6,500 women missing from FFWPU mass weddings

“Please search for the 6,500 women missing from the mass wedding ceremony,” victim’s families appealed.

Christian Today   January 23, 2006   14:36
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Christian churches dealing with problems connected with the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (Unification Church) in Japan–the Christian Churches Liaison Conference on the Unification Church Problem–held their first joint meeting with Korean church representatives. In the meeting, it was required from Japanese side to cooperate for searching of almost 6500 Japanese women lost after joining mass wedding ceremony in South Korea. Korean representatives agreed to make effort to solve this problem cooperating with religious organizations.

The forum was held on 18th and 19th January in The Centennial Hall in South Korea. Representatives of Victim’s Relative Association attended from Japan and reported, “we have lost contact with those women after they went to South Korea for the mass wedding ceremony” and requested active cooperation of Korean Churches.

On 19th the Japanese and Korean representatives issued a joint statement.
The statement included the following points: 1) cooperation in setting up an advice center for the missing 6,500 Japanese women; 2) leading of found victims to Japanese Churches; 3) thorough exchange of information to seek countermeasures against the Unification Church problems.

It was also agreed that Japanese and Korean churches would cooperate with the committee tackling the Unification Church’s infiltration of Yeosu city in South Korea. Japanese representatives pointed out that the Unification Church sponsored development in Yeosu is supported by funds stolen from Japanese victims, and stated their aim to thoroughly investigate the source of the funds to stop the development in Yeosu by the Unification Church.

To this forum, 28 representatives attended from member organizations of the Christian Churches Liaison Conference on the Unification Church Problem – Japan Catholic Church, United Church of Christ in Japan, Anglican Episcopal Church in Japan / The Anglican Church in Japan, Japan Baptist Conference, Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church, Korean Christian Church in Japan, National Network of Lawyers against Spiritual Sales and Victim’s Relative Association.

From the Korean side, 21 representatives attended from organizations such as The Countermeasure Committee against Heresies, The Presbyterian Church of Korea (Tonghab), The Counseling Center for Pseudo Christianity at the Kosin Presbyterian Church in Korea and The Christian Council of Korea for Measures on the Unification Church.

This was the first time such a gathering took place involving members from Korea and Japan such as Christian pastors, lawyers, and victim representatives to discuss measures against the Unification Church problems.

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