Soh (352pp)
6. “Comfort Women of the Empire” the battle over colonial rule and memory (2014)
帝国の慰安婦 植民地支配と記憶の闘い  by Professor Park Yu-ha, 박유하, 朴裕河 (336pp)
7. The Korean comfort station manager’s diary
8. Various historical documents and oral histories
9. In 1965 Japan gave $800 million as reparations for Korean occupation

Sun Myung Moon organization activities in Central & South America
1. Introduction
2. ‘Illegal Aliens Joining Moonies’ – The Pittsburg Press
3. Moon’s ‘Cause’ Takes Aim At Communism in the Americas – Washington Post
4. Moon in Latin America: Building the Bases of a World Organisation – Guardian
5. Guatemala
6. Nicaragua
7. Honduras
8. Costa Rica
9. Bolivia
10. Uruguay
11. Paraguay
12. Brazil

The Resurrection of Reverend Sun Myung Moon
transcript of the January 21, 1992 Public Television broadcast
Eric Nadler, reporter. Written and produced by Rory O’Connor.

on this topic also see:
Unification Church – Jane Day Mook & Hiroshi Yamaguchi
Sun Myung Moon makes me ashamed to be Korean


Sun Myung Moon makes me ashamed to be Korean   UPDATED
1. Moon’s first son wrote a letter saying his father was a fraud.
2. Ashamed to be Korean
3. Sun Myung Moon: “Women have twice the sin”
4. “Japanese blood is dirty,” Mrs Gil Ja Sa Eu said
5. Moon’s Divine Principle Theory Applied
6. Sun Myung Moon’s explanation of the Fall of Man is based on his Confucian ideas of lineage, and his belief in shaman sex rituals.
7. The establishment of a worldwide government under Moon
8. Sun Myung Moon in 2012: “There is no Mother”
9. Sun Myung Moon’s words on Hak Ja Han, Justin Kook Jin and Sean Hyung Jin
10. Hak Ja Han married “God” in January 2012. Moon was furious.
11. The Sokcho Incident – the removal of Hyun Jin from the succession
12. In 2018 Hak Ja Han was questioned about the Sokcho Incident

Sam Park

–  Sam Park, Moon’s secret son, reveals hidden history (2014)

–  Sam Park 2015 response to feedback

–  Niederschrift von Sam Parks Video – Deutsch GERMAN

–  (Transcription de Sam Park Vidéo en français, see below LINK )

–  (Transcripción del video de Sam Park 2014 en español, see below LINK )

Nansook Hong

–  Nansook Hong, transcripts of three interviews

–  Nansook Hong interviewed by Herbert Rosedale   NEW

–  I snatched my children from Sun Myung Moon   NEW

–  Nansook Hong – The Dark Side of the Moons interview   NEW

–  Nansook Hong In The Shadow Of The Moons, part 1

–  Nansook Hong In The Shadow Of The Moons, part 2

–  Nansook Hong In The Shadow Of The Moons, part 3

–  Nansook Hong In The Shadow Of The Moons, part 4

–  Nansook Hong – Ich schaue nicht zurück, Teil 1

–  Nansook Hong – Ich schaue nicht zurück, Teil 2

–  Nansook Hong – Ich schaue nicht zurück, Teil 3

–  Nansook Hong – Ich schaue nicht zurück, Teil 4

–  (See below for links to Nansook Hong information in French and Spanish)

Japanese wives in Korea

–  Japanese woman recruited and sold by the Moon church to a Korean farmer

–  Japanese member Ms. U was married to a Korean   NEW

–  The Atsuko Kumon Hong “suicide / murder” of August 2013

–  6,500 women missing from Moon mass weddings

–  Japanese member Ms. K escaped from an unhappy marriage   NEW

–  “Apology marriages” made by Japanese UC members to Korean men

on this topic also see:
Why did a Japanese Moon church member kill her Korean husband?
Suicide of Japanese ‘Moon money mule’ in Uruguay. Mother of three children
Human trafficking by the Moon church is despicable
Hiroko Yamasaki (Olympic athlete) joined and left the Moon church
A huge Moon Church scam in Japan is revealed
Shocking video of UC of Japan demanding money
Top Japanese ex-UC leader, Yoshikazu Soejima, interviewed
Moon extracted $500 million from Japanese female members
Moon church of Japan used members for profit, not religious purposes
How Sun Myung Moon bought protection in Japan

Allen Tate Wood on the UC
1. Interview at North Texas State University (Summer 1985)
2. Deconstructing Extremism in 21st Century America (c. 2014)
3. Interview with Walter Evans in the Texas Metroplex (1985)
4. Moonstruck: A memoir of my life in a cult
.   – Allen Tate Wood with Jack Vitek (1979)

Writings of former members
Many recount their experiences in the organization and after it


–  Moonwebs by Josh Freed, part 1 of 3

–  Moonwebs by Josh Freed, part 2 of 3

–  Moonwebs by Josh Freed, part 3 of 3

–  Ford Greene   NEW

–  Crazy for God: The nightmare of cult life by Chris Edwards

–  Barbara Underwood and the Oakland Moonies

–  Boonville’s Japanese origins

–  Life Among the Moonies by Deanna Durham

–  Mitchell was lucky – got away from the UC

–  My Time with the Oakland Family – the Moonies

Scared of Leaving Sun Myung Moon?

Kim Young-oon – it all ended in flames and tears for the professor

The Identity of Sun Myung Moon (1) by Kim Myung-hui      NEW
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Testimony of Professor Tahk Myeong-hwan who was murdered

Hiroko Yamasaki (Olympic athlete) joined and left the Moon church


Tragedy of the Six Marys translated video transcript – English

La Secta Moon – español

–  Teología de Sun Myung Moon para sus rituales sexuales

–  Sun Myung Moon fue excomulgado en 1948

–  Transcripción del video de la Tragedia de Las Seis Marías

–  Moon y estudiante de Ewha – escándalo sexual en 1955

–  1. Secta Moon, a modo de introducción
.   2. Avergonzado de ser coreano  NEW
.   3. Bo Hi Pak declaró que dejaba la IU y rompió su formulario de membresía en una reunión de los principales líderes en Corea.    NEW
.   4. Mis Cuatro Años y Medio con el Señor de las Moscas

–  Transcripción del video de Sam Park 2014

–  Nansook Hong entrevistada

–  ‘A la Sombra de los Moon’ por Nansook Hong – parte 1

–  ‘A la Sombra de los Moon’ por Nansook Hong – parte 2   NEW

–  ‘El Imperio Moon’ por Jean-François Boyer

–  Una mujer japonesa fue reclutada por la Secta Moon
.   y luego vendida a un granjero coreano

–  Actividades de la Secta Moon en países de habla hispana

▶ La Secte Moon – français

–  J’ai arraché mes enfants à Moon – Nansook Hong

–  « L’ombre de Moon » par Nansook Hong, partie 1

–  « L’ombre de Moon » par Nansook Hong, partie 2

–  « L’ombre de Moon » par Nansook Hong, partie 3

–  « L’ombre de Moon » par Nansook Hong, partie 4

–  Transcription de Sam Park vidéo en Français

–  « L’empire Moon » par Jean-François Boyer

–  Billet pour le ciel – Josh Freed, partie 1

–  Billet pour le ciel – Josh Freed, partie 2

–  Billet pour le ciel – Josh Freed, partie 3

–  Témoignages d’anciens membres de la secte Moon   NEW
1. Ancien témoignage d’une mooniste japonaise
2. Les caractéristiques des secte
3. Les Moon sont entrés dans Paris – CARP 1990
4. Les révélations d’un renégat. Soejima Yoshikazu et Inoue Hiroaki
5. Témoignage d’un ancien responsable de la secte Moon en Russie
6. Le temoignage de Philippe Caby, ancien “mooniste”
7. Pasteur et ex-mooniste, Martin Herbst
8. Lettre d’une mère
9. “Nous avons sauvé Alice mais les autres…”

–  Moon La Mystification
1. Moon La Mystification – Allen Tate Wood
2. Huit critères pour évaluer le totalitarisme idéologique – Dr Robert Jay Lifton
3. Techniques de déstabilisation
4. Ressources
5. La “secte Moon”: quelques repères
6. La secte Moon compte quelques centaines d’adeptes en France

Ewha Womans University 1955 Sun Myung Moon Sex Scandal

–  Ewha Womans University sex scandal as told in 1955 newspapers

–  1955년 이화여대에서 일어난 문선명 섹스 스캔들  page moved
.  (Original 1955 Ewha University sex scandal with Moon newspaper articles)

–  Sun Myung Moon talks about the 1955 Ewha University sex scandal

–  The testimony of Professor Kim from Ewha Womans University

–  Sa Gil-ja (Mrs Eu) on the 1955 Ewha Womans University sex scandal

–  Sun Myung Moon found guilty in 1955; started two year jail sentence

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Pak Chung-hwa interviewed about Moon’s “SEX relays”
Sun Myung Moon used a ‘Honey Trap’ – Choi Soon-yeong explains
Pikareum sex emerged at Ewha Womans University in 1955
Sun Myung Moon’s “Gigantic lie” by Eu Hyo-min (36 couple)
Moon’s first wife, Choi Seon-gil, and Kim Deok-jin interviewed

Exploitation and Abuse of the Japanese by the Moon church

–  A huge Moon church scam in Japan is revealed

–  Shocking video of UC of Japan demanding money

–  Top Japanese leader, Yoshikazu Soejima, interviewed

–  Moon extracted $500 million from Japanese female members

–  Moon church of Japan used members for profit, not religious purposes

–  How Sun Myung Moon bought protection in Japan

–  Japanese female members prostrate themselves on the ground   Page combined

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Why did a Japanese Moon church member kill her Korean husband?
Suicide of Japanese ‘Moon money mule’ in Uruguay. Mother of three children
Japanese woman recruited by Moon church & sold to Korean farmer
Japanese member Ms. U was married to a Korean   NEW
Atsuko Kumon Hong “suicide / murder” of August 2013
6,500 Japanese women missing from Moon mass weddings
“Apology marriages” made by Japanese UC members to Korean men
Human trafficking by the Moon church is despicable
Hiroko Yamasaki (Olympic athlete) joined and left the Moon church

Moon’s Family

–  Sun Myung Moon had a girlfriend in 1941

–  The Choi family’s entanglements with Sun Myung Moon

–  Kim Myung-hee, the third wife of Sun Myung Moon

–  The lie that Kim Myung-hee was raped in Japan

–  Hong Soon-ae, the mother of Hak Ja Han

–  Hak Ja Han

–  Dong-sook nim listed as a ‘True Child’

–  Hyung Jin Moon, Sean

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The six ‘wives’ of Sun Myung Moon
Moon’s first wife, Choi Seon-gil, and Kim Deok-jin interviewed
The Fall of the House of Moon – New Republic
Sun Myung Moon’s secret love child – Mother Jones

Other Korean Messiahs

–  Newsweek on the many Korean messiahs of the 1970s

–  Hwang Gook-joo and his orgies

–  Chong Deuk-eun – Great Holy Mother who did pikareum

–  Park Tae-seon – another Korean pikareum messiah

–  Kim Baek-moon talked about “sexual union with God”

–  Kim Seong-do and the roots of the Divine Principle

Pak Chung-hwa did not write “I am a Traitor” (The UC of Japan wrote and published it)  UPDATED

Moon claimed authority through his “meeting with Jesus”

Black Heung Jin Nim – Violence in the Moon church

Cult Indoctrination – and the Road to Recovery  (under construction)


1. VIDEO: Why do people join cults? – Janja Lalich
2. PODCAST: The Cult Vault – Introduction to the Study of Cults by Kaycee
3. VIDEO: The BITE model of Steve Hassan / The Influence Continuum
4. Father Kent Burtner on manipulation of the emotions by the UC
5. VIDEO: Terror, Love and Brainwashing ft. Alexandra Stein
6. Robert Jay Lifton’s Eight Criteria of Thought Reform
7. VIDEO: The Wrong Way Home
. An analysis of Dr Arthur J. Deikman’s book on cult behavior
8. Cult Indoctrination through Psychological Manipulation by Professor Kimiaki Nishida
9. Towards a Demystified and Disinterested Scientific Theory of Brainwashing (extracts) by Benjamin Zablocki
10. Psyching Out the Cults’ Collective Mania by Louis Jolyon West and Richard Delgado
11. Book: Take Back Your Life by Janja Lalich and Madeleine Tobias (2009)
12. VIDEO: Paul Morantz on Cults, Thought Reform, Coercive Persuasion and Confession
13. PODCAST: Ford Greene, Attorney and former UC member, on Sun Myung Moon
14. VIDEO: Steve Hassan interviewed by Chris Shelton
15. VIDEO: Conformity by TheraminTrees
16. VIDEO: Instruction Manual for Life by TheraminTrees
17. The Social Organization of Recruitment in the Unification Church – PDF by David Frank Taylor, M.A., July 1978, Sociology
18. Mind Control: Psychological Reality Or Mindless Rhetoric? by Philip G. Zimbardo, Ph.D., President, American Psychological Association
19. Socialization techniques through which Moon church members were able to influence by Geri-Ann Galanti, Ph.D.
20. VIDEO: Recovery from RTS (Religious Trauma Syndrome) by Marlene Winell
21. VIDEO: ICSA – After the cult
22. “How do you know I’m not the world’s worst con man or swindler?” – Sun Myung Moon
23. VIDEO: What Is A Cult? CuriosityStream
24. VIDEO: The Space Between Self-Esteem and Self Compassion by Kristin Neff
25. Bibliography

▶ Sekta Moona – w języku polskim

 Sun Myung Moon odbył ceremonię seksualną

 Sam Park i jego historia

 „W cieniu Moona” – Nansook Hong

 Kościół japoński

–  Linki do stron portalu Rosemary o sektą Moona