Japanese women prostrate themselves on the ground

Japanese women, full of shame and guilt for their country’s crimes against Korea, prostrate themselves on the ground.

[The 60 women who have accepted Korean husbands] are allowed to wear the clothes of heaven [the heavenly country of Korea]. Tokyo, March 2005.

Some of you may think that “it’s just that some stupid women got deceived,” but it isn’t that. What is frightening is what happens after.

The Unification Church deceives the women and pushes [obliges] them to get married and to have children. (They put them in a situation where there is no going back.) All this is to trick the women into soliciting their parents and relatives to become followers or to give money – because it is difficult for people to sue their relatives.

Many of the rich young men and women are naïve. The way of the Unification Church is to tailor fish hooks out of them by deceiving them. The UC can then, without getting their hands dirty, get the parents’ money on these hooks.

It is clever.

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