Moon’s pikareum with the 36 wives

Sun Myung Moon had sex ceremonies with the wives of all the first 36 couples – Official Unification Church workshops in Japan

Updated March 2, 2023

Here are many of the 36 wives that Sun Myung Moon ‘womb cleansed.’

The starting point for complete restoration of the blood lineage is a man’s seed going into the woman’s womb.

Change of Blood Lineage: The Real Experience of Salvation by the Messiah
Sun Myung Moon: speech given on October 13, 1970 in Seoul, Korea
“The realm of total perfection cannot be achieved without a condition for restoring fallen Eve. The Holy Spirit and Jesus must give rebirth centering upon original love. In order for Jesus to be born, God in His providence prepared a certain historical foundation of heart. That providence must involve the womb of a woman.”…

“A person is born through a man’s seed going into a woman. Where does the way of reversal begin? It is within the woman’s womb. The condition must be established so that history is reversed in the womb. For complete restoration, the starting point is the seed which exists in the body of a male. The condition must be established in which the seed within a male is united with God’s love. Without establishing that condition, complete reversal of the blood lineage cannot be established. Religion must follow God’s way. That is why a world level religion must teach the necessity for rebirth. Therefore, Christianity has become a world religion both in concept and in reality. It teaches that everybody must be reborn, just as Jesus told Nicodemus, ‘Unless one is born anew, he cannot see the kingdom of God.’ (John 3:3)”

1991-92 Pikareum lecture notes introduction

The lecturers were Mr. Yoshiaki Hiro, Mr. Kunio Sano and Mr. Yasutomo Shirai. The one-day and four-day workshops took place at the Miyazaki Dai Center near Tokyo (where 300 members attended January 9-12, 1992) and in about four other cities in Japan between summer 1991 and spring 1992. The workshops were held because many Japanese members had heard about Moon’s pikareum sex rituals and were asking questions. Also the publication of The Tragedy of the Six Marys was anticipated. This book was an exposé of the early history of the Unification Church written by Chung-hwa Pak who had started to follow Sun Myung Moon in 1949, but finally left in the 1980s. He wrote the book based on his 6,000 pages of handwritten notes and included one map and a 1955 Dong-a Ilbo newspaper article as well as information about the early versions of Sun Myung Moon’s theology. Many of the 49 photographs in the book were supplied by Hyo-min Eu. He was one of the 36 couples who had left and also contributed to Pak’s book. Hyo-min Eu published a Korean edition of Pak’s book in 1996. The Unification Church failed in their legal efforts to block the book in either country. The book stood up to scrutiny as factual.

The Unification Church held the workshops to “inoculate” the Japanese members against the now proven facts revealed in the book. Moon’s sexual theology was too much for some of the members and they left. The pikareum workshops were terminated in 1992. (Interestingly, there had also been some pikareum workshops for members in Japan in the 1980s.)

The following pages of notes and diagrams are based on the notes of four workshop participants who were at different workshop locations. They all left the Unification Church and shared their notes with others. Their notes were consistent with each other.

A 1975 FBI report from San Francisco documents Moon’s sex theology. There are many Korean and Japanese language accounts of Moon’s peculiar activities. Young-oon Kim, Won-pok Choi, Young-hwi Kim, Won-pil Kim and all the top Korean leaders kept the pikareum well hidden.

In the past few years two of Moon’s sons, first Hyung Jin and then in 2017 Kook Jin, have clearly and publicly on video explained the “necessity” for their father to perform pikareum (chiwake in Japanese) sex rituals to cleanse original sin. In Korea, since the 1930s, there have been other messiahs who also did sexual womb cleansing, for example Baek-moon Kim and Tae-seon Park.

It seems that Jeong Myeong-seok (JMS, Jesus Morning Star), leader of the worldwide Providence Church, may have the same theology. He is a former disciple of Sun Myung Moon. He was released from jail in Korea in 2018 having served ten years for multiple rape. JMS VIDEO

What was Sun Myung Moon’s secret pikareum sex ritual?

In Korean, pikareum 피가름 means blood separation ( 피 pi = blood and 가름 kareum = separation. ‘Blood separation’ refers to dividing the blood from the ‘satanic blood’ introduced by the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. According to Sun Myung Moon, the fall was caused by the Archangel Lucifer seducing Eve in the spirit, and she in turn seduced Adam in the flesh. This sexual intercourse produced a bloodline tainted by the ‘original sin.’ All mankind allegedly carry this sinful, satanic blood.

Sun Myung Moon taught that to reverse the illicit sex that caused the original sin, sexual intercourse had to be performed with a sinless man in a ritual called pikareum. The process is also called ‘womb cleansing’ – consequently no contraception should be used.

Moon said Jesus was the second Adam and that he himself was the third and sinless Adam. Moon said that pikareum had to be done three times, with himself, to purify the women. This represented the three stages of ‘formation, growth and perfection.’ He also said that there had to be a witness for the process to be valid. The reason for the witness was to ‘remove the element of shame.’ This is because Adam and Eve hid from God in their shame at having ‘fallen.’

Sun Myung Moon personally performed pikareum with all the wives of the first 36 couples which he ‘blessed’ in marriage, as well as every wife from the 72 couples. (Hyo-min Eu was one eyewitness.) Those couples all became known as Moon’s tribe, or ‘the Royal Couples’ from the ‘Holy Weddings.’ Purified men and women had a duty to restore others in a ‘sex relay’ that should have expanded to cleanse all mankind.

In the Unification Church today a very similar expression, ‘change of blood lineage,’ is used. The words are slightly different but the meaning is the same. When Sun Myung Moon’s mass marriages became too large, he introduced the ‘three day ceremony’ which symbolized pikareum. The couples themselves had to do three days of ritual sex in different positions.

Sun Myung Moon started his sex rituals in Pyongyang in 1946 and was soon arrested on “morals charges.” In 1948 he was again arrested for “disturbing the social order with women.” He was sent to Heungnam prison for five years for that, and for bigamy (ref. bigamy of Sun Myung Moon in the Los Angeles Times). In 1948 Sun Myung Moon was also excommunicated by the Presbyterian Church of Korea which “ruled the Unification Church as heretical for three reasons: (1) Sun Myung Moon has placed himself, more than Jesus Christ, as the object of faith; (2) their doctrine violated the morals of modern society; and (3) they would destroy the church by deceiving pure and sincere Christians.” (William J Petersen, 1975)

It is indeed official Unification Church teaching that Jesus had sex with Mary Magdalene.

Andrew Wilson, PhD, Unification Theological Seminar (UTS):
“According to True Father [Sun Myung Moon]’s first Principle text, Wolli Wonbon (written in the early 1950s), Jesus was indeed married to Mary Magdalene. It was a conditional marriage, however, because Mary Magdalene also had been sleeping with another man in the Archangel position (Judas Iscariot), who was supposed to give her to Jesus. Mention that Jesus would have to restore Eve in this way is hinted at in Exposition of the Divine Principle in the discussion of Abraham and Sarah in Egypt”

Bible quotation omitted

“God set up this situation to restore the Fall of Man. God had created Adam and Eve to become husband and wife, but Lucifer slept with Eve and stole her from Adam. To restore the Fall, this action had to be reversed: an Archangel-type husband would have to give up his wife, representing Eve, to a man in the position of Adam — and do it voluntarily. Thus Pharaoh (the Archangel) was induced to give up Sarah (Eve) to Abraham (Adam).

In this regard, Wolli Wonbon describes a triangular relationship between Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Judas, who were in the positions of Adam, Eve and Archangel:
Jesus tried to set up Judas’ wife as the woman in the position of Eve who would fulfill the original purpose of the Will. Mary Magdalene was this woman. Although she was Judas Iscariot’s lover, she absolutely obeyed Jesus’ will. Thus, as Satan had taken Eve from Adam, Jesus would try to take Judas’ wife for himself and thereby fulfill the Will according to the Principle.”


Passages in [ … ] have been added for the sake of clarification.

The “Six Marys” theology of Sun Myung Moon explained
Why did Sun Myung Moon choose married women, one after the other, to perform “sex evangelism”? According to Mr. Chung-hwa Pak’s book, The Tragedy of the Six Marys, the reason is Moon’s peculiar interpretation of Christianity.

Adam and Eve were the first human beings. Eve had sex with Satan and so all mankind became descendants of the devil. Therefore God sent Jesus Christ to earth as the second Adam. The mission of Christ was to take Eve back from Satan who had stolen her. To do this Christ must have sexual intercourse with six married women, including Mary his own mother, in order to cleanse the blood. (Moon called it “the return” or “the restoration.”) But Jesus Christ left this world having failed to save even one married woman by doing pikareum with her.

So God sent Sun Myung Moon to earth as the third Adam. His mission was to cleanse the blood of six married women, namely the Six Marys. This was to be done by sexual intercourse with Moon three times [formation, growth and completion]. Through a kind of sexual intercourse relay with these Marys, humankind could be cleansed and saved and brought back to God’s side for the first time. [Moon required each cleansed person to have sex with many others to purify them.] It was Moon who preached this “Principle” to Mr. Pak.

According to Sun Myung Moon, the most important relationship is that between parent and child. Satan claimed that relationship at the fall in the Garden of Eden. Therefore, to restore that relationship, incest on the side of God must be performed. That is why Jesus should have restored his mother, Mary, by having sex with her.

Sun Myung Moon also explained about this heavenly incest is his speech of August 9, 1997 “Chil Pal Jeol” given to 7,000 Unification Church leaders from all over the world at the Central Training Center in Guri near Seoul. (The Korean and Japanese texts are the most accurate; the English translations were heavily redacted. From some point around this time, or maybe earlier, UC lawyers were involved in vetting any translations of Moon’s words from Korean or Japanese.)

On August 9, 1997 Moon said (from the Japanese) that “incest started from Satan” and is evil, but “incest started by God” is said to be noble. “absolute ideal relationships with close relatives” are good, but “incestuous relationships” are not good.

Change of Blood Lineage Lecture

1991       広 Hiro  義昭 Yoshiaki     講師 lecturer

John the Baptist had a mission to testify to Jesus as the messiah, to become Jesus’ first disciple, and to lead Israel to follow Jesus. However, John was quite proud and was older than Jesus. After he initially testified to the people that Jesus was the messiah, he saw the reality that the people were going to Jesus to be baptised. This left John with a feeling of diminished power and less influence. His love for Jesus declined and he did not want to be Jesus’ main disciple. As a result, John the Baptist failed to fulfil his mission, and so he brought the providence to failure.

Since John the Baptist failed the providence of restoration, Judas, whom Jesus trusted the most, was asked to carry out the mission in the place of John the Baptist. (He was the most educated man among the 12 disciples, and was [entrusted with] doing the accounting.) Being asked to replace John meant that Judas had to pay an indemnity condition to overcome John’s feeling of experiencing less love for Jesus. Judas was showing his feelings of attraction to Mary Magdalene who was among the crowd that came to Jesus at that time. Jesus took her and had sex with her [even though she was involved with Judas]. This was to create the opportunity for Judas to overcome [the same feeling that had been too difficult for John to overcome]. However, Judas [should have willingly offered Mary Magdalene, whom he loved, to Jesus, but Judas] couldn’t overcome his feeling of diminished love [for Jesus]. Judas finally betrayed Jesus for money. [Because of this Jesus couldn’t marry and have children, and so there was no new lineage free from original sin.]

In the providence of restoration centering on Teacher Sun Myung Moon, Baek-moon Kim was the person in the position of John the Baptist. However, he too couldn’t overcome the feeling of a decrease of love for Teacher Sun Myung Moon, and so Baek-moon Kim failed. The indemnity for this failure had to be paid by the 36 blessed couples, whom Teacher trusted the most. Accordingly, each of the 36 husbands had to offer his beloved wife to Teacher Sun Myung Moon, in order to overcome the feeling of a diminished sense of love. This was called the Body Ceremony, which was also known as the Three Day Ceremony. The contents of this Body Ceremony were clearly explained by Teacher Moon, and it was a fact that he himself also practiced it.

Baek-moon Kim had originally also revealed very similar contents [in his books], Theology of the Holy Spirit and Fundamental Christian Principles. Baek-moon Kim carried out the Body Ceremony in front of his disciples. [He wrote about the ‘fall’ and a ‘three-day ceremony to purify the blood’ on pages 128-130 of the first of his three books, Theology of the Holy Spirit, which was published in 1954. Sun Myung Moon’s first book of theology, the Divine Principle was not published until 1957. Before that a few handwritten notebooks were circulated by church members.]

Adam and Eve should have married after having achieved their perfection of character [or the fulfilment of the first blessing, Genesis 1:28] and established a sinless lineage. However, because of the Fall with Lucifer, they left behind a fallen lineage.  (Genesis, Chapter 3) (Divine Principle, Chapter 2)

Tamar was married to Er and then to Onan, two sons of Judah. However, both of these men died [before fathering any children], and there was no lineage from them. When Tamar realized that she couldn’t marry Shelah, Judah’s last son, she decided to trick her father-in-law into a sexual relationship to [conceive a child and] continue the blood lineage.  (Genesis, Chapter 38)

[King David later came from this lineage.]

King David took Bathsheba to be his ‘wife’. [He got her pregnant while her husband Uriah was away fighting a war. David called Uriah back to Jerusalem, but Uriah would not have sex with his wife. For this reason] King David sent Uriah to die on the battlefield.  (Second Book of Samuel, Chapter 11)

In response to a revelation from God, Mary went to [the house of] Zechariah. [There,] she had a sexual relationship with him and became pregnant with Jesus.  (Luke, Chapter 1)

Mary Magdalene was the lover of the most trusted disciple, Judas. To change the lineage and to leave one without original sin, Jesus should have taken Mary Magdalene and had sex with her.

• At the time of Jesus

[At first John the Baptist was positive towards Jesus and baptised him.] John should have become Jesus’ first disciple and testified to the world that Jesus was the messiah. But because John’s love for Jesus decreased he failed. [John separated from Jesus and went his own way.]

Judas really loved Mary Magdalene. He should have overcome his feelings of jealousy towards Jesus [and dedicated Mary to him. This would have reversed the failure of John the Baptist.] However, Judas could not overcome his feeling of reduced love for Jesus, and he betrayed Jesus for money.

• In the case of Teacher Moon → he is in the position to restore through indemnity the failure of Jesus

Since Jesus didn’t have original sin, he wanted to have a change of blood lineage [ceremony] with Mary Magdalene, so that he could leave sinless descendants. However, Jesus was not able to have a family and leave children without original sin in the world, so he failed.

Sun Myung Moon [comes with pure blood, and he] must perform the pikareum blood cleansing ritual. He must leave a new lineage free from original sin.

[In summary, including points from notes by other workshop participants: Sun Myung Moon has the duty to do the pikareum sex ritual with the 36 wives to cleanse them of original sin. The husbands must overcome any feelings of jealousy they may have. They should be happy that their wives are being freed from original sin by Sun Myung Moon. The husbands can then be cleansed by having sex with their wives. Moon had to go this path because of the failures of John the Baptist, Jesus and Baek-moon Kim.]

At one of the workshops Mr. Ueyama said, “There was a good possibility for this kind of thing (pikareum) to take place for True Father to be victorious as the Messiah.”

Another point was about Hyo-jin Moon [the husband of Nansook Hong]. Mr. Ueyama asked the workshop participants if they had heard about Hyo-jin Nim’s fall (adultery) from the Christian ministers who opposed the Unification Church. (He asked the members to raise their hands.) Mr. Ueyama said when ‘Black Heung-jin Nim’ came, Hyo-jin Nim confessed this adultery as a fact.

A further topic at the workshops was on how to deal with the serious persecution of the Unification Church from the Christian churches of Japan.

Gil Ja Sa Eu, one of the 36 couples, and wife of Hyo-won Eu who wrote the Divine Principle, said:
“Because the first three blessing groups, up to the 124 Couples, are part of ‘Father’s royal family,’ Father was very careful in selecting who should be part of that group.” LINK

Moon restored all the wives of these first three blessing groups (3+33 = 36, 72 and 124), therefore they are known as the Father’s Royal Family.

VIDEO: Hyung Jin Sean Moon confirms his father, Sun Myung Moon, had sex with Six Marys and more women than that as part of his messianic mission

Hyung Jin Sean Moon
Extracts from his sermon, Putting on Christ, given at the Sanctuary Church on May 10, 2015. (Published on May 19, 2015)

26:00 “I really feel that this issue about the Six Marys is at the core. It’s interesting because we were already preparing a lecture on the Six Marys. When was this in 2010 I believe or ’11? We had already given lectures on the Six Marys and we have tried to get the information on the Six Marys – and it’s disappeared. [The Unification Church might say] “Oh whoops, I don’t have on our computer anymore. Whoops, we don’t have it on the computer.” So we had to get it from somebody who was in those lectures [in Japan] who took notes on the Six Marys lecture [see above]. Because, guess what folks, even though it is more comfortable to hide it under the rug and be fraudulent about the whole situation and try to just convince people of their own current times, it’s easier to do that. It’s easier to do that what the church, what mother is doing. [She might say] “Hide it! Don’t talk about it! Don’t bring it up! It’s gonna cause problems.” So easy to do that. That’s the temptation. But guess what, just like the Mormons two hundred years later, two hundred years later are dealing with the issue around their founder [Joseph Smith]. They’re still dealing with it – you understand folks. It never goes away. It will never go away!”

35:00 “For him to come and take all the women of this world and be their spouse and to have children from every single one of those people – and kill off Satan’s blood lineage. I don’t care if that makes you feel uncomfortable. I don’t care if that makes you feel unnerved. That’s the quickest way to do it.”

43:10 “He [Sun Myung Moon] says in public, he says, this [book] only contains 80% of my autobiography. Right? Some of the Japanese sisters maybe have heard that. And then he goes on to call up the four great saints’ wives. You know, Mrs. Jesus and Mrs. Buddha and Mrs. … Muhammad and Mrs. Confucius, so he says, “this only has 80% of my life story,” and then he calls up those ladies. See what you don’t realize about who those ladies are – they’re part of the Six Marys.”

48:30 “You see if you don’t understand the bride of Christ, the brides of Christ and you don’t understand the three day ceremony, you have no way to explain why father had to walk that course of having those relationships. What is your explanation? What is it? The only way you can explain this is to say that well I guess father was weak in the flesh. But then if you say that you’re saying that God is weak in the flesh.”

49:40 “What is it? How do you explain the Six Marys? How do you explain those relationships beyond the Six Marys? How do you do it? And still believe in Father? You can’t. You cannot.”

1:04:35 “I remember one time in Washington DC they were having an argument. And mother brought this issue out and she condemned father for it. “If you, if I didn’t save you from that you would have had children from many, many different bellies,” is what she said to him.”


写真左から ムハンマド (マホ メ ッ ト) 夫人 李貞玉 (ィ・ジョンォッ)、 ソクラテス夫人 金明煕 (キム・ミョンヒ)、 イエス夫人 張貞順 (チャン・ジョンスン)、 孔子夫人 李京埈 (ィ・ギョンジュン)、 アウグスティヌス夫人 姜賢實 (カン・ヒョンシル) 円内は釈迦夫人 催元福 (チュ・ゥォンボァ) 敬称略

Heavenly True Parents and the Sage’s Wives

Photo (the six women, from left to right, who are standing behind Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han)
1: Jeong-ok Lee 李貞玉. Moon married her to Mohammed.
2: Myung-hee Kim 金明煕. (married to Socrates)
3: Jeong-soon Chang 張貞順. (married to Jesus)
4: Kyŏng-Jun Lee 李京埈. (married to Confucius)
5: Hyun-shil Kang 姜賢實. (married to Augustine)
6: Won-bok Choi 催元福 in the oval. (married to Buddha)

Sun Myung Moon married these six women to religious leaders in the spirit world. With Myung-hee Kim he had fathered a child, Hee-jin Moon who was born in Tokyo in August 1955. For many years Won-bok Choi was known as ‘Second Mother’. Her bedroom was next to that of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han in Korea – she explained in a testimony that she could hear their pillow talk through the thin walls. At the Moons’ East Garden mansion in the USA the members who visited her bedroom confirmed it was next to the Moons’ bedroom. According to his son, Hyung Jin Sean Moon, he had pikareum and yongch’e ceremonies with all of these women. It was in Sun Myung Moon’s secret theology – which was taught to, and understood by, the early Korean members and the top Japanese leaders. Early Korean ‘blessed’ couples were proud to be part of Sun Myung Moon’s ‘Royal family’.

Yongch’e imparts a new spirit body which would enable these women to then ‘restore’ the religious leaders in the spirit world. This would forge a connection between the leaders and Moon. The leaders would then owe their salvation from the original sin to Moon, since their new wives had been ‘womb cleansed’ by him. For this reason the leaders would bow down to Moon.

Moon was combining ideas he had taken from Christianity with Korean shamanism and numerology. A practise of Korean shamans, to help them with their goals, is to mobilize major historical figures in the spirit world, including religious figures, significant military figures and other leaders of society. Sun Myung Moon was also doing this with his liberation of major figures in ‘providential’ nations around the world. One example would be the US presidents and others cited in the Unification Church’s published “Spirit World Messages” in which it is claimed that these figures have attended seminars on Moon’s theology and now all accept him as the new messiah, the Lord of the Second Advent.

In some nations, which Moon deemed significant for his providence, at least 40 significant figures were liberated in around 1980.

The Cheongpyeong Training Center near Seoul is also connected to the spirit world ‘providence’ of mobilization as well as liberation. In the past, Nonsan Halmeoni
논산 할머니 (Lee Baek-im 李白任, 이백임) of Korea did ancestor liberation in the Unification Church. Lady Dr. Kim (Kim Shin-wook) did ancestor liberation in Korea and the US. Kawase Kayo 川瀬カヨ of Japan was also involved.

天地人 in the photo caption above = ‘Cheon-Ji-In’, the shaman god of China / Korea.

‘Cheon-Ji-In’ is not the God of Judeo Christianity.

Kook-jin Justin Moon speaks about the Six Marys and the messiah’s seed

▲ Kook Jin Justin Moon explains the Six Marys providence on July 21, 2017.

A member of the Sanctuary Church asked Kook Jin Justin Moon a question:
“The Six Marys, they are connected to saints or married to saints, there are six persons…”

Kook Jin Justin Moon:
“We are after all, the orthodox church. People who follow the Han mother are heretics.…

1:45:30 LINK
Member: The Six Marys, they are connected to saints or married to saints, to Jesus, to… They are six person…

Kook Jin: The whole notion of Six Marys, or 60 Marys or 600 Marys is basically the process of restoration because when the world was created, it was created as one man and one woman. And so that was supposed to be the start of human history. But the world progressed from that family level, to the social, clan, national and world level. So there has been an expansion of human history, an expansion of the fallen lineage. So when you get to the point of the mission of the messiah, the messiah actually has to reverse that fall. So that means that the world level has to reduced to the individual level. It means all the women in the world, 3.5 billion women, has to become one woman. So basically what the messiah comes to do is he comes to marry the object partner. Initially there was only one object partner, when the messiah came there were 3.5 billion object partners, and so actually if you are looking at the process of restoration every single object partner in the world is actually supposed to receive the messiah’s seed. But that is what the Six Marys providence is about. Since the messiah physically can’t be giving the seed to every single woman there are representative women through which he transfers his seed representatively to all the women of the world. And so that process of restoration is a one time event which the Lord of the Second Coming does. And once it is fulfilled then it restores the relationship back to one man and one woman.

So that is the difference in understanding, is that the messiah comes and has a unique role. He comes fully as a man but he is also fully God, and that is the unique nature of the Lord of the Second Coming. And the unique mission of the Lord is to restore what was lost. And so that process of restoration happens only once. And so once that is done then it goes back again to the original order which is one man, one woman. That’s what the [Divine] Principle requires and if you study Principle and you understand Principle you can understand theologically why it has to be like that.

Member: We were many years in the church and we didn’t hear about it.

Kook Jin: That’s the problem

Member: I ask you, were they ashamed to tell us about this?

Kook Jin: Yes. That’s the problem of the archangelic leadership [Hak Ja Han]. They are ashamed to teach it. Not only are they ashamed to teach it, but the problem is that because they did not teach it, they created this foundation for the rebellion of the Han mother. So that’s why for the second king, for him to fully come into his responsibility and become the king, he had to champion the mission of the messiah and explain the mission of the messiah.
And that is what the king did. [applause]
Member: Can I ask you a question?
Kook Jin: Yes.
Member: If so Jesus, even he didn’t die, so he had also Six Marys, the same thiing.
Kook Jin: Well he should have 6, 60, 600, 6,000 the same thing, sure, absolutely.”
Kook Jin: If you study, if you look at the uncannonized gospels, the gospels which are not cannonized, especially in regard to the gospel of Mary Magdalene, that actually talks about that, because Mary Magdalene’s heresy, after Jesus’s crucifixion, was that she was the Moon Goddess and Jesus was the Sun God, that they were actually husband and wife and that the apostles revolved around them. Archeology now in Israel is discovering very early Mary Magdalene churches and they found mosaics where they actually saw in the center Jesus Christ’s picture with Mary Magdalene surrounded by twelve disciples. So you can see the heresy of Mary Magdalene is identical to the heresy of Han mother.

Member: The problem in this story is the problem of shame.
Kook Jin: Shame? The problem is not the shame. The problem is that the blood lineage was changed. The problem with Adam is that he basically he had his lineage changed because he was dominated by Eve. So that is why when you do the three day ceremony you have that reversing of that order, where the woman is on top and then the man gets on top at the end, so he is restored from the archangelic position to the position of son.

So in order to reverse the pattern of the fall, the father who comes, the Christ who comes, has to dominate woman and has to be on top.

Member: I was thinking about Jesus he was ashamed to speak about sex
Kook Jin: Jesus, I don’t think was ashamed to talk about sex.

Member: The Catholic Church, they are ashamed.
Kook Jin: Well, the Catholic Church is complete heresy. It is the same heresy as the Han mother. Because if you look at Catholic theology, who is Catholic here? OK, so you know the teaching of Mother Mary, right? And the sinless Mother Mary and the perpetual virgin. You know that the Catholic Church teaches that even though Mother Mary had many children she never had sex, even after she married Joseph.

Member: They don’t believe that Mother Mary had other children?
Kook Jin: No, they believe they had other children, but they say she never had sex when she had other children. So not only was Jesus Christ born in terms of the immaculate conception, but all of his other brothers and sisters were born without sex. So what is the difference between Jesus and his other brothers and sisters? Since they believe that the womb of Mother Mary is sinless and that she was born without original sin. If you look at the Mother Mary theology in the Catholic Church, that is the Only Begotten Daughter theology, which is basically fallen Eve theology, which is Goddess theology.

So this is the misconception that a lot of people have, is they think Catholic Church is the church of Peter and Paul. It is not. It is the church of the Emperor Constantine who was a pagan. So it is a corruption of Christianity. It is not true Christianity.

1:57:10 LINK
Member: It would be good if in OSDP [Original Substance of the Divine Principle] we teach really deeply about the Six Marys as part of it.
Kook Jin Justin Moon: Well, we teach about the Six Marys. That’s the position we have to be very clear on that is the nature of restoration. The nature of restoration requires God’s seed to be implanted in every woman.
Member: Right
Kook Jin: And that is the essential mission of the coming of the messiah. And then our teaching is very clear because the messiah has come in the second coming and fulfilled that mission that proceeding, going forward all people who follow in the messiah’s footsteps are back to the situation of one man and one woman because the providence of that restoration is done, and is not to be repeated. Anybody who says that they have to repeat that is a heretic.
So those kind of aspects of the theology we need to, as we go forward, to make it very clear what our theological position is. It should not be hidden. It should be front and center whenever we teach the principle. Mission of the messiah, what the messiah must do.

Member: That is the essence of the Blessing isn’t it. The messiah’s seed through the Blessing into Blessed marriages.
Kook Jin: [agrees] So we teach it and then we teach that that mission was accomplished by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon and that is why we are back to the original order of creation, of one man and one woman. That’s what we need to teach. So actually that teaching is essential. And that is really the big dividing line between the orthodox church and the heretic church. The orthodox church sees that the messiah fulfilling the mission of the messiah. The heretic church sees the messiah as a man with weakness who needs to be saved by the harlot mother [Hak Ja Han]. So that is why we cannot hide or be ashamed of the mission of the messiah. We have to go forward in talking about the mission of the messiah.

These quotes may be from the same recording, but the source has not been confirmed:

“There should be 3 billion Marys because every woman is supposed to get the seed. God told him [Sun Myung Moon] to have all the women of the world, that is what the definition of the Christ is. He is the bridegroom….
I’m sitting there. I heard him all, I understand it, why don’t you, because your ears are closed.”

Question from member: “He didn’t say the messiah has to plant the seed to all… did he?”
Kook Jin Moon: “Yes he does. I heard him a hundred times.”
Question: “I didn’t hear him.”
Kook Jin Moon: “Because you don’t speak Korean.”

Sun Myung Moon, August 1, 1996, Washington, DC
“Absolute harmony with the sexual organs”
“If humanity were to go beyond the traditional categories of virtue, religion and any other human norms, but were absolutely in harmony with the sexual organs, earning the welcoming applause of God, what kind of world would it be?

I wish that you would center on the absolute sexual organ, unique sexual organ, unchanging sexual organ and eternal sexual organ, and use this as your foundation to pursue God. You should realize that this foundation should become the foundation of love, life, lineage and conscience. We also have to realize that the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven will begin on this foundation.

Wherever you may go, please try to spread Reverend Moon’s message through television or other media. You will never perish. What force can turn around this world of Hell? It is impossible to achieve this unless our sexual organ is used in accordance with an absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal standard centering on God’s true love which is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal love. God is the original owner of the sexual organs.

Let us go forward all together for this common cause. … This is the very mission of the Family Federation for World Peace. …”

The American Blessed Family Department of the Unification Church gives a good description of pikareum.
It is known as ‘The Three Day Ceremony’:

For the complete explanation LINK

“The Spiritual Basis Of The Three-Day Ceremony’s Procedure

‘During the first two days of the Three-Day ceremony, the woman is in the position of the “Bride of the Messiah” and “mother” to her spouse. Therefore, she initiates each part of the ceremony. Through the ceremony of the first day, the man is raised from his position of archangel (being reborn as the son of the Messiah and his wife) to the position of sinless Adam in the formation stage.

‘Through the ceremony of the second day the man is raised from the position of “Newborn Adam” to the “Adam before the fall” position. Each part of the ceremony of the third day is therefore initiated by the man in his position of Adam. The man takes the leadership role to restore dominion. Through this ceremony, they become one as the eternal ideal couple and husband and wife. …

“The act of love should be a complete act (penetration and ejaculation). In the event that it is difficult to achieve this, strive to achieve as much penetration as possible and continue with the remainder of the ceremony. …

“Contents of the man’s prayer [after the third and final act]:

“Thank you for having me reborn as sinless Adam through the first two ceremonies. I pray that through the ceremony today we may become an eternal couple as husband and wife and that each of us can have the triple objective relationship of love with each other. I pray that I may restore all the conditions that the first Adam lost…”

For the act of love, it is all right to caress each other. Insertion must be accomplished. The couple should continue the act of love until ejaculation, but if it is difficult to reach ejaculation, the act may be stopped at that point. However, insertion itself must be accomplished. If insertion is not possible because the husband does not have an erection, the wife must take her husband’s sexual organ in her hand and guide it into her sexual part in order to successfully do the ceremony. If the act of love is not fulfilled and it is delayed, it must be fulfilled within 24 hours starting from the beginning of the ceremony. It is not permitted to use a condom or any other apparatus during the act of love.”

American Blessed Family Department
4 West 43rd Street, New York.
Prepared June 1986 (revised December 1990)

Chicago Tribune: “The Moonies:  Government Files Trace Church from Sex Cult to Korean CIA”
March 27, 1978
WASHINGTON — Once-secret government files released by a House subcommittee trace the so-called “Moonie” church from its origins as a small-time Korean sex cult to a worldwide organization operated by the Korean Central Intelligence Agency.
The documents, soon to be the subject of public hearings, indicate the Unification (Moonie) Church was used by the Korean government as part of a lobbying effort in the U.S. Congress.
Diplomatic cables said that the church patriarch, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, headed a Korean cult that “interprets the Bible in sexual terms.” The KCIA decided to use Moon in a scheme that grew to include other Koreans bribing congressmen, the documents said.
A U.S. Central intelligence Agency report, marked “unevaluated” and written in February 1963, said that Lt. Col. Bo Hi Pak of the Korean army was working to expand the church into Washington under the direction of Kim Chung-pil, the director of the KCIA.
A cable sent to Washington from the American embassy in Seoul on August 26, 1966, describes an initiation ceremony for the church involving sexual relations. The cable said the church refers to such initiation as “baptizing.”
The author of the cable quoted Thomas Chung, president of the Korean Students’ Association in Washington, as saying: “Colonel Pak was in trouble because he had attempted to initiate into his church (i.e. to have sexual relations with) the wife of a visiting ROK (Korean government) official (either the minister of national defence or the chief of staff).”
The cable continued: “According to Chung, the matter had been hushed up, but only with difficulty, and Pak had nearly lost his job because of it.”
That cable also quotes another intelligence source: “He said that the church interprets the Bible in sexual terms and maintains that religious experience is interrelated with sex. MUN Son-myong (sic), leader of the church, was once arrested because of the sexual practices of the organization.” continued… LINK

FBI Report (San Francisco office) on the Unification Church, September 1975

A letter from the Church of the Nazarene in Seoul, reproduced on pages 9-11 of this FBI Report gives an interesting summary of the official and the unofficial theology of the Unification Church.

The following doctrinal statement [was] filed with the Korean Government by Moon’s Unification Association. Here are the secretly observed other beliefs and practices:

1) Founder Moon is the Second Advent Jesus.
2) A believer receives a spiritual body by participating in a ceremony known as blood cleansing which is for women to have sexual intercourse with Moon and for men to have intercourse with such a woman. This idea of blood cleansing comes from the teaching that Eve committed immorality with the Serpent and she passes on to all of us serpent blood.
3) Secretly observed doctrines are Holy covenant and are of more value than the Bible.
4) Members who have experienced blood cleansing can produce sinless generation [children].
5) Founder Moon is sinless.

LINK to Chicago Tribune article and the 1975 FBI report

The original Japanese workshop notes are HERE

How “God’s Day” was established on January 1, 1968

Hak Ja Han had to stand in the archangel position while Sun Myung Moon restored the first three wives through pikareum sex as a condition for the “Marriage Supper of the Lamb.”

Sun Myung Moon – Restoration through Incest

Moon’s pikareum lineage began from Hwang Kuk-ju

Baek-moon Kim talked about “sexual union with God.” He was Sun Myung Moon’s teacher.

Pikareum emerged during the “Ewha Woman’s University Incident” in the early days of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Shin-hee Eu and her “pikareum with Moon” interview

Deok-Jin Kim – Someone who actually practised Moon’s sex relay

Pikareum explained in Moon’s own words

Sun Myung Moon – Restoration through Incest

Hyo-min Eu was one of the ‘restored’ 36 couples.
He describes pikareum

“There were many sexually abused women. Moon arrested on July 4.” see the 1955 Seoul newspaper reports under Ewha University 1955 sex scandal

Chung-hwa Pak interviewed about the “SEX relays” of Sun Myung Moon

Dan Fefferman gives a helpful explanation of pikareum

Neil Salonen is asked about pikareum

Change of Blood Lineage through Ritual Sex in the Unification Church by Kirsti L. Nevalainen

Taught at a Family Federation for World Peace and Unification workshop:

“The Purpose of God’s Providence of Salvation is to end the journey of God’s sperm.”

Teacher Moon explains why we must love him
Master Speaks
, December 30, 1971, Washington DC.
“So there must be a fundamental difference between the First Advent and the Second Advent. At the First Advent, the Lord wanted to love God and people. But at the Second Advent, God and people must want to love him [the new Lord], and thus indemnify what they owe [for failing to love Jesus]. Jesus came as a bridegroom and wanted to love brides; therefore, people, as brides, must love the bridegroom when he comes again. When God first sent Jesus, he sent him to be loved by people. But that was reversed by the disbelief of the people. Therefore, in the Last Days, God must restore that. When we have him [the new Lord] on this earth, we have to have such a mind “to become crazy to love him.” So Jesus told people to love him more than their own mother and father, sons and daughters, or sisters and brothers. So people must make such a condition that they can never forget the fact that they love him [the new Lord], that they love him more than anyone else, even through the greatest difficulties. So you have to forget eating, and doing [other] things [so you can devote yourself] to love him [Sun Myung Moon, the Lord of the Second Advent].”

Teología de Sun Myung Moon para sus rituales sexuales – Español