Professor Kim from Ewha University testimony

Professor Kim from Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul gave a testimony.
She had been a professor at the Ewha University in Korea during the 1950s when the Moon and Unification Church sex scandal occurred. She was a Christian and was never a member of the Unification Church.

Professor Kim said that the Moon sex scandal at Ewha University was a huge problem, and that the reputation of the university was damaged for some years. Moon was arrested on July 4th 1955 and charged with adultery with students from Ewha. [Moon was married to Sun-kil Choi from 1945 to January 8th, 1957. Adultery was then a criminal offense in Korea for which offenders were jailed.]

Newspaper articles alleged Moon to have had ‘orgies’ with 70 female students.
Segae newspaper, March 18th, May 13th and May 20th 1957

Professor Kim felt the reasons they got involved were, for many of them, not really religious. It was partly for the excitement, and partly because they were young people who were just being rebellious.

The following doctrinal statement was filed with the Korean Government by Moon’s Unification Association:

1) The one creator is the only God and father.
2) The only son, Jesus, is mankind’s savior.
3) The Second Advent of Jesus is in Korea.
4) Mankind shall become one united family centered around the event of the Second Coming.
5) Ultimate salvation rests upon the elimination of Hell and evil while establishing good and the Kingdom of Heaven.

In an FBI report a letter written by a Christian church in Seoul “additionally states that the group also secretly observes such other beliefs and practices as the following:

1) Founder Moon is the Second Advent Jesus.
2) A believer receives a spiritual body by participating in a ceremony known as blood cleansing which is for women to have sexual intercourse with Moon and for men to have intercourse with such a woman. This idea of blood cleansing comes from the teaching that Eve committed immorality with the Serpent and she passes on to all of us serpent blood.
3) Secretly observed doctrines are Holy covenant and are of more value than the Bible.
4) Members who have experienced blood cleansing can produce sinless generation.
5) Founder Moon is sinless.”