Moon’s fourth wife, Won-pok Choi

Won-pok Choi was known as ‘Great Mother’ and ‘Second Mother’ and has been listed as Moon’s fourth wife

Won-pok Choi and Sun Myung Moon in 1973

The Korean language magazine, Sunday Journal, and Kirsti Nevalainen’s book, Ritual Sex in the Unification Church, both list Mrs Choi as Moon’s fourth wife. At least one Korean authority on new religions stated that Hak Ja Han, who came after Won-pok Choi, was Moon’s fifth wife.

Won-pok Choi left her husband and children to join the UC in December 1954.

Won-pok Choi is standing on the left, in the highest position. Annie Soon-wha Choi (the mother of Sam Park) is standing directly in front of Moon. Young-oon Kim is on the right. The two professors brought the Ewha Womans University students to Moon to be “purified”. This photo was taken in about 1956.

On February 1, 1960, Hak Ja Han was summoned to come to Sun Myung Moon at his Cheongpa Dong church when she was 17. After nine hours of internal questioning, a tutor, Mrs Choi, was assigned to care for her. During February she tutored Hak Ja Han to prepare her for the ‘Blessing’ with Moon. Mrs Choi lived with Moon in South Korea and in the USA. In Korea her bedroom was next to that of the Moons (see her testimony below), and also at Belvedere, Moon’s mansion in the US, there was the same bedroom arrangement.

Won-pok Choi with Moon as they toured Korea in 1960 in his jeep.

“She was considered to be the ‘Second Mother’ and a member of the True Family.” Kirsti Nevalainen.

Won-pok Choi is standing between Moon and Bo Hi Pak during Moon’s first world tour in 1965. On the other side of Moon is Annie Choi at about the time Moon impregnated her with Sam Park. Mrs Choi must have been aware that Moon’s driver, Daikon, was collecting Annie Choi and driving her to have sex with Moon, probably at the house of Bo Hi Pak.

Sun Myung Moon’s own words:

The Significance Of God’s Day,
Master Speaks January 1, 1972, Washington, D.C.

In the 1965 world tour, Master was accompanied by Mrs. [Won-pok] Choi, Miss Kim and Mr. Sang Ik Choi. The reason he took these people was that Master stood in Adam’s position and Mrs. Choi stood in Eve’s position. Mr. Choi was a representative of Japan, and Miss Kim was a representative of the United States, the archangel country. By bringing these people together he could form a four-position base. The representation of Eve’s country, Japan, was done by a man, and the United States, the archangel, a male position, was represented by Miss Kim, a woman. Master and Mrs. Choi represented the internal Adam and Eve. Miss Kim and Mr. Choi represented the external Adam and Eve. But they didn’t know this significance at that time. At that time the two Adam and Eve’s had to become completely united. Master knew the significance, so he was very serious when he spoke. You have to understand how significant the first world tour was. When you go to spirit world, you may have the chance to feel the Master’s heart, to feel what he felt during the first world tour.

Won-pok Choi standing next to Moon; on his other side is Annie Choi in the red dress. She refused to have more sex with Moon because she feared a second child would also be taken away from her, as Sam had been. Next to Annie is Papasan Choi who was aware of Moon’s sexual activities. Papasan Choi began to distance himself from Moon because of things he saw Moon doing during his 1965 world tour.

Won-pok Choi is in the foreground as Moon and Hak Ja Han bow to a pig’s head.

Moon on his return to Korea on October 10 after his 1965 world tour on which Won-pok Choi accompanied him while Hak Ja Han stayed in Korea. Moon is on the left, holding the hand of Hyo-jin. Walking behind him is Hee-jin who was born in August 1955 – his mother was Myung-hee Kim. Hak Ja Han (in the light clothes) and Won-pok Choi (in the dark dress) are holding the hands of Ye-jin. In the back is Deuk-sam Lee holding baby In-jin who was born that August. For a while in 1965 two women were both pregnant at the same time with Moon’s children.

Ceremony for the Total Dissolution of Resentment
May 1, 1975, Cheongpyeong Lake, Korea
We must first dissolve the resentment of God. Next is the dissolution of resentment of True Parents.
We must also solve the resentment of Mrs. Won-pok Choi, who is celebrating her 60th birthday. Mrs. Choi stands in the position of a mother and true woman in the fallen world. In this ceremony she will establish the condition to indemnify all the failures of women in history. So the spiritual world and the fallen world up until today must all be indemnified centering upon Mrs. Choi.

Hak Ja Han, Sun Myung Moon and Mrs Won-pok Choi. This is during the 1968 God’s Day Ceremony when Moon “restored” six women. Two of the six “boxes” can be seen.

1968 God’s Day Ceremony with six “boxes”. Won-pok Choi was head of one trinity of women and Hak Ja Han was head of the other trinity of women.

The Meaning Of The Day Of Victory Of Love
January 2, 1997, São Paulo, Brazil

The role of Mrs. Won-pok Choi.
Sung Jin’s mother [Seon-gil Choi] divorced me. Therefore, instead of Sung Jin’s mother, Won-pok Choi came out from the Choi clan and abandoned her husband and children to follow me. In spite of all the opposition of her tribe, she had to prepare for the way of True Mother and had to serve True Mother as her own mother and her daughter. Without serving True Mother like a daughter, daughter-in-law, mother, and grandmother, restoration is impossible. Do you understand what I am saying? Thus, True Father, True Mother, and the eldest son stand as one line, and then all people have to follow the eldest son.

Joon Ho Seuk! [He was one of Won-pok Choi’s sons.] Did your elder brother commit suicide?
(We don’t know if he was murdered or committed suicide.)

In providential history, such tragic events also happen. In the spiritual world, how much suffering does he have? He was a lovely son in his family, who graduated from Seoul National University. How much did Mrs. Choi’s children miss their mother? In this sense, I am an unforgivable sinner. However, because I have to restore the way of heaven, it was necessary. Due to the fall, humankind lost the portion of responsibility. Therefore, only I can restore the disordered world.
Then, how hard is it to fulfill Mother’s responsibility? True Mother could take care of the church internally, but when I went out, I accompanied Mrs. Choi, who was in the position to prepare the way of True Mother. I taught True Mother about the official way to go in the future through Mrs. Choi.

Mrs Won-pok Choi is happy to hold Ye-jin. Hak Ja Han looks sad. This 1963 photo was taken on the day of the launch of Moon’s boat. It had to be sold due to unpaid debts.

Mrs Won-pok Choi gave this testimony about her relationship with True Father:
One day I said to Father: “I also want to have a spiritual experience.” Smiling, he replied to me, “I don’t let intellectuals do this sort of thing – because when such a person becomes intoxicated / euphoric, they will rely solely on the spiritual experience and will not get more important work done.”

I was about to give up, but I was somewhat lonely and wanted to have the experience. He understood this. He said, “Would you like to experience it just once?” So straight away that night I was able to experience it.

Won-pok Choi gave the above testimony at the Fukuoka Church, Japan, on December 5, 1990. Here is the original Japanese from a UC magazine:

祝福 Shukufuku  no. 69 (June 25, 1991)  page 72


Won-pok Choi standing close to Sun Myung Moon at the Cheongpa Dong church.

Ken Sudo, talking about Moon’s ‘Providence of Restoration,’ describes their relationship this way: “The mission of Mother Mary was fulfilled by Mrs Choi in a relationship of mother-son co-operation.”

When Moon explained his pikareum theology to Chung-hwa Pak he said that Jesus had to have sex with his mother, Mary, to restore her. LINK

▲ Mrs Choi Won-pok is on the left. Her bedroom at East Garden was next to the Moon’s bedroom. It has been reported that Ye Jin said she never knew which bedroom her father would come out of in the morning.

Joe Kinney’ testimony  January 28, 2006
The American members first met Mrs. Choi when she accompanied True Parents on the 1965 tour blessing holy grounds worldwide. She is seen together with True Parents in many pictures from 1960 to 1977.

In the sixties and early seventies Mrs. Choi was the closest person to True Parents that was approachable to Western members. She spoke fluent English and had a manner that put everyone at ease immediately. She seemed to lack the zone of privacy around her that keeps members distant from so many leaders.

The ironic thing was that she was the closest of all to True Parents and True Family. She wore the same type of crowns and ceremonial robes that True Parents wore. Yet she was approachable. What an extraordinary quality of a mothers heart!

One of my interests was to count the number of stars affixed to the White Paper Crowns that True Parents used to wear and to try to guess how they were advancing in fulfilling their missions. Mrs. Choi usually had the same number of stars as Mother and Father always had more. I believe when mother fulfilled her mission both Mother and Father had seven stars.
Won-pok Choi with Moon and Hak Ja Han. The two ‘wives’ have the same crowns.

Anyway, for me I was always amazed by how young Mrs. Choi looked. Even when she was nearly 60 years old her skin was perfectly smooth.

Her course was incredibly demanding. She was an older wiser more educated and more sophisticated woman who had to raise a Mother, a humble young high school girl, to a position higher than herself. She truly had to have the heart of a parent to True Mother and yet walk in the shoes of a servant. Her path was so narrow and arduous and unforgiving.

She told me what it was like for her to sleep within one meter of Father and Mother with just a wood and paper door between them. She shyly described to me that she could here every sound, snoring, flatulence, Father and Mother’s pillow talk, and the sound of their lovemaking. She had to retire after True Father and awaken before True Father in order to show proper attendance. I can’t imagine this PhD Dean of a women’s college could live in such close contact with True Parents and yet offer them such deference and respect.

She never complained and she always had a grateful heart. She was so great that I would have believed that she was the messiah, yet she constantly expressed her absolute awe of True Father. Often I though that if someone as great as Mrs. Won-pok Choi could be in awe of True Parents, then I must believe in them.

This is not official, but what I understand about Mrs. Choi’s course is that she had to raise or educate True Mother for her first two seven year courses and for the first three years of the third. On True Parents Birthday, February 23, 1977, Father proclaimed, Day One of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and Mrs. Choi’s course was completed. She returned to Korea soon after.

The last time I saw her was here at the New Yorker about two years ago (in 2003 or 4). She seemed to have a severe case of dementia probably caused by Alzheimers disease and she could barely even recognize me. I was sad…

Mrs. Choi went to the Spirit World on January 15, 2006 at the age of 91 years old. True Father gave her calligraphy Mother of Faith, Love and Loyalty, and proclaimed that her Seung Hwa Ceremony was held on the worldwide level on January 19th, at the Little Angels Performance Hall.

Mrs Choi Won-pok said “this holy wine contains our semen.”

Won-pok Choi

50代 投稿日: 02/11/05 12:23

Here is a rough translation:
《Sex life and bigamy relationship of three people》 50s Post date: 02/11/05

… Let me tell you a specific story of my experience. At the 777 [couples blessing], there were three blessing subjects: Teacher/Master Moon, Han Hak Ja (true mother), and Professor Choi Won-pok. As you may know from the beginning, these three people were a [in a relationship together] like a couple. Although it was said to be similar to [the arrangement of the wives of Jacob], Leah and Rachel, Choi and Han were called Cain’s mother and Abel’s mother. At last, three people were together in the bedroom. That episode is less, now please read this. The speech about the blessing is a decoy; Professor Choi Won-pok pointed out that “this holy wine contains our semen.” Teacher/Master Moon gave the wine to the women and smiled to them and I asked the women to drink. Han Hak Ja (true mother) didn’t say anything (can’t you explain about it?) Now, Professor Choi Won-pok took the initiative and handed over this holy handkerchief to each woman one by one, saying, “This holy handkerchief has been wiped on our genitals, the stains on it are not stains, they are signs of the holy work of True Parents. Please wipe your lower parts carefully with this and then have sexual intercourse.” Thank you everyone. If you look closely, there is a stain that looks like it was wiped off the genitals of Teacher/Master Moon. It seems that only the 777 couples received such precious items.

For Dr. Seuk it was “a terrible blow” to lose his mother, Won-pok Choi: “I neither saw nor heard from my mother for 10 years”

▲ Joon-ho Seuk, his mother Won-pok Choi, and Mrs Seuk in 1960. Mrs Seuk was also in a providential position.

Joon-ho Seuk gave this testimony in 1986:

“In 1953, Father came to Seoul and began to preach there. The spiritual world actively helped by bringing many people to hear Father. Terrible rumors were also fabricated at that time, and the Korean government began to persecute the Unification Church. However, many college students started coming to the church, especially from Ewha Women’s University and Yonsei University.

The school administrations were worried and sent many respected professors to investigate. One was Dr. Young Oon Kim, a very eminent scholar. After she heard the Principle, she was deeply inspired and she joined. Another professor was my mother [Won-pok Choi], who was the dean of student affairs in the Law and Government School of Ewha University. The president of the university also sent her to investigate the church and “save” the students. But on the contrary, she was touched by the truth and joined.
The vice president of Ewha University was the wife of the vice president of the Korean government. She pushed the government to go against Father. Under those circumstances, my physical father misunderstood the Unification Church and began to oppose my mother’s joining it. Until this happened, we had had a very happy family that everybody had envied. All of a sudden, my family began to break apart.

My mother was desperate to explain to us about her involvement with the church, but we could not understand her at all. The conflict between my father and mother deepened. Every night I had nightmares that dark clouds were sweeping around the house to swallow us up. I used to scream in fear and wake up. This was Satan’s attack on our family to prevent my mother from joining the movement.

All of a sudden, my mother left one day without telling me. I neither saw nor heard from my mother for 10 years after that, until I myself joined the Unification Church. Her leaving the family was a terrible blow. At that time, divorce was very rare in Korean society. The Confucian ethics respecting family values were pervasive. The idea of the breakup of our family was unthinkable to me.

My character had always been joyful and aggressive, but from that time I became very reserved. I tried to forget my mother. I concentrated only on my school work and martial arts. I studied martial arts so hard that I forgot everything else. My father was the most famous martial arts educator in Korea as well as a professor and a graduate of law school. When I was in high school I was at the top in martial arts and was very strong physically among all the high school students. But when I was about to enter college I received an injury which developed into pleurisy. It was a life-threatening disease and I had to give up school.”

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