For Young-oon Kim it ended in tears & flames

Young-oon Kim decided to follow Sun Myung Moon in 1955 – but it all ended in tears and flames

updated December 16, 2020

The first Korean revivalist who made a life-long impression on Miss Kim was Rev. Lee Yong-do. Also Miss Kim felt encouraged by the spirit of Rev Lee to join the UC. Sun Myung Moon was also influenced by Rev Lee, and attended his church, but unlike Miss Kim, he never met Rev Lee.

1. Miss Young-oon Kim

2. Section on Lee Yong-do (see also HERE for further information)

3. Extracts from the first ever Divine Principle book, an English edition published in September 1956. (The first ever Korean edition was published in August 1957.)

“It is believed Young-oon Kim burned much of her papers at the end of her time on Earth. Some of her letters were recently discovered in HK House [at the Unification Theological Seminary], not much to build an archive [for UTS]. It is hoped those whom she touched during her life will share their memories and material to build her own archive.”

Young-oon Kim was born on Hwang-Hae Island in 1914, and died of pancreatic cancer in Korea on September 30, 1989.

On February 29, 1988 George Norton drove her to the airport as she was leaving the USA for the last time to fly back to Korea. She cried as she left the country where she had invested so much.

Michael Mickler (historian/theologian at UTS): “Young-oon Kim was a pioneer missionary, theologian and spiritual leader. She was the first Unification missionary to the United States, arriving in 1959 [on January 4th]. She incorporated the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (HSA-UWC) in 1961 and built the church during the 1960s, sending pioneers throughout the United States and Western Europe. She published eight editions of the Principle from 1960-72 and played a major role in the purchase of Belvedere International Training Center.

“Prior to joining the Unification movement, Miss Kim was a professor of New Testament, Church History and Comparative Religion at Ewha Womans University [in Seoul]. She was a graduate of the Methodist seminary at Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan and a noted woman intellectual in Korean society. She did postgraduate work at Emmanuel College at the University of Toronto on a scholarship from the United Church of Canada from 1948-51 and was a sponsored observer at international Christian conferences in Germany and Switzerland. Along with four other faculty members (and fourteen students who were expelled), Miss Kim resigned from Ewha Womans University in 1955 in protest over demands to disaffiliate from the Unification Church.”

▲ Young-oon Kim in about 1963

Farley Jones (an elder in FFWPU): “She was a teacher her whole life. As a teenager, she had this profound experience with God, after which she joined a Methodist church. She had profound personal experiences with Jesus after that, and while she was working in a bank, she heard a voice that said, don’t work with dead numbers, work with people. Thereafter she changed her occupation and began to teach.”

This profound experience Young-oon Kim had as a teenager was with Rev. Yong-do Lee, who was later branded as a heretic by the mainstream denominations in Korea. Sun Myung Moon also joined his church – but he never met Rev. Lee who died in October 1933.

Hyo-won Eu spoke about Young-oon Kim in a sermon he gave in Daegu church on October 16, 1963 :

“She had nephritis. She was in bed for months and almost could not get up. She could not even eat plain bread because even the small amount of salt in it would make her body swell. So her food could have no seasoning. Nevertheless, the Ewha Womans University president [Kim Hwal-lan] came to her and told her, “There is no one else to send. You will have to go. You will have to go, listen to their doctrine, and reveal their fallacy based on the Bible. Only then will we be able to stop the students from going there. So please go.” So she got up with great difficulty and came here. She was so weak that she had to wrap herself with a blanket while sitting in the car. It was when we were still using Professor Yang’s house. …

In North Korea long before the Korean liberation many spiritual people prepared for the coming of the Returning Lord working with the spirit world. Among them there was someone who came with the mission of John the Baptist, and his name was Lee Yong-do. He gave powerful sermons. … Anyway, Professor Kim Young-oon used to follow Rev. Lee. After she joined the church, a pastor friend of hers, whom she loved most, wrote her to warn her about the Unification Church. He said that the Unification Church had twelve stages; Professor Kim was only at the third or fourth stage, and she would see everything when she went up to the twelfth stage. This shocked Professor Kim and made her pale with anxiety. She could not speak to anyone, and she could just pray.

But one day Rev. Lee appeared to her and reminded her of how he had died. How did he die? When he pulled in many Christians through revivals, the established churches united to accuse him of sexual promiscuity. So he suffered under the heavy weight of worries and died [of tuberculosis] at the age of 33. He said to her that she knew he was innocent, and now Rev. Moon was being accused just like him; hence, she should follow Rev. Moon until the end in order to find her path of life and also help Rev. Lee partake in the benefits. This relaxed her.”

Young-oon Kim arrived in Oregon on January 4, 1959 to pioneer the US. She witnessed and worked hard to publish an English edition of the Divine Principle. Her first edition was published in 1960. The 1963 edition had a blue cover.

▲ The title page from the 1963 Divine Principles. Apparently Sun Myung Moon was very angry with her for putting her name on the cover. See below for the Table of Contents of the 1963 edition.

▲ The front cover of Young-oon Kim’s 1972 edition of the Divine Principle and its Application.

Thomas Selover (an elder in FFWPU): “When our Unification Theological Seminary (UTS) first opened in 1975, Dr. Kim became professor of Systematic Theology and World Religions, the only Unification Church member on the teaching faculty at that time. As textbooks, we used her book Unification Theology and Christian Thought and later her series on world religions; but we were most fascinated by her “off the record” insights on Divine Principle and her stories of Father in the early days of our movement. She encouraged us not to be bound by the letter of texts, but to develop our own inner spiritual life through prayer, meditation and reflection.”

Therese Stewart (first Academic Dean of UTS): “For fifteen years, Dr. Kim served as Professor of Theology at UTS in Barrytown. She taught courses in systematic theology and lectured on the world’s religions. She authored books on world religions, on modern theology, and Unification theology. She often took her meals in the faculty dining room. There she loved to answer professors’ questions about Father, his movement and the Divine Principle. She gave inspiring sermons at worship services in the seminary chapel. There, as well as in the classroom, she called all of us to the highest standard spiritually as well as academically. … Dr. Kim had a great sense of the value of time so she was always constructively occupied. Yet she always tended those who needed words of comfort, encouragement or counsel. … At the seminary, we were accustomed to meeting her on her daily walks about the campus. She loved the outdoors and always admonished us to care for and conserve the things of creation – not to waste water, electricity, food or time. She was an example of healthful living with a simple diet, daily exercise, a positive mental attitude, useful work and service to others.”

Nora Spurgin (an elder in FFWPU; one of the 777 couples): “Dr. Kim taught us that learning to master human relationships is an essential key in a person’s religious life and spiritual growth.”

Why did Miss Kim burn her papers?
One person to have asked would have been Glenda Moody. Miss Kim was very close to her.

Richard Barlow (a former member of the UC; one of the missionaries who went out in 1975): “Unfortunately Glenda Moody took her own life some years ago, in Oregon, by means of an overdose. She had been cleaned out financially by the African brother to whom she was blessed by True Father. It is surprising how few people seem to know what happened to her. Before she died she wrote a sad letter to one of the few people she still felt cared about her, explaining why she couldn’t go on with her life. Glenda was indeed close to Miss Kim: close enough that Miss Kim confided to her some of the details of her past relationship with True Father, which Glenda passed on before her death.”

[Miss Kim was married to Mr. Ahn M.D. PhD in Korea on November 4, 1964. Apparently he was not a member. The marriage lasted less than a year.

Richard Barlow: “When she [Miss Kim] was at the Unification Theological Seminary she was shocked to see the behavior of the True Children. They were not being trained; they did not understand the Divine Principle; they did not respect the members. Hyo Jin would ride around Tarrytown on a horse or a motorbike and annoy people. She thought there would be no future for the movement if the members were not respected, but were abused.”

▲ Hyo Jin Moon in 1975. True Father is admonishing his son for repeatedly riding past the group.

Richard Barlow: “David Kim had sidelined her at UTS, and she was seen as being too outspoken in her criticisms of the way things were being done at the top. David Kim had organised the installation of a system at UTS whereby the lecturers’ microphones were connected to a recording device. According to one of her students who went on to become a leading professor there, on one occasion she put her hand over the mic and confided to the class, “You don’t really believe this stuff, do you?” (She was teaching the standard Divine Principle contents of the Fall at the time.)

“Another time she remarked to a group of students that she thought True Father should go back to school (in that he was unaware of the limits of his knowledge base, and had stated more than once that he could not take advice from anyone except God).”

A former UTS student commented about Miss Kim: “She was critical of Father especially because he did not know much about Christian theology or other religions. Miss Kim was the brains behind Moon.”

Allen Tate Wood (a member from 1969-1973): “It was Miss Kim who first told me about Mr. Moon’s journeys in the spirit world. It was in the summer of 1970 shortly before I was to head off to Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan and finally Korea. I drove her down to Monticello from Washington. … I asked Miss Kim about his (Moon’s) grasp of the spirit world. She said “Well he may have been very open in the early days, but not so much now”. She went on to say that while she was accompanying him on one of his world tours (1965 I think) she had remarked his surprise, while they were in India, to discover that Buddha was not Chinese but Indian. I immediately thought, ‘well if he is talking to Jesus and Buddha and Mohammed and God all the time, why did he think that Buddha was Chinese? Was Buddha lying to Mr. Moon in the spirit world?’”

Allen Tate Wood: “Miss Kim had always been a critical follower of the Reverend Moon. Once she had told me that she believed he had some years ago lost his ability to read minds and travel in the astral world. That was why he had to employ the three mediums now. Once she had hinted that Moon was not the messiah, but only in the line of the messiah. He was an Abraham figure, and his son or his grandson would be the true messiah. This was utter heresy, of course, and this was in the back of my mind as Miss Kim spoke.” Moonstruck, page 135

Allen Tate Wood: “One of the sad things that happened for us who knew and loved Miss Kim – and particularly for me, since I was under her protection – was that Moon deposed her, abruptly, impatiently, bitterly, though privately. He was angry; he told her she had failed. We heard that he told her she must assume in regard to him the role of a child. She must learn everything all over again.”  Moonstruck, page 138.

In 1965 Miss Kim wrote about Moon’s World Tour: “In both Athens and Cairo we saw the great civilizations which existed before Christ. The ancient Egyptians believed in the resurrection of the dead and built great tombs. Some tombs and statues were built 8,000 years ago, and many statues were erected 5,000 to 6,000 years ago. Our Leader was greatly astonished to see the huge pillars used in the Greek temples in Athens, and the ancient architecture of the pyramids and mosques built so many centuries ago. He stood by the River Nile and seemed to pray for a few minutes. The Egyptians call the river the Mother of Egypt because, in the huge desert of Sahara, the river makes part of the desert green and brings abundant food and water for the Egyptians to live.” New Age Frontiers – September 1965

It seems that Father thought the earth was 6,000 years old until that day in Egypt. A review of his pre-1965 sermons confirms this.

Richard Barlow: “Later at UTS David Kim told Miss Kim that “Father did not want to see her.” So she did not go to see him. Then Father asked where she was… so she went.

“Late in her life, Miss Kim reportedly said that she deeply regretted that she had not spoken out about where she felt things had gone wrong.

“Nora Spurgin and Betsy Jones visited her and found her collapsed in her room at UTS. She had no food. David Kim was in charge at Barrytown but he did not treat her well.”

In 1988, she was asked by Moon to leave the US and return to Korea.

Richard Barlow: “I think it is true to say that Young-oon Kim left America reluctantly and with sadness.”

A cake with the words ‘In remembrance of all you have done – January 4, 1959, through February 29, 1988’ was brought out in her honor, and she also received a monetary gift donated by church members in the United States.

Richard Barlow: “There was a collection for her as she was leaving, which was given to her in a brown envelope. When she opened it she commented that it was not very much.”

When she first arrived in Oregon in 1959 George Norton was one of the first people to support her. He stayed with her and brought her food. As she left the US for the last time it was George who drove her to the airport on the west coast. She cried as she left.

▲ Young-oon Kim in 1988

Miss Kim was already not well when she left. She went to Isshin Hospital in Tokyo where she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

David Hose (for many years he was a senior lecturer in the Unification Movement; he worked in the World Mission Department): “Over the years I’ve had numerous opportunities to meet with Dr. Kim, most recently at the Seminary, where she lived in an apartment on one of the lower floors during her many years of teaching there. I’ve come to know her as a person of incredible depth and heart. She doesn’t always express it outwardly. I think Americans are more accustomed to people who just bring it all out in the open…”

Farley Jones: … Miss Kim said, “‘If you passionately love people, God comes so close.’ I think that this was her most frequently made point over the past five years of her life. She would say things like, ‘Position is not important, your identity, or what you have accomplished. What is important is love for other people.’ And this point she iterated and reiterated, because, I think, it was the conclusion that she came to reflecting on her own life.

“Her passing on September 30 [1989] was not an occasion to grieve. I went to Korea beforehand to visit her and to say good-bye. She was in pain and worn down by her illness.”

Richard Barlow: Another colleague from UTS “spoke to her on the phone two weeks before she died. It seems clear that she no longer regarded herself as a member, and that she had lost her faith in True Father. There is no record of a seunghwa. I based my conclusions on what was said during that call.”

Today’s World December 1989 page 17: In Korea a “remembrance ceremony” was held on October 2. It was attended by Dr. Edwin Ang.

There is no mention or record of a seunghwa for Young-oon Kim in the Today’s World’s five page feature on her. There are no photographs of a seunghwa anywhere to be found. It seems Moon said nothing and did not attend any events in her honor.

There is a mention of a seunghwa held in Korea in the UTS publication, The Cornerstone. Since the date is given as October 2, it seems The Cornerstone is being deceptive in describing the same event as a “seunghwa” when it was a “remembrance ceremony.”

Her grave is simple; there is no UC symbol.


Young-oon Kim:
My Successful Search for God — Part I:
My Spiritual Pilgrimage

April 1988

“After graduating from high school, I took a job as a bank teller in a small town. One day I noticed a large sign in front of a large Korean Methodist church. It said there would be a revival meeting there with a Rev. Young-do Lee, [ 李龍道 Lee Yong-do] which was to be conducted throughout the week.

That evening, out of curiosity, I decided to see what this meeting was all about. Although I arrived on time, I had to squeeze in, because hundreds of people were already there. Rev. Lee was a young Methodist minister who was a religious genius and also very rich in heart. He had studied in a liberal Methodist seminary in Seoul. As he preached, I could feel the Holy Spirit through his fiery words. Yes, there was judgment in the preaching, as he called everyone to repent, but it was supported by an ardent love of God that was most evident in his prayers. The hearts of everyone present were melted. Ministers, elders, deacons, doctors, lawyers, businessmen, teachers–men and women alike–cried in repentance and in deep humility.

Actually, Rev. Lee was a humble, meek, and reticent man, but once he stood up in the pulpit, he was a most eloquent, logical, and yet dynamic preacher. But there was nothing fanatic in him. After the meeting was over, he would kneel down on the floor and continue to pray. Many also remained with him and prayed. Maybe 15 or 20 would stay all night to pray. I was one of them. Perhaps around midnight, someone would stand up and speak in tongues, someone would prophesy, or someone would go into a trance. I had never seen such things before. Rev. Lee generated an awesome, powerful atmosphere. He was also a man of deep compassion for others. If he saw a beggar, he would search his pockets and give everything he had to him, and then, having no bus-fare, he would have to walk all the way home.

After Rev. Lee left at the end of the week, the congregation, which had tasted so deeply of the Holy Spirit, craved more. But there was no other minister who could bring such a high spiritual atmosphere, so naturally the members longed for him. The other ministers in town became jealous of Rev. Lee and started denouncing him. Soon, ministers of Methodist and Presbyterian churches all over Korea came to charge him with causing division within their churches. Eventually he was condemned as a heretic, stoned and beaten, and forbidden to preach. He died a year later, at the age of 33, of tuberculosis.

Today, ironically, more than 50 years after his death, Rev. Lee is held in high regard throughout Korea as an authentic messenger of God. Rev. Lee left with me a lasting image of a true disciple and messenger of Christ. I have cherished my brief experience with him to the present day.” LINK

Rev. Yong-do Lee in 1928

Among Christians in Korea there is still considerable debate about Rev. Yong-do Lee. Some see him as a precursor to many Korean cults, including the Unification Church. He was branded a heretic by the Methodist and Presbyterian Churches of Korea.

Worship in the Presbyterian Church in Korea: its history and implications (2001) by Seong-won Park

Page 85: Yong-do Lee was a revivalist who used hymn singing in the most appropriate way at revivals. Music is more effective than words in touching the minds of intuitive people. Thus Lee took advantage of the musical susceptibility of the Koreans. In employing singing in the worship, a fundamental difference occurred between the 1907 Great Revival and Yong-do Lee’s revival.

“Some scholars understand that both the Olive Tree Church [of Tae-seon Park] and the Unification Church came into existence, being influenced by the mystical Holy Spirit movement of Yong-Do Lee.”
Young-Kwan Park. Major Cults, vol. I, (Seoul: Christian Literature Mission, 1976). pp. 30-32. 129-31: and vol. II. (1984). pp. 35-38.

Millennialism in the Korean Protestant Church (2005)
by Ung Kyu Pak

page 146:  Lee became a Christian in October 1916. (At 16 by Korean age.)

page 152: Lee expressed this mystical union with Christ in nuptial terms: “The Lord is my husband, I am his wife. O Lord! allow me an opportunity of the intimate fellowship of love in our bedroom” (The Letters of Lee Yong-do by Byun Jong-ho)
From this mystic union, Lee developed the idea of an “exchange of life,” which was possible through “the bloody connection with Christ.” This idea gave rise to fringe movements, especially in the 1930’s and after the Korean War of 1950-1953.

page 154: The Hwanghoe and Pyongyang Presbyteries passed resolutions in 1931 prohibiting their churches from sponsoring Lee’s revival meetings. In 1932, the Seoul District of the Korean Methodist Church, to which Lee belonged, appointed a commission to investigate him. Lee’s extreme mysticism led him to an association with cultic leaders and then to his tragic death in 1933, when he was just thirty-three years old.

History of Christianity in Korea (2011) by In Soo Kim, PhD

3. Rev. Yong-do Lee and Mysticism
Yong-do Lee was born in April 1901 as the third son of Deok-hong Lee, a poor farmer in Hwanghae Province. His father was a drunkard, but his faithful mother, who was also an evangelist at Sibyeomi Church, carefully nurtured him. He grew up as an unhealthy but affectionate child. When he was going to Hanyeongsuhwon (the antecedent of Songdo Middle School), he was imprisoned for 2 years for his active participation in the March First Movement. Later while he was studying at the Hyeopsuhng Theological Seminary (Methodist), he was found to be in the third stage of tuberculosis with hemoptysis. He then moved to his friend Hwan-shin Lee’s home in Gangdong, South Pyeongan Province, for recuperation.

There he underwent an experience that would change his life around. When the people learned that a theological student was in town, they asked him to lead a revival meeting at a church. When he stood at the pulpit, he could not stop shedding tears. As the people watched the young man weeping with no words, they began to weep together with him. Whether they sang hymns or prayed, the entire congregation was full of tears. The meeting on the next day was also flooded with tears. These meetings of tears were a real experience of Christ’s love for both the congregation and for Yong-do Lee himself. The passionate love of Christ he experienced during these meetings was an experience of a lifetime that he would never forget. In this way, he was a classic mystic of his time who indulged in the passionate love of God. He wrote:

Submit. Submit completely. Once you submit yourself completely to the Lord, He will deal with all your problems and He will even use your body according to His will.
(Jong-ho Byun, Lee Yong-do Moksajeon (Biography of the Rev. Lee Yong-do) (Seoul: Simuwon, 1958), 5.)

A life surrendered to the Lord, this was what Yong-do Lee’s life looked like. After this mystic experience, he regained his health, returned to the seminary, and then graduated. He was assigned as a pastor to Tongcheon, Gangwon Province, and started his pastoral ministry there. But he found that his first love had gotten cold. So he prayed in the mountains and fasted, which provided him with yet another encounter of the Holy Spirit. He prayed, “Father, take away my soul, and fill me with a new soul that is crazy for Jesus. I need to be crazy about Jesus. Unless I am crazy about Jesus, I am unable to obey you whole heartedly or win in the fight with the devil.” His confession of needing to be crazy about Jesus signified his union with Christ. In one aspect, this included sexual love with Christ. This was the core of his mysticism.

Oh, the principle of the (mystical) union in which I am swallowed by the love of the Lord, and the Lord swallowed by my love! Oh, my eyes, just lift up and look at the Lord with all my heart and soul. Do not turn away, oh my soul, even for a while from the sight of the Lord. The Lord caught up by my eyes will dwell and rest in the depth of my soul. (Jong Ho-byun, Lee Yong-do Moksa Suhganjip (Collection of Rev. Lee Yong-do’s Letters) (Seoul: Simuwon, 1958), 189.)

His theology pursued the complete union with the Lord…

The Hwanghae Presbytery of Presbyterian Church issued a prohibition order under the charge that Yong-do Lee disturbed Jaeryeong Church, corresponded frequently with female believers, prayed with the lights off, offended other Christian workers, was a non-church movement advocate…

… Perhaps it was only natural that Yong-do Lee’s extreme mysticism roused great rejection by the existing churches, and thus he was labeled a heretic. His mysticism eventually went overboard to the extent of contradicting the fundamentals of Christianity, which effectively proved his theology wrong. This is clearly shown in the incident when he thought he heard God’s voice from Myung-hwa Yoo, a spirit-possessed woman in Wonsan, bowed before her and cried, “O Lord.” Yong-do Lee later explained the situation by saying, “Of course Myung-hwa herself is not the Lord. She is not a god. But the Word of the Lord revealed through her was the Lord. That was why I could not help but to bow before the Word.” (Gidok Sinbo (The Christian Messenger), March 21, 1933.)

This incident of spirit possession dates back to 1927 when Myung-hwa Yoo, a woman at Wonsan Methodist Church, had a spiritual experience. Claiming that Jesus came upon her, she put on a show as if she was Jesus himself and forced other women to join her act of spiritualism. Soon after, Myung-hwa Yoo was joined by other key players including Nam-joo Baek and Joon-myeong Han at Mt. Sinhak in Wonsan. They were indulged in mysticism after having been inspired by the Swedish mystic Emanuel Swedenborg’s book. They prayed together at the home of a woman named Jang. Jang would prepare food on the table to pray as if having an ancestral worship service, and Myung-hwa Yoo would prophecy in a trance. Joon Myeong Han and Nam-joo Baek put on a whole show of spiritualism by saying that God came upon them this way. While vigorously leading the mystic show in Pyongyang in November 1932, Joon-myeong Han prophesied, “Joon-myeong Han will marry a woman on June 9 and 270 days later on March 4, 1934, give birth to a great son Gwangjin who would rule the day. Seung-chan Park will marry a woman and have a great son Jae Kwang who would rule the evening sun.” (Sinang Saenghwal (The Christian Life), (August 1933), 32.)

By the time Nam-joo Baek, the chief of the Wonsan Sinhaksan, joined forces with Myung-hwa Yoo and coerced the former Methodist pastor Ho-been Lee and others into their cause for establishing the Church of Jesus, they were well over the borderline. Nam-joo Baek also cohabited with Jeong-il Kim, one of his female followers. When this became an issue, he explained that it was God’s call for his life. He then established and founded Suhngju Church with Suhng-do Kim, a newly emerging religious leader at Cheolsan, North Pyongan Province. (Note 401: Ibid. (December 1937), 37) Although Yong-do Lee strongly objected to Baek’s founding of a new church with Lee listed as the leader, Baek eventually used Lee’s name when submitting reports to authorities. Albeit manipulated, Lee could not evade his responsibility for having been associated with this cultic sect.

白南柱氏 (右端) と李韻道牧師 (右から2人目) 、 1930年ごろの平壌にて

Mr. Paek Nam-joo 白南柱 (right) and Mr. Lee Yong-do 李韻道 (second from right) in Pyongyang 平壌 circa 1930. From the left, the remaining three are: Park seung-geul 朴承傑 (in black) and Lee Ho-bin 李浩彬 who frequently worked together; and the woman standing in the center may well be Yoo Myung-hwa ( 劉明花, the Goddess of Wonsan 元山 who claimed to be the incarnation of Jesus after a spiritual experience she had in around 1927). Lee Ho-bin was the leader of the Jesus Church and he was asked by Moon to officiate at his marriage to Choi Seon-gil. According to Michael Breen, in his book Sun Myung Moon, the early years, in November 1943 Lee Ho-bin came up by train from Pyongyang to officiate. When he was about 17, Kim Baek-moon 金百文 joined a church affiliated with Paek Nam-joo and Lee Yong-do in Northeast Korea. It was called the Israel Monastery, and Kim later used the same name for his own church near Seoul. In November 1945 Moon joined Kim Baek-moon’s Israel Monastery for six months.

5. Gook Joo Hwang and Orgies

Heretics are bound to appear in times of chaos, seducing the people and leading them astray. While the spirit-possessed heretics were polluting the society, yet another group was bringing disorder into the Church and society. A young man named Gook-joo Hwang was one of them. Originally from Jangyeon, Hwanghae Province, he migrated to Jiandao, China, and attended Long Jin Central Church. Being a man of handsome features, his face resembled that of Jesus usually seen in paintings.

For a hundred days of prayer, he let his long hair down and did not shave his mustache. Having achieved Jesus-like appearance, he started making an absurd remark that, while praying, his head was lifted off from his body and then Jesus’ head was attached to his body. He made a blunder stating that “his head was (the head of) Jesus, his blood of the blood of Jesus, and his heart was the heart of Jesus … everything was Jesus.” (Note 402: Kyoung Bae Min, Hanguk Gidokgiohoesa (History of the Christian Church in Korea) (Seoul: Yonsei University Press, 1993), 445.) His outstanding eloquence captivated many people, overpowering them through sermons and prayers. The entire situation was by far beyond any sensible comprehension, taking into account the fact that even his father, Elder Hwang, knelt before his own son, Guk-ju, and called him “Lord.”

Claiming that the Jesus in him was headed to the New Jerusalem, Gook-joo Hwang set out for Seoul. He was accompanied by a large crowd, which included his father, his sisters, and many other women. When the news spread that the New Jesus was passing by, people from all places came to see him and his followers. Dozens of virgin girls, married women and men formed a large crowd while following him. They took on a lifestyle of liberal eating, sleeping and traveling together. It was definitely impossible for this lifestyle to be free of any immorality. In fact, they were full of indecency. Seung-je Kim, the pastor of Samho Church in South Hamgyeong Province, saw the crowd on the journey and wrote the following account:

I had come to the vicinity of Samho Church of South Hamkyung Province in July 1935, when I saw a group of 60-70 mixed men and women lying down under the shadow of trees near the church. Among them ten in a group were here and there spread out … their state of disorder made them look like lawless people. (Note 403: Seung Je Cho, “Naeui Mokhoesaenghwal 40yoneui Baeksuh,” (White Paper on My 40 Years of Pastoral Ministry), Mokhoeyeohwa (Stories of Ministry) (Seoul: Hyangryeonsa, 1965), 109.)

By the time Gook-joo Hwang and the crowd of over sixty married and virgin women arrived in Seoul, churches across the entire nation were in a commotion about them.

Hwang called himself Jesus; he bragged that it was impossible for him to sin because he was a perfect man. He built a prayer camp on Mt. Samgak, taught doctrines on so-called neck separation and blood sharing and engaged in orgies. He called this the exchange of spiritual bodies. When the Anju Presbytery in Pyeongan Province sent investigators and asked for explanation on the orgies, they boasted, “We have crossed the Jordan River and we are no longer bound by the sexual issues between male and female.” (Note 404: The Yeonggye (Spiritual World) (November 1933), 3.) However, Gook-joo Hwang eventually “committed an irreversible act of sin with a kindergarten teacher at Unsan and ran away for good.” (Note 405: Suhn Hwan Kim, “Kuksan Jaerae Eedaneui Hoogeja“ (Successors of Korean Indigenous Heretics), Gyeong-rae Kim, ed., Sahoesakgwa Idanundong (Social Evils and Heretic Movements), 165.)

In 1933, the Anju Presbytery named Gook-joo Hwang, Myung-hwa Yoo and other dangerous figures as heretics and prohibited churches from inviting them for their revival meetings. This was ratified by the General Assembly that met in the autumn that year.
In any turbulent period, there are bound to be acts of chaos that make groups of immoral adulterers who are fooled by the devil to label sexual temptations as “God’s revelations” or “bodily exchange of spirits.” We must take a serious note of this because the same will be witnessed through Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church later in the Korean history.

Japanese Religions Vol. 9 July 1976 No. 2
A magazine issued by the NCC Center for the Study of Japanese Religions

The Korean Background of the Unification Church
Young Bok CHUN 田 永褔. Secretary of the Evangelical Department of the General Assembly of the Korean Church in Japan. The article is compiled by the NCC Study Center, based on a presentation about the Unification Church by the Reverend Chun on Nov. 10, 1975, arranged by the Kyoto Christian Council.

Rev. Young Bok Chun writes of his personal experiences at Yong-do Lee meetings:
“I often went to these meetings when I was young. The pastor was an enthusiastic and eloquent preacher and advocated a peculiar interpretation of the Bible. During the meetings he used to roll up a newspaper and go around saying, “Satan, get out! Satan, get out!” while the congregation was praying in a state of ecstatic shaking. This movement advocated the so-called “restoration of the original state” before the fall of Adam and Eve. The congregation was dancing around and crying for the return of Eden. And when the pastor cried, “Adam and Eve were naked before the fall! Take off your clothes!” the men turned to the women and stripped off their clothes, and they danced around naked.”

Sun Myung Moon visited Nam-joo Baek in Wonsan in about 1944. Baek-moon Kim, who practised pikareum, joined the church associated with Nam-joo Baek and Yong-do Lee in the Wonsan area when he was a teenager.

Hak Ja Han’s mother was a disciple of Gook-joo Hwang. There are many connections between all these groups that embraced a sexual interpretation of the bible, mixed with elements of Korean shamanism.

The Puppet Master by J. Isamu Yamamoto (1977)
“In 1955 students and professors were expelled from their universities because of engaging in what were called “the scandalous rites of the Unification Church.” … What were the “rites” which caused so much controversy concerning the early days of the movement? Moon’s critics say that he gleaned ideas from Nam-joo Baek whose Theological Mountain [Israel Monastery] at Wonsan he had visited prior to 1945. One of the more important ideas was “pikareum” or blood separation, a secret initiation rite. It is said that the female members of the Unification Church had to have intercourse with Moon in order to be purified. Later, intercourse between husbands and wives would purify the male members. Thereafter their offspring would be pure.”

‘New Growth on Burnt-Over Ground’
A.D.  (May 1974) Presbyterian Historical Society   pages 30-36
by Jane Day Mook

“pikareum,” or “blood separation,” is referred to in Japanese and Korean sources.

Sun Myung Moon was excommunicated by the Presbyterian Church in Korea in 1948 following his conviction and five year jail sentence for bigamy in 1948.

It is easy to see how Young-oon Kim was attracted to Sun Myung Moon and his theology, since Moon had attended the Jesus Church, founded by Yong-do Lee, and embraced many of his ideas, as well as those of Baek-moon Kim, Nam-joo Baek, Deuk-eun Chong and others. Nam-joo Baek’s group had studied the ideas of Swedenborg. Young-oon Kim was very impressed by Emanuel Swedenborg’s teachings about the spirit world. Moon confirmed to her when they first met that he was familiar with Swedenborg.

▲ Myung-hee Kim, who is probably pregnant with Hee-jin Moon in this photo, with Young-oon Kim holding the umbrella. Young-oon Kim knew what Moon was doing in 1955 with his “pikareum” restoration. To avoid a scandal for Moon, Myung-hee Kim had to travel illegally by boat to Japan where she gave birth on the floor of a small room in Tokyo. Hee-jin Moon was born on August 17, 1955. Moon was still married to his first wife, Seon-gil Choi, until 1957. Young-oon Kim would also have met Dong-sook who was born on March 7, 1955

Young Oon Kim was an enabler for Sun Myung Moon’s pikareum sex with her Ewha University students

Young Oon Kim is standing on the right. Won-pok Choi is on the left. These two professors encouraged the girls to be cleansed from original sin through pikareum sex.

Young Oon Kim knew about the ‘Choi family providence’ of the 1950s with the two sisters, Soon-shil Choi and Soon-wha Choi, in Leah and Rachel positions to Moon as Jacob. (Soon-wha Choi is standing in front of Moon in the photo above.)  Soon-shil was arrested with Moon in July 1955 for promiscuous sex. She left the church in 1959.
Sam Park also explained this ‘Choi providence’ LINK
Sam’s mother, Soon-wha Choi was interviewed: 
The New Republic – The Fall of The House of Moon

From an unpublished paper written by Yun-ho Ye at Princeton Seminary in 1959:
“Ye quotes from the purported confession of an early Moon follower who said that when Moon was forty ‘the present world will be ended through the Third World War,’ though the end might be postponed six years if Moon’s goals were not realized by then, which would have been approximately 1960. ‘By that time,’ according to the confession, ‘Moon becomes the Divine Father of 210 women; that is, he must have sexual relations with 70 virgins, 70 widows and 70 men’s wives. The 210 women will develop to 144,000 spiritual people. These people will be saved from the war.’”

Young-oon Kim: “When a group of professors and students at Ewha Womans University became followers of Reverend Moon, they were ordered either to leave the movement or be expelled from school. Since this act aroused venomous press criticism as a violation of religious freedom, the opposition began spreading vicious rumors that the new church was guilty of sexual immoralities.  … In South Korea, Unification members were denounced by the established churches. Reverend Moon was condemned by some Presbyterians as a heretic.” (from her book Unification Theology 1980)

A letter from the Church of the Nazarene additionally states that the group also secretly observes such other beliefs and practices as the following:
1) Founder Moon is the Second Advent Jesus.
2) A believer receives a spiritual body by participating in a ceremony known as blood cleansing which is for women to have sexual intercourse with Moon and for men to have intercourse with such a woman. This idea of blood cleansing comes from the teaching that Eve committed immorality with the Serpent and she passes on to all of us serpent blood.
3) Secretly observed doctrines are Holy covenant and are of more value than the Bible.
4) Members who have experienced blood cleansing can produce sinless generation.
5) Founder Moon is sinless.
LINK to FBI report which includes the above letter

Young Oon Kim taught the Divine Principle with its sexual interpretation of the Fall of Man, and that original sin was cleansed through grafting on to a new lineage centering on Moon.

Young Oon Kim was familiar with Baek-moon Kim’s theology and his Parallels of History which ended in 1917 – the year Baek-moon Kim was born.

Young Oon Kim was there when Soon-ae Hong was jailed for the death of a young man through shaman Ansu rituals

Young Oon Kim lied about Moon going to Waseda University in Tokyo:
 Unification Theology page 20. “He had enrolled as an electrical engineering student at Waseda University in Japan.”
NO – Moon did evening classes at a Technical School in Tokyo and worked during the day to pay his way.
Moon himself lied about going to Waseda University many times.
In-jin Moon also lied about her father attending Waseda University. However, in his own Autobiography, Moon admits he did not go to Waseda University.

Young Oon Kim may have had a saintly image, but she misled a lot of people. She knew exactly what she was doing:
Allen Tate Wood, Moonstruck, 
pages 82-84 “… I had arrived during the dinner hour … I joined the group of twenty-five or thirty seated at the two long cafeteria-style tables down in the linoleum-floored basement. Miss [Young-Oon] Kim sat at the end of one table and I was seated next to her… she was still pretty. Her hair was still long and jet black and she wore it pinned up. What her movements and posture now showed especially, and what the portrait had not been able to convey entirely, was how feminine and graceful she was.
I don’t remember what I ate that first meal, but I do remember Miss Kim’s quiet, gentle exploration of my personality. She asked me many questions about myself, but never in a rude stand-and-deliver manner that I might have expected from someone who so obviously held the respect of everyone in the room. She asked about the trip and observed that I must be exhausted, wanted to know about my education, my religious background, my hopes for the future, about my family and where I was from.
“Princeton,” I answered.
“I thought that was a university.” Her English was precise, pronounced delicately.
“It is. It is also a nice town. Many people are confused by that.”
“It is not so far from here?”
“No, not at all.”
“Will you visit your parents?”
“Yes, of course. We are a close family. I have not seen them for four months.”
“You have not seen them since you joined us?”
“Have you written them?”
“What do they say?”
“They don’t really seem to understand. But this has been a rather confusing time for us. They will.”
“They may not. I would not be surprised, Allen, if they never do. Most of us here are not old like me, but young. Many times families are the enemies of religious experience. Jesus said: ‘For I am come to set man at variance against his father. A man’s foes shall be they of his own household. He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me.’ Be prepared for the worst. Your family will oppose you in this. They will try to take you from us.”
This was not the first time nor the last time I would her such sentiments. I had heard them many times already at Berkeley. We had been a young group, nearly all in our way dropouts, some of us deeply hurt, even maimed by the conflict with our society, and tales of ferocious fights with parents were commonplace. …”

pages 134-135: “… I was demoted even further… I went to see Miss Kim. She was the power behind the power. She was everyone’s confidante; she knew all that was going on behind the scenes. And she had always liked me, favored me.
I remember talking to her as the late afternoon light faded in the kitchen. She sat with her elbows on the plastic tablecloth. Behind her on the shelves our motley, tacky collection of dishes was stacked. In the background of the refrigerator hummed.
I told her the whole story in a great state of agitation. As I spoke she pulled the pins from her hair, which I had never seen down. Her beautiful blue-black hair cascaded about her shoulders. It was thick and long. It reached down to the middle of her back. There was greater meaning in the gesture, I thought. I felt I was seeing the unveiling of a celestial being. What she said did not disappoint me…”

page 140: Purchasing the Upper Marlboro house: “The only trouble was that we needed a down payment of over $20,000. We set about raising the money. We made candles endlessly and sold them tirelessly on the streets. Some people borrowed from their parents. And by June we had $13,000 – a lot of money, but not enough. We asked the national headquarters to co-sign a note with us, but Salonen refused. It seemed our hopes were dashed. Then Mrs Kim advanced us, to our astonishment, $10,000…”
from Moonstruck: A memoir of my life in a cult by Allen Tate Wood (1979)

Highly recommended:
 ‘Doomsday Cult: A Study of Conversion, Proselytization, and Maintenance of Faith’ by John Lofland  LINK

It is about Young Oon Kim and the Unification Church in San Francisco in the early 1960s.

New Age Frontiers (NAF) June 1967

Report from Washington, D.C.

After dinner Miss Kim began to speak:

Our Leader might be coming… If our preparation is not adequate it will take many years to clear from his mind our laxity. Our preparation must be thorough. Some of us remember his last visit when some were not completely prepared. We remember his anger at that time. If he comes and sees lack of preparation this time, his anger will be much greater and much longer-lasting. …

The following is from notes of several people at the gathering. Although it is not verbatim, it is nearly so.

“He is different from all other men. Although we follow our Leader’s example, his course is not our course. He suffered, and we should suffer. However, his glorification is not our glorification. He is unique. He is not thrifty. In theory he is supposed to spend more than anyone else in the world each day. Because he represents God, he is to spend at least enough to satisfy and relieve the grudge of God. God has never used His creation as He desired. This doesn’t mean we should not be thrifty. We must be three times as thrifty. Our Leader is quite temperamental and is easily angered. However, he doesn’t mean for others to be temperamental. Temper, jealousy, stubbornness and pride are for us the four gates to hell. Yet, I think he is the number one stubborn man. To show his absolute authority he must yield to no one. He must stubbornly teach others, opposing their beliefs. You may stumble at this quality. Also, he is the number one arrogant man. He’s intolerant. He is number one in jealousy. As Jesus said: “He who loves those more than me is not worthy of me.” Our Leader is the same. So you have to really understand the Principle. Your life must be based upon the Principle. You must be firmly rooted in prayer life to withstand the judgment. He scolds those whom he loves. His scolding is preparation for the responsibility he wishes to give them.

He never says thank you, but returns what you have done in a divine way. Don’t expect him to appreciate anything. Do and do for him, and be prepared to be scolded. Your faith in him must be absolute. Never, never expect anything like I did toward you from our Leader.

From her words, we begin to see the preparation we must make in our hearts for our Leader. Let us expand our love for him.”

Young-oon Kim was interviewed by the police during the 1955 Ewha Womans University sex scandal

He was known as ‘Mun Yesu – Jesus Moon’ and the ‘physical Jesus’ in the 1950s.

The Korean background of Sun Myung Moon’s church
This web page has extensive notes on Lee Yong-do

Shamanism is at the heart of Sun Myung Moon’s church

Ewha Womans University scandal as told in the 1955 newspapers

Myung-hee Kim, the third wife of Sun Myung Moon

The lie that Myung-hee Kim was raped in Japan

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Hwang Gook-joo and his orgies

Kim Seong-do and the roots of the Divine Principle

Chong Deuk-eun – Great Holy Mother

Park Tae-seon – another Korean Pikareum Messiah

Kim Baek-moon talked about “sexual union with God”

Newsweek on the many Korean messiahs of the 1970s

Moon claimed authority through his “meeting with Jesus”

This edition is available here:

A few hundred copies were produced and distributed around the world.

Divine Principle

by Kim Young-oon. September 1956


It is a great honour for me to translate the Principles into English. The Principles were revealed from God to Mr. S.M. Moon over a period of twenty years. God constantly opened his spiritual eyes, and he was able to communicate with God Himself, our Lord Jesus, and other saints in Paradise as he would talk to men.

He is the only man I know who knows thoroughly the purpose of God’s whole providence and the past, present and future of mankind, and the life of Jesus in detail that is not written in the Gospels. He knows the structure of Paradise, Hell, the world of spirits, and the mysteries of the heavenly world and Satan’s secrets. These Principles are part of the revelations he received. He knows they are quite revolutionary compared with the Christian doctrines of existing churches. It is a Divine obligation imposed on him to publish and present them to God’s people world-wide. He touches the spheres no philosophers ever reached. He freely treats the problems which no theologians have solved.

The singular characteristics of the Principle are as follows: First, some of them have been approved and testified as true revelation from God by others whose spiritual eyes are open. These days many others receive the revelations contained in the Principles. Second, those who doubted the Principles took them to God in prayer. They received answers affirming and approving them to be of God. Third, on accepting these Principles many have received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, healing from sickness, speaking in tongues, interpretation, prophecy, visions, voices from God and some are able to communicate with the Lord Jesus. Many of them receive revelations concerning the Second Advent of Jesus, and the future of the Christian church and mankind.

I am sure this book will raise a great controversy in the theological world, but its message will enlighten Christians who seek a new revelation for this age. Mr. Moon is one of the mighty leaders in the spiritual Christian movements here.

In this translation I found the utmost difficulty in conveying the sense of the specific terminology used in Korean. I am conscious of my limitations in English and think the task is worthy of a better translation. I was diffident about accepting this great responsibility lest I should fail to convey to the readers the true meaning and depth of truth, but they are so precious that I wish to share them with all seekers after truth, all over the world. This reason alone has been my motive in undertaking this task. It is my earnest prayer that God’s will may be done through the presentation of this message.

Young W. Kim   [Young Woon Kim]

Seoul, Korea, September 1956

The Scriptural quotations in the Principles are from the American Revised Standard Version, 1952



Prefatory Note I
Introduction 1
I. The Principle of Creation 5
1. The First Principle
a) Two Characteristics of God’s Essentiality
b) The Invisible and Visible Worlds Created for Man 7
2. The Second Principle 11
a) The Action of Give-and-Take
b) Love and its Purpose 13
3. The Third Principle 14
4. The Fourth Principle 15
a) The Purpose of the Creation of the Universe
b) The Purpose of the Creation of Man 17
c) God’s Ideal of Creation 18

II. The Purpose of Messiah’s Coming and the
Necessity of the Second Advent 20

III. The Consummation of Human History 31

IV. Resurrection 40
1. The Significance of Resurrection
2. The Resurrection of the Earthly Saints 42
3. The First Resurrection 45
4. The Resurrection of the Spiritual Men 47
5. The Transmigration of the Soul as Taught by Buddhism 49
6. The Descent of all Kinds of Evil Spirits 50
7. The Unification of Religions by Means of the Descent
of the Saints from the Spiritual World 52

V. The Tree of Life, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil 55
1. Adam and the Tree of Life
2. Eve and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil 58
3. Two Characteristics of the Essentiality of Logos
4. The Meaning of Regeneration 60

VI. Why was the Fall Permitted?
Does God Provided (sic) Salvation? 61

VII. The Fall of Man 68
1. The Fall of the Archangel and Eve
2. The Cause of the Deviation from the Principle 74
3. The Primary Causes of the Fall 76
4. Satan and Fallen Man 77

VIII. The Providential Course of Indemnity and Restoration 79
based on Number Forty (The Principle of Restoration)
A. The Providential Age for the Foundation of Restoration
(from Adam to Abraham) 83
1. The Dispensation of Restoration with Adam’s Family
2. The Dispensation of Restoration with Noah’s Family 88
3. The Meaning of the Confusion of Language 94
by the Tower of Babel
B. The Providential Age of Restoration
(from Abraham to Jesus) 95
1. The Dispensation of Restoration with Abraham 97
a) The Offering of Abraham
b) Abraham’s Offering of Isaac 104
2. The Dispensation of Restoration with Moses 114
a) The Significance of Moses’ Course
b) Moses’ Course Indicating the Course of Jesus 116
c) Moses’ Course as the Dispensation of 131
Forty Days’ Restoration
3. The Dispensation of Restoration with the Temple 135
a) From Moses’ Tabernacle to the Temple of Solomon
(1) The Significance of the Tabernacle
(2) The Ages of Judges and Kings 137
b) From the Erection of the Temple of Solomon to Jesus 139
(1) The Significance of the Erection of the Temple
(2) Elijah and John the Baptist
4. The Dispensation of Restoration with Jesus 145
a) The Forty Days’ Fast and Prayer and the
Temptations in the Wilderness
b) The Significance of the Cross of Jesus 150

IX. The Second Coming of Jesus 155

X. The Dispensation of Restoration after Jesus (2000 years) 170
1. The Age of Christian Persecution under Roman Empire 172
(4 AD – 397 AD)
2. The Period of Patriarchs of the Church 173
3. The Period of Christian Empire 174
4. The Period of Divided Empires, East and West 175
5. The Babylonish Captivity of the Papacy 178
6. The Period of Returning
7. The Period of Preparation for the Second Advent 180

Chart of the Course of Indemnity and Restoration based on Number Forty   page 154

page 1


The truth of God is eternal, unchangeable, and unique. The words of the Scriptures are the means to convey to man the truth of God. As the means the words should differ according to the degree of the moral standard, intellectual level, and spiritual depth of the people of each age to whom the words are spoken. Jesus did not say that his words were the way, the truth and the life, but said He himself was the way, the truth, and the life. The words are not truth itself but the means to convey the truth.

God has been telling his eternal, unchangeable, and unique truth in different terms as time progresses. This is the reason why the words God spoke in the Old Testament Age were different from those of the New Testament Age. In olden times people were so simple that they could acknowledge God’s reality through nature. To them God commanded offerings through which they might approach to God. When, as man’s intelligence progressed, God gave the Mosaic Law that man might come to God by observing it. When Jesus came he abolished the Mosaic Law in reality and provided a new way to God. Namely, man could approach to God, simply by faith in Jesus.

Today science has progressed to its utmost degree. Man of the twentieth century will no longer affirm anything without scientific proof or logical basis. Modern man can no longer be forced by a blind faith. A firm faith must be based on sure knowledge. Although the ancient people could realize God through natural phenomena, people of today can explain them away scientifically. Therefore it is impossible to explain God’s reality by the same means and methods as two thousand years ago. Christians today use the same means and methods to explain the reality of God while man’s knowledge and life have progressed to its utmost degree. This is the reason why modern churches are failing to make people realize God. It is also the reason why religious reformation or revolution takes place from time to time. As man’s intelligence develops, the clothes of truth must also be changed. Christian truth must be taught to modern people by the means that fit the mind of modern man. After Jesus’ ascension the Book of Revelation was given and it has been fulfilled except the last few chapters. Today they are being fulfilled. Certainly God should have new means end methods to let us know his eternal truth for today.

For twenty centuries theologians and Biblical scholars have worked and devout Christians have prayed to know the real meaning of the Word. And it should be said that their works have reached as high peaks as human effort could. We now should confess there is no hope of finding new things by the usual methods. Nevertheless now things must come out and this is the earnest desire that the men of today have in common.

Most parts of the Scriptures are written in parables and symbols and they are interpreted variously by individuals, sects and denominations. Thus the division of churches and confusion of Christian thoughts are intensified more and more. At the last day a fundamental truth or meaning of the Word must be revealed. Otherwise there will never be unity in Christian churches.

All other religions are provided by God that every one may be saved. Therefore every religion has two essentials of salvation, which are to acknowledge God and to refrain from doing evil because it is against God. Therefore all other religions have a certain degree of truth. At the last day the highest and central truth of God must appear within the Christian church, and it must include all the truths contained in other religions. As long as there is no unity or unification in Christian churches there will be no unity or unification of religions. As long as there is no unity or unification of religions there will never be eternal peace in the world. When we know the fundamental will and providence of God to be revealed at the last day, we may realize the division among churches is merely the quickening of unity or unification of them, When the Jewish Church looked devastated Jesus brought God’s truth in new clothes.

“But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for such the Father seeks to worship him. God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” (John 4:23-24) Truth apart from spirit has no life. Spiritual movement apart from truth is neither wholesome nor will it last long. A life movement, that combines truth and spirit, must appear in the Christian church that those who thirst for truth and hunger for life at the last day may be satisfied, and yet this truth may prove the reality of God to the men of the twentieth century. This truth may reveal the fundamental will of God’s words, and it may involve the truth contained not only in every Christian denomination but also in other religions.

In the last days conscientious people feel increasingly insecurity and urgency, and those who have pure hearts feel an extreme thirst for truth and hunger for spiritual life. Certain universal and spiritual trends are influencing the people on earth today. Chaos and confusion will be intensified in spiritual life as well as in physical life as time goes by until people discover the reason and nature of the heavenly trend that now prevails universally. Men of the last day who feel an extreme insecurity and confusion in spirit must find out the fundamental truth which God is revealing these days, so that they may establish the right views of life and the universe. To have them one must know the relation of God and himself and his position in the created universe.

page 5

The Principle of Creation

1. The First Principle

a) Two Characteristics of God’s Essentiality

The first principle is, that there are two characteristics in God’s essentiality. “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him: male and female he created them.” (Gen. 1:27) “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God; all things were made through him, and without him was not anything made that was made.” (John 1:1-2) By logical deduction we could say that two essentials of male and female are conjoined in God. In other words there is fatherhood and motherhood in God, although He appears in the Scriptures as a masculine character.

The whole universe God created is the symbolic representation of the two characteristics of God’s essentiality. We can perceive God clearly by the manifestation of His creation. St. Paul said, “For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to then. Ever since the creation of the world his invisible nature, namely, his eternal power and deity, has been clearly perceived in the things that have [been] made. So they are without excuse.” (Rom. 1:19-20) It is true to say that nature is another Bible because every part of creation is a single truth that symbolizes these two essentials of God. In fact there are numerous scientists who have discovered God in the course of their scientific research.

Every thing which is created after the image of the two essentials of God is so made to have an object to form a correlative standard. Any thing which does not form a correlative standard with an object cannot maintain the basis of existence. Therefore everything comes in pairs, one opposite to the other. There are some examples. There are two worlds, invisible and visible. If we call the former the subject or cause the latter could be said to be the object or its effect, or we may call the former plus and the latter minus. There are male and female, spirit and body of an individual, positive charge and negative charge, proton and electron which constitute the atom, rarefaction and condensation of the sound-waves, heaven and earth, sun and moon, East and West, light and darkness, vowel and consonant, strong and weak, long and short, right and left, up and down, front and rear, and etc..

The world has recently discovered the value of Oriental philosophy, because it is based on the theory of the positive and the negative. Oriental medicine also is becoming popular throughout the world because of its positive and negative theory.

b) The Invisible and Visible Worlds Created for man

The visible world is made as an object of the invisible. The invisible world is a real and substantial world although it is not seen by our eyes or heard by our ears, and it is called the world of spirits because spiritual men live there. To help the reader understand this world let me explain the relation between spirit and body. Body is the object to the invisible spiritual man. Therefore the face, figure, manner, and skeleton are the representation of the internal man. One may judge the approximate tempers by the type of blood, because our blood represents our mind. As science progresses it tells that even a cell of one’s body is unique to him. The skeleton of modern man is different from that of the ancient man, because their dispositions differ. The relation between the visible world and invisible is similar to the relation of mind and body. If something is wrong with one’s mind he is useless, but if something is wrong with his body he can still be perfect in mind, as a person. Therefore it is the spirit, not the body which is the Subject of man. Likewise the invisible world is Subject and Cause while the visible world is Object and Effect and is its shadow; and God is Subject and Cause and man is Object and its Effect. Man is created to be the Lord of two corresponding worlds.

God breathed into man’s nostrils the breath of life and made a living being, namely a spiritual man in order that he may sense the invisible substantial world. Man is originally so created that he may have connection and conjunction with the invisible world of spirits and live in harmony and in accordance with God as well as with the creatures in the visible world. Man is made just like a radio or a television, for even today one may speak tongues fluently, recite beautiful poems, and sing songs as one is filled with the Holy Spirit. We had thought such things were seen only in the Early Church. Therefore man is so made to have connection and conjunction with God and communicate with the world of spirits. He is made to communicate affection with other persons, how much more would God have man to communicate love with Him. We call Him our Father. A father would never cause his son to be kept in ignorance of him. Before the fall, Adam and Eve talked with God freely in the Garden of Eden. By the fall man became like a damaged machine. Therefore living according to faith is the repairing process of the damaged machine, the operation of which could be made better according to the degree of its repair. The repairer would like to restore the damaged machine to its original state, and the ideal of a Christian, is to return to the original state of man before the fall. Therefore it is no wonder that as one’s spiritual standard gets closer to the state of original man he talks with God easily and communicates with the invisible world. One who has no spiritual experience will deny or laugh at this idea, because he does not know the principle of creation or the purpose of divine providence for salvation. There are many who have such an experience and the number of these people is rapidly increasing today. It is a grave mistake to disregard the invisible world, because one never sees it himself.

c) The Correlation of Spiritual Man and Physical Man

Physical man serves as a ground for the growth of the spiritual man. Let me explain the relation between the spiritual man which is subject and the physical body which is object. The physical body consists of fleshly mind and body. The fleshly mind leads the fleshly body toward an idealistic living, namely the perception of existence, breeding, and protection is the function of fleshly mind and the instincts of animal are the action of the fleshly mind. To grow the physical body needs air, light, and nutriment from the physical world. The spiritual man consists of spiritual mind and spiritual body, and the former is plus and the latter is minus. The spiritual mind is formed as the spiritual element grows which is a part of God’s essential.

The spiritual man needs two kinds of elements like the physical body does, namely the Elements of Life from God (plus) and the Elements of Vitality from his physical body (minus), and the action of give-and-take must be performed well between the spiritual man and the physical body. The Elements of Life are the spiritual heat and light and atmosphere from God, namely, divine love, wisdom and spiritual atmosphere. They are called ‘Saingso’ in Korean. The Element of Vitality is the vital influence from physical life. This is called ‘Sainglyugyoso’ in Korean. One’s spiritual man grows beautifully as he lives conscientiously, and a life against conscience makes the spiritual man defective. The spiritual man has to take good elements of vitality and the physical body responds quickly to the spiritual mind.

Thus the perfect correlative standard must be made between them and perfect action of give-and-take must be continued, and thus the spiritual man grows in beauty and freedom. If the spiritual mind is hindered by the physical body which follows the lust of the flesh, it does not grow well and the spiritual man becomes defective, therefore the spiritual man must receive good Elements of Vitality from the physical body, so one must live or earth conscientiously in accordance with what the spiritual mind directs.

Conscience is the highest part of fleshly mind and the lowest part of spiritual mind, therefore conscience is influenced from both physical and spiritual life. An even and well-balanced conscience can be kept when the correlative standard between spiritual man and physical body is formed, and perfect relation of give-and-take is maintained. If the body runs against the direction of the spiritual mind, the conscience loses its balance and becomes warped.

The spiritual man grows simultaneously with the living mind in the physical body and thus he is made perfect on earth living in the flesh.

Heaven is a place into which the Living Spirits go. In other words, the kingdom of God in heaven is the world into which the spiritual men, grown to the stage of Luminous Being in the earthly kingdom of God, can enter. Since the fall no one has taken off original sin, namely, there has been no one who has been made perfect on earth. Therefore, it should be known that heaven is still empty. I used the word ‘heaven’ in a specific way and the idea is different from its ordinary usage. The fact that heaven – the third heaven – is empty is known by all who know about the world of spirits today.

Those who believed in Christ all remain now in Paradise. Neither Paradise nor Hell were made by God at the time of creation, but resulted from the fall of man. Paradise is the place where spiritual men, redeemed through Christ, wait until the time of the Second Advent comes. The things men bound on earth were also bound in heaven. In other words, putting off the original sin on earth even from flesh, one must return to the original world of creation and have heavenly life on earth, Then the gate of heaven in the world of spirits will be open and the living spirits who are made perfect in the flesh will go and live there forever. Therefore “Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” (Math. 16:19) Jesus did not take the key of heaven with him, but left it to Peter on earth.

2. The Second Principle

a) The Action of Give-and-Take

The power of life, action, and multiplication comes into being wherever God works, and He works wherever a correlative standard is formed between two things which take after the two essentials of God. The correlative standard is set when the action of give-and-take is in full operation between a subject and an object. Consequently, the power of life, action, and multiplication is produced when the perfect relationship of give-and-take starts. All matters maintain their basis of existence because their objective positions to God are firmly fixed by forming their correlative standard with other things. Hence it is true to say that God is omnipresent.

The happiness and vitality in family life come from the mutual love of husband and wife. Love is reciprocal, and one-sided love does not last long since it is contrary to the principle of give-and-take. This principle is true in any relationship. The principle of give-and-take could also be seen in our human organism. The lungs play the role of give-and-take of air; the heart performs the function of give-and-take of blood through the arteries and veins to maintain health. A certain nerve system tends to expand the blood vessel, whereas the other nerve system contracts it in order to keep balance.

Health is maintained when the controlling hormone and integrating hormone function properly. Animals and plants give and take oxygen and carbon-dioxide alternately. A nation is prosperous when the administration of its government is conveyed clearly to the people and the conditions of the people are fully known to the government. All creatures need their objects in order to make the circuit of give-and-take and thus maintain the basis of existence. The ionization tendency of chemical elements is the difference of the coefficient of the function of give-and-take.

For instance, that Kalium is stronger in the tendency of ionization than that of Natrium is because the coefficient of the function of give-and-take between Kalium and other elements is greater than that of Natrium. If there were only gravity as Newton asserted in his ‘Theory of Universal Gravitation,’ the whole universe would have been destroyed. But there is in the universe the power of repulsion as well as the power of attraction and the basis of existence of mutual balance is maintained, causing life to continue forever. This is the so-called Universal Power of Give-and-Take. Today a new theory concerning the universal power of give-and-take is discovered. The movement of heavenly bodies is controlled by the Law of Wonlyug (The Universal Power of Give-and-Take), and the singularity of the forms of heavenly bodies and the generation of shooting stars, the construction of strata and mineral veins in the earth are caused by the differences of the varying degrees of Wonlyug.

b) Love and its Purpose

As the Anion and Cation can be divided into the protons and electrons, the female essential is latent in the male and the male essential in the female. Physiologically it is true that both sex hormones are secreted in each individual body. God made male and female as the separate objects of two characteristics of God’s essentialities.

Love is the power that tends to conjoin the two separate essentialities. Therefore the purpose of love is to take the position of an object to God by forming a correlative standard between two separate beings. “Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother, and cleaves to his wife, and they become one flesh.” (Gen. 2:24) God’s image is reproduced when two sexes are conjoined. So the connection and conjunction of life between God and man is made by the complete relation of give-and-take between them. The love between brothers and among fellow countrymen is the power that tends to unite them into one. In a word, the purpose of love is to maintain the basis on which God works.

3. The Third Principle

The third principle is the three Stages of Creation. “God called the light day, and the darkness he called night; and there was evening and there was morning, one day.” (Gen. 1:5) There were three periods in the process of the creation of heaven and earth. The first period was evening in which the work of creation was completed. The second period was night in which the creatures gradually grew to their perfection. The third period was morning in which the perfected creatures started to realize the divine ideal of creation. There was evening and there was morning, and it was one day, not two days. For the completed creatures start in the evening, pass through a certain length of period called night in which they grow, and reach perfection.

Every creature has to pass through the three stages of Regeneration, Growth, and Perfection. Those are again subdivided respectively into three degrees by Divine Order. There is no creature that is not made perfect through these three stages. For the salvation of mankind God works in Trinity. There are three orders of Archangels. There are three periods in man’s life, gestation, life on earth, and eternal life in the next world. The paradise that St. Paul saw had three heavens. The ark of Noah had three stories representing the creation of a New World. Abraham offered three kinds of sacrifice. The wise men from the East worshipped the Christ Child with three offerings, gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Jesus overcame satan through three kinds of temptations in the wilderness. He spent thirty years of preparation, three years of public ministry, three hours of darkness when he died on the cross, and three days in the tomb. These are derived from the third principle, the three stages of Regeneration, Growth and Perfection.

4. The Fourth Principle

The fourth principle is making the foundation of the ‘Four Heavenly Positions’. This is God’s purpose of creation.

a) The Purpose of the Creation of the Universe

The universe is the symbolic representation of God’s essentials and man is made in God’s image. Therefore man is the substantial image or form of the whole universe. By creating the invisible world in the image of a spiritual man and the visible world in the image of a physical man, God made him a medium of conjunction of the two worlds. In other words, in man are both spiritual and natural worlds. Therefore man is a universe in the smallest form revealing the greatest. Man is the means by which the natural world is conjoined with the spiritual world, he is the Medium of conjunction. All things that exist in nature, namely, the animal, the vegetable, and the mineral kingdom correspond to the human structure. For instance, the leaves correspond to the lungs, the trunk to the heart, and the root to the stomach. The structure of the globe could also be compared to that of the human body. The earth’s crust, strata, underground fountains, rocks, and molten rock correspond respectively to the skin, muscle, blood vessel, skeleton, and marrow of the human body. Hence man is called the Lord of all creation, the Central Being that lives harmoniously with them in the two worlds. The universe is made as an object with which man takes the action of give-and-take. The purpose of creation is to make man feel joy and happiness, by the stimulation from the elements that constitute the universe. Namely, the universe is an object made for man to perform the action of give-and-take.

For instance, the joy and satisfaction of an artist begins when his idea is perfectly expressed in a picture or music, and the relation of give-and-take is made with it, Man does not find joy in his own essentials by himself, but when the things in the world appear as objects to his inward essentials. One finds beauty in a flower, because he has the essential of it in himself, and feels it objectively. But we now do not feel perfect joy in observing nature. Why? Because man due to his depraved nature cannot stand as the intrinsic substantial object before nature and have the perfect relation of give-and-take with it. This is why the whole creation is still groaning in travail together. (Rom. 3:22) Man alone can become the perfect object to man for the action of give-and-take. However, man is depraved and has lost the way of it by the fall. “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately corrupt, who can understand it.” (Jer. 17:9)

b) The Purpose of the Creation of Man

God created man in His image and likeness that man may take the objective position and be the substantial object to God, and receive His love, joy, and comfort.

The power of the human will is produced by the degree of correlation of mind and body, and the action of give-and-take between them. The will to do good becomes weak when the body is not in accord with the mind, but on the contrary, it becomes strong when mind and body are united and become one. The will of a martyr gets stronger as his mind and body become one, and takes the correlative standard with God; the will of the wicked is formed as his mind and body become one with satan. The original man of creation had formed a perfect correlative standard between mind and body, a perfect object to God. Hence he had the perfect beauty to return to God. Therefore the man who has the original nature of creation receives perfect love from God and returns perfect beauty to Him. This is the action of give-and-take between God and man. However, owing to the fall, man formed a correlative standard with satan and the way to return man’s beauty to God was shut up, and the way to receive God’s love was cut off. “God said you shall not eat of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, neither shall you touch it, lest you die.” (Gen. 3:3) To die means to be driven out of the realm of God’s love. The element of man’s life is the love of God. Therefore faith is returning man’s beauty to God and receiving God’s love. The action of give-and-take must be restored and continue between God and man, and man receives God’s love as much as he returns beauty to Him. When man returns beauty and receives love, goodness results. Righteousness leads man’s life to good, namely, the life to return beauty and receive love. Righteousness became necessary due to the fall.

c) God’s Ideal of Creation

“God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. And God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth.” (Gen. 1: 27-28) God’s ideal of creation was to see man and woman dominating the whole creation when they were made perfect to the stage of Living Spirit and bearing sinless children through the blessing of God. When sinless mankind multiply on earth the whole creations will return beauty and glory to God and receive God’s love and have the happiest and the most blessed people as their lords. And then God, Adam, Eve, and their children would have established the foundation of the four positions. This could have been the eternal foundation of the four positions, and once that was established man could be in the position that he could never fall. ‘Four’ is the number of the foundation of existence. The position in which any one stands is decided by the four directions, east and west, south and north. However, due to the fall the foundation of the four positions was laid with satan. This became a great grief to God and the cause of all sin and misery of the creations, including mankind. Thus God lost the heavenly number ‘Four’. God’s providence is now to restore the number Four, the foundation of the four positions with God.

Hence number four, or any multiple of four, have a significant sense. For instance, forty days’ flood judgment in Noah’s time, 1600 year period from Adam to Noah, 400 year period from Noah to Abraham, 400 years slavery in Egypt, Moses’ 40 years in Pharaoh’s house, 40 years in Midian, 40 years in the wilderness, 40 days fasting and prayer on Mount Horeb, 40 days spying out Canaan, Israel’s 40 years in the wilderness, 400 years of Judges’ era, 40 days prayer of Elijah, 40 years reigns of Kings Saul, David and Solomon, Jesus’ 40 days fasting and prayer in the wilderness, 40 days after His resurrection, and so forth, are all derived from the principle of the foundation of the four positions.

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Fourthly, the world is now divided into two great blocs, the free world and the Communist world. This is the first time in history that the world is divided into just two factions. The two ‘blocs’ represent Cain and Abel on a universal scale. God’s providence for salvation is to transfer the sovereignty of evil to that of good. Naturally the wars between good and evil have been unavoidable. But wars for seizing land, lives, and treasures have come to an end.

Now the only war still to be fought will be between the Communist World and the Free World unless the Communist World makes a voluntary surrender to the Free World. The Communist World is the bloc which denies God and represents Cain although there are individual Christians in it. On the other hand, Abel is represented by the Free World which recognizes God although reversely there are many non-Christians in that bloc. God permitted both Cain and Abel to bear fruits on a world-wide scale. After Abel’s bloc subdues Cain’s bloc future wars will be prohibited by the United Nations and a unified world will thus be brought into being. In this world there will be reformation of Christianity and it will result in the unification of all denominations and other religions. Finally one ideal world based on the truth of God will be established. Then the Lord of [the Second] Advent will appear and the garden of Eden will be restored. If the fall of man had not taken place, physical science would have progressed in six hundred years, since the creation, as far as it has today. After one ideal world is brought into being the worry and anxiety which come from the lack of food, clothing, and shelter will cease to exist, because the money spent on armaments will be used to produce the necessities of life and the progress of science will provide the maximum convenience for life. Atomic energy will be used for production only. Man’s life will become longer. So far the people of all classes (the upper, middle, and lower) have had their times of prosperity in the world while the conscientious and righteous people whom God loved had no opportunity of advancement. God created the world for such a people and He will restore the world for them and realize His purpose of creation in the end. God has been working through the long history of six thousand years to see this one day. The prophets, Apostles, and saints will also rejoice with the Lord. It is the day that God’s will will be done on earth as it is in heaven. It is the day that we will become perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect. This is the goal to which we must run our race with all our endeavour.

7. The Period of Preparation for the Second Advent
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The struggle between the Roman Catholics and the Protestants lasted for a hundred years, and the thirty years’ war between the Catholics and the Protestants in Germany ended in 1648. The Protestants prevailed in northern Europe where the Teutons dwelt while the Catholics triumphed in southern Europe among the Latin nations. From this time on, God’s providence was wrought through the Protestant Church who was in Abel’s position while the Catholic Church was in Cain’s position.

Modern philosophy which derived from the progress of physical science and Greek philosophy endowed human reason with the authority and materialism which prevailed all over Europe. Deism arose first in England and it became Materialism in France and appeared in Germany as the Enlightenment Movement. This trend of thought destroyed superstition and developed man’s intelligence and reasoning and modified the laws of the various countries. Deism, materialism, and the evolutionary theory which Darwin, Voltaire, Marx, and Engels held established atheistic and satanic views of life on the plea of science which greatly disturbed men’s minds and hindered then from turning to God.

On the other hand Pietism in Germany, great revival movements in England and America led by [John and Charles] Wesley, [George] Whitefield, George Fox and Jonathan Edwards, the great spiritual experiences and revelation of Emmanuel Swedenborg, similar movements in the Catholic Church, and Kant in the field of philosophy made great contributions in establishing a spiritual and Christian view of life. As the last days drew near Satan mobilized all his people to destroy the divine dispensation while God awakened people’s minds and prepared their spiritual life for a new age to come.

It was the Divine providence to make Great Britain a powerful nation through the Industrial Revolution and all European nations to obtain colonies, and thus Imperialism arose. By allowing Christian empires to control non-Christian countries, the gospel of Christ was preached widely and quickly. The Divine providence allowed North America to be prosperous to succeed the mission of Great Britain in evangelizing among the eastern countries to prepare for the new age of [the] Second Advent. It was also the Divine providence to establish Democracy through the French Revolution and develop it in other nations gradually in fulness.

The 40 years since the World War I is the contracted period of the 400 years since the Renaissance and represents the contracted period of 6000 years of human history. This is the most confused and chaotic period in all history. Through the two Great World Wars Satan endeavoured to destroy God’s providence of restoration by mobilizing the nations inclined to Satan’s side, but God prevented them by using the nations inclined to righteousness.

Satan’s final reviling against God is seen in the Communistic bloc, particularly the Soviet Union since the Russian revolution. Satan seized the initiative in history, and evil and falsehood come first while good and truth follow later. The communist bloc go ahead imitating what God will realize in His restored world.

Thus, through the utmost progress of physical science and political system the preparation for a new age is rapidly developing. Unless Satan submits and surrenders voluntarily to God another large military conflict is inevitable.

The aftermath of this conflict will bring to light the upper strata of human life, namely the unity in the spiritual life of mankind. To achieve this purpose the denominations in the Christian Church must be united and the different religions must be gathered in unity. Recently the large denominations in the Protestant Church are moving toward unity of the Churches through the Ecumenical movements, International Missionary Council, Student Christian Movement, [the] Y.M.C.A. and [the] Y.W.C.A., and other similar interdenominational and cooperative movements and activities. The spirit of unity and cooperation amongst the denominations is keener today than in all past history, and they admit the necessity for unity is felt more intensely now than ever before amongst Christians all over the world. This is the universal spiritual trend pressing men on earth and compelling them to feel that way. As it is explained in detail in the chapter on Resurrection, for the unity and unification among the sects and denominations and also among different religious groups our Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit and the whole hosts of heaven are working by pouring out the Holy Spirit and giving special revelations. In the speediness and the sense of real unity, this outpouring will excel the political unity among denominations for which Christian leaders are striving today. Knowing this, Satan is now working to thwart God’s dispensation of the Last Days in every possible way. The signs of the Last Day are seen everywhere and in each event of history. “Let them hear who have ears to hear and see who have eyes to see.”

The Divine Principles

by Young Oon Kim

Published by The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity
1309 Masonic Avenue, San Francisco, California, 94117

First Edition 1960
Second Edition 1962
Third Edition 1963

by Young Oon Kim

The Scriptural quotations in this book are from the Revised Standard Version of the Holy Bible copyrighted 1946 and 1952 by the Division of Christian Education, National Council of Churches, and used by permission.

Printed in U.S.A.



“We need a new revelation” is a popular utterance of many thinking people today. “This age needs a prophet, not preachers,” is the cry of many Christians.

Why do we need a new revelation today?

We are living in a period of great transition. The year, 1960, was not merely a succession to the years that have passed. During this crucial year a crossing junction was made between good and evil. Evil, which had formerly taken an aggressive stand, is now in a defensive position, and good, which had been on the defensive, is now taking the aggressive position. Consequently evil is doomed to decline rapidly. The principality of this world, the sovereignty of Satan, is to be destroyed completely.

The long, gloomy, cosmic winter has passed, and the cosmic spring, for which mankind has been waiting so long, has arrived. The New Age, the Cosmic Era, has begun.

Revelation, the last volume of the New Testament, is being fulfilled. The former heaven and earth are passing away. A new heaven and a new earth are being established. The new history of God’s sovereignty has begun. At this historical and vital turning point, man, for his guidance in the turmoil of the coming days, must come to an understanding of God’s new revelation.

We use various methods of explanation in conveying any idea, depending upon the experience and knowledge of the individuals addressed. God, also, has used many different ways to express His unchanging and eternal Will for mankind according to man’s understanding and spiritual development at different times.

In the Old Testament Age, God commanded the Hebrews to offer sacrifices to Him as the means of approach to Him. Later He gave them the Mosaic Law to observe. Through observance of the Law, they comprehended God’s Will to a certain extent. In the New Testament Age, however, God used another method and sent His son, Jesus Christ, to mankind.

Jesus brought a new system of belief which appeared to many of his time as if he were abolishing the Mosaic Law, even though his teachings were based on the Law and were the fulfillment of the Law. According to the new system the people were merely required to receive Jesus as the Messiah and to follow him. This was the essence of his teachings, and it was a new revelation from God. By receiving Jesus and following him, men comprehended the nature of God even better and came closer to God than did those in the age of the Old Testament.

Today science has progressed to a high degree. Many people rarely accept anything without scientific test and logical proof, and for them religion cannot be excepted. A blind faith no longer has any attraction or authority over the minds of modern men. They crave a new definition and expression of God, of His Will, and of immortality in the terminology of the twentieth century. We need a revelation which enables us to explain the nature of God and His providence in the language of this Atomic Age.

The Old and New Testaments are primarily written in parables and symbols. For two thousand years, Biblical students have attempted to interpret the Word of God, and have produced numerous commentaries, most of which vary in content. But no commentary exists which has explained away the hidden inner meanings of all the parables and symbols in the Bible. No commentary is regarded by all Christians as the absolute, authoritative, and complete interpretation. Diversity of interpretation has caused a diversity of doctrines, and this has resulted in a division of churches and the establishment of over three hundred denominations and sects in the Protestant Church. It is plain, therefore, that the ultimate truth and the hidden inner meanings contained in the Bible have not yet been discovered by the popularly established church denominations.

When this ultimate truth is revealed to man with the explanation of the inner meanings hidden in all the parables and symbols, and when the truth is so clear that all denominations can agree, then the barriers of denominations and sects shall be broken down, and all Christian churches will be able to unite. Christians all over the world would eagerly seek to learn of and understand a new revelation which enabled them to unfold the ultimate truth of the Scriptures.

An ideal religion and a true Christianity must have spirit and truth in both worship and teachings. A truth apart from the spirit would be a philosophical and ethical teaching, but cannot be a true religion. On the other hand, spiritual experiences not based on Divine truth, a right explanation or interpretation of God’s Will, lead to false religion and confusion. In great part, the Christian doctrines set forth by modern churches lack rationality and are full of contradictions. Spiritual power and direct communication with the living God, which Jesus emphasized, are almost entirely absent from the churches. They are virtually unknown to the Christian today. Consequently one is never informed about one’s spiritual progress or about the state of life after death. In the Christian churches there is no way to adequately prepare for one’s eternal life. The churches are not capable of giving any content whatsoever to the idea and reality of immortality.

Jesus said, “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” (John 4:24)

The religion of Jesus was based on spirit and truth, but today’s Christianity is remote from its founder’s intent. We need a new revelation from God to bring mankind back to the true religion and to an active communication with the living God.

In the West, as well as in the East, Christians and non-Christians alike long for a positive religion which will enable man to experience the reality and power of God by direct confrontation with Him. The fact that the thought and desire of the people are so directed is one sign that the hour has come for the fulfillment of this universal craving.

Factions from the spirit world are decisively interceding in current human affairs, but few people know why and how they are interceding. Today most people feel uncertain, insecure, confused, disturbed, depressed, and even scared, and yet they do not know exactly what the cause is, nor how to cope with it.

The most significant promise of Jesus is the Second Coming of the Son of man. Some disciples of Jesus anticipated his return in their life time, but their expectation was not fulfilled.

One of the characteristics of this generation is to frequently hear of the Second Coming of the Lord and of the end of the world. Some say that God has told them that every two thousand years He sends a new universal Leader. Two thousand years after Adam, Abraham was sent; two thousand years after Abraham, Jesus was sent. Now is the time when God is to send another new Leader to mankind. Some say that the Lord will return in five years. Some say that Christ has already returned to earth and that He is now in the Far East. Some say that this is the end of the world. Some say that the Christ Age is coming. Some say that a drastic change of the world will take place very soon. Others say that the New Age started in 1960.

Apart from such strange and mysterious statements, which these people claim to be authentic revelations from God, today one can see the signs of the time all over the world: A more frequent occurrence of natural catastrophe, a sense of insecurity in material life, a growing lack of honesty and of a moral sense, the breaking down of the family unit, sexual license, an increased usage of alcohol and tranquilizers as an escape from confusion and depression, an increase of juvenile delinquency, the lack of trust, respect, and whole-hearted love among people, a rapid increase in mental illness and suicide, rumors of war, international tension, the constant rise of conflicts between ideologies, political parties and nations, the rapid decline of existing churches, and the incapability of the churches to face this world crisis. Today almost everything is abnormal, and the growth of this abnormality has just about reached its limit. It is the feeling of conscientious people today that the seething world is about to burst at any moment.

Jesus said that the Son of man will come at the “end of the world” when these things are taking place. The characteristics of this generation and the state of the phenomena of the world—physical, material, emotional, mental and spiritual—are the signs of the fulfillment of his prophecies, of the imminence of the Second Coming of Christ.

We must receive a new revelation which tells us how and when the great promises of Jesus will be fulfilled and how mankind can prepare for the drastic change of the universe. If a New Age is coming, mankind must be informed of God’s New Dispensation, of the New Age.

There have been, in fact, a number of people in the Christian churches, as well as among other religious groups, who have claimed to have received new revelations. Such rumors have been arising more frequently in the last few decades. It is true that new revelations have been given to individuals and groups of all religions in many parts of the world, but, until recently, no one had received a full revelation which answered all the problems that mankind has been pondering through the ages.

A complete revelation has now been given to mankind! The ultimate solution to the questions of life and the universe has been revealed!

The messages contained in this treatise were directly and divinely revealed by God to only one man, Mr. Sun M. Moon, over a period of seven years. Mr. Moon is a dedicated religious leader and philosopher in Korea.

When Mr. Moon was seventeen years old, Jesus Christ manifested himself to him on Easter morning and told him that he was destined to accomplish a specific mission for which Jesus would work with him.

From this time on Mr. Moon’s spiritual sense was fully opened, and he was able to communicate with the highest level of the spirit world. But, unlike ordinary spiritualists, he did not content himself with merely the demonstration of spiritual phenomena. He began to explore the hidden meanings of the parables and symbols in the Bible and the many unanswered questions of Christianity and other religions. For example, what is the purpose of the creation of man and the world? Does God directly rule this world? If this world is directly under God’s rule, why is it full of evil, injustice, misery, sorrow and pain? If, on the other hand, this world is under the dominion of Evil or Satan, how and when did Satan or Evil originate and his rule begin? What was the fall of the first man? How did the fall of man affect God, Nature, and mankind thereafter? What is salvation? Is the experience of conversion a complete salvation? What was the mission of the Messiah? Did Jesus of Nazareth accomplish his mission? Was the crucifixion of Jesus God’s Will? Will this sinful world be like this forever? If God is to restore mankind and the whole world to Him, how and when will He accomplish it?

While mankind and even the spirit world were being trampled down by Satan, and the entire world was paralyzed by his power, Mr. Moon alone was aware that something was wrong. He wanted to find out the root-cause of the universal accident.

As anyone with spiritual gifts knows, God never gives a complete answer or explanation. Therefore, for seven years Mr. Moon desperately explored those questions through prayers in spite of the fact that he was constantly being confronted by Satan and disturbing spirits. During these years of his struggle in this spiritual search, he discovered a series of Divine Principles, God’s entire providence for mankind, the hidden meaning of human history, and the secret origin and nature of Satan’s crime.

When he located the cosmic problem—the secret identity of Satan—he singly broke into a cosmic battle with Satan for a period of over twenty years. While all other people were enjoying pleasure in life he would fast and kneel down on a rock on a hill and cry out in prayer to fight with the cosmic enemy. His tearful prayers were offered day after day, month after month, year after year, and his tears would run as a stream.

He discovered the Divine Principles by which God had created man and the universe, and by which God would restore man and the universe. However, when he told the Divine truth no one would listen to him. He singly pioneered the way of perfect salvation— the cosmic restoration—of which no one had even dreamed. Because of the truth he was imprisoned a number of times under different regimes and was severely tortured and suffered each time. His life was a bloody battle and a tearful struggle. His course was a thorny path and a long suffering.

Ironically enough, in struggling and suffering in order to liberate mankind, he was mocked by the world; he was condemned as a heretic and persecuted by Christians. But he persevered through the lonely and bitter struggle.

For a number of years he sought through personal contacts people who had received some revelation pertaining to God’s new dispensation. In this way he found a number of people who could understand his message, give witness to it, and testify through the spirit world to the authenticity and the Divine authority of the Principles revealed to him.

He organized a group in Korea in 1954 and began to make the Divine Principles public. In this group not only he but a great number of people communicate with the highest realm of the spirit world through clairvoyance and clairaudience; and some of them converse with Jesus and God under any conditions. Many of them feel spiritual fire and electricity, and some smell spiritual odor. Some go into trances and some hear exquisite heavenly music, and some write automatic writings in languages which they had never learned.

The marked difference between this group and so-called spiritualists is the rejection of contact with any spirit other than Jesus and God Himself in their spiritual communication. The group is very strict in its discipline and in discerning the nature of the communicating spirit and does not allow any lower spirits to interfere.

The members of the group do not stress healing. But various diseases have been healed while the ill were present at their worship services. By understanding and accepting the Divine Principles, many people were healed. Those who suffered from a great variety of diseases and ailments have been healed in this group. These healings came about spontaneously without special prayer or the laying-on of hands.

Mr. Moon teaches that the New Age is highly spiritual and philosophical, that a harmonious relationship with God and a right understanding of the Principles and response to them are most important. All the spiritual phenomena are results of this all-important understanding. Healing is a by-product of a whole-hearted acceptance of God’s new dispensation.

A striking characteristic of this group is the interdenominational and interreligious nature of its membership. Some members came to this group through direct guidance of the spirit world. A Catholic woman came to listen to a lecture on the Divine Principles because the Blessed Mother Mary had told her to do so. Others came to this group led by the spirit of Confucius. Some came because Gautama Buddha urged them to join this group. The members of this group already represent more than twenty-five denominations and sects of Christianity. There are members with backgrounds of Confucianism, Buddhism, and various other religious groups. Thus, the group is composed of witnesses from major non-Christian faiths as well as from diverse Christian denominations.

The revelations given to Mr. Moon were a foreknowledge of what God is now revealing to the people of the whole world. Since God has started His new dispensation, He is removing His direct guidance from existing churches. This is why today we see churches the world over undergoing great spiritual decline.

The Divine Principles in this book are only the first of the revelations opened to this group. The complete schedule of restoration and the life of the Golden Age have been reserved for another volume. The material I have used in this book has been based on a full revelation from God. I have elaborated upon it and referred to information from other sources only in order to explain it more fully and to make the revealed facts more relevant to the readers.

It is absolutely important for readers to read this book in sequence from the first chapter, because it builds up logically from one chapter to another toward the conclusion. Each chapter will increase your understanding by introducing and explaining fundamental concepts and terminology. If you have any doubts as you read, pray to God, and you will receive a clear and affirming answer. In this way God has given many people assurance of the absolute validity of these Divine Principles.

It is my earnest prayer that God’s Will for the final dispensation and His new work may be clearly manifested to you as you read the Divine Principles.

Young Oon Kim

San Francisco, California, May, 1963



Chapter Page

Preface iii

The Duality of God 1
The Action of Give and Take 4
The Purpose of Man’s Creation 7
Three Orderly Stages of Creation 11
God’s Direct and Indirect Dominion 14
The Invisible and The Visible Worlds 17
The Correlation Between The Spirit-Man and
The Physical Body 19
The Divine Ideal of Creation 22

The Origin of Sin 25
Satan’s Origin and Secret Nature
(The Fall of Adam, Eve, and The Archangel) 28
The Cause of The Deviation from The Divine Principles 33
The Motivation of The Fall of The Archangel 34 Satan 36
Why Did God Not Prevent The Fall? 38
The Fall of Man and Free Will 41

Have Christians Attained Complete Salvation? 43
The Original Plan of The Messiah 47
Witness to His Arrival 50
Paul’s Late Discovery 51
Why The Prophecy of The Suffering Lord? 52
The Way of The Cross, A Violation of God’s Will 54
Inevitable Suffering and Death 58
Hidden, But Now Revealed 59

Adam and The Tree of Life 62
Eve and The Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil 64
Jesus, The Incarnation of The Logos 65
The Holy Spirit 66
The Holy Trinity 68

The Goal of Human History 69
The End of The World 71
The Old Universe and The New Universe 73
God’s Foothold and Judgment 76
Confusion in The Spirit World 78
Democracy and Communism 80

The Meaning of Resurrection 84
The Resurrection of Earthly Men 86
The Resurrection to the Formation Stage 86
The Resurrection to the Growth Stage 87
The Resurrection to the Perfection Stage 88
The Resurrection of Spirit-Men 90
The Succession of Missions 91
Reincarnation 93
Why Antichrists? 94
Twelve Pearl Gates 95
The Unification of Religions 97

The Significance of The Number Four 101
The Principle of Restitution 102
The Source of Reference 105
The Dispensation for Adam’s Family 106
The Dispensation for Noah’s Family 111
The Dispensation for Abraham 117
Re-Separation of Satan Through Esau and Jacob 125

RESTORATION (from Moses to Jesus) 131
The Dispensation for Moses 131
Parallels in The Lives of Jacob, Moses and Jesus 147
Parallels in The Lives of Moses and Jesus 149

RESTORATION (Continued) 153
The Period of Judges (400 years) 153
The United Kingdom (120 years) 154
The Divided Kingdoms (400 years) 158
The Return from Exile (140 years) 162
The Preparation Period for The Coming of
The Messiah (400 years) 163
The Dispensation for Jesus 166
Elijah and John The Baptist 166
The Temptation in The Wilderness 168
The Significance of The Cross of Jesus 171

God Reveals The Time 175
Divergent Beliefs on The Second Advent 176
Revealed Interpretation 178
Will He Find Faith? 180
The Meaning of Coming on The Clouds 182
He Had to Speak Symbolically 183
Will Christians be Like The Jewish People? 185

RESTORATION (2000 years after Jesus) 187
Four Centuries of Christian Persecution under
The Roman Empire 188
Four Hundred Years under The Church Patriarchs 189
The Period of The United Christian Empire 190
Four Hundred Years of Divided Empires between
The East and West 190
Seventy Years of Exile of The Papacy 193
One Hundred and Forty Years of Papal Reinstatement
and The Rise of the Renaissance 193
Four Hundred Years of Preparation for The Second Advent 196

Forty Years of Universal Restitution 203
The Providential Significance of The World Wars 204
What Nation Will be Chosen for The Fulfillment of God’s Will? 208
The True Israel 208
He Comes from The East 210
The Conditions to be The Chosen Nation 211
The Qualifications of The New Messiah 214

Chart 217

Diagrams 218



So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. And God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it . . (Genesis 1:27, 28)

As indicated in these verses, there are the dual characteristics of male and female in the essentiality of God, since mankind, who was created in the image of God, is male and female.

Man is created in the image of God. The universe, in turn, is created in the image of man, and accordingly, the universe is the symbolic representation and the indirect image of God.

Everything in existence—the three kingdoms of animal, plant and mineral—has features corresponding to the human body structure. The structure of the animal is very much like that of man. Even the …