FBI 1975 report on Sun Myung Moon

FBI Report on the Official and Unofficial Theology of the UC

Updated May 20, 2018

FBI Report (San Francisco office) on the UC / FFWPU,
September 1975

A letter from the Church of the Nazarene in Seoul, reproduced on pages 9-11 of this FBI Report gives an interesting summary of the official and the unofficial theology of the Unification Church.

Extract from the FBI report referring to the letter:

[Unknown] further provided a letter containing information about Sun-Myung Moon prepared by the Church of the Nazarene, Korean Mission, Box 63, Young Deung T.O., Seoul, Korea. The letter indicates that Mr. Moon is the founder of the Unification Church which is officially titled “The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity“. Moon was born in Chung Ju, North Korea, in 1920. In his teenage years, Moon is said to have seen frequent visions and to have grown up surrounded by an atmosphere of mysticism. The letter indicates that he has divorced three wives having had one child by each of them. He was accused in 1955 of conducting a group sex orgie for which he served a three-month jail term. Moon founded his organization in 1954 basing it on his supposed religious visions. The letter alleges that actually Moon borrowed his doctrines from those taught at the Monastery of Israel.

The following doctrinal statement with [was] filed with the Korean Government by Moon’s Unification Association:

1) The one creator is the only God and father.

2) The only son, Jesus, is mankind’s savior.

3) The Second Advent of Jesus is in Korea.

4) Mankind shall become one united family centered around the event of the Second Coming.

5) Ultimate salvation rests upon the elimination of Hell and evil while establishing good and the Kingdom of Heaven.

The letter additionally states that the group also secretly observes such other beliefs and practices as the following:

1) Founder Moon is the Second Advent Jesus.

2) A believer receives a spiritual body by participating in a ceremony known as blood cleansing which is for women to have sexual intercourse with Moon and for men to have intercourse with such a woman. This idea of blood cleansing comes from the teaching that Eve committed immorality with the Serpent and she passes on to all of us serpent blood.

3) Secretly observed doctrines are Holy covenant and are of more value than the Bible.

4) Members who have experienced blood cleansing can produce sinless generation [children].

5) Founder Moon is sinless.

The letter indicates that, according to the National Religious Statistics published in 1969, the Unification group has 936 churches and 304,750 members in Korea. Leaders of other religious groups say that these figures are greatly exaggerated. There are no elders or ministers in the Unification Movement. The Unification group operates several business enterprises in Korea. A novel feature of Unification is mass wedding ceremonies which it performs. Once founder Moon joined 777 couples in wedlock. Mr. Moon has bought $100,000 ads in the New York Times newspaper to publicize his movement. Great and sweeping claims are made by the Unification members concerning their strength in Korea. Actually, they are not an important influence in Korean society. One may travel extensively in Korea and never see one of their meeting centers or never meet a follower of Reverend Moon.

Chicago Tribune, Monday, March 27, 1978
St Petersburg Independent, Tuesday March 28, 1978

The Moonies: Government Files Trace Church from Sex Cult to Korean CIA

Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s controversial Unification Church: Is it a front?

Chicago Tribune

WASHINGTON — Once-secret government files released by a House subcommittee trace the so-called “Moonie” church from its origins as a small-time Korean sex cult to a worldwide organization operated by the Korean Central Intelligence Agency.

The documents, soon to be the subject of public hearings, indicate the Unification (Moonie) Church was used by the Korean government as part of a lobbying effort in the U.S. Congress.

Diplomatic cables said that the church patriarch, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, headed a Korean cult that “interprets the Bible in sexual terms.” The KCIA decided to use Moon in a scheme that grew to include other Koreans bribing congressmen, the documents said.

A U.S. Central intelligence Agency report, marked “unevaluated” and written in February 1963, said that Lt. Col. Bo Hi Pak of the Korean army was working to expand the church into Washington under the direction of Kim Chung-pil, the director of the KCIA.

A cable sent to Washington from the American embassy in Seoul on Aug. 26, 1966, describes an initiation ceremony for the church involving sexual relations. The cable said the church refers to such initiation as “baptizing.”

The author of the cable quoted Thomas Chung, president of the Korean Students’ Association in Washington, as saying: “Colonel Pak was in trouble because he had attempted to initiate into his church (i.e. to have sexual relations with) the wife of a visiting ROK (Korean government) official (either the minister of national defence or the chief of staff).”

The cable continued: “According to Chung, the matter had been hushed up, but only with difficulty, and Pak had nearly lost his job because of it.”

That cable also quotes another intelligence source: “He said that the church interprets the Bible in sexual terms and maintains that religious experience is interrelated with sex. MUN Son-myong (sic), leader of the church, was once arrested because of the sexual practices of the organization.”

Spokesmen for Moon have acknowledged that the religious leader was arrested but maintained he was cleared of the charges.

The 1963 CIA document explained that the Korean intelligence agency planned to open a branch of the Unification Church (also called Tong Il) in Washington with Bo Hi Pak as the real leader.

Pak was to organize the church in America, the CIA report said, through an organization called the Korean Cultural and Freedom Foundation. The authors of the CIA in-house reports said their sources disclosed in 1963 that the KCIA chief, Kim Chung-p’il, was using the church to advance his own political moves in Korea. The KCIA director was a ringleader in the coup that installed Park Chung Hee as president.’

Summaries of other top-secret U.S. intelligence reports released by Rep. Donald Frazer, D-Minn., indicate that in 1970 President Park Chung Hee launched a plan to use the Unification Church as part of the Korean effort to stop the U.S. from pulling troops out of the country.

One summary said that President Park planned to use Bo Hi Pak to operate lobbying efforts through the church, while the millionaire socialite, Tongsun Park, focused his efforts on entertaining members of Congress and passing out gifts.

In the final months of the Nixon Administration, the Unification Church held vigils outside the White House to oppose impeachment moves. Other Moonies walked the halls of Capitol Hill and urged congressmen to support Nixon and foreign aid for Korea.

Most church members are young unmarried adults who live in dormitories and devote their time to fundraising and other church-related activities in exchange for food, clothing and shelter. Church members and investigators who have infiltrated the church in recent years say that the Moonies live by a strict moral code that forbids sexual activity outside marriage.

However, the State Department reports — based on investigations of the Unification Church in the 1960s — paint a different picture.

At the time of the alleged effort to “baptize” a top official’s wife, Pak was assistant military attache at the Korean embassy in Washington.

Pak has told the House Subcommittee on U.S. Korean Relations that he left the embassy in 1964 to become affiliated with the Korean Cultural and Freedom Foundation. He is now president of the foundation and acts as interpreter for Moon.

During a lengthy and emotional speech before the House subcommittee, Pak branded as false all charges about his ties with the KCIA. He accused the House and the U.S. press of persecuting members of the Unification faith and trying to “crucify” Moon.

Pak ridiculed assertions that the Moon religion is actually a foreign affairs arm of the Korean Intelligence Agency.

“The subcommittee, in the powerful name of the US Congress, gave unqualified authenticity to a so-called intelligence report. which is trash, total lies, distorted and vicious in nature,” Pak said.

He said that the Moon church is no more political than Catholic, Protestant, or Jewish congregations in the United States. Those churches, Pak said, actively and lawfully champion political causes as the Unification Church does.

Pak was not questioned about the alleged sexual practices. Fraser announced he will return Pak to the witness stand April 11 for more testimony.


The above text is from the St Petersburg Independent, Tuesday March 28, 1978. It appears that the article has been edited down from the Chicago Tribune version of the previous day. The following sentence was omitted:
“That Moon, and Moon alone, is Lord of the Second Advent, and subsequently cleanses women from sin after having intercourse with him.”
It is not known if anything else was edited out.

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