Dong-sook listed as a ‘True Child’

Dong-sook could only be listed as a ‘True Child’ if she was one of Moon’s children.

 Sun Myung Moon and Dong-sook Kim who was born on March 7, 1955

Dr. Joon-ho Seuk (International Vice President of the Unification Church) made this announcement on August 17, 2012:
“Currently, True Mother and the True Children (Hyung-jin nim’s family, Kook-jin nim’s family, Hyo-jin nim’s family, Heung-jin nim’s family, In-jin nim’s family, Kwon-jin nim’s family, Sun-jin nim’s family, Ye-jin nim, Eun-jin nim, Yeon-jin nim, Jeong-jin nim, Dong-sook nim and Shin-mi nim’s family) are by True Father’s side offering prayer and jeongseong.”

She could only be listed as a ‘True Child’ if Moon was her father.

 Dong-sook, aged about 6, is sitting on the floor. Moon is probably holding Ye Jin. Chongpa-dong Church probably February 1961.

 Moon with his son, Sung-jin, and Young-oon Kim in about 1957. Moon took Sung-jin away from his mother, his first wife Sun-kil Choi, and had him raised by others.

 From the left, Hyo-jin Moon and Sung-jin Moon (in the back). From the right, Soon-ae Hong (the mother of Hak Ja Han), Dong-sook Kim and Won-pok Choi.

On July 18, 1973, Moon married Dong-sook to Sung-jin Moon. Did he marry his own son to his own daughter – even if they did have different mothers? Was Moon thinking to restore something from the Garden of Eden?

 Sung-jin and Dong-sook’s wedding at the Shōtō Headquarters in Tokyo (Shibuya neighborhood), July 18, 1973.
It was followed by a picnic in a Tokyo park.

Was it too risky for Moon to hold the wedding in Korea? Too many people there knew that he was the father of Sung-jin, and probably of Dong-sook.

 Dong-sook looking at Ye Jin in 1961

In 1961, Moon asked both Dong-sook Kim and Sung-jin to participate in special ceremonies to prepare the way for the first ‘sinless child’ ever to be born, Ye-jin.

“About the time that Mother began to have labor pains, a ceremony for the Day of Restoration of the Four-Position Foundation was held, from 10:40 to 10:55 am. This used bowls piled high with rice, beans and chestnuts, representing the sea, the land and the mountains. Father said it was a ceremony through which God, all created things, True Parents and the restored sons and daughters formed a relationship of heart centering on the baby in True Mother’s womb. It began with Won-pok Choi, Jeong-ok Lee and Jeong-hye Yoon offering full bows. True Father offered a prayer, and then Sung-jin nim, Won-pil Kim, Hyo-won Eu, Dal-ok Jeong, Dae-hwa Jeong and Dong-sook Kim offered bows in turn and the same prayer was repeated.

Next, Father indicated the four directions—east, west, north and south—and stated, ‘The mind, representing heaven, and the body, representing earth, were separated, so heaven and earth were separated. However, Father, representing heaven and Mother, representing earth, have restored what was lost and by us the child in the womb is loved, loved, loved.’ Everyone then repeated his last words. Sung-jin nim also stated that the baby was loved and repeated ‘loved’ three times. Next, True Father had three women in the mother’s position, those in the position of sons and daughters, and True Mother, do the same.”

from the Unification Church Korean History Compilation Committee

▲ Hyo-jin’s funeral in March 2008. From the right: Ye-jin, Dong-sook, In-jin, Un-jin, Kwon-jin, Kook-jin, Hyun-jin, Sun-jin, Hyung-jin, Yeon-jin and Jeong-jin.

It seems to be very clear that Dong-sook Kim was another of Moon’s children who were born before 1960, along with Sung-jin Moon (mother Sun-kil Choi), Hee-jin Moon (mother Myung-hee Kim) and, reportedly, others.

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