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Introduction to the Book

Biography of the Author

Book Cover Band

Recommendation / Endorsement by Tahk Myeong-hwan  1

Introduction by Pak Chung-hwa


Chapter 1.

The Man I Met in Prison  14

I Believed “The Second Coming Christ”  14

  Heungnam Special Laborer Detention Center  15

  Prisoner Number 596 – Moon Yong Myung  20

  I was appointed to be the overall group leader  23

  Why did Eve hide the lower part of her body?  26

  Jesus and six women  30

  “Blood purification” through a pikareum sex relay  35

The Heretic Who Caused an Uproar in Pyongyang  41

  The first arrest and imprisonment  42

  Sentenced to five years in prison for causing a commotion by

              marrying a married woman  44

  The Korean War and the air raid bombing  45

  The “Pardon” by Kim Il-sung  47


Chapter 2.

Fleeing to the South to Escape the War  49

From Pyongyang to Seoul  50

  Pak Chung-hwa’s foot fractured by thugs  50

  Reunion with Yong Myung Moon  51

  To keep my word I abandoned my family to obey Moon  52

  A man’s promise to stay together until death  54

  A difficult refugee journey  58

  Finally arrived in Seoul  60

From Seoul to Busan 63

  Our second flight  63

  The parting at Kyongju  66

  The visit of Moon who wanted help for his financial needs  68

  Reunion with Ok Se-hyun from Pyongyang  71


Chapter 3.

The Period Before and After the Founding of the Unification Church  75

The Passion of the Women Followers  76

  The church at Sujung-dong, Busan  76

  Mrs. Choi Seon-gil (Leader Moon’s legal wife) goes on the rampage  78

  Police torture me with electricity 82

  The test concerning the will of heaven  83

  The anger of Kim Soon-cheol’s husband  85

The Meeting at Yeongdo, Busan  89

  The tragedy of the female college student, Kim Myung-hee  89

  Being constantly chased by investigators  92

The Founding of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification

              of World Christianity  95

  Eu Hyo-won writes the [1957] ‘Explanation of the Principle’  95

  The Unification Church founding day  100

The Time of the Ewha Womans University Incident 102

  Students and professors were coming in droves 102

  A man called Kim Deok-jin  104

  Another electrical torture, this time in Daegu  105

  The production and sale of bromide pictures  108

  The third secretary, Song Do-wook  111

  A time of modest relaxation  112

The Truth About the Arrest of Our Church Elders  114

  Sun Myung Moon’s arrest  114

  The focus of the investigation was on group sex  119

  The indictment of five church elders  121

  My escape from the hands of the investigators  123


Chapter 4.

The Women Who Were Sacrificed  125

The Fate of a Major Contributor, Ok Se-hyun  126

  Socks knitted with hair woven into them  127

  The lament of husband Elder Woo Ha-seop  129
(His full name, 우하섭, is given in the Korean edition of the book)

  Body, soul and property given to Sun Myung Moon  131

  Ok left with nowhere to go even if discharged [from hospital]  135

Park Bong-shik and Oh Yeong-choon  138

  The married couple who devoted themselves to Sun Myung Moon  138

  Song Do-wook, the husband who had an affair  140

  Park Bong-shik was a woman of outstanding personality  141

  Oh Yeong-choon gave a lot of money to Moon  142

  Working for a living as a maid  145

The Tears and Anger of Kim Chong-hwa  147

  “I want to kill Moon Yong Myung”  147

The Tragedy of Six Marys  150

  Six wives snatched away  150

  Lee Deuk-sam  152

  Kim Soon-cheol  153

  Oh Yeong-choon  155

  Kim An-shil  156

  Eu Shin-hee  157

  Park Cheong-sook  158

  Not six Marys but sixty Marys  159

Lovers were Stolen and Killed  161

  A man called Kim Won-deok  161

  A mysterious romance  162

  A beautiful woman and a ‘Feast’  165

  A strange ability to predict  167

  Sun Myung Moon stole a lover from his own disciple  169


Chapter 5.

The True Face of the ‘Messiah of the Second Coming’  173

The Contradiction Between Principles and Practice 174

  My memoir is a record of what really happened  174

  Unsuspecting followers who do not know anything  176

  How can Sun Myung Moon be the messiah?  179

  A strange relationship with Chong Deuk-eun  182

  The sex missionaries were of course arrested  184

Lust, Greed and Money  187

  “Go and steal money from your husband”  187

  Why do innocent children die?  189

  Sex in the name of the pikareum restoration  191

  Many families were destroyed  193

  The resentment of a woman can cause frost even in summer  195

  Children who were born to virgins  196

Who was the Betrayer?  199

  A letter of introduction from Sun Myung Moon  199

  Vicious exploitation of labor  200

  Moon’s sons, Heung-jin and Hyo-jin  203

  The name of one of the founders now removed  207

  “An incident happened. We must run away!”  209

  Sun Myung Moon was the betrayer  211


Chapter 6.

The Real Satan is Sun Myung Moon  215

The Value of a Living Witness  216

  Remarriage in order to enter the new world  216

  Collapsed with a serious illness  217

  I met a church elder who I hadn’t seen for a long time  219

  A living witness to the founding of the Unification Church  221

  Sun Myung Moon’s lies and the Japanese members  223

  Stealing the Principles from Mr. Kim Baek-moon  226

  Allegations of a marriage between a half brother and a sister  228

  Kim Deok-jin practised the principle  230

The Role of the 36 Couples  233

  Countermeasures against other ‘Messiahs of the Second Coming’ who were cropping up  233

  The contributors who became victims  238

  Eu Hyo-won was a more moral person than Sun Myung Moon 239

  Eu Hyo-min, an entrepreneur who built the church finances  241

  Director Eu Hyo-yeong, President of the Il Shin Stone Company, exported miniature two-story pagodas [to Japan] 243

  The infidelities and crimes of Sun Myung Moon  245

  The misery of Kim Myung-hee  247

  Another “Mother”  250

  My shame for participating in orgies  252

  The red dragon who deceived the world  253


Chapter 7.

Testimonies – The Truth That We Experienced  257

Eu Hyo-min – The Businessman Who Built the Unification Church’s Economic Base

He contributed, but was then betrayed  258

Eu Shin-hee was one of the Six Marys  265

Kim Deok-jin was a Sex Relay Practitioner  271

Postscript by Pak Chung-hwa  279

Appendices  283

  ‘Original Principle’ ‘Wŏlli Wŏnbon’ (1952) Table of Contents  283

  ‘Explanation of the Principle’ ‘Wŏlli Hĕsŭl’ (1957) Table of Contents  287

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