The Choi family’s entanglements with Moon

The Choi family’s entanglements with Sun Myung Moon

From a Japanese article:
“It is complicated. This is the part that has been erased from the history of the Unification Church.

Sun Myung Moon’s first wife was Choi Seon-gil

She was the niece of Choi Seong-mo (see obituary below)

Choi Seon-gil’s uncle was Choi Seong-mo

He was the brother of Choi Seon-gil’s father.

Choi Seong-mo’s wife was Lee Duk-sam.
(He married her when he was 29. She left him for Moon.)

Choi Seong-mo’s eldest daughter: Choi Soon-shil
(She arrested for group sex in Moon’s church in July 1955.)

Choi Seong-mo’s second daughter: Choi Soon-wha
(She is the mother of Sam Park.)

Choi Seong-mo’s eldest son: Choi Soon-yeong
(He inherited the business)

Choi Seong-mo’s second son: Choi Soon-kwang

Choi Seong-mo’s third son: Choi Soon-kil

I can understand the feelings of Mr. Choi Seong-mo, who was the husband of Mrs. Lee Duk-sam. He pushed the police to investigate Teacher Moon, and he wanted to beat the Unification Church. At first I thought Mr. Choi Seong-mo hated Teacher Moon because Moon married Choi Seon-gil, who was Mr. Choi’s niece. But apparently he was indignant about the relationship between his wife and Teacher Moon. That is why he called Teacher Moon ‘the devil’.

It’s become a mess.”

Oh Yeong-choon witnessed to Lee Duk-sam in Busan. After Lee Duk-sam joined, she brought her two daughters, Choi Soon-shil and Choi Soon-wha, into the UC. Moon took the daughters to Seoul to be with him in the fall of 1953. Soon-shil went to Yonsei University and Soon-wha to Ewha Woman’s University. In 1964 Soon-wha traveled to Washington, DC, to go to university there. In 1965 Moon spent three months in DC having sex with her. He did not leave until he knew she was pregnant. Sam Park was born on January 28, 1966.

Sam Park is sitting next to Hak Ja Han




◇ 故崔聖模씨

新東亞그룹 崔聖模회장이

지난26일 宿患으로 別世、親知및 財界重鎭등 弔客이참석한가운데 28일상오 京畿도楊州군瓦阜면月文리 선영에서 장례식이엄수됐다。
享年67세의 故人은 黄海道沙里院출신으로 지난55년釜山冷凍을 창업한이후 東亞綜合産業、新東亞火災、韓國메타놀、泰興産業、大成木材등을 설립해 新東亞그룹을 이뤘으며 統 一主體國民會議운영위원과 全経聯부회장을 歷任한 重鎮實業人이다。
유족으로는朴貞淑여사와 4男 4女가 있다。

◇ The late Mr. Choi Seong-mo

Mainichi Shimbun, June 28, 1976 (Korean Edition)

Mr. Choi Seong-mo, the President of the Shindongah Group, Passed Away in the morning of the 26th

Seong-mo Choi, the President of Shindongah Group, passed away due to a chronic ailment [liver cancer] on last 26th. The funeral service was conducted in the morning of the 28th on a family burial ground located in Wolmun-ri, Wabu-myeon, Yangju-gun, Gyeonggi-do, attended by mourners, including his friends, relatives and prominent figures in the business world.

The deceased, who passed away at the age of 67, was from Sariwon, Hwanghae-do. He founded Busan Youngdong in 1955, and then established Dongah Integrated Corporation, Shindongah Fire Insurance, Korea Methanol, Taeheung Corporation, and Daesung Lumber, which formed Shindongah Group. He was a prominent businessman who served as a committee member on the National Council for Unity, and Vice President of the Federation of Korean Industries. He is survived by his wife, Park Cheong-sook, four sons and four daughters.

Park Cheong-sook

Moon “must have sexual relations with 70 virgins, 70 widows and 70 men’s wives”
Moon may have once been the center of his United Family [Unification Church / FFWPU] members’ sex lives in quite another sense, according to an unpublished paper written by Yun Ho Ye at Princeton Seminary in 1959. This Korean minister cites evidence that when Moon founded his Tong-il Kyo sect, as it is called in Korea [HSA-UWC / Unification Church], he and his followers practiced a sort of messianic pansexuality, though in secrecy. Moon was initiated into the free-love cult by a woman, aged fifty, in 1946, Deuk-eun Chong, whom he then regarded as his divine mother: Chong later confessed this after having a revelation, according to Ye, who cites published sources. According to Ye, when witnesses revealed his cult’s secret promiscuity, Moon was imprisoned on the grounds that it was destructive to the family and injurious to public morals. Imprisoned in Pyongyang [in 1946], Moon met Il Duk Kim and his wife, who also believed in promiscuity. Moon continued to dogmatize promiscuity with Chong after he was released, Ye says, and he was arrested [in 1948] and imprisoned again, this time in Heungnam [for five years]. Ye quotes from the purported confession of an early Moon follower who said that when Moon was forty “the present world will be ended through the Third World War,” though the end might be postponed six years if Moon’s goals were not realized by then, which would have been approximately 1960. “By that time,” according to the confession, “Moon becomes the Divine Father of 210 women; that is, he must have sexual relations with 70 virgins, 70 widows and 70 men’s wives. The 210 women will develop to 144,000 spiritual people. These people will be saved from the war.”
Allen Tate Wood: Moonstruck: A memoir of my life in a cult, page 170

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