Chapter 6

The Real Satan is Sun Myung Moon

The translation of this chapter from the Japanese has not yet been checked. Up to half of the text will be missing. The Japanese can be found here.

The Use of a Living Witness

Married again to go to the new world  216

I could only just survive in that temporary accommodation in front of the Seoul station. The person who saved me at that time was Aum Duk-moon. With his help, I went to Pusan to do construction work. He was one of the greatest architects in the world. He had graduated from Waseda University in Japan.

I was still waiting for Mr. Moon to contact me. Even after three years he had not contacted me. I knew that Mr. Moon was a secular man like the rest of us. In the corner of my mind, I was hoping for a reply. I still believed in the promise that we had made together in prison.

Finally I decided that my 14 year-long connection with Mr. Moon should end. I married the sister of Aum. Her husband had been a prosecutor, but he had been killed during the Korean War. She had three children. I started a new life for the third time.

The first time was in North Korea, and the second time was in the Unification Church. Now I am 45 and my new wife is 37. For ten years I focused on my work in the housing business in Pusan. I successfully completed 300 house and apartment projects.

For the next ten years I did landfill work asked by a member of the church. The civil engineering was my major and I was good at it. We had many occasions of drinking party after work. But that was the problem.

Collapsed with a serious illness 217

In 1981, I fell because of a cerebral hemorrhage and was hospitalized for about two months. Aum Duk-moon’s wife and his sister told me that I had to go back to the Unification Church, saying that I and Mr. Moon had a deep relationship. They also said that the reason for my illness was that I had left the church.

I was in a state of mental weakness at that time. Maybe my faith in God weakened too. I went to the hill behind my house and started a three month prayer. I prayed about my life. Was it right or wrong? How can I live my life with this emaciated body? I had enough free time because I had retired from the frontline of the business. I was also curious about the Unification Church.

I visited a branch of the Unification Church near my house. I thought that I could guide them in a right direction when I had a chance. The pastor in Incheon church was Moon Heung-kwon. One day a middle-aged woman came and asked me whether I knew her. At the moment I couldn’t remember her. And she said that she was the daughter of Mrs. Ryu from Taegu. She was a devout believer and was now the wife of the pastor Moon.

In 1983, I and some old members visited sacred places. I was 70 but I joined in with the group. We had a good time talking about the past 20 years. When we came back, I got a call from the headquarters that they wanted to see me.

I met a church elder who I hadn’t seen for a long time 219

At a coffee shop at the Grand Hotel in Namdaemun, I met Kim In-chul who was then the chairman of anti-communism association and some other members. The reason for their calling me was to prevent the action of Kim Deok-jin. They said I was the only one who could persuade him.

Pastor Kim was participating in preaching suspects in jail or their victims very hard at that time. As I said before, Kim was good at music and had earlier composed 20 hymns for the church. Later Eu Hyo-min used those songs and sold tens of thousands of copies in many countries without putting his name on them. To get his royalties, Kim was going to sue the church.

Kim Deok-jin

Pastor Kim was said to have the pikareum return ritual with Eu Shin-hee and many other women after that. And he was planning to publish a book about the pikareum return ritual based on his experience. While he was preparing for his lawsuit with his lawyer, they called me to get help. I could understand his feelings but I persuaded him to stop the lawsuit saying that he could file it anytime. And finally he gave up the lawsuit. Then Ahn Byung-il and Kim In-chul asked me to stay in the headquarters in Seoul instead of Incheon. And I started attending the headquarters for three years.

A living witness to the founding of the Unification Church  221

The headquarters tried to give me a position that was suitable for the oldest member but I rejected it. As a member of foundation, I just wanted to do my work for the sound development of the church. It was like the feeling of parents towards their children. From 1981 I actively participated in the church for five years. I prayed from the bottom of my heart.

The church advertised that ‘Pak Chong-hwa is a living witness who had overcome hardship with the messiah.’ And I was asked to attend many lectures. I even went to Japan to give about 40 lectures in front of 5,000 people. But my testimony was limited to our refugee journey to South. Their purpose was to advertise Mr. Moon’s hardship during that time.

My mind was very complicated but I told people based on truth. I loved devout believers of the church. Even the top people are corrupt, most general believers are sincere and innocent. Meeting them was my pleasure and joy at that time.

On July 8th, 1985, I was asked to do a replay of the refugee journey by theology school presidents to depict the refugee way with Mr. Moon. After having lunch at the Imjin River, I walked 18 km with them even with my emaciated body. My feet got swollen and I had to see a doctor. Because of the long walk at the age of 74, my ankle got swollen. The doctor told me that it could be dangerous if the poison spread. The expense of treatment was very high, and it was a big burden for me.

I talked to the school president, but he gave me no answer. I had to use my emergency savings. It cost me about $1,000. I asked the president of school pastor Lee Yo-han to reimburse some money, but I was rejected coldly again. That reminded me of Mr. Moon’s previous behavior when he used people and deserted them.

Sun Myung Moon’s lies and the Japanese members  223

One day in 1983, the international department of the church contacted me. They asked me to stop by because they had some questions to ask. They showed me a picture in the The Daily Central newspaper. It was a picture of a man carrying another man on his back, and they were crossing a river. They asked me whether it was a picture of Mr. Moon carrying me on his back. I answered them that we had no chance to take any pictures at that time. I never crossed any river on Mr. Moon’s back. They said nothing and I thought that was the end of it.

The photo with which Sun Myung Moon lied that he was “carrying Pak across the river on my back.”

[This same photograph was seen at an exhibition in Seoul. It had this caption: “A Korean refugee carries his aged father across the icy Han River at Chungju in their flight south to escape the onrushing Chinese Communist Forces. Photo taken on January 14, 1951 by US Army Cpl. J. J. McGinty.”]

When I went to Japan in May, I found the picture enlarged and hung on the wall of an exhibition site. People came to me to have a picture taken with me. They said that the picture was taken when Mr. Moon was carrying me on his back, and we were crossing a river. They asked me to tell them the story in detail.

If I had told them the truth, it would have made Mr. Moon a liar. So I had to lie to them. The Japanese family seemed to be touched, but inside I felt guilty. The same picture was printed in another newspaper, and this time the picture was clearer. The people in the picture were not Mr. Moon and I. That was one of the church’s typical ways to deceive people.

Stealing the Principles from Mr. Kim Baek-moon  226

After I went to the headquarters, I could have a chance to meet old members. Some of them withdrew and others were still there. Old women were poor. They had lost their bodies and their money to Mr. Moon and are now living deploring Mr. Moon and even God. The church seemed to expand strong superficially but it produced a lot of scandals in Japan and America related to money.

On July 20th, 1984, Mr. Moon was sent to prison [in the US] on a charge of tax evasion. A Japanese aide [Takeru Kamiyama] who was also imprisoned with Mr. Moon for five months. He said that Mr. Moon’s behavior in the prison was respectable. That was his third time in prison and he must be good at it.

Except the incident of tax evasion in America, Mr. Moon had a scandal of real estate acquisition. Mr. Moon was released after a year and he keeps saying that he was innocent. He had a big party to celebrate his release. Mr. Moon’s doctrine of creation, corruption, and pikareum return was not his idea.

He stole the doctrines of Kim Baek-moon. His scribbled notes were rewritten by Eu Hyo-min. The doctrine of the Unification Church originally belongs to the deceased Eu Hyo-won. Even though Mr. Moon had received a lot of benefit from Eu Hyo-won, he ultimately pushed him to death. If you read 聖神神学 ‘Theology of the Holy Spirit’ (1954) and 基督教根本原理 ‘Fundamental Christian Principles’ (1958) by Kim Baek-moon, you will see my point.

Allegations of a marriage between a [half] brother and a [half] sister  228

There is an unforgettable incident. One day a family of Byung Ho Song called me that he was hospitalized in the hospital in Pusan. And he wanted to see me. He was in a critical situation. I wanted to go there but I was ill in bed too. I told them to wait for a few days but I got the news of his death after three days. Song had talked to me about Mr. Moon several times before. He told me about the incest in Moon’ family. And I persuaded him there must have been mistake.

Japanese members visit the grave of Moon Heung-jin (on the outskirts of Seoul).

I introduced Song to Mr. Moon when we were in Pusan. He had worked for the Customs Office in Pusan. He once loaned me a substantial amount of money when we printed the book of doctrines. He had been a devout believer for a while but he withdrew from the church after finding out the reality of Mr. Moon. Song told me that it was true. Then it must be true. And I had no evidence to refute it.

Kim Deok-jin practised the principle  230

The thing I have to record regarding the pikareum return ritual is Kim Deok-jin. When I was in the mine, Kim was ordered by Mr. Moon to stay with me. He was an artist who was good at music and very honest. I asked him the reason for his coming to the mine. He said that he practiced the pikareum return ritual as he was taught by Mr. Moon.

He received the pikareum return ritual by Eu Shin-hee three times who got it by Mr. Moon before. After that he practiced the pikareum return ritual with five women at Soon Tae Um’s house. And the women practiced with other men and the total surpassed 70 people in a week. And the news of the sex festival under the name of pikareum return was delivered to Mr. Moon and Eu Hyo-won. And Kim was expelled from Seoul.

Kim would not go to the mine but he stayed at home composing music. When I asked him what happened, he said that he just followed the doctrine. And I told him you did nothing wrong. He stayed with me for two years. When Mr. Moon stopped sending money to the mine, Kim went to Seoul again to practice the pikareum return ritual. And I persuaded him to come to Taegu and made him marry his current wife.

He just followed Mr. Moon’s doctrine. What did he do wrong? Mr. Moon has destroyed a lot of families and Kim just followed Mr. Moon’s way. And Mr. Moon had him locked in a remote mine. I could not understand it but I could do nothing about it then.

The Role of the 36 Couples

Countermeasures against the ‘Messiah of the Second Coming’  233

In retrospect, the idea was that the women who received Mr. Moon’s pikareum return ritual would then perform the pikareum return with other men. These men would then do the pikareum with other women, and in this way the world would be made clean again. The world would be restored.

Sun Myung Moon and the members seriously considering the matching of the
36 couples at the Chongpa-dong Church in Seoul.

During this time, many other messiahs appeared saying that Mr. Moon was a fake. Many people followed them. So Mr. Moon took the step to form the 36 Blessed couples. Mr. Moon’s idea was that only the 36 couples could have the pikareum return ritual since all the people in the world could not be restored in that way. Then the joint marriage of the 36 couples could replace the pikareum restoration ritual.

Then why did it have to be 36 couples? Mr. Moon asserted that 12 branches from the Old Testament, 12 disciples from the New Testament, and 12 disciples of Mr. Moon’s own new teachings made 36. The 36 brides must have completed the pikareum return ritual with Mr. Moon. The pikareum ritual means sexual intercourse as you know. The purpose is to achieve an exchange of blood. The mission that the second Adam could not achieve must be done by the third Adam.

When the messiah has sex with six Marys and the 36 brides, the defiled blood can be purified. This is the exchange of blood or pikareum. The cleansing of sin. The children from the 36 couples would then be sinless, they would begin a new restored world.

Now Mr. Moon uses holy water to replace the pikareum return ritual, but the three times sex is still used in the Three Day Ceremony. In Japan, the pikareum exchange of blood is mistakenly understood as sharing blood. But it is not true.

The 36 couples are considered to be sacred families and respected by all members of the church. When an important thing needs to be done, the 36 blessed couples are appointed to deal with it.

Five of the 36 couples lost their spouses, and nine couples left the church. These 14 families say that there is something wrong with Mr. Moon’s teachings. How can Mr. Moon explain the 14 families that are now against his doctrine of creation? The concept of the 36 blessed couples is fundamentally wrong.

❖ Photo added:

After the final ceremony for the marriage of the 36 couples, there was a public procession of the couples in cars through the streets of Seoul. Mr. Moon always sought maximum publicity from the mass marriages he held.

The list of the 36 couples is exactly as it appears in Mr. Pak’s book. Much of the Japanese text about the couples has yet to be translated. Some of the following explanatory information is not in his book. Some of Mr Moon’s quotes about the couples have been included.

This list should be an accurate list of the original 36 couples who were married by Mr. Moon. During 1960-1961 he held three ceremonies. He then put all the couples together as one group which became known as ‘the 36 couples.’ When some defected they were replaced by couples from the 72 couples group or others. For example Mr. Moon said: “No one knows, if Seuk Joon-ho  [Dr. Seuk, the son of Mrs. Choi Won-pok] enters the 36 couples…” January 2, 1997, São Paulo, Brazil

husband                   wife

1. Eu Hyo-won   Sa Kil-ja (She was a student at Ewha Woman’s University)

2. Kim Won-pil   Chong Dal-ok   both died

3. Kim Young-hwi   Chong Dae-hwa (Ewha)

4. Lee Yo-han   Won Shim-hee

5. Eu Hyo-young   Kim Hwa-yong   defected from UC

6. Lee Sang-hun   Kim Han-sook   husband died

7. Kim In-chul   Cho Jong-sook   inactive

8. Hwang Choong-hun   Kim Kum-rang

9. Moon Seong-yong   Jang Pyong-ju

10. Hwang Hwan-chae   Park Young-sook (Ewha)

11. Lee Jae-seok   Kang Chung-won (Ewha)

12. Hong Chong-bok   Seo Myung-jin (Ewha)

13. Choi Young-suk   Kim Moon-hee   inactive “Tiger Choi”

14. Lee Soo-hyang   Kim Ki-young

15. Chong Han-chae   Park Seung-hee (Ewha)  husband died

16. Hong Sung-pyo   Yu Gil-ja   defected from UC

17. Han In-soo   Lee Sun-goo   husband died

(2nd wife:  Kim Sook-Ja (Ewha))

18. Pak Bo-hi   Yoon Ki-sook

19. Han Sang-kook   Im Byung-sook

20. Kim ‘David SC’ Sang-chul   Kang Ui-hong   husband died

21. Ahn Chang-sung   Choi Ye-chong

22. Lee Gi-seok Chi   Saeng-ryon   husband died

23. Choi Bong-choon   Shin Mi-shik (Ewha)

(This is “Papa-san Choi” who did not always agree with Mr. Moon)

24. Chong Su-won   Kim Kyong-nam

25. Han Sang-kil   Kim Chong-eun (Ewha)

26. Kim Chan-kyun   Choi Young-ja

27. Kwak Chung-hwan   Yoon Jong-eun   defected to Hyun-jin Moon

28. Kim Byung-ho   Han Young-shim

29. defected

30. defected

31. defected

32. defected

33. defected

34. Park Chong-goo “Tiger Park”   Choi Kum-soon   husband died

35. Choi Chu-won   Lee Hong-yeon

36. Song Moon-kyu   Cho Min-ja   defected from UC

❖ The following information has been added until an accurate translation can be made. There is another symbol below to mark the end of the addition.

Song Moon-kyu
(January 9, 1983 Washington, D.C.)
“I was number 36. Mr. Choi was number 35. Tiger Park was number 34. The three of us formed a trinity.”

Some of the replacement couples:

32. Eu Hyo-min   Na Soon-yol   defected from UC in 1971

33. Lee Chin-tae   wife unknown  defected from UC

34. Han In-ju   wife unknown  defected from UC

35. Lee Chun-yong   wife unknown  defected from UC

36. Hong Kwang-chul  [wife may be Choi Myung-Ja]  defected from UC

This list was compiled by Mr. Pak in the early 1990s. Others will have died or defected since then.

Ewha = Ewha Woman’s University students
These nine women joined as students during the Ewha University Sex Scandal of 1955. There were other students who joined, but they were not included in the 36 couples marriage, which took place five years after the students were expelled by Ewha University.

The Hongs (couple 16) left. They are the parents of Nan-sook Hong. Her brother was married to Ye Jin Moon. He left before Nan-sook – and he helped Nan-sook to escape.

Mr. Moon bought a house for each of the 36 couples. Apparently, because Korea is a ‘low-trust’ nation, this was one way of trying to ensure their loyalty.

Mr. Moon: “In Korea I bought houses for many early members of our Church and in the future I would like to take the responsibility of buying houses for all the black, white and yellow people. I am the only one in history who is doing this, but it isn’t easy.”
October 3, 1976  Belvedere, New York.  Translator: Pak Bo Hi.

The 36 couples were the first of two or three “Royal Blessings.” They definitely included the 36 and 72 couples and may have included the 124 couples. The wives from the “Royal Blessings” were all ‘purified’ by Mr. Moon. The “Royal Couples” were also known as Mr. Moon’s “Tribe.” More is explained in this Shūkan Post October 15, 1993 magazine article, published at the same time as Mr. Pak’s book.

Some of the 36 couples became quite wealthy and lived in expensive properties. Some had Japanese members helping in their homes.

Mr. Moon kept many of the 36 couples separated from their spouses for many years. This caused some couples great heartache – for example Kim Won-pil was one who longed to be with his wife. It caused complications in other couples.

It is a fact that the 36 couples all had ‘womb cleansing’ pikareum sex rituals with Mr. Moon. The theology was explained to Japanese members in the early 1990s by Mr. Yoshiaki Hiro, Mr. Kunio Sano and Mr. Yasutomo Shirai. (Mr Takeru Kamiyama was to be the main lecturer, but he was in hospital with stomach problems.) There had also been lectures given in Japan about pikareum in the 1980s by a lecturer called Ota.

Here are some further quotes from Mr. Moon about the 36 couples:
“I have received many such certificates from Satan. One of the most dramatic was during the Blessing of the 36 couples. Incredible controversy erupted at that time; people were praying to God, ‘Please don’t let Reverend Moon take my son away. Let him die tonight instead.’ … At the time of the 36 couple Blessing, the entire nation of Korea opposed me. I was a villain in the eyes of the country.”
December 27, 1981, Belvedere, New York.

“This is the first group of people I blessed. These cover every facet of our society every group of society so for everyone who accepts the principle there is room to go to heaven. They have their own ladder to climb up. They have their own channel. Do you understand? I want you to understand that I opened 36 doors so that every person here on earth has one door to get into. No opportunity is lost, there is always a door open for everyone out there, once they accept and repent they can go through one door which is the mercy of God.”
May 20, 1978, London.

“All women’s love should unite with me. The 36 couples should not think about their own family, but how to save the nation.”
July 14, 2002, East Garden, New York.

❖ This marks the end of the added section.


The contributors who became victims  238

If Mr. Moon had been the real messiah, he should have helped Ok Se-hyun who had knitted socks for him with her hair. How come he did not help her? She is now 96 and spent her whole life to support him. She is living in a small rented room. Let’s see Park Bong-shik who was elder Song’s wife. Since Mr. Moon had Song marry Oh Yeong-choon, she became alone. After her husband died, she had to live in the church. But she was expelled from the church because she was too old.

How come Mr. Moon deserted such women who had devoted their lives to him? He just took advantage of such women and deserted them when they became useless. It is not written in the doctrine. This is not the case of women. He lied about me whom had devoted my life to him for a long time. And he is insisting that I am the betrayer. And I am writing this book to let the world know the truth.

Eu Hyo-won was a more moral person than Sun Myung Moon  239

And I want to talk about Eu Hyo-won. He completed the explanation of doctrine and had been loyal to Mr. Moon. He also helped select the 36 couples. Eu had a serious illness that made him disabled. He could not get a surgery because it was too dangerous. But Mr. Moon ordered him to get the surgery. Eu refused to get the surgery and he even begged Mr. Moon not to. But Mr. Moon insisted his surgery saying that it was the will of God. But he could not object to Mr. Moon and he got the surgery and died. People said that it was Mr. Moon’s indirect murder.

Eu Hyo-won [He was the first church president. He died on July 24, 1970 at 56 years of age. He had entered the hospital on October 28, 1969 for an operation on his right hip. Moon did not attend his funeral. – source Kim Young-oon, New Age Frontiers.]

Eu Hyo-won was very bright and Mr. Moon ordered him many secret missions to finish. And I think Mr. Moon got rid of him because he knew too many things about Mr. Moon. Even though he did many things for the church, his position in the church was bottom. He was the greatest contributor to the church but he was also deserted by Mr. Moon after being exploited by Mr. Moon.

Eu Hyo-min, an entrepreneur who built the church finances  241

I have to mention about Eu Hyo-min too. He was another contributor to the church. He started the picture business when the church was in a financially difficult time. He also developed the air gun and made a fortune for the church. He made the foundation of Tongil Industry Corp.

❖ Photo added:

Japanese members at one of Moon’s gun factories in Korea in the 1970s

Even though he contributed a lot, he was given only 1,000 shares of stock of the company and the patent of the air gun was under the name of Sun Myung Moon. He had to submit all the tabs to the company that he spent. He was carefully under surveillance. It must be Mr. Moon’s order. It may be a plot to expel him when the time comes.

From the left, Eu Hyo-min, the author (Pak Chong-hwa) and Eu Hyo-young (around 1992).

He withdrew from the church in 1972. Like this Mr. Moon betrayed me, expelled Eu Hyo-min, and killed Eu Hyo-won. Is it also God’s will or Mr. Moon’s will? In early times, there were no relatives of Mr. Moon in the organization of the church. But now most of church’s management is done by his relatives. The person who knows well that Mr. Moon is not the messiah is Mr. Moon himself. He is now using his own blood to protect his kingdom and wealth.

Eu Hyo-young exported two-story pagodas  243

❖ Photo added:

Moon looking at pagodas that were made in a church owned factory in Korea and were sold in Japan for extortionate sums. LINK

I once had dining with Eu Hyo-young. He left in 1992. He said that he could make about $2,000,000 by exporting miniature Dabotap Tabo towers [two story pagodas] to Japan. (They were a shrine fundraising product). And one of Mr. Moon’s relatives wanted to divide the organization into manufacturing and other division. And he wanted to take over the manufacturing division that could make money. The manufacturing division grew with the endless effort of Eu for years. And Eu had a big fight with Mr. Moon’s relative. And I thought about the time when we were in prison.

Eu Hyo-young

At that time a lot of people came to Mr. Moon to listen to his doctrine. Everybody worked hard to build a new world. Women devoted their lives to Mr. Moon thinking that he was the messiah. But now look at the reality in the organization of the Unification Church.

The fraud and crime of Sun Myung Moon  245

The hard time passed and Mr. Moon’s relatives began to come to Mr. Moon when we became economically stable. Now the church is the world of the Moons. Mr. Moon attempted to purchase real estate secretly in the name of Park and his illegal purchase was revealed when a substantial amount of tax was imposed.

Can the real messiah do such a thing? Mr. Moon’s imprisonment in America has been fabricated that Mr. Moon was innocent. Any profitable business is taken away by the Moons. Mr. Moon’s organization is not a religious one. What happened to his doctrine and ideal world?

The voice of Mr. Moon’s asking more donations to the world is still ringing. In Japan, the activity of collecting money became a serious social issue. It is the damage done by the Moons. Mr. Moon had seduced women saying that illegal activity in the Satan world can be forgiven by God. Mr. Moon said that we had to take all the money from Japan because Korea was taken away by Japan before. We have to realize his idea world is illusion.

What on earth is the Unification Church? Is it a church or a corporation that seeks profit only? What is Mr. Moon’s intention? What happens to his doctrine? According to his pikareum return doctrine, six Marys should be enough. But he had ruined a lot of women for his sexual desire. It can’t be forgiven. Ruining the lives of women is a heinous crime.

The misery of Kim Myung-hee  247

Kim Myung-hee was an excellent student at Yonsei University but Mr. Moon made her pregnant. Being afraid of her pregnancy, Mr. Moon smuggled her to Japan [by boat from Pusan] with another male student, Oh Seung-taek, [also from Yonsei University]. She gave birth to a baby under very difficult conditions [in Tokyo]. It is said that Oh Seung-taek had to cut the umbilical cord with his teeth.

After they spent their little money, they could not live there. And Oh Seung-taek smuggled back to Korea to ask money from Mr. Moon. When Oh met Mr. Moon, he definitely refused to help him. I have never heard such a cruel story. How could he do that to his baby son?

❖ In the book only a small section of this photo was used.

Two alias names are given in the book caption. [Kim Myung-hee (left) and Choi Soon-wha (right). They both had illegitimate sons with Sun Myung Moon. Kim Myung-hee gave birth to Moon Hee-jin in 1955 and Choi Soon-wha gave birth to Sam Park in 1966.]

If he was the messiah, this act of his was despicable. He should have taken responsibility for them. Oh Seung-taek was very angry at Mr. Moon, and parted from Mr. Moon forever. Mr. Moon had said to Oh “I don’t have any money and you have to take care of yourselves.”

I was with Mr. Moon at that time. When Mr. Moon rejected Oh’s request, Oh said to Mr. Moon “You are the Satan. You remember that.” Then he left the place, slamming the door. As a member of the church, Oh Seung-taek took responsibility of taking care of Kim Myung-hee because it was for the sake of the church. There were about seven or eight people who witnessed this, but no one said anything about it. I feel guilty about that.

Kim Myung-hee was waiting for Oh Seung-taek with her baby (Hee-jin Moon) expecting that he would bring money. When Kim Myung-hee and her baby were found in the Omura detention center by a Korean named Hwang, they could come back to Korea. Kim Myung-hee was held in the center for three months because she had no money and passport.

After they came back, Mr. Moon had to register the baby as his child. The baby was raised by Hwang’s wife, but later died in a train accident. Mr. Moon explained the death by saying that the child went to heaven to build the world of spirit.

In the name of the lamb feast, Mr. Moon made many young women pregnant. How can he be forgiven by God?

Another “mother”  250

There are more to tell. It was the case of Choi Won-pok. I met her when Mr. Moon was arrested for the 7.4 incident. [The incident was the Ewha Woman’s University sex scandal of 1955 when Mr. Moon was arrested on July 4th]. Choi Won-pok was really worried about Mr. Moon. She was sorry that she could not help us. She already quit her professorship and became a member of the church. I didn’t know why, but members called her mother. According to Mr. Moon’s doctrine, the mother was his wife Han Hak-ja. She was also called ‘mother’ because Mr. Moon loved her very much. It is against his doctrine.

‘True Mother’ the two people who competed for Moon
From the left Choi Won-pok, Han Hak-ja and Sun Myung Moon

❖ Photo added:

From the left Choi Won-pok, Sun Myung Moon and Han Hak-ja

Han Hak-ja’s mother, Hong Soon-ae, later called her Mr. Moon’s concubine. And she later came back to Korea as the principal of Sunhwa Art School. The school was run by Pak Bo Hi’s brother and she was a powerless principal. Mr. Moon has preached his doctrines saying that he was the messiah, but his behavior was the one of an ordinary secular man. Finally, I am now going to add one of my experiences.

My shame for participating in orgies  252

In chapter three, I wrote that I passed the test of the holy world done by Kim Soon-cheol. In fact, I was ordered to have sex with Kim Soon-cheol, one of six Marys, in front of Mr. Moon. Actually, I already practiced the pikareum return ritual but Mr. Moon ordered me to have sex with her. I had to follow the messiah’s order and I had sex to pass the test.

As I said earlier, Kim Soon-cheol was being chased by her husband because she left her home with a lot of money. We were hiding in Pusan and I was ordered the same there. We were spending the money she stole from her husband. Mr. Moon ordered me to see their sexual intercourse and also ordered me to do that too. There was no religion or doctrine. It was just a sexual orgy by three people. I realized the reality of Mr. Moon’s doctrine at that time. In retrospect, Mr. Moon’s doctrine was just for the purpose of having sexual pleasure.

The red dragon who disturbed the world  253

The messiah Mr. Moon came to Seoul after stealing Kim Baek-moon’s doctrine. In Pyongyang he was imprisoned for the charge of social disorder. In 1954, he founded the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity and the church grew rapidly. He sent Choi Bong-choon, [also known as Sang Ik ‘Papasan’ Choi] to Japan for propagation. [In Japan Choi Bong-choon was known as Nishikawa Masaru.] Kim Sang-chul [also known as David SC Kim] and Kim Young-oon were sent to America for propagation.

But today we can hear the voice of the victims who died of Mr. Moon’s irrational behavior. Now Mr. Moon is covering his face with new innocent believers who do not know the secret of the pikareum return and its practice. His imprisonment has been advertised as a glorified miracle. He has spent a lot of money that was earned hard by the members of the church.

A few years ago, a Japanese woman went to a slum are to sell Korean ginseng and she was gang raped and killed. The black rapists put her under a car to squash to eliminate the evidence. But her ID of the Unification Church was found. The money that earned like that has been spent by the Moons. And he claims that he is the messiah.

In Japan, a lot of members are selling chocolate and gums on the street to send money to Mr. Moon. And Mr. Moon is planning an impossible project. It is the International Highway Project. It is to build an underwater tunnel between Korea and Japan and connects it to China, Russia, and Europe. Even within the organization, they say that it is impossible.

The Second Coming of the Messiah, Mr. Moon, is planning to build an international highway. What kind of messiah is he? The return of the Garden of Eden must be his duty on earth.

Mr. Moon has called himself pastor in newspapers or media in the United States. But he never attended any theological school or never was ordained as a minister. If he was ordained in the school of the Unification Church, here is a question. Mr. Moon kept saying that he is the messiah and the third Adam. And his duty is to clear the world through the exchange of blood. Then how could the messiah become a pastor? That proves that he has lied to us so far.

I will explain the reason for his change of name. In the Book of Revelations of St. John 12:91, the red dragon appears and confuses the world. And he changed his part of name ‘Yong’, which means the Chinese ‘dragon’ to ‘Sun’, which means the ‘light.’ This means that he admitted that he was the Satan. Since I confessed my shameful history with Mr. Moon, there is no lie in my book. I can surely tell you that Mr. Moon is the real Satan.

I am willing to risk my life telling the truth about this red dragon Sun Myung Moon to the world to prevent any more victims throughout the world.

I pray for the judgment of the Lord God from the bottom of my heart.

[Written from August 31st 1985 to September 30th 1993.]

Chapter 7