Shamanism at the heart of Moon’s church

Shamanism lies at the heart of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han’s church – even if it uses a Christian signboard.

Updated October 5, 2021

She was known as Nonsan Halmeoni ( = Grandmother from Nonsan 논산 할머니 ). Her real name was Lee Baek-im 李白任, 이백임. She is sitting in the center, wearing a hanbok with a white top. She was born in 1909 and joined the UC in 1972. Sun Myung Moon asked her to do nationwide ancestor liberation tours in Korea – which she did in the mid 1970s. Here she is pictured with members at the 청주 통일교회 Cheongju Unification Church in September 1973. Moon incorporated some of her shaman practices into the UC.

Daemo-nim’s (Kim Hyo-nam’s) words from August 31, 2014:
“Those of you here as older members, you know how Lee Baek-im [Nonsan Halmeoni] did liberation (in the past). She would sit down, call them, and liberate them.”

Just as Moon stole his theology from others (and got followers such as Eu Hyo-won and Kim Young-oon to systematize it), Moon borrowed shaman rituals and ceremonies from Nonsan Halmeoni and others.
Link to information in Korean about Nonsan Halmeoni.

Shaman ceremonies in Korea are known as ‘kut’.

Kim Myung-hui  –  430 couple UC member who left and wrote a book:
The Identity of Sun Myung Moon
“In 1973, at a resort house at Cheongpyeong in Kyeonggi-do, church leader Moon held an ancestor exorcism rite (kut) with the 36 Couples witnessing team members at the end of their 3-year witnessing course [which Moon had sent them out to do] in 1970.

At that time, they performed a shaman ceremony bow (on their knees) and carried out an exorcism (kut) under the direction of ‘grandmother’ Lee Baek-im of Nonsan (Nonsan Halmeoni), offering sacrificial rites to heaven with unstrained rice wine (makkolli), a pig’s head, rice cakes, and so on, on an ancestor memorial offering table.

At that time, ‘grandmother’ Lee Baek-im was 67 years old and was originally an adherent of Daejong-gyo. She came to know Sun Myung Moon in 1973, and was warmly received in the Unification Church as an authority on spiritual matters as a medium. Whenever the Unification Church performed any ritual ceremony, she always performed the role of leader of the ceremony each time. However, she died of cancer in September 1979.

Church leader Moon explained that performing a formal deep bow, and leading the ceremony with two women, in the positions of Leah and Rachel, on either side of him in front of the ritual offering table, was a ceremony to the liberate spirit world.” LINK

There is a pig’s head on the altar, in front of the black object. In the Bible the pig is known as a dirty animal. Shaman ceremonies like this, performed by the Moons and Mrs Choi, contradict Christian beliefs. Choi Won-bok, who was known as second mother, is on Moon’s left; Hak Ja Han is on his right. Moon put the two women in the positions of Leah and Rachel, the two wives of Jacob, since he claimed to be restoring ‘Jacob’s course’. The ceremony above may be to liberate or mobilize spirits, or it may be to ask for many children, since pigs have many piglets and, in Korea, represent prosperity.

Here the two wives can clearly be identified. Choi Won-bok is on Moon’s left and Hak Ja Han is on his right. This photo was taken on January 1, 1968 on the occasion of the establishment of ‘God’s Day’ when other shaman ceremonies were performed. They involved six women in two trinities. One trinity was led by Choi Won-bok and the other by Hak Ja Han. LINK

Kim Myung-hui: “The old lady from Nonsan (Nonsan Halmeoni) was a famous authority on spiritual matters and a medium to the extent that every Unification Church member knew who she was and participated in this kind of ceremony while she was touring all the companies controlled by the Unification Church.

This kind of exorcism is exactly the same as that of a Korean shamanic exorcism (kut). Therefore, considering that the Unification Church holds this kind of secret ceremony under the signboard of Christianity, we can know that the Unification Church is not like Christianity, but only has a Christian facade.

Within the Unification Church, other than those ancestor exorcism rites (kut), there are many functions having bowing ceremonies in front of a ritual offering table. Especially, believers perform formal full bows to church leader Moon.”

대종교 Daejong-gyo or Taejong-kyo, the “religion of the Divine Progenitor” or “great ancestral religion”


Sun Myung Moon’s words:
“The person that I want to introduce to you is Nonsan Halmeoni (the grandmother from Nonsan). You have to understand that this grandmother has suffered tremendously. Why did I raise her up? Now is the time when the physical world and the spiritual world are to come together and intersect. We are entering such a time. The spirit world has to come down to the earth to perform the liberation ceremony and the physical world has to rise up to the world in heaven to secure its foundation. We have entered such a time of intersection.

Neither Christians nor regular followers of a religion understand the concept, Liberation of the Ancestors. When you observe the ceremony, it may seem like some shamanistic ritual, and it does not feel comfortable. Superstitious aspects can be found in it. However, originally, religion cannot stand without some kind of superstition. Jesus? That is also a superstition. In a large sense, it is a superstition. It is a superstition with a great significance, to which elaboration can be provided and a clear perspective of purpose can be added. Jesus had performed many superstitious acts. Walking on the water, and so forth. How can you believe all that? They are incomprehensible.” (75-249)

“The thing about resolving the wishes of the ancestors and so forth, when you observe them all is like some noisy shamanistic ritual. I know that very well. I understand very well that aspect. The spirit world has to go through such a process. Only after it is crossed over several times … For this reason, the ancestor who appeared first … In the first hour Satan enters and in the second hour good ancestors come in. One hour is taken up by the evil spirits and another hour by the good spirits. You have to separate these. You have to ward off evil spirits with evil spirits.” (75-255)

Shamanism is flourishing in Korea.

Kim Young-hwi – joined the UC in the 1950s; one of the 36 couples
May 1, 1996 at East Garden:

“Evil spirits not only cling to the body’s surface, but they can attach themselves to every cell…

In the early days of our church in Korea there was a grandmother called Nonsan Halmeoni. She was liberating spirits and sending them to spirit world, But at that time, after she sent spirits away they immediately came back, because there was no place in the spirit world to accommodate them. The wife of Mr. Hong, the regional leader in Chicago, had been working with Nonsan Halmeoni. Suddenly last year Mrs. Hong became paralyzed. She could not speak and had many kinds of difficulties; her daughter also had troubles. She was suffering not because of herself, but because of the spirits who had entered her when she was working with Nonsan Halmeoni, Because of that she became paralyzed and had so many difficulties; her family also suffered because of the work of evil spirits.

Daemo-nim found this out and said that because there were so many evil spirits in her she could not be restored in just one or two months, but it would take many months. Therefore, Daemo-nim recommended that Mrs. Hong come to live at Cheongpyeong so that from time to time Daemo-nim could chase out some of the spirits. There were so many that she could not do it at one time, From this you can understand how dreadful it is to have evil spirits inside you. If you do not take the evil spirits away from your physical body you will get into trouble. Furthermore, the reason we change our minds so often is because of the work of evil spirits.

… Now Cheongpyeong has become the first restored garden of Eden. It is the place God, True Parents, Heung Jin Nim and Daemo-nim can control. Therefore, Satan can no longer have power over anyone who comes to that place.”

Today’s World – August 1996, pages 19-24

Daemo-nim (real name Kim Hyo-nam) conducting ancestor liberation at Cheongpyeong. She has now been removed from Cheongpyeong due to $millions of missing funds.

The whole idea of the infamous ‘Spiritual Sales’ by the Unification Church of Japan was based on exploiting the Japanese people’s concerns or fears for their departed loved ones or ancestors. Unification Church members would tell potential customers that their ancestors were suffering in hell. They would then be offered marble pagodas, vases or statues of Buddha, etc. which were all manufactured by the UC in Korea. They were sold for huge prices. LINK

Nansook Hong and the Buddha Lady who helped the Moons to match her to their son, Hyo Jin Moon.

from pages 70-72, 101 and 109-111 of In The Shadow Of The Moons: My Life In The Reverend Sun Myung Moon’s Family. (1998)  ISBN  0-316-34816-3

Nansook Hong: “I had never been to the Rev. Moon’s private residence. It was an enormous house with an elaborate front gate that led to a large courtyard. A sister led me to an ornate dining room. My mother was already there. Three chairs were lined up on either side of the rectangular dining table. The Rev. Moon sat at the head; Mrs. Moon sat to his right. Beside her sat a woman I did not recognize. Next to her was Mrs. Kim Young-hwi. My mother was seated opposite Mrs. Moon. My mother smiled and gestured for me to sit beside her. I kept my eyes downcast, focusing on the patterns of light and shadow cast by the large crystal chandelier on the white linen tablecloth.

My head remained bowed as the kitchen sisters served course after course of the dinner meal. I was too scared to eat the rice or soup or kimchi or seafood or meat. I moved the food around my plate and prayed no one would take notice of me.

It struck me that Mrs. Moon seemed to be in very good spirits. There was a lot of laughter, but I did not focus on the conversation until I suddenly realized they were talking about me. The woman at the table whom I had not recognized was staring at me. She was commenting on my forehead and the shape of my head. She was delighted that my hair had been pulled back for the performance at school. It gave her the opportunity to examine my ears more closely. I could feel my face flush as she cataloged the positive characteristics of my ears: earlobes that were long and fat, a shape that was well proportioned. All this meant longevity and good fortune. …

“So that’s it,” I thought. “I’m being matched.” The Reverend Moon asked me no questions. He made no attempt to engage me in conversation, to determine what I was like. He already knew enough. The unfamiliar woman at dinner, it turned out, was a Buddhist spiritualist, a fortune-teller, who assured the Reverend Moon that I would make a perfect match for Hyo Jin. The woman whom I came to think of as the Buddha Lady was not a member of the Unification Church. It never occurred to me or my parents to ask why the Reverend Moon needed to consult a Buddhist fortune-teller for advice if he was the Lord of the Second Advent, in regular, direct communication with God.

As much as anything about my new life in the True Family, the antipathy between the Moon children and their parents stunned me. Early on, I was disabused of the idea that this was a warm and loving family. …

One morning soon after Hyo Jin’s return, I came to greet True Parents at their breakfast table. I was surprised to see that they had been joined by the Buddha Lady, the Buddhist fortune-teller who had blessed my match to Hyo Jin the previous fall in Seoul. Mrs. Moon urged her to tell us what the future held for Hyo Jin and me. “Nansook is a winged white horse. Hyo Jin is a tiger. This is a good match,” she said. “Nansook will have a difficult time in life but her fortune is very good. Hyo Jin’s fortune is tied to hers. He can be great only if he sits on Nansook’s back and together they fly.”

Mrs. Moon was so pleased by the Buddha Lady’s optimistic forecast that she went out and bought me a diamond-and-emerald ring – the fortune-teller had told her that green was my lucky color. A few days later the Buddha Lady came to see me secretly at Cottage House. “Please remember me when you are a very powerful woman,” she said. “Remember the good fortune I saw ahead for you.”

What lay ahead for me was nothing like what the Buddha Lady foresaw. Hyo Jin was furious that his parents had interfered in his love life, but he was also a realist. He was in no position to follow his lover to California. He had no money, no job, no high school diploma, no means of support besides his parents. In the end, Hyo Jin was all talk. True love paled next to the prospect of being cut off from Father’s money.

Hyo Jin and this girlfriend would continue to correspond for years. He often left her love letters out in the open for me to find. When Hyo Jin learned that she had moved in with a new lover in Los Angeles in 1984, he was so distraught that he shaved his head.”

Nansook Hong interviewed

Nansook Hong In The Shadow Of The Moons part 1

A review of Nansook Hong’s revealing book

Kim Myung-hui: “Leader Moon liked fortunetellers. He was close to an old man called Myung-Hak Lee who served as a professional fortuneteller in Insa-dong, Jonno-gu in the early 1960s.

Mr. Lee provided fortunetelling services for the Blessed Families of the Unification Church (couples who took part in the marriage ceremonies officiated by leader Moon). Following the fortuneteller’s advice, leader Moon matched the 36 couples and the 72 couples. Elder Song was the person who ran the errand of fortunetelling.

Leader Moon carried out the matching ceremonies of bonding the men and women together according to the fortuneteller’s judgments. He made matches if fortuneteller Lee said they were good together, or vice versa. Those blind believers did not understand that they were not matched by leader Moon, who was said to know everything about them, but rather they were matched by the fortuneteller.

We can hardly understand the spiritual abuse of leader Moon of the Unification Church, which says it serves God and pursues His will. He is a master of deception because he advertises that even Satanic outsiders testify to the decisions made by leader Moon in the Unification Church.

Why have many blessed families left and divorced after the choices and matching by the famous fortuneteller and the Lord of the Second Advent?”

The Identity of Sun Myung Moon by Kim Myung-hui (published in 1987)

Heung-jin Moon died in January 1984. The next month, he was married!

On February 20, 1984, Moon married his dead son, Heung-jin, to the daughter of Pak Bo Hi. Hoon-sook can be seen holding a photo of her ‘husband’. The idea of marrying two dead people together – or even a dead person to a living person – is rooted in Korean shamanism.

Sculptures of male and female sex organs outside the Cheongpyeong Prayer Hall.

Outside the Jeongshim Prayer Hall the female organ is on the right of the steps.

▲ The testicles and phallus are on the left.

Inside the Prayer Hall, Hak Ja Han is on the right side of the photo, outside the hall the vagina is also on the right. In the photo Moon is on the left, and outside the male genitalia (with clocktower) are also on the left.

▲ Inside the Prayer Hall (Note the two ‘spirit world’ houses. They can be purchased and will get believers a ‘real’ house in the ‘spirit world’.)

Left, Heung Jin Moon painting. Right, DaeMoNim (= Honorable Great Mother), painting.

DaeMoNim’s real name was Soon-ae Hong. (She was the mother of Hak Ja Han). Soon-ae Hong was jailed for manslaughter in 1957. All the early Korean members know that, and so have never respected her. Members all over the world have been bowing to Soon-ae Hong without knowing what kind of person she was.

“There was even an incident that occurred in 1957. An old woman, Jae-geon Kim, and Soon-ae Hong (the mother of Hak Ja Han who is currently the wife of Sun Myung Moon)  were released after a two year sentence in Chuncheon Prison. The two women had been charged with beating a mentally-ill boy to death during an Ansu session. He was about 18 years old. They had guaranteed that they could cure the mental abnormality with their divine powers.”

1957년도에는 이런 일도 있었다. 18세 가량의 정신이상자인 소년 하나를 김재건 노파와 홍순애 (현재 문 선명의 부인인 한 학자의 모친) 여인이 자기네들의 신통력으로 정신이상증세를 고칠 수 있다고 장담하면서 지나치게 안수. 안찰을 하다 결국 맞아 죽은 사건이 발생하여 두 여인은 강원도 춘천형무소에서 2년간에.   LINK

Moon himself was cleansed through a pikareum sex ritual with the “wife of Jehovah”, Ms Pak, in Pyongyang in the summer of 1946. She had sex with God in a dream.

Moon’s pikareum sex ritual with her qualified him to be the messiah. He then had the mission, from God, to directly cleanse as many women as possible in a sex relay. (This is a Korean shaman god, not the God of Judeo-Christianity.)

The salvation and cleansing of mankind starts from Moon as the sinless messiah. In the early days of the Unification Church this was done through the pikareum ceremony (pi=blood, kareum=separation). During these ceremonies to remove the original sin, sexual intercourse was done three times – formation, growth and perfection. The cleansing was done by the sperm. This explains the testicles outside the Prayer Hall. If a woman was cleansing a man, she must have been cleansed before by the sperm of a cleansed man. Later, within Unification Church marriages, it was called the “Three Day Ceremony.” Holy Wine (containing Moon’s sperm) has also been used.

According to the Unification Blessed Family Department:
“The act of love should be a complete act (penetration and ejaculation)… It is not permitted to use a condom or any other apparatus during the act of love.”

A condom prevents the sperm from performing the womb cleansing.

Moon: “A person is born through a man’s seed going into a woman. Where does the way of reversal begin? It is within the woman’s womb. The condition must be established so that history is reversed in the womb. For complete restoration, the starting point is the seed which exists in the body of a male. The condition must be established in which the seed within a male is united with God’s love. Without establishing that condition, complete reversal of the blood lineage cannot be established.” (October 13, 1970, Seoul)

The above arrangement is not by chance. These testicles are large enough to cleanse all the women of the world.

Sun Myung Moon:
“The foundation of resurrection has not been understood so far. You must establish the condition to inherit the heart of history; otherwise the start and motivation for resurrection is not fulfilled. You must understand that.

Then for the blood lineage to be reversed, conditions must be established so that the seed which is going to become a future child enters the bone marrow of Adam and connects with God’s love. Otherwise, you cannot be born anew as God’s child. This teaching is founded on the Bible, which is God’s word.

The emotions or feelings of a man do have an influence upon the seed in his flesh. When a man feels happy, that feeling of happiness affects his own seed. Likewise, when he feels sad, that feeling of sadness affects his seed.

The realm of total perfection cannot be achieved without a condition for restoring fallen Eve. … That providence must involve the womb of a woman. It is there that the solution to the problems of history must be found…” (Moon, October 13, 1970, Seoul)

“Husbands are in the archangel position, which means they don’t have the seed. Therefore the wives must absolutely unite with True Parents, so that the husband can be restored. The archangel cannot have the seed of life.” (Moon, November 29-December 6, 2000 South American tour)

The purpose of the Cheongshim tower has not been explained.

Sun Myung Moon demonstrates sexual intercourse

From an FFWPU / UC workshop presentation:

We all need to inherit True Parent’s Heart and Absolute Sex.
Absolute sex means God’s original blood lineage.
True Father is the substance of God’s original sperm.
True Mother is the substance of God’s original ovum.
True Parents are the completion of God’s original sperm and ovum.

Sun Myung Moon:
“If humanity were to go beyond the traditional categories of virtue, religion and any other human norms, but were absolutely in harmony with the sexual organs, earning the welcoming applause of God, what kind of world would it be?

I wish that you would center on the absolute sexual organ, unique sexual organ, unchanging sexual organ and eternal sexual organ, and use this as your foundation to pursue God. You should realize that this foundation should become the foundation of love, life, lineage and conscience. We also have to realize that the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven will begin on this foundation.

Wherever you may go, please try to spread Reverend Moon’s message through television or other media. You will never perish. What force can turn around this world of Hell? It is impossible to achieve this unless our sexual organ is used in accordance with an absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal standard centering on God’s true love which is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal love. God is the original owner of the sexual organs.

Let us go forward all together for this common cause. … This is the very mission of the Family Federation for World Peace. …” (Sun Myung Moon, August 1, 1996, Washington DC.)

A model of the Cheongshim tower was used at an ancestor liberation ceremony held in Chiba, Japan, in summer 2014. Hyo-nam Kim officiated.

A Korean fertility shrine.

Shamanic Trees and Magical Thinking at the Cheongpyeong Training Center

▲ FFWPU members pray, with candles held high, at the Tree of Love (in the black circle) at the FFWPU Cheongpyeong Training Center.

Traditionally, almost every Korean village had a shrine of some sort for the village guardian spirit (서낭 Seonang, 성황 Seonghwang). These shrines (서낭당 Seonang-dang) could take various forms. They could be a small building (신당 Shindang), or a pile of stones, or a sacred tree (당산나무 Dangsan-namu, 신목 Shinmok), or a combination of those. These sacred places were the location for the community’s periodic rituals for protection, prosperity and a good harvest. Here are the Cheongpyeong sacred trees. There are also stone altars, piles of sacred stones (탑신당 Tapshindang, 누석단 Nuseokdan), in the surrounding hills above the Cheongpyeong training center.

▲ The Tree of Love in daytime

– Piled up like ant eggs
– They are rooted all over the body in order, centering on the most resentful spirit

Water of Life
There is a fountain with magical water:

According to Korean shamanism, all diseases are caused by evil spirits. Here is an evil spirit being extracted.

Ancestor Liberation Ceremony at Cheongpyeong. Members slap those in front of them.

Daemo-nim (real name Kim Hyo-nam) beating evil spirits from a member.

Ancestor Liberation Workshop Fees

These fees for US members have probably now increased.
(The Japanese always pay much more.)
Father’s ancestors $700 for the first 7 generations
Mother’s ancestors $700 for the first 7 generations
Ancestors of Grandmother on the father’s side $700 for the first 7 generations
Ancestors of Grandmother on the mother’s side $700 for the first 7 generations
Thereafter $70 x 4 for each 7 generations.
After they have been liberated they all need to be blessed for more fees.
And there are registration fees.

The payment booths in the basement at Cheongpyeong. Thousands of members pay $millions here. Cash is preferred.

Wish papers can be purchased (at varying prices) and these are then ceremoniously burnt. There is little evidence that problems and diseases are magically solved, but the Cheongpyeong operation brings a lot of money to the Moon family.

Wish Papers: Make a wish, write it down, give it to the UC with your money. They will burn the papers in a ceremony…

Black Heung Jin Moon – When violence came to the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification / Unification Church

▲ Sun Myung Moon wearing a crown with seven stars in 1995. Ch’ilsong-nim, or the Seven Star Spirit, is a guise of, or an alternative name for, the Ruler of Heaven, Hananim. As Ch’ilsong, he is the Ruler of the Pole Star, the central and pivotal constellation of the northern hemisphere. Note the large star.

The God of the Day and the God of the Night – Sun and Moon

Some background on Lady Doctor Kim
Poster for an event in Washington, DC, in 1976:

Shin Wook Kim was born in Korea on April 11, 1914
She married on May 15, 1937
Joined the Unification Church on July 27, 1956
She was an obstetrician & gynecologist and helped at the birth of Ye Jin, and also at the birth of Hyo Jin, Hae Jin [who died after eight days from a birth defect] and In Jin.

She was in a three single’s blessing.
Two children were:
Bang Hyo Won (91 Couples)
Bang Hyo Bon (6,000 couples) 
[husband John Wayne Robbins]

She died on November 16, 2004 [after suffering from Alzheimer’s]

Daniele Cohen: “I will never forget one Christmas Eve, I drove Dr. Kim to one of her kids’ house to deliver presents. This person screamed at Lady Dr. Kim, and I understood every word. She called her mother names and threw the presents at her, told her to get out and never come back! I wept all the way back home and what did Lady Dr. Kim do? She tried to laugh it off and comfort me, told me it was the price she had to pay. Then Dr. Kim told me what it was like when she joined Abba-nim. She said her husband beat her and stole her clothes; her relatives hated her.”

Mrs. Shin Wook Kim, a spiritualist and an operator of a hospital, left for the US together with her two children on September 4, 1970. Since she converted to the Holy Spirit Association from the Seventh Day Adventist Church in 1956, she has devoted herself to the transmission of the Divine Principles by means of medical treatments and spiritual activities.


She said that she had seven operations before, and was not afraid of being cut again. Her profession was obstetrician & gynecologist. She had delivered over 5,000 new babies, among them five ‘True Children’. And she said that afterwards True Parents gave her a ring as a special gift.
She immigrated to America as a missionary. First True Father wished her to become an Ob-Gyn. doctor in the U.S. and later assigned her the title and mission of a “spiritual doctor”.

The Blessing of the Fleet

On July 2, 1987 the blessing of the fleet inaugurated the beginning of the Gloucester tuna-fishing season. First we held a four-hour Il Jeung prayer vigil from midnight until 4:00 am.
Later on in the morning of July 2, all the boats left the dock for the outer harbor, and as the vessels passed by the mother boat, they were blessed with prayers and holy salt. This year it was the Sea Hope II, since the New Hope, which has been the mother boat in past years, was still in New York waters. The third part of the blessing of the fleet was a ceremony held out at sea beyond the breakwater, conducted by Mrs. Shin Wook Kim (Lady Dr. Kim). She prayed and made offerings of fruit, fish, nuts, and other foods on behalf of each vessel and its crew that would be going out to sea during the season.

According to Allen Tate Wood, in the early 1970s either Lady Dr. Kim or Young Oon Kim conducted shaman rituals in the US involving the sacrifice of chickens.

Lady Dr. Kim did ancestor liberation on the individual, tribal, and national levels.

Daniele Cohen: “During the Washington Monument campaign, it was she that did a very special ceremony to sanctify the grounds and protect True Father’s life. I was allowed to walk it with her.”

Before the Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument rallies in 1976 Lady Doctor Kim collected blood from many members who were asked to volunteer. At W. M. the blood was taken by syringe some days before the September 18th rally. It was put in coolers or in a large rice cooker for storage. It was done during the day out in the open not so far from the monument. There was a line of tables with folding legs. The one hundred or so participants were told the blood was going to be buried near the monument as a condition to protect the life of Sun Myung Moon during the rally.

Amrine House testimony nightmares – Blessed Child podcast

Severe triggering warning for any Unification Church members who grew up in the DC area.
Today I interviewed Natalia, who recalls a testimony that she never forgot. We name the cult within a cult that Rev. Moon kept as his close inner circle. These accounts were documented by multiple members and can be found on How well do you know your moon.

Sexual abuse allegedly took place at a house in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Hyo Jin Moon was reportedly sexually abused as a child

This abuse has also been mentioned in the Sanctuary Church of Hyung Jin ‘Sean’ Moon and Kook Jin ‘Justin’ Moon

Peter Kim was appointed to the Supreme Council of the Unification Church in September 2015.

thedwills2 said: “Hyo Jin Moon told Nansook that he was sexualized as a child in Korea before his family moved to the US when he was 9 years old. Sexualized is a kind word for child molestation. I doubt ‘Accused’ Child Molester is enough to get Peter Kim kicked out of the council. That would explain a lot, the anger, the coke, the booze, hookers, driving like a maniac. When I had no sympathy before, I do now. R.I.P. Hyo Jin.”

Years ago Eu Hyo-min, who joined in 1953 and was one of the 36 couples, related how Hyo-jin was sexually abused in Korea by female followers who wanted to connect with the “true lineage”. Eu Hyo-min allegedly said that Sun Myung Moon was aware that things were happening to Hyo Jin, but he did not do anything about it. Eu Hyo-min did not talk about Hak Ja Han.

Women of the 36 couples played sexual games with Hyo-jin. They went to his bed and played with him. They looked at Hyo-jin as a child without sin, so they felt they were free to do this.

Pak Chung-hwa also reported about Hyo-Jin being sexually abused by women in Korea before Hyo Jin moved to USA.

Kim Myung-hui was a member from January 1963 to March 1978 confirmed the same story about the sexual abuse of Hyo Jin. Mr Kim wrote the book with the red cover, The Identity of Sun Myung Moon.

This may be why Hyo Jin justified his own affairs later on in life.

Hyo Jin Moon is rumored to have held a loaded handgun to Peter Kim’s head at East Garden and threatened to pull the trigger. Why?

The Amrine house, a view from outside – Blessed Child podcast
In this episode I interview John Wayne Robbins. A man with a bird’s eye view of Mr. Moon, the Amrine house and the cycle of violence within the Unification Church.

Trigger warning – I cried during this interview. So be safe and comfortable when you listen to this one.

We gather more evidence of the insidious nature at the core of the Unification movement. Here is the story of Mr. Sun Myung Moon deceiving America.

By sharing our stories, a more dynamic understanding of the Unification movement is unfolding, and I promise you it is rotten to the core.

from the podcast:

John Robbins: “Hyobon had her own company. She sold diamonds out of the Empire State Building. It was her own thing.
Renee: “How did she get the funds to start that?”
John: “You would have to ask her that question. … On a side note her sister is Christina Bahn who had a fur company called Christina Bahn Fur.”
Renee: “This is a lot of businesses for an elite family back in the 1980s.”

Bo Hi Pak: “Also, let me introduce Mrs. Hyobon Robbins, executive vice president of Panda Motors Corporation.” February 24, 1995
Truth Is My Sword Volume I – Collected Speeches in the Public Arena
Welcoming Remarks in Honor of DPRK Delegation

‘Christina Bahn’ in New York sold dresses, coats, skirts, hats, stoles, muffs all made of fur. Hak Ja Han and another daughter of Lady Doctor Kim, Christina Bahn, were connected to this business.

Sun Myung Moon: The Emperor of the Universe, transcript and links

Sun Myung Moon had sex with the “Wife of Jehovah”

Moon called Pak Wol-yong “the wife of Jehovah.” He referred to her many times in his Korean Malssum speeches.

Choe Joong-Hyun 1993 PhD thesis: “Sources give us four different given names of this old woman: Unnae (Malssum 33:134). Ullyong (Ok Se-hyun 1984:320-321), Ullo (Chong Deuk-eun 1958:5), and Wolyong (T’ak Myeong-hwan 1979:56). But here we choose to use “Wolyong” which sounds more natural and familiar as a female Korean name than the other three.”

from Sun Myung Moon’s life in his own words

“In three stages, women had to prepare the heavenly providence. Why? Because Eve fell first, God had to call women first so they would be aware of how the Lord would come. Three generations had to prepare those providential activities. In those days, there was great confusion. As you know, going from Mrs. Kim Seong-do to Mrs. Heo Ho-bin and on from there, covered three generations. Thus, the course passing through Mrs. Kim Seong-do, Mrs. Heo Ho-bin and Pak Nopa [Pak Wol-yong] – the lady who claimed to be the wife of Jehovah – followed the women’s work. Pastors Baek Nam-ju, Lee Yong-do and Kim Baek-moon led the work being done by the men.”

[Kim Baek-moon did pikareum. Moon was in his group in Seoul from October 1945 – June 1946.]
Kim Baek-moon and “sexual union with God”

Hong Soon-ae, the mother of Hak Ja Han, was in a sex cult

This document is referred to in the second podcast:

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification INTERNATIONAL
12F Dowon Bldg., 292-20 Dohwa-dong
Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 121-040
481 Eighth Avenue, Suite 916, New York, NY 10001, USA

To: Continental Directors, Regional and National Leaders, National Messiahs
From: FFWPU International President
Re: Unauthorized spiritual group in our movement
Date: October 09, 2000
We pray for God’s blessing on all of your hard work.

1. We would like to inform you of an unauthorized spiritual group that leads members astray from the legitimate tradition of faith centered on True Parents and distorts the meaning of the providence. Leaders in all levels must give members the right guidance.
Unauthorized Spiritual Group and their Members:
Belongs to the Washington Korean Church (KEA)
1. Jae-Soon Choi (Ju Yeon Amrine)
2. Do-Soon Cha (Do Soon Maketa)
3. Chung-Ok Kim (Mi Sun Sices)
4. Kyung-Soon Yoo (Kyung Soon Garau)
5. Sun-Hwa Park (Sun Ah Berry)
6. Hyung-Joong Yoon (Hyung Joong Reddin)
7. Myra Stanecki

2. True Parents Direction: True Father spoke strongly against the spiritual phenomena involving those people mentioned above on September 23, during the 21-day registration workshop. Father refused to allow them to participate in the Four Position Foundation Registration Blessing Ceremony at that time.
Chung Hwan Kwak, IIFWP International President
Sun Jo Hwang, FFWPU International President
Jeung Og Yu, FFWPU Japanese Chairman
Chang Shik Yang, FFWPU North American Continental Director

Ye Jin Moon and Hyobon (daughter of Lady Dr. Kim).

A post from WIOTM (What is on the Moon blog), May 18, 2012

On the rock at Belvedere. On the left is Onni Durst. Hyobon, wearing a pink hanbok, is sitting behind Moon. In front of her is Annie Choi, the mother of Sam Park. On the right in Yeong-choon Oh who raised money to get Moon out of jail in Seoul in 1955. He had been in jail for a couple of months, serving a two year sentence. Mrs Oh left the UC and her story is told in the Tragedy of the Six Marys book. Yeong-choon Oh was a key church member in the early 1950s. She witnessed to Annie Choi’s mother in Busan. In this photo Annie Choi appears to not want any more advances from Moon.

I happen to know a woman named Hyobon Bang. Her mother, Lady Dr Kim joined the church not long after Hyobon was born. So Hyobon is not a second gen but one of the first non-blessed children to be raised exclusively in the UC. Not only that but Hyobon’s family was extremely close to the Moon family, so close that Hyobon was made to be “Ye” Jin Moon’s nanny. (That’s SMM’s first daughter with Hak Ja Han.)

Once, Hyobon told her husband [John Wayne Robbins] that True Father told her that Ye Jin Moon was such a difficult person to be around and Hyobon was so sacrificial and long suffering person that she was the only one who could have been Ye Jin Moon’s nanny.

Just a few short years ago the husband of Hyobon told me another story about his wife and Ye Jin Moon. He told me that at some point in her life Ye Jin was so depressed that she couldn’t get out of bed till late afternoon or early evening so Hyobon would take her place at her college classes. Since no one really knew Ye Jin they never questioned Hyobon showing up in her place. Hyobon actually got the degree not Ye Jin. Later in life it was Hyobon who got the mega paycheck job when she was sent by SMM to open a car factory in China [Panda]. Meanwhile Ye Jin never worked outside the home.

I recently thought about all that and had an interesting observation about it. It occurred to me that Ye Jin Moon was extremely depressed because it was around that time she found out her Father had cheated on her beloved mother and that there was a bastard son born from that affair named Sammy. Who wouldn’t be depressed if one of their parents were found to be cheating on the other? How much worse it must have been for the children of SMM and Hak Ja Han to find out that there messianic father, their perfect father cheated on his perfect wife, his messianic wife? What a blow to their family life it must have been to learn that little secret huh? What a blow to their faith to learn that secret knowledge about their father.

Then I thought about Hyo Jin Moon (the first son born to Hak Ja Han). I thought about his miserable life. How he came to love porn more than his real life wife Nansook Hong. I thought about his drug abuse and his alcohol abuse and his life as a partying playboy who had sex with countless women. I thought about him beating his pregnant wife when he came home drunk and drugged up after finding her praying beside their bed. I thought of all the things I’d read about him in his ex wife’s book “In the Shadow of the Moons”. I thought about how Hyo Jin Moon became a monster, and in my mind it all went back to the fact that his father, his perfect father had been caught cheating on his beloved mother. (real messianic stuff huh?)

I then thought about all the children of the ‘True Family’. The stories of those children, one by one, is the saddest of stories. Drug abuse, alcohol abuse, sexual promiscuity, divorce, suicide, some of them have even beaten young second gen children and UC members…ask around, read all the stuff on WIOTM and  The stories are there, too many to repeat here. Maybe some of you even know more then I do about the children of SMM and HJH and the fallen ways in which they conducted their lives. How ashamed would the parents of you second gen children be if you all had turned out like the Moon children. And yet we teach our children to worship the Moons.

It sickens me to know that the Unification Church leaders teach you that all those bad things that have taken over the lives of the ‘True Children’ are your fault. You, as members have failed to complete the formula course so Satan invaded the ‘True Family’. Bull shit! Satan invaded the ‘True Family’ when Sun Myung Moon cheated on his young virgin bride, Hak Ja Han. That secret knowledge is the knowledge that broke the ‘True Family’. They paid the price for their father’s sexual sins. And they are still paying for it.

Years ago I wrote to Mike Jenkins telling him what I thought of the affair Rev Moon had with Sammy’s mother. I told him that the true family would fall apart because God was not with them and that God was showing the rest of us that He was not with that family by allowing them to fall apart. I told him there was nothing anyone could do to stop their decline because SMM was a fornicator not the holy man he claimed to be. And now, even the members in Korea are trying to have to two top sons of SMM ousted from their positions of power because they are more like thugs, more like the Mafia, than true children, true people. Their words not mine!
 It will only get worse.

Because God must show that what Sun Myung Moon did was against HIS Holy Will. You will know a tree by it’s fruit.

Confirmed as fact, and permission to publish given:
“Hyobon went to classes at Smith College for Ye Jin Moon. She took many of her tests/exams for her. Wrote her papers, etc.”
John Wayne Robbins described his wife, Hyobon, as being a “slave” to Ye Jin.

The Strange Case of Lady Doctor Kim by Craig Maxim

Before recent times, the most famous among the strange Moonie Psychics, was Lady Doctor Kim. Though Moon claims that he himself, has the clearest phone line to the Spirit World, think of it as a Hot line to God, I guess he likes to be extra sure, so he employs a brood of witches…..errr….psychics all his own. They are well cared for, and dutifully serve Moon’s needs. Predicting the future, reading palms and faces, or as in Lady Doctor Kim’s case, performing special ceremonial rites like her “Ancestor Liberation Ceremony” where she prescribes certain conditions so that a member can be “free” of his satanic ancestors that pull them down spiritually from the other side.

Shin Wook Kim, who is known to Unification Church members as Lady Dr. Kim is truly an oddity. She early on became one of Moon’s inner circle of priestesses, and served Moon in other ways as well. She was provided a suite in Moon’s New Yorker Hotel close to Moon’s so she could prepare special Korean food for him, and be available for her spiritual counseling when needed.

Urine Drinking Therapy?
By now, many of our visitors have learned that the Moonies drink a Holy Wine that is purported by Moon’s leaders to contain Moon’s literal, physical blood. But that is not the only nectar enjoyed by many Moonies. It was quite a few years ago, when Lady Dr. Kim became deathly ill. Apparently cancer. No one seemed to know what to do for her. She claims, that at this point she was led “spiritually” (of course) into a bookstore where she found herself staring at a book on Urine Therapy. Yes. Urine, as in pee-pee. Only, this book called it: The Water of Life. So Mrs. Kim began faithfully drinking her living water, her daily urine, and sure enough, she claimed it healed her. Well, that’s all the Moonies needed to know. They followed her, and many more “Water of Life” drinkers were created.

Masturbation Therapy???
As if drinking urine weren’t strange enough, Lady Dr. Kim had other therapies for her members’ problems. As members, most of us had been warned about the evils of masturbation, but Lady Dr. Kim had a different take on the matter, particularly for the men. She was convinced that masturbation could be useful for satisfying the horrible sexual urges of Moon’s followers. So, when members would go to her for one of her Ancestor Liberation Ceremonies, some of them would be taken aback when she also asked: “Can you satisfy yourself adequately through masturbation?” One member was especially concerned with her advice to him to “Masturbate while praying to God.” I realize that many members (I was one) were unaware of Lady Dr. Kim’s little sideline, but it has been confirmed by many, and I even found a transcript online, of a question/answer session she held on the topic of homosexuality. Here is an excerpt:

Excerpt from an interview with Lady Dr. Kim:
Q: Are masturbation and homosexuality related in any way?

A: Masturbation and homosexuality are completely different. Homosexuality and other relationships have give and take with some other being or object. In the Western world, people usually have quite a bit of sexual experience at an early age. When we join the movement, we try to grow spiritually by cutting off from physical desires. But our bodies still produce certain hormones that effect our behavior. We are trying to maintain our bodies to use for God’s service in our families later. Masturbation as an alternative to releasing such energy uncontrollably and/or to the detriment of others is certainly the lesser of problems. However, people who masturbate too much lose their physical energy and weaken the whole system. Over time, many health problems can occur. If this temptation is not overcome, it may cause physical and emotional problems in our marriage relationships. With masturbation one must use much discernment and an attitude to overcome it.


Sadly, Lady Dr. Kim was reported to be suffering from Alzheimer’s. She died in 2004.

“If you really want to please True Father then have sex with your spouse in front of him.”

One wife from the 36 couples said this to Japanese members at a Cheongpyeong workshop in the 1990s.

Three couples at the 72 couple mass wedding

When Sun Myung Moon was conducting the 72 couple mass wedding, he became too tired to womb cleanse the wife of Hyo-min Eu. Moon told Mr. Eu to have sex with his wife in front of him and that would be sufficient for them to be a purified couple. There was at least one other person in the room. It may have been Hak Ja Han. This was Hyo-min Eu’s own testimony.

An official church record: “The 72 couple Holy Wedding was held on June 4, 1962. Couples entered the hall in sets of three, and separate ceremonies were held for each set. As the couples entered, a congratulatory poem and song were offered, wedding vows were recited and rings were exchanged. Reverend and Mrs. Moon’s blessing prayer followed, and finally, commemorative photographs were taken. A one hour intermission was held after eight sets of couples had participated in the ceremony. The entire marriage ceremony was completed at 5:30 p.m., more than eleven hours after it had begun!”
About 10 of the 36 couples had left the UC by the 1980s. The Hyo-min Eu couple, and others, were promoted to be in the 36 couples to fill the gaps.

Sex in front of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han happens in a symbolic way during the “Three Day Ceremony” which must be done in front of a photograph of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han. In the official instructions, it is optional to have “two cushions to designate the places of True Parents” so that they can have greater presence in the room.

Sun Myung Moon – Emperor, and God
Sun Myung Moon copied the Enthronement Hall of the Korean emperor. The sun and moon motifs symbolize his power over all people and the elements. The spirits of significant historical figures, including military leaders, in Korea and ‘providential’ nations were liberated to mobilize them for Moon’s purposes. This is a Korean shaman tactic.

The shamanic ‘Holy Grounds’ of Reverend Moon
Sun Myung Moon made 120 ‘Holy Grounds’ around the world to connect those nations to the shamanic powers of the Korean Guardians of the Five Directions.

Shamanism: The Spirit World of Korea
Any understanding of the so-called New Religions of Korea would be difficult without some knowledge of shamanistic influences upon them.

Hananim and other Spirits in Korean Shamanism
an extract from the book, Korea: a religious history, by Professor James Huntley Grayson

Soon-ae Hong, the mother of Hak Ja Han
The mother of Hak Ja Han Moon was in a sex cult. In 1957, after she joined Moon’s church, she together with another woman were jailed for beating a mentally-ill boy to remove evil spirits. They killed the boy.

Black Heung Jin Nim – Violence in the Moon church
Black Heung Jin Nim was the name given to Cleopas Kundiona from Zimbabwe. He claimed to be the embodiment of Moon’s son who had died in a car crash. Reverend Sun Myung Moon approved him as his son, but there was a lot of violence in the Unification Church before Moon sent Cleopas home. In Zimbabwe he set himself up as a messiah and abused UC members who had not been warned of his dangerous behavior.

Fear and Loathing at Cheongpyeong   NEW

Ritual Sex in the Unification Church of Reverend Moon
by Kirsti L. Nevalainen

How “God’s Day” was established on January 1, 1968

Moon’s theology for his pikareum sex rituals with all the 36 wives

Sun Myung Moon – Restoration through Incest

Sun Myung Moon restored the first three wives

The Moons’ God is not the God of Judeo-Christianity

The Identity of Sun Myung Moon by Kim Myung-hui

Moon: “It is not me that decided D-day, which is January 13, 2013. The God of Night and the God of Day decided it together and so nobody can change it.”

Religious Worlds (1994) by William E. Paden, PhD