Pikareum with 36 wives

Moon had sex ceremonies with the wives of all the first 36 couples.

Unification Church of Japan 1991 Pikareum lecture notes

Official UC workshops:

Introduction: The lecturers were Mr. Yoshiaki Hiro, Mr. Kunio Sano and Mr. Yasutomo Shirai. (Mr Kamiyama was to be the main lecturer, but he was in hospital with stomach problems.) The one and four day workshops took place near Tokyo (Miyazaki Center where 300 members attended January 9-12, 1992) and in about four other cities in Japan between summer 1991 and spring 1992. They were held ahead of the publication of the book, The Tragedy of the Six Marys. These three pages of notes were typed by one of the participants at one of the workshops. There are also corroborating handwritten notes from three other participants who were at different workshop locations. Some of their information has been added from their notes.

Pikareum  (pi = blood and ka-reum = separation). This is accomplished through sexual intercourse. Either a ‘messiah’ or a follower who has been cleansed and is ‘free from original sin’ has three sexual intercourse rituals (formation, growth and completion) with someone of the opposite gender to cleanse them of the taint of the ‘satanic blood.’ In the Unification Church a very similar expression ‘change of blood lineage’ is used. The words are slightly different but the meaning is the same. It is now done symbolically through the ‘holy wine ceremony,’ and the ‘three-day ceremony.’ Baek-moon Kim wrote about the ‘fall’ and a ‘three-day ceremony to purify the blood’ on pages 128-130 of the first of his three books, Theology of the Holy Spirit, which was published in 1954, three years before the first Divine Principle book was published – in 1957. Before that there were a few copies of Teacher Moon’s Divine Principle which was written in 1952 in two notebooks.

Passages in [ … ] have been added for the sake of clarification.

The original Japanese workshop notes are here.

Teacher Moon explains why we must love him: “So there must be a fundamental difference between the First Advent and the Second Advent. At the First Advent, the Lord wanted to love God and people. But at the Second Advent, God and people must want to love him, and thus indemnify what they owe. Jesus came as a bridegroom and wanted to love brides; therefore, people, as brides, must love the bridegroom when he comes again. When God first sent Jesus, he sent him to be loved by people. But that was reversed by the disbelief of the people. Therefore, in the Last Days, God must restore that. When we have him on this earth, we have to have such a mind “to become crazy to love him.” So Jesus told people to love him more than their own mother and father, sons and daughters, or sisters and brothers. So people must make such a condition that they can never forget the fact that they love him, that they love him more than anyone else, even through the greatest difficulties. So you have to forget eating, and doing things to love him.” Master Speaks, December 30, 1971, Washington DC.

Change of Blood Lineage Lecture
1991       広 Hiro  義昭 Yoshiaki     講師 lecturer

John the Baptist had a mission to testify to Jesus as the messiah, to become Jesus’ first disciple, and to lead Israel to follow Jesus. However, John was quite proud and was older than Jesus. After he initially testified to the people that Jesus was the messiah, he saw the reality that the people were going to Jesus to be baptised. This left John with a feeling of diminished power and less influence. His love for Jesus declined and he did not want to be Jesus’ main disciple. As a result, John the Baptist failed to fulfil his mission, and so he brought the providence to failure.

Since John the Baptist failed the providence of restoration, Judas, whom Jesus trusted the most, was asked to carry out the mission in the place of John the Baptist. (He was the most educated man among the 12 disciples, and was [entrusted with] doing the accounting.) Being asked to replace John meant that Judas had to pay an indemnity condition to overcome John’s feeling of experiencing less love for Jesus. Judas was showing his feelings of attraction to Mary Magdalene who was among the crowd that came to Jesus at that time. Jesus took her and had sex with her [even though she was involved with Judas]. This was to create the opportunity for Judas to overcome [the same feeling that had been too difficult for John to overcome]. However, Judas [should have willingly offered Mary Magdalene, whom he loved, to Jesus, but Judas] couldn’t overcome his feeling of diminished love [for Jesus]. Judas finally betrayed Jesus for money. [Because of this Jesus couldn’t marry and have children, and so there was no new lineage free from original sin.]

In the providence of restoration centering on Teacher Sun Myung Moon, Baek-moon Kim was the person in the position of John the Baptist. However, he too couldn’t overcome the feeling of a decrease of love for Teacher Sun Myung Moon, and so Baek-moon Kim failed. The indemnity for this failure had to be paid by the 36 blessed couples, whom Teacher trusted the most. Accordingly, each of the 36 husbands had to offer his beloved wife to Teacher Sun Myung Moon, in order to overcome the feeling of a diminished sense of love. This was called the Body Ceremony, which was also known as the Three Day Ceremony. The contents of this Body Ceremony were clearly explained by Teacher Moon, and it was a fact that he also practiced it. Baek-moon Kim had originally also revealed very similar contents [in his books], Theology of the Holy Spirit and Fundamental Christian Principles, and the Body Ceremony was carried out in front of his disciples.

Adam and Eve should have married after having achieved their perfection of character [or the fulfilment of the first blessing] and established a sinless lineage. However, because of the fall with Lucifer, they left behind a fallen lineage.  (Genesis, Chapter 3)

Tamar was married to Er and then to Onan, two sons of Judah. However, both of these men died [before fathering any children], and there was no lineage from them. When Tamar realized that she couldn’t marry Shelah, Judah’s last son, she decided to trick her father-in-law into a sexual relationship to [conceive a child and] continue the blood lineage.  (Genesis, Chapter 38)

[King David later came from this lineage.]

King David took Bathsheba to be his ‘wife’. [He got her pregnant while her husband Uriah was away fighting a war. David called Uriah back to Jerusalem, but Uriah would not have sex with his wife. For this reason] King David sent Uriah to die on the battlefield.  (Second Book of Samuel, Chapter 11)

In response to a revelation from God, Mary went to [the house of] Zechariah. [There,] she had a sexual relationship with him and became pregnant with Jesus.  (Luke, Chapter 1)

Mary Magdalene was the lover of the most trusted disciple, Judas. To change the lineage and to leave one without original sin, Jesus should have taken Mary Magdalene and had sex with her.

[At first John the Baptist was positive towards Jesus and baptised him.] John should have become Jesus’ first disciple and testified to the world that Jesus was the messiah. But because John’s love for Jesus decreased he failed. [John separated from Jesus and went his own way.]

Judas really loved Mary Magdalene. He should have overcome his feelings of jealousy towards Jesus [and dedicated Mary to him. This would have reversed the failure of John the Baptist.] However, Judas could not overcome his feeling of reduced love for Jesus, and he betrayed Jesus for money.

Since Jesus didn’t have original sin, he wanted to have a change of blood lineage [ceremony] with Mary Magdalene, so that he could leave sinless descendants. However, Jesus was not able to have a family and leave children without original sin in the world, so he failed.

Sun Myung Moon [comes with pure blood, and he] must perform the pikareum blood cleansing ritual. He must leave a new lineage free from original sin.

[In summary, including points from notes by other workshop participants: Sun Myung Moon has the duty to do the pikareum sex ritual with the 36 wives to cleanse them of original sin. The husbands must overcome any feelings of jealousy they may have. They should be happy that their wives are being freed from original sin by Sun Myung Moon. The husbands can then be cleansed by having sex with their wives. Moon had to go this path because of the failures of John the Baptist, Jesus and Baek-moon Kim.]

Mr. Ueyama said “There was a good possibility for this kind of thing (pikareum) to take place for Father to be victorious as the Messiah.”

Another point was about Hyo-jin Moon. Mr. Ueyama asked the participants if they had heard about Hyo-jin Nim’s fall from those opposing Christian ministers. (He had them raise hands.) He said when black Heung-jin Nim came, Hyo-jin Nim confessed this as a fact.

A further topic at the workshops was on how to deal with the serious persecution from the Christian churches of Japan.

Sun Myung Moon: speech given on October 13, 1970 in Seoul, Korea

“Change of Blood Lineage: The Real Experience of Salvation by the Messiah”
“The realm of total perfection cannot be achieved without a condition for restoring fallen Eve. The Holy Spirit and Jesus must give rebirth centering upon original love. In order for Jesus to be born, God in His providence prepared a certain historical foundation of heart. That providence must involve the womb of a woman.”

Gil Ja Sa, one of the 36 couples, and wife of Hyo-won Eu who wrote the Divine Principle:
“Because the first three blessing groups, up to the 124 Couples, are part of Father’s royal family, Father was very careful in selecting who should be part of that group.”


Moon restored all the wives of these first three blessing groups, therefore they are known as the Father’s Royal Family.

After attending these workshops, a number of Unification Church members decided to leave the church. The workshops were then terminated.

VIDEO: Kook-jin Moon and Hyung Jin Moon speak about the six Marys

Question from member asked to Kook Jin Moon: The six Marys are connected to saints in the spirit world, there are six persons…
[Sun Myung Moon restored the six Marys and then married them to…]
1: Jong-ok Lee 李貞玉. Sun Myung Moon married her to Mohammed.
2: Myung-hee Kim 金明煕. (married to Socrates)
3: Cheong-soon Chang 張貞順. (married to Jesus)
4: Kyŏng-Jun Lee 李京埈. (married to Confucius)
5: Hyun-shil Kang 姜賢實. (married to Augustine)
6: In the oval Won-bok Choi 催元福. (married to Buddha)

Kook Jin ‘Justin’ Moon:
“We are the orthodox church…
The whole notion of 6, 60 or 600 Marys is the process of restoration.
Every object partner [woman] is actually supposed to receive the messiah’s seed. That is what the Six Marys providence is about, since the messiah cannot be physically giving his seed to every single woman, there are representative women through which he transfers his seed representatively to all the women of the world. That process of restoration is a one time event that the Lord of the Second Coming does. …
The messiah comes fully as a man but he is also fully God, and that is the unique nature of the Lord of the Second Coming. … that is what the [Divine] Principle requires and if you study Principle and you understand Principle you can understand theologically why it has to be like that.
… The archangelic leadership were ashamed to teach this.
The second king (Hyung Jin Moon) has to champion the mission of the messiah.
Jesus, if he didn’t die, had to have 6, 60, 600, 6,000 Marys, the same thing absolutely.
Jesus with Mary Magdalene
12:00 [The Unification Church] is the seed religion
… There should be 3 billion Marys because every woman is supposed to get the seed. God told him [Sun Myung Moon] to have all the women of the world, that is what the definition of the Christ is. He is the bridegroom….
14:00 I’m sitting there. I heard him all, I understand it, why don’t you, because your ears are closed.”

Question from member: “He didn’t say the messiah has to plant the seed to all… did he?”
Kook Jin: “Yes he does. I heard him a hundred times.”
Question: “I didn’t hear him.”
Kook Jin: “Because you don’t speak Korean.”

VIDEO: Hyung Jin confirms his father, Sun Myung Moon, had sex with six Marys and more women than that as part of his messianic mission

Hyung Jin ‘Sean’ Moon:

Extracts from his sermon, Putting on Christ. May 10, 2015
Published on May 19, 2015

26:00 “I really feel that this issue about the six Marys is at the core. It’s interesting because we were already preparing a lecture on the six Marys. When was this in 2010 I believe or ’11? We had already given lectures on the six Marys and we have tried to get the information on the six Marys. And it’s disappeared. Oh whoops I don’t have on our computer anymore. Whoops we don’t have it on the computer. So we had to get it from somebody who was in those lectures who took notes on the six Marys lecture [see above]. Because guess what folks? Even though it is more comfortable to hide it under the rug and be fraudulent about the whole situation and try to just convince people of their own current times, it’s easier to do that. It’s easier to do that what the church, what mother is doing. Hide it! Don’t talk about it! Don’t bring it up! It’s gonna cause problems. So easy to do that. That’s the temptation. But guess what? Just like the Mormons 200 years later. 200 years later are dealing with the issue around their founder. They’re still dealing with. You understand folks. It never goes away. It will never go away!”

35:00 “For him to come and take all the women of this world and be their spouse and to have children from every single one of those people. And kill off Satan’s blood lineage. I don’t care if that makes you feel uncomfortable. I don’t care if that makes you feel unnerved. That’s the quickest way to do it.”

43:10 “He says in public, he says, this only contains 80% of my autobiography. Right? Some of the Japanese sisters maybe have heard that. And then he goes on to call up the four great saints’ wives. You know Mrs. Jesus and Mrs. Buddha and Mrs. Who is it? Muhammad no and Mrs. Confucius so he says this only has 80% of my life story and then he calls up those ladies. See what you don’t realize about who those ladies are. They’re part of the six Marys.”

48:30 “You see if you don’t understand the bride of Christ, the brides of Christ and you don’t understand the three day ceremony, you have no way to explain why father had to walk that course of having those relationships. What is your explanation? What is it? The only way you can explain this is to say that well I guess father was weak in the flesh. But then if you say that you’re saying that God is weak in the flesh.”

49:40 “What is it? How do you explain the six Marys? How do you explain those relationships beyond the six Marys? How do you do it? And still believe in Father? You can’t. You cannot.”

1:04:35 “I remember one time in Washington DC they were having an argument. And mother brought this issue out and she condemned father for it. If you, if I didn’t save you from that you would have had children from many, many different bellies is what she said to him.”

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