Hak Ja Han

The April 11, 1960 marriage of Sun Myung Moon, born on February 25, 1920 and Hak Ja Han, born on February 10, 1943. (In the years they were born their birthdays were both on January 6 by the lunar calendar.)

In 2011 the FFWPU initiated a law suit against Hak Ja Han’s eldest living son, Hyun Jin Moon (affiliated with UCI).

It was initiated by Hyung Jin Moon and Kook Jin Moon (FFWPU), Douglas Dong Moon Joo, Peter Kim, Thomas Walsh (UPF) and Gentaro Kajikuri (deceased, and replaced by Eiji Tokuno) (Unification Church of Japan) (referred together as the “plaintiffs”). Subsequently, Richard Bach (Original name Jin-yong Park, third son of “Tiger” Park and legal advisor to FFWPU and the Mission Foundation), Ki Hoon Kim, Changshik Yang, Sunjo Hwang, Joonho Seuk, Bo Hi Pak, Michael Jenkins and Michael Balcomb all joined in their support of this lawsuit.

The matter is, in fact, a religious dispute and, as expected, by December 2013, the DC court dismissed the entire case, on the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution ground that a secular court has no jurisdiction over matters pertaining to religious and theological doctrines.

However, in December 2015, the DC Appellate Court reversed the lower court’s ruling, reasoning that it was premature to decide whether this was indeed a religious dispute over which the U.S. court has no jurisdiction. The Appellate Court ruled that the FFWPU must be given an opportunity to prove their case by conducting “discovery” (The process of gathering evidence under penalty of perjury in order to develop a more complete factual record for the court) in order to determine whether this is actually a religious dispute or not.

Hak Ja Han was deposed (called to testify) in the Washington DC Superior Court on July 13 and 14, 2018. The deposition lasted for approximately 9 hours, about 5-6 hours of which were taken up by translation.

There were hearings on October 30, and November 1, 2018.
Judge Laura A. Cordero

Clocking in at over 9 hours, Hak Ja Han’s depositions in the case are long. Here is a summarized version of each day:

Day 1: https://vimeo.com/300083893

Day 2: https://vimeo.com/300086402

In UCI’s articles of association “Unification Church International” was changed to “UCI” and “Unification Movement”. The term “Divine Principle” was changed to “the theology and principles of the Unification Movement”.

A letter, dated January 2017 from Hyun Jin Moon’s team explains more about the history of the case. LINK

Hak Ja Han had to stand in the archangel position while Moon restored the first three wives as a condition for the “Marriage Supper of the Lamb.”

Soon-ae Hong, the mother of Hak Ja Han
Soon-ae Hong was in a sex cult. In 1957 she was jailed for two years for beating a mentally-ill boy to remove evil spirits. She killed him.

Soon-ae Hong was a disciple of Hwang Gook-joo

Hak Ja Han is ‘Female Jesus, the Only Begotten Daughter of God, the LSA’ (October 24, 2015)

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